Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Tribal Council, Inc. - Tribal Code Table of Contents

Received: circa 2007

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Table of Contents
Corporate Documents and Selected Ordinances

Corporate Documents: Articles of Organization and Annual Reports 1992, 1994, 1995

Enrollment Ordinance

Section 1. Authority
Section 2. Enrollment Eligibility
Section 3. Enrollment Committee
Section 4. Applications for Enrollment
Section 5. Determining Paternity to Establish Constitutional Requirement of Lineal Descent From Mashpee Indian
Section 6. Right to Appeal
Section 7. Automatic Forfeiture of Membership
Section 8. Disenrollment
Section 9. Relinquishment of Membership
Section 10. Records
Section 11. DNA Testing Policy and Procedures
Section 12. Amendments

Ordinance regulating adoption of ordinances, resolutions and measures.

Section 1. [Posting and effective date of ordinances]
Section 2. Posting of proposed ordinances.
Section 3. Tribal Council vote requirements.
Section 4. Effective date of ordinance.
Section 5. Recording of ordinances.
Section 6. Amendments to ordinances.
Section 7. Resolutions and measures of Tribal Council.

Ordinance for conduct of elections of election committee responsibilities.

Section 1. Election committee.
Section 2. Voter eligibility & voter registration.
Section 3. Certification of candidates, nomination petitions, and ballot order.
Section 4. Election.
Section 5. First election, staggered terms.
Section 6. Preparation of ballots.
Section 7. Voting, conduct of elections
Section 8. Counting of votes, certification, and re-count.
Section 9. Judicial appeal.

Native American Indian Traditional Code of Ethics