Muckleshoot Indian Tribe - Tribal Code

Received: July 2012

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Table of Contents

Adopting Recodification of Muckleshoot Tribal Code of Laws: Res. NO. 81-57-11

Title 1: Muckleshoot Court of Justice
Northwest Intertribal Court System Governing Agreement
I. Preamble
II. Membership
III. Services to Member Tribes
IV. Governing Board
V. Powers and Duties of the Governing Board
VI. Executive Committee
VII. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee
VIII. Judges
IX. Powers and Duties of the Chief Judge
X. Amending the Governing Agreement
Muckleshoot Tribal Code of Laws: Preamble
Establishment of Court
1.01.01 Establishment of Court
1.01.02 Sovereign Immunity
1.02.01 Muckleshoot Jurisdiction Defined (see Ordinance No.11-224)
Appointment and Removal of Judges
1.03.01 Number of Judges
1.03.02 Eligibility
1.03.03 Term
1.03.04 Conflict of Interest
1.03.05 Judicial Cooperation
1.03.06 Removal of Judges
1.03.07 Recall of Judges
Criminal Statute of Limitations
1.04.01 Criminal Statute of Limitations
Approval of Circuit Trial Court
1.05.01 Circuit Trial Court (see Ordinance No. 80-21-8
General Court Procedures
1.06.01 Sessions of the Court
1.06.02 Acting Chief Judge (see Ordinance No. 12-012)
1.06.03 Rules of Court Procedures
1.06.04 Reassignment or Disqualification of Judge
1.06.05 Means to Carry Jurisdiction into Effect
1.06.06 Fees -- Witnesses
Counsel (see Ordinance No. 04-187)
1.07.01 Counsel Ordinance
1.07.02 Admission to Practice before the Muckleshoot Court of Justice
1.07.03 Eligibility
[1.07.04 - 1.07.05 - Withheld]
1.07.06 Disbarment
[1.07.07 - Withheld]
1.07.08 Appeal
1.07.09 Pro Hac Vice
1.07.10 Limited Practice
1.07.11 Reciprocity
1.07.12 Delegation
1.07.13 Tribal Court Bar Register
1.07.14 Contempt
1.07.05 Oath of Admission

Title 2: Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to Apply
2.01.01 Complaint
2.01.02 Arrest
2.01.03 Arrest Warrants
2.01.04 Notification of Rights at the Time of Arrest
2.01.05 Summons in Lieu of Warrant
2.01.06 Search Warrant - Defined
2.01.07 Issuance of Search Warrant
2.01.08 Execution and Return of Search Warrant
2.01.09 Search Without a Warrant
2.01.10 Disposition of Seized Property
2.01.11 Arraignment
2.01.12 Rights of Accused at Arraignment
2.01.13 Receipt of Plea at Arraignment
2.01.14 Bail - Release Prior to Trial
2.01.15 Bail - Release by Law Enforcement Officer
2.01.16 Bail - Release Pending Appeal
2.01.17 Withdrawal of Guilty Plea
2.01.18 Issuance of Subpoena
2.01.19 Failure to Obey Subpoena
2.01.20 Sentencing
2.01.21 Probation
2.01.22 Parole
Writ of Habeas Corpus
2.02.01 Who May Prosecute Writ
2.01.02 Writ for Purpose of Bail
2.01.03 Application For; How Made
2.01.04 Content of Writ
2.01.05 Service of Writ
2.01.06 Return, what to Contain
2.01.07 Hearing on Return
2.01.08 Judgment
Warrant of Arrest
Appearance Bond
Warrant to Search
Acknowledgement of Rights
Judgment and Commitment
Ordinance No. 12-080 To Amend the Tribal Code to Make Clear when Juries in Criminal Cases are Required

Title 3: Service of Process
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to Apply
Adoption of Interim Rules of Procedure for Enforcement of Tribal Ordinances
3.01.010 Personal Service of the Muckleshoot Reservation or Jurisdiction of the Tribe
3.01.020 Personal Service Out of the Reservation -- Acts Submitting Person to Jurisdiction of Courts -- Saving
Ordinance No. 05-269 To Establish the Method for Service of Process on the Tribe and its Component Agencies and Departments

Title 4: Rules of the Court of Justice

4.01.01 Court Session
4.01.02 Official Station
4.01.03 Location for Filing
4.01.04 Copies of Documents
4.01.05 Notice to Parties
4.01.06 Extension of Time for Pleading
4.01.07 Court Decorum
4.01.08 Exhibits
4.01.09 Rules of Evidence
4.01.10 Right to Counsel
4.01.11 Not Eligible as Security
4.01.12 Disqualification as Witness
4.01.13 Appointment of Prosecutor
4.01.14 Contempt of Court
4.01.15 Default on Fine
4.01.16 Disposition of Fines, Fees and Other Payments Made to the Court
4.01.17 New Trial
4.01.18 Extradition
Trial Procedure
4.02.01 Right to Jury
4.02.02 Trial
4.02.03 Rights of Defendant
4.03.01 Jury Trial
4.03.02 Rules Governing Jury Trial
4.03.03 Jury Duties
4.03.04 Eligibility of Jurors
4.03.05 Instructions
4.03.06 Fees
4.03.07 Conflict of Interest
Post Trial Procedure
4.04.01 Directed Verdict
4.04.02 Acquittal
4.04.03 Conviction and Sentencing
4.04.04 Motion for New Trial
4.04.05 Right to Appeal

Title 5: Criminal Offenses
5.1 Purpose, Application
5.1.010 Purpose
5.1.020 Application
5.2 General Provisions
5.2.010 People Capable of Committing Crimes - Capability of Children
5.2.020 Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
5.2.030 Culpability
5.2.030(1) Liability for Conduct of Another - Complicity
5.2.040 Defenses
5.2.050 Statute of Limitations
5.2.060 Restitution
5.2.070 Definitions
5.3 Offenses against Public Peace
5.3.010 Disorderly Conduct
5.3.020 Failure to Disperse
5.3.030 Public Drunkenness; Drug Incapacitation
5.3.040 Unlawful Assembly or Riot
5.4 Offenses Against Public Safety
5.4.010 Abandoned Refrigerators and Other Containers
5.4.020 Alteration of Food or Drink
5.4.030 Communicable Disease
5.4.040 False Reporting
5.4.050 Fire, Failure to Control or Report
5.4.060 Littering
5.4.070 Maintaining a Public Nuisance
5.4.080 Weapons, Carrying Concealed
5.4.090 Weapons, Firing
5.5 Offenses Against Public Morals
5.5.010 Attempted Suicide
5.5.020 Promoting Suicide Attempt
5.5.030 Bigamy
5.5.040 Coercion
5.5.050 Indecent Exposure
5.5.060 Prostitution
5.5.070 Promoting Prostitution
5.5.080 Patronizing Prostitute
5.6 Offenses by or Against Public Officers and Government
5.6.010 Abuse of Office
5.6.020 Official Misconduct
5.6.030 Bribery
5.6.040 Destruction of Evidence
5.6.050 Disobedience of Lawful Order of Court
5.6.060 Escape from Law Enforcement
5.6.070 Harming a Police Dog
5.6.080 Intimidating a Witness or Juror
5.6.090 Obstricting a Law Enforcement Officer
5.6.100 Perjury
5.6.110 Refusing to Aid a Law Enforcement Officer
5.6.120 Rendering Criminal Assistance
5.6.130 Resisting Lawful Arrest
5.6.140 Threat or Intimidation of a Law Enforcement Officer or Judge
5.7 Offenses Against Persons
5.7.010 Assault in the First Degree
5.7.020 Assault in the Second Degree
5.7.030 Assault in the Third Degree
5.7.040 Causing or Aiding Suicide
5.7.050 Failure to Support Dependent Person
5.7.060 False Arrest or Imprisonment
5.7.070 Harassment
5.7.080 Homicide
5.7.090 Incest
5.7.100 Indecent Liberties
5.7.110 Rape
5.7.120 Reckless Endangerment
5.7.130 Robbery
5.7.140 Stalking
5.7.150 Threat or Intimidation
5.8 Offenses Against Property
5.8.010 Embezzlement
5.8.020 Extortion
5.8.030 Forgery
5.8.040 Fraud
5.8.050 Residential Burglary
5.8.060 Criminal Trespass - Buildings
5.8.070 Criminal Trespass - Lands
5.8.080 Cutting Fence
5.8.090 Cutting Timber without a Permit
5.8.110 Disposing of Property of an Estate
5.8.120 Injury to Public Property
5.8.130 Obtaining a Signature by Deception or Duress
5.8.140 Unauthorized Use of Property
5.8.150 Malicious Mischief
5.8.160 Possessing a Stolen Firearm
5.8.170 Possessing Stolen Property
5.8.180 Reckless Burning
5.8.190 Removal of Landmarks, Navigation Markers, etc.
5.8.200 Theft
5.8.210 Unlawful Issuance of Checks or Drafts
5.8.220 Vehicle Prowling
5.9 Offenses By or Against Minor Children
5.9.010 Abduction
5.9.020 Child Abuse
5.9.030 Child Molestation
5.9.040 Contribution to the Delinquency of a Minor Child
5.9.050 Minor Child Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance
5.9.060 Custodial Interference
5.9.070 Distribution of Alcohol or Controlled Substances
5.9.080 Failure to Support Minor Child
5.9.090 Mandatory School Attendance
5.10 Offenses to Animals
5.10.010 Cruelty to Animals
5.10.020 Neglected Dogs or Other Animals
5.11 Anticipatory Offenses
5.11.010 Criminal Attempt
5.11.020 Criminal Solicitation
5.11.030 Criminal Conspiracy
5.12 Miscellaneous Offenses
5.12.010 Consumption of Alcohol or Controlled Substances on Tribal Property
5.12.020 Controlled Substance Violation
5.12.030 Defrauding a Public Utility
5.12.040 Operating Business Without a License
5.12.050 Leading Organized Crime
5.12.060 Money Laundering
5.12.070 Trafficking in Stolen Property
5.12.080 Use of Proceeds of Criminal Profiteering
5.12.090 Tobacco Violation
5.12.100 Violation of Tribal Law
5.13 Miscellaneous
5.13.010 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
5.13.020 Captions
5.13.030 Severability
Ordinance No. 96-228 Enacting Title 5, Criminal Offenses
Court Rule No. 97-01Bail Schedule

Title 6: Fishing and Marine Ordinance
Ordinance No 11-198 Enacting Title 6, Fish, Shellfish and Marine Mammals
Chapter 1. Generally
6.1.010 Purpose
6.1.020 Jurisdiction
6.1.030 Harvesters Charged with Knowledge of Laws
6.1.040 State Law Not Applicable
6.1.050 Definitions
Chapter 2. Administration
6.2.010 Harvest Management - Responsibilities
6.2.020 Muckleshoot Fish Commission - Membership
6.2.030 Fish Commission - Powers and Duties
6.2.040 Fish Commission - Meetings
Chapter 3. Pre-Season Activities
6.3.010 Test Fishery and Resource Sampling
6.3.020 Harvest Training Operations
6.3.030 Quota Limits - Shellfish
Chapter 4. Fish Harvesting Regulations, Limits, and Requirements
6.4.010 Pre-Season Regulations
6.4.020 Emergency Regulations
Chapter 5. Shellfish Harvesting Regulations, Limits, and Requirements
6.5.010 Harvesting Regulations
6.5.020 Emergency Regulations
Chapter 6. Marine Mammal Regulations, Limits, and Requirements
6.6.010 Taking Prohibited
6.6.020 Regulations
6.6.030 Directed Harvest Prohibited
6.6.040 Treaty Reservation
Chapter 7 Eligible Harvesters
6.7.410 Eligible Harvestors
6.7.420 Unauthorized Persons Aboard Vessel
6.7.430 Minor Harvestors
Chapter 8 Harvesting Identification, Registration
6.8.510 Fishing Identification Cards Required
6.8.520 Vessel Registration
Chapter 9 Harvesting Gear
6.9.010 Harvesting Gear Requirements and Identification
6.9.020 (Withheld)
6.9.030 Gear Requirements for Harvesting
Chapter 10 Harvesting Restrictions
6.10.010 Set Net Restriction
6.10.020 Interference with Gear Prohibited
6.10.030 Interference with Harvestors Prohibited
6.10.040 Wastage Prohibited
6.10.050 By-Catch Wastage
Chapter 11 Commercial Harvesting
6.11.010 Commercial Harvests from Closed Areas Prohibited
6.11.020 Shellstock Shipper or Shellstock Harvester License and Certification for Commercial Harvesting of Molluscan Bivalves
6.11.030 Selling Shellfish to Registered Shellfish Buyers
6.11.040 Registered Shellfish Buyers
6.11.050 Fish Tickets for Commercial Harvest
6.11.060 Tax on Fish/Shellfish Harvested for Commercial Purposes
6.11.070 Determination of Tax - Fish
6.11.080 Determination of Tax - Shellfish
6.11.090 Payment of Taxes
6.11.100 Interest on Unremitted Tax
6.11.110 Disbursement of Fish/Shellfish Tax Revenue
6.11.120 No Tax on Harvests Not for Resale
6.11.130 Selling Fish or Shellfish
Chapter 12 C&S Harvesting
6.12.010 Fish Tickets for C&S Harvesting
6.12.020 (Withheld)
6.12.030 C&S Restrictions
Chapter 13 Commercial Diving and Dive Tending Safety Standards
6.13.010 Incorporation of Federal Commercial Diving Standards
6.13.020 Diving Requirements
Chapter 14 Shellfish Sanitation
6.14.010 Adoption of Federal Sanitation Standards
6.14.020 Shellfish Meat Quality Standards and Testing
6.14.030 Marine Water Quality Testing
6.14.040 Shellfish Harvesting and Handling
Chapter 15 Enforcement
6.15.010 Enforcement Officers
6.15.020 Arrest
6.15.030 Search of Harvesting Gear
6.15.040 Seizure of Harvesting Gear and Fish/Shellfish/Marine Mammal
6.15.050 Return of Property
6.15.060 Forfeiture
6.15.070 Disposition Upon Forfeiture
6.15.080 Forfeiture of Vessel
Chapter 16 Violations and Penalties
6.16.010 Harvesting Violations - General
6.16.020 Use and/or Possession of Alcohol, Illegal Narcotics Prohibited
6.16.030 Obstructing an Enforcement Officer
6.16.040 Resisting Arrest
6.16.050 Eluding
6.16.060 Interference with Fisheries Division Personnel
6.16.070 Failure to Check Nets
6.16.080 Harvesting on Unauthorized Vessel
6.16.081 Operation of a Boat in a Reckless Manner
6.16.082 Theft
6.16.083 Fishing in a Limited Entry Fishery Without Authorization, at Locations Not Authorized, and With More Gear than Permitted Constitutes Fishing in Closed Waters
6.16.090 Penalties for Gear Violations
6.16.100 Penalties for Other Violations
6.16.110 Penalties for Fishing in closed Waters, Committing Waste, Fishing in a Limited Entry Fishery Without Authorization, Refusing to Move Gear, and Theft
(6.16.120 & 6.16.130 Withheld)
6.16.140 Penalties for C&S Fishing Violations
6.16.150 Default
6.16.160 Judicial Discretion
Chapter 17 Miscellaneous
6.17.010 Reserved Right
6.17.020 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
6.17.030 Severability
6.17.040 Muckleshoot Court of Justice Jurisdiction to Hear Disputes
Fish, Shellfish, and Marine Mammal Professional Form: Agreement to Abide by Title 6

Title 7: Muckleshoot Zoning Ordinance
7.01.010 Statement of Purpose
7.01.020 Findings (see Resolution No. 85.033)
7.01.030 Definitions
7.01.040 Descriptions of Zones (see Resolution No. 85.034; No. 92-175)
7.01.050 Special Use Permit
7.01.060 Application of Regulations
7.01.070 Administration and Enforcement
7.01.080 Violations
7.01.090 Judicial Review
7.01.100 Sovereign Immunity
7.01.110 Severability
7.01.020 Effective Date
Resolution No. 85-033
Resolution No. 85-034
Resolution No. 92-175
7.01.045 Surface Mining and Reclamation

Title 8: Licensing & Review Ordinance

8.01.010 Findings, Purpose
8.01.020 Construction
8.02.010 Definitions
8.03.010 Department of Revenue
8.03.020 Commissioner's Power and Duties
8.04.010 Indian Trader's License
8.05.010 Muckleshoot Business License
8.05.020 Fees
8.05.030 Persons Engaging in More than One Business
8.05.040 Display of Business License
8.05.050 Payment of License Fee
8.06.010 Business and Occupation Tax
8.06.020 Exemptions (See Resolution No. 04-386)
8.07.010 Retail Sales Tax
8.07.020 Seller to Collect Retail Sales Tax from Buyer
8.07.030 Payment of Retail Sales Tax/Returns
8.07.040 Exemptions
8.08.010 Alternate Payment Procedures
Chapter 8.09 Tobacco Control and Taxation
8.09.010 Purpose, Findings
8.09.020 Tribal Enterprise Re-established
8.09.030 Tax Stamps
8.09.040 Sovereign Immunity
8.09.050 Tobacco Taxes Imposed
8.09.060 Distribution
Chapter 8.10 Tax on Fishing Activities
8.10.010 Tax Imposed
8.11.010 Business, Sales and Tobacco Tax Fund
8.11.020 Fee and Tax Amendments
8.11.030 Affirmative Action Tax Credit
8.11.040 Returns and Records
8.11.050 Penalties
8.11.060 Tax Warrant - Levy Upon Property
8.11.070 Revocation of License
8.11.080 Exclusion from the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation
8.11.090 Civil Penalty
8.11.100 Criminal Offenses
8.12.010 Regulations, Procedure and Review
8.12.020 License and Tax Appeal Board
8.12.030 Review
8.12.040 Effective Date
Resolution No. 78-05-10
Resolution No. 03-301

Chapter 8.13 Amphitheatre Taxes
8.13.010 Definitions
8.13.020 Sales Tax on Gross Ticket Sales
8.13.030 Retail Sales Tax on Concessions and Merchandise
Resolution No. 04-386

Title 9: Court of Appeals
Resolution No. 06-334
(Contact List)
Resolution No. 03-087
(Judge List)
Court of Record
9.01.01 Powers of Clerk
9.01.02 Verbatim Records of Court Proceedings
9.01.03 Duties of the Clerk
9.01.04 Penalties
9.02.01 Judges of the Appellate Court
Rules on Appeal
9.03.01 Procedure on Appeal
Basis of Decision
9.04.01 Decisional Authority
Circuit Court
9.05.01 Circuit Court of Appeals

Title 10: Excluding of Person
10.01.01 Exclusion from the Muckleshoot Reservation
10.01.02 Rules for Exclusion Procedure

Title 11: Amusement Game & Gambling Ordinance
Resolution No. 94-057
Muckleshoot Gaming Act of 1992 (Superseded)
Resolution No. 94-380
Resolution No. 96-054
Muckleshoot Gaming Act of 1992, as Amended
Section 1. Findings and Policy
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. (Withheld)
Section 4. (Withheld)
Section 5. Permitted Gaming Activities
Section 6. Gaming Revenues
Section 7. Operation of Gaming Establishments
Section 8. Audits
Section 9. Contracts
Section 10. Licenses
Section 11. Application Forms
Section 12. (Withheld)
Section 13. (Withheld)
Section 14. (Withheld)
Section 15. Tribal Gaming Corporation (See Ordinance No. 02.089)
Section 16. Repeal of Prior Gaming Act; Effective Date
Section 17. Severability
Section 18. Amendments
Section 19. Sovereign Immunity Preserved
Ordinance No. 02-089

Title 12: Youth Ordinance
Ordinance No. 12-060
Chapter 12.01 General Provisions
12.01.010 Purpose and Tribal Policies
12.01.020 Role of the Muckleshoot Child and Family Services (MCFS) Committee
12.01.030 Construction and Civil Nature
12.01.040 Time Computations
12.01.050 Application of Tribal Custom
12.01.060 No Effect on Enrollment and Inheritance Status of the Child
12.01.070 Sovereign Immunity
12.01.080 Damage Suits Prohibited
12.01.090 Amendments
12.01.100 Severability
12.01.110 Effective Date and Repealer
Chapter 12.02 Definitions
12.02.010 Definitions
Chapter 12.03 Tribal Court Jurisdiction
12.03.010 Generally
12.03.020 Concurrent Jurisdiction
12.03.030 Continuing Jurisdiction
12.03.040 Limitations on Jurisdiction
12.03.050 Preliminary Determinations
12.03.060 Transfer of Jurisdiction
Chapter 12.04 Duty to Report Child Abuse
12.04.010 Policy
12.04.020 Required (Mandatory) Reporters
12.04.030 Supervisors of Required Reporters
12.04.040 Anonymity
12.04.050 Confidentiality
12.04.060 Immunity from Liability
12.04.070 Penalty for Failure of Required Reporters, Fraudulent Reporters
12.04.080 Allegations of Abuse or Neglect Arising in Court Proceedings
Chapter 12.05 Investigations, Emergency and Voluntary Removals
12.05.010 Investigation in Response to Report
12.05.020 Emergency Removal into Protective Custody
12.05.030 Voluntary Authorization for Removal and Placement
Chapter 12.06 Voluntary Safety Plans and Agreements
12.06.010 Purpose
12.06.020 Court Recommendation
12.06.030 Non-judicial Family Conference Proceedings; Confidentiality Privileges
12.06.040 MCFS Participation
12.06.050 Voluntary Safety Plan Agreement Requirements
12.06.060 Relationship to Further Court Proceedings
12.06.070 Review by MCFS
12.06.080 Judicial Findings Required
12.06.090 Additional Family Group Conferences
Chapter 12.07 Placement Preferences and Facilities
12.07.010 Placement Preferences
12.07.020 Regulations for Tribal Placement Facilities
Chapter 12.08 Per Capita Attachment
12.08.010 Reimbursable Expenses
12.08.020 Standards for Reduction or Waiver
Part 12A: Civil Proceedings: Child and Family Welfare
Chapter 12A.01 General Rules
12A.01.010 Policy
12A.01.020 Priority of Dependency Cases
12A.01.030 Effect of Adjudication
12A.01.040 Cooperation with Agencies, Grants
12A.01.050 Rules of Procedure
12A.01.060 Fees
12A.01.070 Confidentiality of Proceedings
12A.01.080 Records and Confidentiality of Records
12a.01.090 Service of Notice (Summons)
12A.01.100 Rights of Parties, Limitations
12A.01.110 Intervention
12A.01.120 Standards of Proof
Chapter 12A.02 Duties of Court Personnel and Party Representatives
12A.02.010 Judicial Officer
12A.02.020 Prosecuting Attorney
12A.02.030 Guardian ad Litem
12A.02.040 Spokespersons
Chapter 12A.03 Dependency Proceedings
12A.03.010 Initiation of Dependency Proceeding
12A.03.020 Emergency Orders for Protective Custody
12A.03.030 Preliminary Inquiry Hearing - Purpose
12A.03.040 Request for Preliminary Inquiry Hearing
12A.03.050Preliminary Inquiry Hearing Procedures
12A.03.055 Agreed Fact-Finding Orders
12A.03.060 Fact-Finding (Adjudicatory) Hearing-Purpose
12A.03.070 Petition for Fact Finding
12A.03.080 Fact Finding Hearing Procedures
12A.03.090 Child and Family Protection Plan Report
12A.03.100 Child and Family Protection Plan Hearing
12A.03.110 Child and Family Protection Orders
12A.03.120 Status Review Hearing
12A.03.130 Unanticipated Change in Placement or Visitation
12A.03.140 Dependency Guardianships: Policy
12A.03.150 Grounds for Dependency Guardianship
12A.03.160 Guardianship Reports
12A.03.170 Guardianship Qualifications and Procedures
12A.03.180 Final Order for Purposes of Appeals
Chapter 12A.04 Permanent Plan Hearings
12A.04.010 Permanent Plan Hearings
12A.04.020 Parties' Rights and Obligations
12A.04.030 Appeal of Permanent Plan Orders
12A.04.040 Permanent Plan Review Hearings
Chapter 12A.05
12A.05.010 Grounds for Child Guardianship Appointment
12A.05.020 Appointment of Guardian
12A.05.030 Petition for Guardianship, Contents
12A.05.040 Service of Petition for Guardianship: Notice of Hearing
12A.05.050 Guardian Qualifications Report
12A.05.060 Private Guardianship Hearing
12A.05.070 Powers and Duties of Guardian
12A.05.080 Duration of Guardianship
12A.05.090 Extended Guardianship for Disability
12A.05.100 Guardianship Review, Modification or Termination
Chapter 12A.06 Customary Adoption with Modification of Parental Rights
12A.06.010 Declaration of Policy
12A.06.020 Jurisdiction
12A.06.030 Rights of Parties
12A.06.040 (Withheld)
12A.06.050 Consent to Customary Adoption
12A.06.060 Petition to Modify Parental Rights for Purposes of Customary Adoption
12A.06.070 Notice and Hearing on Petition
12A.06.080 Orders for Modification of Parental Rights
12A.06.090 Decree of Customary Adoption
12A.06.100 Review of Customary Adoption
Chapter 12A.07 Voluntary Relinquishment of Parent-Child Relationship
12A.07.010 Court Authority
12A.07.020 Effect of Relinquishment
12A.07.030 Procedures for Voluntary Relinquishment
12A.07.040 Limitations on Validity of Decree, Withdrawal
12A.07.050 Revocation of Relinquishment
Chapter 12A.08 Termination of a Parent-Child Relationship
12A.08.010 Grounds for Termination
12A.08.020 (Withheld)
12A.08.030 Petition for Termination
12A.08.040 Termination Hearing Set
12A.08.050 Pre-termination Report
12A.08.060 Service of Petition and Summons to Appear
12A.08.070 (Withheld)
12A.08.080 Termination Hearing
12A.08.090 Termination Order
12A.08.100 Appeal
Chapter 12A.09 Standard Adoption
12A.09.010 Policy
12A.09.020 Who May Be Adopted
12A.09.030 Who May Adopt
12A.09.040 Availability for Adoption (See Ordinance No. 07-099)
12A.09.050 Consent
12A.09.060 Petition for Adoption
12A.09.070 Adoptive Placement Report
12A.09.080 Notice of Petition for Adoption
12A.09.090 Adoption Hearing
12A.09.100 Decree of Adoption
12A.09.110 Effect of Decree of Adoption
12A.09.120 Appeals of Adoption
12A.09.130 Copy of Decree to Agencies (see Resolution No. 87-92)
12A.09.140 Regulations
Chapter 12A.10 Youth at Risk (Reserved)
Chapter 12A.11 Youth Emancipation
12A.11.010 Petition
12A.11.020 Contents of Petition
12A.11.030 Consent and Recommendations
12A.11.040 Notice
12A.11.050 Applicable Standards
12A.11.060 Rights of an Emancipated Youth
Resolution No. 87-92
Ordinance No. 07-099

Title 13: Housing Ordinance
Resolution (Unnumbered)
Resolution No. 78-97-5
Article I: Declaration of Need
Article II: Purposes
Article III: Definitions
Article IV: Board of Commissioners
Article V: Powers
(See Resolution No. 03-061)
Resolution No. 03-061 to Rescind Ordinance 02-386 and to Amend the Housing Ordinance with Respect to Sovereign Immunity
Resolution No. 02-386 (Superseded)
Article VI: Obligations
Article VII: Miscellaneous
Article VIII: Cooperation in Connection with Projects
Article IX: Approval by the Secretary of the Interior
Resolution No. 2, Adopting By-Laws of Muckleshoot Housing Authority
Ordinance No. 98-043
Chapter 13.01 Findings, Policy and Purpose
13.01.010 Findings
13.01.020 Policy
13.01.030 Purposes
13.02.010 Rules of Construction
Chapter 13.03 Definitions
13.01.010 Definitions
Chapter 13.04 Public Housing
13.04.010 Applicability
13.04.020 Security Deposit
13.04.030 Tenant's Duty to Maintain Premises
13.04.030 Tenant s Duty to Maintain Premises
13.04.040 Authority s Duty to Maintain and Repair Premises
13.04.050 Entry by Authority
13.04.060 Subleasing
13.04.070 Destruction of Premises
13.04.080 Holdovers
13.04.090 Notice of Termination
13.04.100 Personal Property
13.04.110 Refunds of Unearned Rent
13.04.120 Grievances
13.04.130 Laws and Regulations
13.05 [Reserved] (See Ord. No. 02-385)
13.06 [Reserved] (See Ord. No. 02-200)
13.07 [Reserved]
13.08 [Reserved]
Chapter 13.09 Grievance Procedure
13.09.010 Applicability
13.09.020 Informal Meeting
13.09.030 Grievance Hearing
13.09.040 Hearing Result
13.09.040 Hearing Panel
13.09.050 Escrow Deposit
13.09.060 Hearing Procedure
13.09.070 Decisions
Chapter 13.10 Judicial Appeal
13.10.010 Rights for Appeal
13.10.020 Procedure for Appeal
13.10.030 Court Procedure
Chapter 13.11 [Reserved]
Chapter 13.12 Unlawful Detainer [ See Order 00373 13.06]
13.12.070 General Provisions
Chapter 13.13 General Provisions
13.13.10 Jurisdiction
13.13.020 Suits for Damages
13.13.030 Sovereign Immunity
13.13.040 Amendments
Resolution No. 00373 (see Chapter 13.12; 13.06)
Ordinance No. 98-043 To Amend the Muckleshoot Housing Authority Ordinance & Charter to Change the Number of the Board of Commissioners from Five to Seven Members
Ordinance No. 02-200 To Enact the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Home Loan Act

XX.01.01 Findings
XX.01.02 Policy (See Res. No. 08-135)
XX.01.03 Purpose
XX.01.04 Rules of Construction
XX.01.05 Sovereign Immunity
XX.01.06 Definitions
XX.01.07 Tribal Audit
XX.01.08 HUD Audit
XX.01.09 Reporting
XX.01.010 Confidentiality
Chapter XX.02 Authorization of Program Funds
XX.02.01 The Tribal Home Loan Fund
XX.02.02 NAHASDA-authorized Loan Funds
XX.02.03 The Loan Program Administrative Budget  (See also Res. No. 06-176 & 06-177)
XX.02.04 Ownership of Funds
Chapter XX.03 The Loan Underwriting Committee
XX.03.01 Membership
XX.03.02 Term of Office
XX.03.03 Resignation and Removal
XX.03.04 Vacancies
XX.03.05 Chairman
XX.03.06 Meetings
XX.03.07 Quorum
XX.03.08 Duties and Responsibilities
XX.03.09 Reporting
XX.03.010 Voting
XX.03.011 Restrictions
XX.03.012 Conflict of Interest
XX.03.013 Compensation
Chapter XX.04 Program Operations and Requirements
XX.04.01 Loan Operations (See Ordinance No. 02-387)
XX.04.02 Home Eligibility Requirements
XX.04.03 Borrower Eligibility Requirements
XX.04.04 Borrower Counseling
XX.04.05 Origination
XX.04.06 Underwriting Standards
XX.04.07 Interest Rates
XX.04. 08 Insurance Requirements
XX.04.09 Inspection Requirements
XX.04.010 Home Maintenance Requirements
XX.04.011 Subleasing Requirements
XX.04.012 Assumption of Loan
XX.04.013 Appraisal Requirements
XX.04.014 Events of Default
XX.04.015 Remedies in an Event of Default
XX.04.016 Recording of Loan Documents (See Ord. No. 02-387)
Chapter XX.05 Authorization of Residential Lease and Leasehold Deed of Trust
Chapter XX.06 Disposition of Property Subject to Tribal Lease and/or Leasehold Deed of Trust
XX.06.01 Disposition at Death
XX.06.02 Transfers of Allotted Lands and Trust Leasehold Interest
XX.06.03 Assumption of Home Loan
XX.06.04 Expiration of Lease
XX.06.05 Transfer or Sale of Leasehold Interest
XX.06.06 Identification of Successor Leaseholder
XX.06.07 Inheritance of Property
XX.06.08 Debt Runs With Property
Ordinance No. 02-385 To Replace Existing Chapter 13.05 with a New Chapter 13.05 to be Titled Home Purchase Financing
Chapter 13.05 Home Purchase Financing

13.05.010 Purpose
13.05.020 Other Rights Not Affected
13.05.030 Definitions
13.05.040 Priority
13.05.050 Recording
13.05.060 Title
13.05.070 Security to Create Lien
13.05.080 Deed of Trust
13.05.081 Execution and Sale
13.05.090 Service of Process and Procedure
13.05.100 Alternate Service
13.05.110 Intervention
13.05.120 Tribal Court Authority
13.05.130 Remedies Exclusive
13.05.140 No Merger
13.05.150 Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
13.05.160 [Reserved]
13.05.170 Rules of Practice
13.05.180 Appellate Review   Stay Bond
Ordinance No. 02.387 To Amend the Muckleshoot Tribe Home Loan Act
Ordinance No. 03-061 To Rescind Ordinance 02-386 and Amend the Housing Ordinance with respect to Sovereign Immunity
Tax Resolution No. 03-359 To Supercede the Housing Ordinance to Increase Membership of the Housing Committee
Title (NN) General Welfare Programs

Chapter 1   The 12.5% Tribal Housing Assistance Ordinance
NN.01.01 Purpose
NN.01.02 Findings
NN.01.03 Definitions
NN.01.04 Administration
NN.01.05 No Authority to Waive or Revise Eligibility or Benefit Level Restrictions
NN.01.06 Eligibility
NN.01.07 Program Procedures
NN.01.08 Description of Program and Services
NN.01.09 Additional Program Requirements
NN.01.10 Other Housing Assistance Services
NN.01.11 Authorization of Funds
NN.01.12 Appeals Process
NN.01.13 General Provisions
Ordinance No. 05-244 To Amend the 12.5 Tribal Housing Assistance Ordinance to Authorize Housing Remodeling or Repairs to Meet Medical and Physical Needs
Tax Fund Resolution No. 00-143 to Approve the 2000 Program Guidelines for the 12.5% Housing Program
Resolution No 05-259 To Amend Section 5.5 Muckleshoot Tribal Home Loan Policies and Procedures
Ordinance No. 06-176 To Amend Chapter 2.03.060 of the Muckleshoot Tribal Code to Add New Section 2.03.060(a)(1)
Resolution No. 06-177 To Approve a Resolution Form to be Used by the Tribal Loan Guaranty Program to Formalize Loan Approvals
Resolution No. 08-135 To Approve Amendments to the Muckleshoot Tribe Home Loan Policies and Procedures

Title 14: Domestic Relations Ordinance
Resolution No. 87-102
Resolution No. 87-224
Chapter 14.01 Paternity
14.01.010 Purpose
14.01.020 Jurisdiction
14.01.030 Parties
14.01.040 Petition
14.01.050 Hearing/Procedures/Testimony/ Evidence/Jury
14.01.060 Judgment or Order Determining Parent and Child Relationship   Support Judgment and Orders   Custody
14.01.070 Enforcement of Judgments or Orders
14.01.080 Modification of Judgment or Order   Continuing Jurisdiction
14.01.090 Blood Tests
14.01.100 Evidence Relating to Paternity
14.01.110 Relationship Not Dependent on Marriage
14.01.120 How Parent and Child Relationship Established
14.01.130 Presumption of Paternity
14.01.140 Limitation of Action
14.01.150 Construction
14.01.160 Applicability
14.01.170 Severability
14.01.180 Sovereign Immunity
Form: Petition to Establish Paternity
Resolution No. 87-102
Resolution No. 87-224
Resolution No. 97-375
Muckleshoot Tribe Per Capita Guidelines
Resolution No. 07-145 To Restate and Approve 3rd Amendment to the IGRA Revenue Allocation Plan
Gaming Revenue Allocation Plan   Amended

Title 15: Traffic Ordinance   Muckleshoot Motor Vehicle Licensing Ordinance
Resolution No. 04-312 To Amend the Motor Vehicle Licensing Ordinance
Session 1. Tribal Vehicles
Session 2. License Office and Records
Session 3. License Certificates
Session 4. License Period and Fees
Session 5. License Tags
Session 6. Temporary Licenses
Session 7. Transfer of Vehicles
Session 8. Penalties
Chapter 15.01 Title, Findings and Purposes
15.01.010 Title
15.01.020 Findings
15.01.030 Purpose
Chapter 15.02 Jurisdiction
15.02.010 Application
15.02.020 Courts
15.02.030 Implied Consent
Chapter 15.03 Rules of the Road
15.03.010 Rules
Chapter 15.04 Operator's Licenses [Reserved]
Chapter 15.05 Vehicle Registration and Licensing
15.05.010 Tribal Vehicles
15.05.020 License Office and Records
15.05.030 License Certificates
15.05.040 License Period and Fees
15.05.050 License Tags
15.05.060 Temporary Tags
15.05.070 Transfer of Vehicles
15.05.080 Penalties
Chapter 15.06 Traffic Infractions
15.06.010 Infractions
15.06.020 Notice
15.06.030 Response to Notice
15.06.040 Hearings - Generally
15.06.050 Hearings - Contesting Determination
15.06.060 Hearings - Explanation of Mitigating Circumstances
Chapter 15.07 Traffic Offenses
15.07.010 Traffic Offenses
15.07.020 Citation
15.07.030 Arrest Procedure
Chapter 15.08 Penalties
15.08.010 Traffic Infractions
15.08.020 Traffic Offenses
15.08.030 Generally
Chapter 15.09 Towing and Impoundment (See Ordinance No. 04-312)
Chapter 15.10 General Provisions
15.10.010 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
15.10.020 Damage Suits
15.10.030 Amendments
15.10.040 Severability
15.10.050 Effective Date
Resolution No. 81-45-9
Penalty Schedule From RCW
Ordinance No. 03-167

Title 16: Fireworks Control Ordinance
Resolution 12-106 To Adjust the Fireworks Discharge Times to Provide for No Discharge of Fireworks Earlier than 10 AM
Ordinance No. 12-110 To Amend the Fireworks Ordinance to Add Certain Fees and Adjust December Sales Period
Ordinance No. 03-167 To Rescind Title 16 "Fireworks Control Ordinance" in its Entirety and Replace with a New Title 16, "Fireworks Control Ordinance"
16.01.010 Findings
16.01.020 Definitions (See 09-159 Add Definition "Sales site")
16.01.030 Fireworks Commission (See 05-223 New last sentence)
16.01.040 Tribal Permit Required
16.01.050 Sales Restrictions (See 09-159 New Subsection (e))
16.01.060 Operation of Sales Stands Controlled (See 09-209 and 09-159)
16.01.080 Inspections
16.01.090 Tax Imposed
16.01.100 Tax Revenue Appropriated [Reserved]
16.01.110 Penalties
16.01.115 Enforcement of the Sale of Illegal Fireworks
16.01.120 Review and Enforcement
16.01.130 Sovereign Immunity
16.01.140 Prior Fireworks Law Repealed
16.01.150 Severability
16.01.160 Regulations
Ordinance No. 04-209 To Amend the Fireworks Control Ordinance Adding Additional Conditions on the Discharge of Fireworks
Ordinance No. 05-223 To Allow Tribal Police to Assist in Fireworks Enforcement
Ordinance No. 07-235 To Amend Title 16 Fireworks Control Ordinance to Provide for a Per Container Fee
Ordinance No. 09-159 To Amend Title 16 Fireworks Ordinance
Muckleshoot Fireworks 2009 Season Permit
Resolution No. 10-173 Setting Daily Times When Discharge of Fireworks Must Stop on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation

Title 17: Tobacco Control and Taxation
17.01.010 Purpose, Findings
17.01.020 Tobacco Enterprise Reconstituted
17.01.030 Definitions
17.01.040 Tobacco Tax Imposed
17.01.050 Distribution
17.01.060 Tobacco Control Commission
17.01.070 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
17.01.080 Penalties
17.01.090 Relation to Other Tribal Laws
17.01.100 Severability
17.01.110 Effective Date
Ordinance No. 04-311 To Enact a Cigarette Sales and Tax Code
Chapter 17.02 Cigarette Sales and Tax Code
17.02.010 Authority
17.02.020 Purpose
17.02.030 Scope
17.02.040 Definitions
17.02.050 Cigarette Tax Compact with Washington State
17.02.060 Cigarette Tax - Levy
17.02.070 Cigarette Tax - Exemptions from - Other Taxes
17.02.080 Cigarette Tax - Collection and Payment Of
17.02.090 Cigarette Tax - Use of Tribal Levy
17.02.100 Cigarette Tax - Audit
17.02.110 Cigarette Tax - Prior Resolutions
17.02.120 Cigarette Tax - Permitted
17.02.130 Short Title
17.02.140 Severability

Title 18: Liquor Ordinance
Ordinance No. 12-118 To Amend Tribal Liquor Taxes
18.01.010 Findings and Purpose
18.01.020 [Withheld]
18.01.030 Relation to Other Tribal Laws
18.01.040 Definitions
18.01.050 Prohibitions
18.01.060 Conformity with State Law
18.01.070 Liquor Division
18.01.080 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
18.01.090 Muckleshoot Liquor Commission
18.01.100 Excise Tax Levy
18.01.110 Penalty
18.01.120 Severability
18.01.130 Effective Date
18.01.140 Effective Date of Recodification
Resolution No. 78-25-7 Amendment of Liquor Ordinance
Resolution No. 79-94-7

Title 19: Muckleshoot Tribal Enterprises
19.01.010 Purpose
19.01.020 Muckleshoot Tribal Enterprises to Continue as Branch of Tribal Government/Authority
19.01.030 Tribal Council Responsibility
19.01.040 Manager of Muckleshoot Tribal Enterprises - Responsibilities
19.01.050 Muckleshoot Tribal Enterprises Advisory Board
19.01.060 Bonding
19.01.070 Taxes
19.01.080 Tribal Tax Fund
19.01.090 Yearly Audit and Report
19.01.100 Limited Liability and Sovereign Immunity
19.01.110 Effective Date

Title 20: Election Ordinance
Ordinance No. 05-272 to Enact a New Election Ordinance
Section 1 Introduction
20.01.010 Interpretation
20.01.020 Timeline
20.01.030 Time Line Priority
Section 2 General
20.02.010 Eligible Voters
20.02.020 Registration
20.02.030 Positions to be Filled
20.02.040 Posting of Eligible Voters
20.02.050 Update of List of Eligible Voters
20.02.060 Records
Section 3 Election Committee
20.03.010 Appointment
20.03.020 Authority and Duties of Election Committee
20.03.030 Election Committee Oath
20.03.040 Chairperson of Election Committee
Section 4 Election Administrator
20.04.010 Selection of Election Administrator
20.04.020 Election Committee Post Office Box
20.04.030 Authority and Duties of the Election Administrator
20.04.040 Reports to the Tribal Council
Section 5 Public Caucus
20.05.010 Time
20.05.020 Mailing of Notice
20.05.030 Placement of Names on Ballot
Section 6 Nominations
20.06.010 Nominations
20.06.020 Determination of Eligibility of Nominee
20.06.030 Multiple Nominations
20.06.040 List of Qualified Candidates
20.06.050 Withdrawal of Name
Section 7 Ballot
20.07.010 Preparation
20.07.020 Contents
Section 8 Election
20.08.010 Time and Place
20.08.020 Verification of Voter's Identity
20.08.030 Marking of Ballot
20.08.040 Assistance at the Polls
20.08.050 Duties of Election Committee at Polls
20.08.060 Duties of Election Administrator
20.08.070 Counting of Ballots and Absentee Ballot Deadline
20.08.080 Election Certification
20.08.090 Tie Votes
Section 9 Absentee Voting
20.09.010 Eligibility, Request, and Mailing
20.09.020 Handling Absentee Ballot as Received Before the Election Day
20.09.030 Handling of Absentee Ballots, Registration When Counted
Section 10 Registration Signatures
20.10.010 Records
Section 11 Installation of Council Members
20.11.010 Swearing-In of Tribal Council Members, Judicial Officer, and other Offices
20.11.020 Oath of Judicial Officer
Section 12 Election Disputes
20.12.010 Type I Objection
20.12.020 Type II Objection
20.12.030 Resolution of Type I Objection
20.12.040 Special Election
20.12.050 Resolution of Type II Objection
Section 13 Referendums and Initiatives
20.13.010 Purpose
20.13.020 Referendum
20.13.030 Initiative
20.13.040 Form
Section 14 Recall and Removal
20.14.010 Initiating Recall Proceedings-Statement-Contents-Verification-Definitions
20.14.020 Request for a Petition for Recall
20.14.030 Preparation for the Recall Petition
20.14.040 Determination of Validity of Petition Request
20.14.050 Issuance of a Petition for Recall
20.14.060 Return of Petition
20.14.070 Petition - Form
20.14.080 Canvassing Petition for Sufficiency of Signatures - Notice to Tribal Council and Review - Special Meeting of the General Council
20.14.090 Recall Prior to or Following an Election
Section 15 Removal by Action of the Tribal Council
20.15.010 Conviction of a Felony or Misdemeanor Involving Dishonesty
20.15.020 Removal for Neglect of Duty or Gross Misconduct
Section 16 Vacancies in Elected Offices
20.16.010 Manner of Filling Vacancies
Section 17 Violation - Corrupt Practices - Penalties
20.17.010 Violations
Section 18
20.18.010 Use of Forms

Title 21: Hunting Ordinance
Ordinance No. 12-080 To Amend the Muckleshoot Tribal Code of Laws to Make Clear When Juries in Criminal Cases are Required
On Reservation Hunting Season Regulations #01
2012 Management Control Regulations for the Wildlife Program #02
Ordinance No. 11-214 To Approve and Adopt the Revised Muckleshoot Hunting Ordinance
Section 1: General Provisions

21.01.01 Jurisdiction
21.01.02 Definitions
Section 2: Wildlife Program
21.02.01 Muckleshoot Wildlife Program
21.02.02 Wildlife Program Staff
Section 3: Wildlife Committee
21.03.01 Membership, Appointed Term
21.03.02 Quorum
21.03.03 Meetings
21.03.04 Officers
21.03.05 Duties and Responsibilities
Section 4: Hunting Regulations
21.04.01 Regulations
21.04.02 Emergency Changes
21.04.03 General Closure
21.04.04 Hunters Charged with Knowledge of Laws
21.04.05 Notice to Hunters of Decisions
Section 5: Eligible Hunters
21.05.01 Enrolled Members
21.05.02 Minor Hunters
21.05.03 Designated Hunter
Section 6 Hunting Identification and Hunting Tags
21.06.01 Identification Cards and Tags
21.06.02 Issuance of Big Game Hunting Tags
21.06.03 Ceremonial Hunting Tags
21.06.04 Cards to Remain Tribal Property
21.06.05 Hunting Under Other Tribal Authority
Section 7: Hunting Enforcement, Tribal Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer
21.07.01 Selection
21.07.02 Authority
21.07.03 Rules of Criminal Procedure Apply
21.07.04 Eligibility Requirements
21.07.05 Alternative Enforcement Procedures
Section 8: Seizure of Gear and Wildlife
21.08.01 Seizures
21.08.02 Method for Seizures
Section 9: Forfeiture - Disposition of Property
21.09.01 Order of Forfeiture on Conviction
21.09.02 Forfeiture Where Owner Unknown
21.09.03 Disposition upon Forfeiture
Section 10: Criminal Violations
21.10.01 Wasting Game Birds or Game Animals
21.10.02 Selling Wildlife
21.10.03 Theft of Meat
21.10.04 Hunting During Closed Season
21.10.05 Hunting in Closed Areas
21.10.06 Possession of Wildlife Taken During a Closed Season
21.10.07 Exceeding Bag Limits
21.10.08 Failure to Obtain a Hunting Tag and/or Altering a Hunting Tag
21.10.09 Hunting With Artificial Light
21.10.11 Hunting While Intoxicated
21.10.12 Hunting at Night
21.10.13 Laying Out Poison
21.10.14 Assisting Another to Commit a Criminal Violation
21.10.15 Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer
21.10.16 Refusing to Aid a Law Enforcement Officer
21.10.17 Resisting Lawful Arrest
21.10.18 The Intimidation of a Law Enforcement Officer
21.10.19 Hunting Under Other Authority
21.10.20 Non-Muckleshoot Assistants
21.10.21 Violation of Tribal Access Policies
21.10.22 Solicitation of Unauthorized Tags
21.10.23 Failure to Permanently Mark Harvested Animal
Section 11: Civil Infractions
21.11.01 Failure to Report Harvest Data
22.11.02 Field Identification of Wildlife
21.11.03 Transporting Loaded Firearms
21.11.04 Transporting Big Game - Hunting Tag Required
21.11.05 Hunting Tags to be Returned
21.11.06 Identification and Hunting Tags in Possession
21.11.07 Hunting by Persons Under Sixteen Years
21.11.08 Shooting From a Vehicle
21.11.09 Shooting Firearms Across Paved Public Highway
21.11.10 Unlawfully Hunting with Dogs
21.11.11 Big Game Hunting - Weapons Restrictions
21.11.12 Muzzle-Loading Rifles
21.11.13 Failure to Remove Meat from Lockers in a Timely Manner
21.11.14 Assisting Another to Commit a Civil Violation
21.11.15 Other Acts Prohibited
21.11.16 Failure to Return Keys
Section 12: Penalty Schedule
21.12.01 Assessment of Penalties-Time Payments and Community Service
21.12.02 Penalty Distribution
21.12.03 Per Capita Withholds
Section 13: Severability, Sovereign Immunity, Captions
21.13.01 Severability
21.13.02 Sovereign Immunity Preserved
21.13.03 Captions

Tab A: Loan Guarantee Ordinance
Section I: General Provisions
Section II: The Loan Underwriting Committee
Section III: The MHLP Loan Operations
Section IV: Home Loan Funding Sources
Section V: General Program Requirements
Section VI: Eligible Activities
Section VII: Property Eligibility Requirements
Section VIII: Borrower Eligibility and Selection
Section IX: Loan Application
Section X: Underwriting
Section XI: Loan Processing
Section XII: Insurance Requirements
Section XIII: Loan Closing
Section XIV: Recording Requirements
Section XV: Construction Requirements -- New Homes Constructed by the TDHE
Section XVI: Rehabilitation or Renovation Loans
Section XVII: Assumption and Subleasing
Section XVIII: Sale, Transfer, and Inheritance of Leasehold
Section XIX: Loan Servicing
Section XX: Collection Policy and Procedures
Section XXI: Property Acquired Upon Foreclosure
Section XXII: Auditing of the MHLP

Tab B: Governmental Corporations Ordinance
Section 1-2 [Withheld]
Section 3: Privileges and Immunities
Section 4: Tribal Taxation
Section 5: Subsidiary Corporations
Section 6: Ownership
Section 7: Voting Stock - Alienation
Section 8: Organization
Section 9: Powers of Corporation
Section 10: Duration
Section 11: Lands
Section 12: Tribal Court -- Jurisdiction
Section 13: Agent
Section 14: Assets
Section 15: Annual Meeting, Annual Report
Section 16: Audit
Section 17: Contracts with Officers and Directors
Section 18: Bonding
Section 19: Filing of Minutes of Meetings
Section 20: Location of Board Meetings
Section 21: Filing of Resolutions
Section 22: Terms for Directors
Section 23: Duty of Loyalty
Section 24: Real Estate Purchases
Section 25: Recusal of Directors and Officers
Section 26: Dissolution of Corporation

Tab C: Utility Ordinance
(NB: All even numbered pages are missing).
Resolution No. 95-098 Billing and Penalty Schedule
Resolution No. 92-319 Utility Ordinance
Article I: General Provisions
Article II: [Withheld]
Article III: [Withheld]
Article IV: Management and Finances
Article V: [Withheld]
Article VI: Customer Obligations
Article VII: Fee Schedules and Billing
Article VIII: Enforcement; Penalties; Sanctions
Article IX: Miscellaneous Provisions

Tab D: Enrollment Ordinance
Ordinance No. 11-273 to Adopt an Amended Enrollment Ordinance
Article I: Title and Purpose
Article II: Administration
Article III: Regular Enrollment
Article IV: Enrollment By Adoption
Article V: Responsibilities of the Applicant
Article VI: Harassment
Article VII: Relinquishment and Disenrollment
Article VIII: Appeals
Article IX: General Provisions

Tab E: Guidelines for Per Capita Distribution
(NB: All even numbered pages are missing).
Resolution No. 97-375 Guidelines for Per Capita Disbursement
Resolution No. 07-145 to Restate and Approve 3rd Amendment to the IGRA Revenue Allocation Plan
Section I. Resolution and Repeal of Inconsistent Legislation
Section II. Policy
Section III - V. [Withheld]
Section VI. Severability
Section VII. No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
Section VIII. Amendment or Repeal of Plan
Section IX. Effective Date

Tab F: Nuisance Ordinance
Section 010. Purpose
Section 020. Definitions
Section 030. Nuisance Defined
Section 040. [Withheld]
Section 050. Authorized Act Not a Nuisance
Section 060. Abatement Does Not Preclude Action for Damages
Section 070. Civil Action, Who May Maintain
Section 080. Responsible Party
Section 085. Enforcement Officer
Section 090. Order to Abate
Section 100. Enforcement of Orders to Abate
Section 110. Costs of Abatement
Section 115. Failure to Pay
Section 120. Emergency Action
Section 130. Remedies
Section 140. Penalties
Section 150. Sovereign Immunity
Section 160. Severability
Section 170. Amendments
Section 180. Captions

Tab G: Building Permit Ordinance
(NB: All even numbered pages are missing).
Ordinance No. 09-104 to Enact a New Building Permit Ordinance and Repeal the Interim Building Permit Ordinance
Section 1. Findings and Purpose
Section 2. Uniform Standards
Section 3. Persons and Property Affected
Section 4. Administration
Section 5. Building Permit Required
Section 6. Application Process
Section 7. Stop Work Orders
Section 8. Appeal Procedure
Section 9. Judicial Enforcement
Section 10. Severability
Section 11. Sovereign Immunity
Section 12. Time Limits
Confidential Attorney-Client Communication between S. Taylor, Planning Director and Rob Otsea
Resolution No. 11-270 to Adopt a Revised Indian Preference Policy for Employment at the Tribal Government and to Amend Section 12A. and B. of the Governmental Personnel Policies and Procedures
Ordinance No. 10-097 to Enact an Employment Ordinance Governing Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Governmental Employment
Resolution No. 10-099 to Approve the Muckleshoot Tribe's Government Employee Claims Process
Resolution No. 10-132 to Rescind Resolution No. 83-00-14 and to Appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Policies and Procedures for Tribal Preference in Certain Contracting Matters
Muckleshoot Interim Business Licensing Ordinance
Resolution No. 78-83-4 Amendment to Interim Business Licensing Ordinance
Interim Subdivision Ordinance

Tab H: Tribal Child Development & Child Care Assistance Ordinance
(NB: All even numbered pages are missing).
Ordinance No. 04-095 to Amend Addendum C to the Tribal Child Development and Child Care Assistance Program
Ordinance No. 03-391 to Enact a Revised Tribal Child Development and Child Care Assistance Program Ordinance
General Welfare Programs
Chapter 1: The Tribal Child Development and Child Care Assistance Program
Addendum B: Day Care Rates, Fiscal Year 2003-2004

Tab I: Harassment Ordinance
(NB: All even numbered pages are missing).
Resolution No. 99-243 to Approve the Harassment Ordinance
Section 1. General Prohibition of Harassment
Section 2. Sexual Harassment
Section 3. Complaint Procedure
Section 4. Prohibition of Retaliation
Section 5. Importance of Complaint Procedure

Tab J: Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance

Tab K: Ordinance Governing Council-Appointed Committees
Ordinance No. 08-131 To Enact a Revised Ordinance Governing Tribal Council-Appointed Committees
Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Consistency with Tribal Ordinances and Federal/State Funding Agreements
Section 3. General Policy
Section 4. General Powers and Authority to Appoint Committees
Section 5. Committee Names
Section 6. Committee Membership
Section 7. Vacancies
Section 8. Removal of Members
Section 9. Voting
Section 10. Quorum
Section 11. Conflicts of Interest
Section 12. Confidentiality
Section 13. Election of Officers
Section 14. Duties of Officers
Section 15. Meetings
Section 16. Financial Accountability

Tab L: Tribal Preservation Program Repository
Ordinance No. 07-178 to Provide for Property Abandoned in a Tribal Preservation Program Repository
Section 01.010 Findings
Section 01.020 Definitions
Section 01.030 Unclaimed and Abandoned Property-Notice
Section 01.040 When Loaned Property May be Deemed Donated
Section 01.050 Requirements of Notice of Abandonment of Property
Section 01.060 Title to Abandoned Property Vests in the Tribe
Section 01.070 Jurisdiction
Section 01.080 Severability

Tab M: Economic Development
Ordinance No. 07-410 To Enact the Muckleshoot Economic Development Act of 2007 and Repeal and Supercede Ordinance No. 07-346
Article 1. Short Title
Article 2. Findings and Declarations
Article 3. Name
Article 4. Principal Office
Article 5. Definitions
Article 6. Legal Authority and Tax Status
Article 7. Period of Duration
Article 8. Authority's Purposes
Article 9. Authority Powers
Article 10. Limitations on Authority's Powers
Article 11. Acts Requiring Tribal Council Ratification
Article 12. Board of Directors
Article 13. Officers and Staff
Article 14. Indemnification
Article 15. Accounting Policies and Reports
Article 16. Claims Against the MDA or Its Officers, Agents or Employees
Article 17. Dissolution of MDA
Article 18. Projects
Article 19. Obligations
Article 20. Amendments

Tab N: Labor Organizations
Ordinance No. 07-386 to Enact an Ordinance Concerning Labor Organizations
Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. Conditions on Entry and Jurisdiction
Section 3. Registration of Labor Organization
Section 4. Business Agents
Section 5. Violations of Ordinance
Section 6. Penalties
Section 7. Civil Remedies
Section 8. Severability
Section 9. Sovereign Immunity
Ordinance No. 07-385 to Enact a Freedom to Work Without Membership in a Labor Organization Ordinance
Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Policy
Section 3. Prohibitions
Section 4. Illegality of Conduct in Violation of Prohibitions
Section 5. Authority of Tribal Council to Authorize Limited Exceptions
Section 6. Definitions
Section 7. Civil Liability
Section 8. Injunctive Relief

Tab O: Gathering Ordinance
Ordinance No. 04-146 to Approve and Adopt the Muckleshoot Gathering Ordinance

Tab P: Elder and Vulnerable Adult Code
Ordinance No. 11-090 to Adopt the Muckleshoot Elder and Vulnerable Adult Code Ordinance
010. Policy and Purpose
020. Nature and Construction of this Code Title
030. Jurisdiction
040. Procedures for Transfer of Jurisdiction to the Muckleshoot Court of Justice
050. Procedures for Transfer of Jurisdiction from the Muckleshoot Court of Justice
060. Definitions
070. Responsibilities of Muckleshoot Adult Protective Services
080. Duty to Report Abuse or Neglect of an Elder or Vulnerable Adult
090. Investigation and Written Investigative Report
100. Emergency Involuntary Orders and Temporary Protection Plan
110. Agreed Voluntary Protective Service Plan: Family Conference
120. Procedures for Involuntary Protective Orders
130. Confidentiality of Investigative Reports and Court Records
140. Rights of Elders, Their Families, and Caretakers
150. Full or Limited Guardianships

Tabs Q-Z [Reserved]
Resolution No. 14-269 to Provide for Interim Per Capita Withhold Process
Tax Refund Resolution 11-235
Per Capita Distribution Policies and Procedures
I. Procedure
II. Distribution
III. Per Capita Benefits for Minors
IV. Direct Deposit
V. Garnishments
VI. Dispute of a Per Capita Check to a Minor

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