Las Vegas Tribe of Paiute Indians of the
Las Vegas Indian Colony, Nevada - Tribal Code, Title 5

Received: June 2012

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Table of Contents

Law and Order Code, Title 5: Code of criminal offenses

5-10 General Provisions
5-10-010 Voluntary Act
5-10-020 Required Mental States
5-10-030 Defintions of Required Mental States
5-10-040 Prosecution for Multiple Offenses
5-10-050 Ignorance or Mistake of Fact
5-10-060 Ignorance or Mistake of Law
5-10-070 Liability for Conduct of Another
5-10-080 Accomplice Liability
5-10-090 Liability for Acts of Corporations or Unicorporated Associations

5-20 Attempt, Conspiracy, and Solicitation
5-20-010 Attempt
5-20-020 Conspiracy
5-20-030 Solicitation

5-30 Offenses Involving Danger to the Person
5-30-010 Criminal Homicide
5-30-020 Assault
5-30-030 Unlawful Restraint; Kidnapping
5-30-040 Custodial Interference
5-30-050 Sexual Offenses

5-40 Offenses Against Property
5-40-010 Arson and Reckless Burning
5-40-020 Criminal Mischief
5-40-030 Burglary
5-40-040 Trespass
5-40-050 Robbery
5-40-060 Theft
5-40-070 Forgery
5-40-080 Criminal Simulation
5-40-090 Tampering with Records or Other Documents
5-40-100 Deceptive Business Practices
5-40-110 Rigging a Contest
5-40-120 Defrauding Creditors

5-50 Offenses Against the Family
5-50-010 Criminal Nonsupport
5-50-020 Criminal Child Abuse
5-50-030 Criminal Child Neglect
5-50-040 Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect

5-60 Offenses Against the Administration or Government
5-60-010 Bribery
5-60-020 Improper Influence in Official Matters
5-60-030 Official Misconduct
5-60-040 Unofficial Misconduct
5-60-050 Perjury
5-60-060 Making False Reports
5-60-070 Interfering with the Judicial Process
5-60-080 Interfering with the Governmental Process
5-60-090 Interfering with Law Enforcement Procedures
5-60-100 Doing Business without a License
5-60-110 Tampering with or Destroying Public Property
5-60-120 Failure to Obey a Lawful Order of the Court; Contempt

5-70 Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
5-70-010 Disorderly Conduct
5-70-020 Misuse of Telephones
5-70-030 Desecration
5-70-040 Violation of Privacy
5-70-050 Weapons Offenses
5-70-060 Criminal Nuisance
5-70-070 Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
5-70-080 Fireworks Offenses
5-70-090 Littering
5-70-100 Controlled Substances Offenses
5-70-110 Possession of Marijuana
5-70-120 Abandoned Iceboxes and Other Containers
5-70-130 BB and Pellet Guns

5-80 Defenses
5-80-010 Intoxication
5-80-020 Duress
5-80-030 Consent
5-80-040 Entrapment
5-80-050 Justification
5-80-060 Force in Defense of Persons
5-80-070 Force in Arrest
5-80-080 Force in Defense of One's Dwelling
5-80-090 Force in Defense of Property

5-90 Classes of Offenses and Penalties
5-90-010 Sentences for Classes of Offenses
5-90-020 General Sentencing Provisions
5-90-030 Probation and Restitution

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