Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Michigan - Tribal Code

Table of Contents Updated: October 2015

The tribe makes some of their code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Sections without links are based on the print copy dated May 1996 and are available from the library. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Treaty of 1842

Treaty of 1854

Title One - General Provisions -- Ch.1.1. Tribal Court (1.101 The Tribal Court; Creation and Existence. 1.102 Territorial Jurisdiction. 1.103 Tribal Court Jurisdiction; Persons and Entities. 1.104 Divisions of the Tribal Court. 1.105 Composition of Trial Division. 1.106 Assumption of Chief Judge's Duties by Associate Judge. 1.107 Utilization of Other Tribal Court Judges. 1.108 Election of Trial Division Judges. 1.109 Term of Office. 1.110 Qualifications for Judicial Service. 1.111 Disqualification of Trial Division Judges. 1.112 Tribal Court Rules. 1.113 Pre-eminence of Tribal Code. 1.114 Jurisdiction of the Appellate Division. 1.115 Eligibility to Serve as a Justice. 1.116 Composition of the Appellate Division. 1.117 Appeals as of Right. 1.118 Time for Appeal. 1.119 Filing of Notice of Appeal. 1.120 Contents of the Notice of Appeal. 1.121 Serving the Notice of Appeal. 1.122 Effect of Filing the Notice of Appeal. 1.123 Contents of the Record on Appeal. 1.124 Transcript of the Trial Division Proceedings. 1.125 Preparation of Record on Appeal. 1.126 Brief of Facts, Legal Arguments and Authorities. 1.127 Pre-Argument Conference. 1.128 Oral Argument. 1.129 Finality of Decisions. 1.130 Supplemental Rules of the Appellate Division. 1.131 Disqualification of Appellate Division Justices). Ch.1.2. Officers of the Court (1.201 Trial Court Clerk — Qualifications. 1.202 Trial Court Clerk — Duties. 1.203 Tribal Prosecuting Attorney — Qualifications. 1.204 Tribal Prosecuting Attorney — Duties. §1.205 Substitute or Acting Prosecuting Attorney. 1.206 Substitute Service. 1.207 Officials of the Tribal Court. 1.208 Rules Governing Legal Representatives). Ch.1.3. Effective Date, Severability and Repeal of Prior Codes (1.301 Repeal of Prior Codes. 1.302 Effective Date. 1.303 Severability). (22 pgs.) (March 2013 Edition).

Title Two - Criminal Procedure -- Ch. 2.1. General matters and definitions (2.101. Absence of the Tribal Common Law; application of Federal Common Law. 2.102. Precedent. 2.103. Gender and tense. 2.104. Specific to supersede the general. 2.105. Construction of language. 2.106. Person; definition. 2.107. Limitation of actions. 2.108. Presumption of innocence. 2.109. Burden of proof. 2.110. Definition of terms. 2.111. Applicability of amendments). Ch. 2.2. Commencement of criminal proceedings (2.201. Commencement of criminal proceedings. 2.202. Issuance of warrant. 2.203 Initiation by citation or appearance ticket. 2.204. Issuance of appearance ticket or citation not a bar to issuance of warrant). Ch. 2.3. Arrest and hot pursuit (2.301. Arrest. 2.302. Arrest pursuant to warrant. 2.303. Execution by a police officer; definition of police officer. 2.304. Arrest procedure; warrant. 2.305. Arrest procedure; without warrant. 2.306. Requirements upon warrantless arrest. 2.307. Arrests by private citizens. 2.308. Hot pursuit. 2.309. Police officers; power to enlist the assistance of private citizens during an emergency. 2.310. Prompt arraignment upon arrest. 2.311. Return of warrant). Ch. 2.4. Extradition (2.401. Extradition; when available. 2.402. Extradition; procedure. 2.403. Extradition hearing. 2.404. Waiver of extradition hearing). Ch. 2.5. Search warrants (2.501. Definition. 2.502. Issuance and Contents. 2.503. Effective period of search warrant. 2.504. Execution of warrant. 2.505. Inventory of items seized. 2.506. Warrantless searches and seizures. 2.507. Admissibility of illegally seized evidence). Ch. 2.6. Bail (2.601. Generally. 2.602. [Reserved]. 2.603. Civil infractions; power of clerk. 2.604. Bail; discretion of Court; limitations. 2.605. Offenses committed while defendant on probation or bail. 2.606. Bail; forms which may be ordered. 2.607. Posting of bail bond. 2.608. Modification of bond; commitment upon default. 2.609. Forfeiture of bail bond). Ch. 2.7. Arraignment (2.701. Definition. 2.702. Procedure. 2.703. Available pleas. 2.704. Sentencing upon plea of guilty or no contest). Ch. 2.8. Motions (2.801. Definition. 2.802. Reference to Michigan court rules. 2.803. Specific motions in criminal cases. 2.804. Pre-trial motions; time for hearing). Ch. 2.9. Jury trials in criminal proceedings (2.901. Jury trial; entitlement. 2.902. Jury; method of selection. 2.903. Jury panel; definition. 2.904. Challenges to the panel. 2.905. Challenges to individual jurors. 2.906. Challenges for cause. 2.907. Peremptory challenges; generally. 2.908. Peremptory challenges; number. 2.909. Peremptory challenges; manner of exercise. 2.910. Jury oath). Ch. 2.10. Trials; general provisions (2.1001. Effect of irregularities. 2.1002. Summoning of witnesses. 2.1003. Waiver of jury trial presumed unless demanded. 2.1004. Number of jurors. 2.1005. Rights of an accused. 2.1006. Presence of defendant. 2.1007. Continuance of trials. 2.1008. Precedence of criminal cases over civil actions. 2.1009. Death, illness, or disability of judge during trial). Ch. 2.11. Jury trial procedure (2.1101. Order of proceeding. 2.1102. Presumption of innocence; guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; defendant's failure to testify. 2.1103. Jury instructions. 2.1104. Jury deliberations. 2.1105. Jury poll. 2.1106. Co-defendants; joint or separate trial. 2.1107. Jury view. 2.1108. Discharge of juror for illness or disability). Ch. 2.12. Matters related to jury deliberations and verdict (2.1201. Exhibits. 2.1202. Further instructions by the court. 2.1203. Jury to remain as group). Ch. 2.13. Judgement and sentencing (2.1301. Judgement of conviction. 2.1302. Execution of judgement; incarceration; fine. 2.1303. Alternatives to incarceration or fines. 2.1304. Judgement and sentencing). Ch. 2.14. New trial (2.1401. Definition. 2.1402. Application for new trial. 2.1403. Grounds for a new trial. 2.1404. New trial; effect thereof). (17 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Three - Criminal Offenses and Penalties -- Ch. 3.1. Weapons (3.101. Definitions. 3.102. Possession and transportation of pistols. 3.103. Exceptions. 3.104. License for possession or transportation of pistols. 3.105. False information upon license application. 3.106. Persons prohibited from possessing or transporting pistols. 3.107. Production of license on demand. 3.108. Confiscation of pistols and other weapons. 3.109. Juveniles; possession of firearms. 3.110. Intentionally aiming firearm without malice. 3.111. Discharge of firearm intentionally but without malice aimed at another. 3.112. Discharge of firearm intentionally aimed causing injury. 3.113. Careless or reckless use of a firearm not resulting in injury. 3.114. Careless or reckless use of a firearm causing injury. 3.115. Possession or use of firearm by person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 3.116. Setting spring guns or similar devices. 3.117. Possession of a loaded firearm on or upon snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles. 3.118. Commission of certain offenses while armed. 3.119. Transporting or possession of a loaded firearm in, on, or upon a motor vehicle. 3.120. Possessing or transporting an uncased firearm in, on, or upon a motor vehicle. 3.121. Sale or possession of a knife having mechanical opening device). Ch. 3.2. Offenses involving assaults, physical violence, or threats [3.201. Assault. 3.202. Assault and battery. 3.203. Aggravated assault. 3.204. Unlawful detention. 3.205. Extortion through force, violence, or threats. 3.206. Resisting arrest. 3.207. Threat or intimidation; public officers. 3.208. Offer of force or violence to police officer or judicial officer. 3.209. Assault and battery during the commission of an offense against property). Ch. 3.3. Crowd control, suppression of riot, public assemblies (3.301. Riot. 3.302. Rout. 3.303. Unlawful assembly. 3.304. Disturbing lawful meeting. 3.305. Disorderly persons. 3.306. Failure to disperse upon order. 3.307. Refusal to aid in dispersal of riot, rout, or unlawful assembly). Ch. 3.4. Offenses involving trespass or damage to property (3.401. Maliciously killing, injuring, or poisoning animals. 3.402. Malicious destruction of personal property. 3.403. Maliciously injuring or destroying a structure of another. 3.404. Maliciously tampering with a fence or gate. 3.405. Maliciously injuring or destroying plants of natural growth. 3.406. Maliciously injuring or destroying boundary markers, monuments, light bulbs. 3.407. Maliciously injuring sawlogs, bolts, or timber. 3.408. Cutting timber without a permit. 3.409. Injury to public property. 3.410. Throwing a missile at a motorized vehicle. 3.411. Trespass. 3.412. Illegal entry upon lands. 3.413. Forcible entry of detainer. 3.414. Littering. 3.415. Maintaining a public nuisance). Ch. 3.5. Offenses involving escapes from custody (3.501. Escape; generally. 3.502. Aiding juvenile in escape; harboring escaped juvenile. 3.503. Refusing, omitting, or delaying to arrest. 3.504. Breaking, escaping or attempting to break or escape from jail or holding site. 3.505. Escape from lawful custody. 3.506. Concealing or harboring one who has escaped; aiding and abetting escape. 3.507. Consecutive sentencing). Ch. 3.6. Offenses involving public offices and officers (3.601. Willful and malicious neglect of duty. 3.602. Failure to uphold or enforce the law. 3.603. Mutilating, removing, or detaining public records. 3.604. Refusal to deliver to successor in office. 3.605. Neglect or refusal to pay over monies collected. 3.606. Purchase of goods in name or on credit of governmental agency, other than for official use. 3.607. Bribery. 3.608. Obstruction of process. 3.609. Disobedience of police signal; fleeing and eluding. 3.610. Assault upon a police officer). Ch. 3.7. Offenses involving public health and safety (3.701. Throwing glass or sharp object in certain locations. 3.702 Abandoned of unattended refrigerators. 3.703. Tampering with traffic control devices or signs. 3.704. Communicable diseases. 3.705. Protective custody of persons suffering from physical or mental disability. 3.706. Fireworks. 3.707. Sale of alcoholic beverages. 3.708. Sale or distribution of unwholesome provisions. 3.709. Adulteration of drugs or medicines. 3.710. False weights and measures. 3.711. Willful obstruction of emergency telephone calls. 3.712. Securing line by false statement of an emergency. 3.713. False bomb report. 3.714. False advertising). Ch. 3.8. Offenses involving fires (3.801. Definition of "burn". 3.802. Burning of personal property. 3.803. Burning of structures, excluding dwellings. 3.804. Preparation to burn. 3.805. Woods, cultivated crops, and underbrush; willful or negligent burning. 3.806. Misconduct at fires. 3.807. False report of fire). Ch. 3.9. Offenses involving animals (3.901. Cruelty to animals. 3.902. Animals used for fighting or targets, prohibition. 3.903. Regulation of domestic animals - definitions. 3.904. Domestic animals - required restraints. 3.905. Unrestrained animals - Taking into custody. 3.906. Temporary shelter for animals taken into custody. 3.907. Destruction of animals - holding period. 3.908. Animal bites - taking animal into custody). Ch. 3.10. Offenses involving illegal entry (3.1001. Entry without breaking. 3.1002. Entry without permission. 3.1003. Opening or attempting to open a coin box). Ch. 3.11. Offenses involving larceny, embezzlement, and stolen property (3.1101. Larceny. 3.1102. Larceny from a motor vehicle. 3.1103. Use of a motor vehicle without authority but without intent to steal. 3.1104. Defacing serial number of motorized vehicle. 3.1105. Unauthorized tampering with a motor vehicle. 3.1106. Larceny from a person. 3.1107. Larceny from a vacant building. 3.1108. Larceny by conversion or embezzlement. 3.1109. Larceny involving rented property. 3.1110. Larceny by false personation. 3.1111. Larceny of crops or cultivated things. 3.1112. Shoplifting. 3.1113. Larceny of estate assets. 3.1114. Larceny by extortion. 3.1115. Embezzlement. 3.1116. Embezzlement By mortgagor, vendee, or lessee. 3.1117. Receiving or concealing stolen, embezzled or converted property. 3.1118. Destroying or removing identifying number on goods to render unidentifiable. 3.1119. Partial ownership no defense). Ch. 3.12. Fraud, false pretenses and forgery (3.1201. Fraudulent use or disposition of personal property. 3.1202. Forgery, uttering, and publishing. 3.1203. Fraudulent procurement of food, beverages, or lodging. 3.1204. Checks drawn with insufficient funds. 3.1205. Drawing of instrument without account or credit. 3.1206. Use of revoked or canceled credit card. 3.1207. Solicitation under pretext of seeking information for governmental agency. 3.1208. False pretenses with intent to defraud. 3.1209. Obtaining telephone or communication service by false device or with intent to avoid payment. 3.1210. Fraudulent connection or use of utility or telecommunication services. 3.1211. Defrauding general assistance program). Ch. 3.13. Miscellaneous offenses (3.1301. Conspiracy. 3.1302. Inciting, inducing, or exhorting commission of an offense. 3.1303. Falsely privy public offenders. 3.1304. Disguising with intent to obstruct law or intimidate. 3.1305. Furnishing fireworks to a minor. 3.1306. Indecent exposure. 3.1307. Reporting a fictitious crime to a police officer. 3.1308. Disobedience of lawful court order. 3.1309. Causing or inducing a false arrest. 3.1310. Perjury. 3.1311. Utilization of treaty rights for benefit of persons not entitled thereto. 3.1312. Soliciting and accosting. 3.1313. Admitting to place for purpose of prostitution. 3.1314. Engaging or offering to engage the services of a prostitute. 3.1315. Maintaining a house of prostitution. 3.1316. Violation of approved tribal ordinance. 3.1317. Abuse of legal process. 3.1318. Libel and slander. 3.1319. Telephone nuisance). Ch. 3.14. Offenses involving children, minors, and juveniles (3.1401. Child abuse - definitions. 3.1402. Suspected child abuse or neglect; reporting of the same. 3.1403. Confidentiality; immunity from suit. 3.1404. Cooperation between tribal and state agencies. 3.1405. Knowing failure to report or unauthorized dissemination of information. 3.1406. Cruelty to children; neglect; abandonment. 3.1407. Interfering with legal custody of dependant, neglected and delinquent children. 3.1408. Interfering with legal custody as ordered by a court. 3.1409. Contributing to neglect or delinquency of a minor. 3.1410. Curfew. 3.1411. Failure to insure that children attend school. 3.1412. Failure to support dependant persons. 3.1413. Furnishing alcoholic or intoxicating beverages to persons under twenty-one [21] years of age. 3.1414. Possession, use, or transportation of alcoholic beverages by persons under twenty - one [21] years of age. 3.1415. Restriction on operation of snowmobiles, and all terrain vehicles). Ch. 3.15. - Peace bonds; domestic violence (3.1501. Preservation of the public peace. 3.1502. Complaint; examination. 3.1503. Warrant issuance. 3.1504. Trial; bond to keep the peace. 3.1505. Compliance with a court order. 3.1506. Non-compliance with order. 3.1507. Discharge of accused; payment of costs by complainant. 3.1508. Payment of costs upon issuance of order. 3.1509. Filing of peace bond with law enforcement agency. 3.1510. Non-compliance with order. 3.1511. Arrest without warrant-domestic violence. 3.1512. Domestic violence-deferral of sentencing. 3.1513. Arrest without warrant; violation of injunctions. 3.1514. Abuse of the aged, infirm, handicapped and incompetent). Ch. 3.16. Offenses involving gambling. (3.1601. Gambling; prohibition without license. 3.1602. Violation of §3.1601; misdemeanor. 3.1603. Licenses to operate or maintain gambling; application process; terms and conditions of licenses; license fees). Ch. 3.17. Offenses involving alcoholic beverages and controlled substances (3.1701. Alcoholic beverages; compliance with federal and tribal law. 3.1702. Tribal licenses for sale of alcoholic beverages; application and issuance. 3.1703. Number of licenses to be issued; compliance by licensees with certain state laws. 3.1704. Tribal Council to be sole judge of qualifications of applicants; suspension or revocation of license. 3.1705. Complaints against licensee; procedure. 3.1706. Controlled substances). Ch. 3.18 Watercraft offenses (3.1801. Definitions. 3.1802. Operation of unnumbered motorboats prohibited. 3.1803 . Required equipment. 3.1804. Watercraft; prohibited acts. 3.1805. Collisions, accidents and casualties. 3.1806. Full liability). (37 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Four - Juvenile Division -- Ch.4.1 General Provisions (4.101 Creation of Juvenile Division. 4.102 Applicability of Rules of Judicial Procedure and Tribal Code. 4.103 Purpose. 4.104 Juvenile; Definition. 4.105 Children within the Jurisdiction of the Court. 4.106 Additional Definitions). Ch.4.2 The Juvenile Court (4.201 Jurisdiction. 4.201a Voluntary Placement Agreements. 4.202 Adjudication of Delinquency Not Conviction of a Crime. 4.203 Cooperation with other Jurisdictions and Agencies. 4.204 Department of Tribal Social Services. 4.205 Tribal Social Services Service Area). Ch. 4.3 Juvenile Court Procedures for Delinquency (4.301 Commencement of Delinquency Proceedings. 4.302 Deliquency Petition; Contents. 4.303 Judicial Review of Delinquency Petition. 4.304 Allegedly Delinquent Juveniles Taken Into Custody. 4.305 Custodial Detention Without a Custodial Order. 4.306 Custodial Detention With a Custodial Order Prior to the Preliminary Inquiry). Ch.4.4 RESERVED. Ch. 4.5 Juvenile Court Procedures for Dependency and Neglect Proceedings (4.501 Petition. 4.502 Emergency Removal Procedures. 4.503 Custodial Detention; Circumstances. 4.504 Custodial Detention; Procedure. 4.504a Duties of Tribal Social Service Caseworker. 4.505 Preliminary Inquiry; Notification of Parent. 4.506 Preliminary Inquiry; Adjournment. 4.507 Scheduling of Preliminary Inquiry When There is No Custodial Detention. 4.508 Contents of the Notice for Preliminary Inquiry. 4.509 Preliminary Inquiry; Scope of Inquiry. 4.510 Preliminary Inquiry; Procedure. 4.511 Preliminary Inquiry; Limitation of Scope. 4.512 Finding of Probable Cause and Need for Detention. 4.513 Failure to Find Probable Cause. 4.514 Investigation by TSS Caseworker; Recommendations. 4.515 TSS's Continuing Duties Upon A Petition Being Held in Abeyance. 4.516 Guardian Ad Litem; Appointment). Ch.4.6 Proceedings Subsequent to Preliminary Inquiry (4.601 Scheduling of Adjudicative Hearing. 4.602 Summons for Appearance. 4.603 Reserved. 4.604 Adjudicatory Hearing. 4.605 Adjudicatory Hearing – Advice of Right. 4.606 Admission of Allegations. 4.607 Adjudicatory Hearing-Proceedings Upon Completion. 4.608 Dispositional Hearing; Pre-Hearing Investigation Report. 4.609 Dispositional Hearing; Notice. 4.610 Dispositional Hearing; Manner of Conducting. 4.611 Dispositional Alternatives. 4.612 Dispositional Order; Effective Period and Review. 4.613 Modification of Dispositional Order). Ch.4.7 Termination of Parental Rights (4.701 Termination Proceedings; Petition. 4.702 Hearing. 4.703 Pre-termination Report. 4.704 Summons; Issuance and Contents. 4.705 Termination Hearing; Manner of Conducting. 4.706 Advice of Rights. 4.707 Termination of Parental Rights; Standards. 4.708 Dispositional Alternatives. 4.709 Termination; No Effect on Enrollment Status). Ch.4.8 Records (4.801 Record of Proceedings; Confidentially. 4.802 Law Enforcement Records. 4.803 Expungement). Ch.4.9 Miscellaneous Matters (4.901 Waiver of Jurisdiction; Time and Manner. 4.902 Waiver Proceedings; Procedure. 4.903 Waiver; Factors to be Considered by the Court. 4.904 Waiver of Jurisdiction; Required Findings. 4.905 Waiver Denied; Manner of Proceeding. 4.906 Waiver Ordered; Manner of Proceeding. 4.907 Contempt of Court. 4.908 Guardian Ad Litem/Juvenile Court Advocate;Circumstances of Appointment. 4.909 Bond for Appearance; Personal Recognizance. 4.910 Physical, Mental, and Psychological Examinations. 4.911 Fingerprinting and Line-ups). Ch.4.10 Out of Home Placements (4.1001 Standards for Facilities. 4.1002 Incarceration of Juveniles in Adult Jails. 4.1003 Judgments of Support. 4.1004 Maximum Number of Children in Foster Care). Ch.4.11 Children and Families Receiving Title IV-E Funding and or Assitance (4.1101 Fair Hearings. 4.1102 Mandatory Reporting. 4.1103 Placement of Siblings. 4.1104 Case Review System). Ch.4.12 Effective Date, Severability, and Repeal of Prior Codes(4.1201 Repeal of Prior Codes. 4.1202 Effective date. 4.1203 Severability). (32 pgs.) (September 2012 Edition).

Title Five - Adoptions -- Ch. 5.1 General Provisions (5.101. Jurisdiction. 5.102. Purpose. 5.103. Definitions). Ch. 5.2 Adoption Requirements (5.201. Persons Eligible to be Adopted in Tribal Court. 5.202. Persons Eligible to Adopt in Tribal Court. 5.203. Eligibility for Adoption Assistance Payments). Ch. 5.3 Release (5.301. Release for Adoption. 5.302. Pre-Release Investigation. 5.303. Hearing on Release for Adoption. 5.304. Judicial Procedure to Obtain Formal Release for Adoption from Biological Parents). Ch. 5.4 Consent to Adopt (5.401. Requirements. 5.402. Limitations on Consent to Adopt. 5.403. Execution of Consent to Adopt). Ch. 5.5 Child Born Out of Wedlock (5.501 Procedure for Release for Adoption from Mother and to Identify Father and Determine or Terminate His Parental Rights. 5.502 Releases for Adoption or Consent to Adoption Executed by Mother. 5.503 Contents of Notice of Intent to Release for Adoption or Consent to Adoption. 5.504 Putative Father; Right to Claim Paternity. 5.505 Putative Father; Right to Deny Paternity. 5.506 Termination of Parental Rights of the Putative Father. 5.507 Putative Father: Custody Status). Ch. 5.6 Pre-Adoptive Status (5.601 Placement. 5.602 Status). Ch. 5.7 Prohibitoons As to Money or Other Considerations (5.701 Fees and Expenses). Ch. 5.8 Order of Adoption (5.801 Hearing. 5.802 Immediate Confirmation. 5.803 Order of Adoption; Execution and Distribution. 5.804 Order of Adoption; Contents. 5.805 Rights of Child and Extended Family. 5.806 Continuing Jurisdiction of Tribal Court; Review and Modification of Order of Adoption. 5.807 Reports by Adoptive Parents). Ch. 5.9 Name of Adoptee (5.901 Change of Adoptee’s Name. 5.902 Names and Rights after Adoption). Ch. 5.10 Appeals (5.1001 Manner of Appeal). Ch. 5.11 Effective Date, Severability and Repeal of Prior Codes (5.1101 Repeal of Prior Codes. 5.1102 Effective date. 5.1103 Severability). (20 pgs.) (October 2012 Edition).

Title Six - Guardians and Conservators -- Ch. 6.1 General Matters (6.101 Definitions. 6.102 Jurisdiction. 6.103 Guardian; Authority to Appoint. 6.104 Conservator; Authority to Appoint. 6.105 Guardian Ad Litem; Authority to Appoint. 6.106 Powers of the Court). Ch. 6.2 Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings (6.201 Preferences for Appointment. 6.202 Initiation of Proceedings. 6.203 Contents of the Petition. 6.204 Evaluation and report; Hearing. 6.205 Notice for the Hearing on the Petition. 6.206 Hearing Process. 6.207 Hearing; Court Findings and Disposition. 6.208 Emergency Temporary Guardian or Conservator. 6.209 Duties of the Guardian Ad Litem). Ch. 6.3 Guardianships (6.301 Powers and Duties of Guardian Upon Appointment. 6.302 Powers and Duties of Tribal Social Services Upon Appointment of a Guardian in Title IV-E Eligible Cases. 6.303 Guardian’s Report to the Court. 6.304 Termination of Guardian’s Appointment. 6.305 Liability of Guardian). Ch. 6.4 Conservatorship (6.401 Powers and Duties of Conservator Upon Appointment. 6.402 Conservator’s Report to the Court. 6.403 Termination of Conservator’s Appointment. 6.404 Liability of Conservator). Ch. 6.5 Effective Date, Severabiloty and Repeal of Prior Codes (6.501 Repeal of Prior Codes. 6.502 Effective Date. 6.503 Severability). (16 pgs.) (October 2012 Edition).

Title Seven - Domestic Relations -- Ch. 7.1 Marriages (7.101. Recognition of marriages. 7.102. Marriage between Indian persons; license required; issuance. 7.103. Maintenance of permanent records. 7.104. Issuance of marriage licenses; qualifications of applicants. 7.105. Persons entitled to solemnize marriages pursuant to tribal licenses. 7.106. Qualifications required to perform traditional Indian marriages. 7.107. Procedure for recognition of marriage after solemnization. 7.108. Marriage certificate; recording or filing of the same). Ch. 7.2 Termination of marriages (7.201. Divorce; jurisdiction. 7.202. Grounds; pleading; judgment. 7.203. Commencement of action. 7.204. Service of summons and complaint. 7.205. Failure to answer; time period. 7.206. Entry of default; responsibilities of plaintiff and trial division clerk. 7.207. Consequences of entry of default; procedure to set aside. 7.208. Powers of the court pending final hearing. 7.209. Final hearing. 7.210. Alimony. 7.211. Custody of minor children; child support; and visitation. 7.212. Marital assets; marital financial obligations. 7.213. Injunctive relief. 7.214. Restoration of maiden name. 7.215. Other relief. 7.216. Legitimation of children. 7.217. Contempt of court). (7 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Eight - Civil Procedure -- Ch. 8.1. Jurisdiction (8.101. Original jurisdiction. 8.102. Jurisdiction; limitation). Ch. 8.2. Civil actions (8.201. Definitions. 8.202. Procedure and powers elsewhere specified. 8.203. Non-merger of civil and criminal liability. 8.204. Limitation of actions. 8.205. Statute of limitations; torts. 8.206. Statute of limitations; contracts. 8.207. Commencement of action for purposes of statute of limitations. 8.208. Statute of limitations; waiver). Ch. 8.3. Commencement of civil actions (8.301. Civil actions; commencement; procedure. 8.302. Summons. 8.303. Service of summons and complaint. 8.304. Service of summons and complaint upon a minor; appointment of a guardian ad litem. 8.305. Service of summons and complaint upon an incompetent person; appointment of guardian ad litem. 8.306. Guardian ad litem. 8.307. Service of process; business entities. 8.308. Process; who may serve. 8.309. Jurisdiction and service of process; persons outside of the territorial jurisdiction of the court. 8.310. Service of pleading; generally). Ch. 8.4. Responsive pleadings and defaults (8.401. Time for filing initial responsive pleading. 8.402. Initial responsive pleading; contents. 8.403. Default. 8.404. Default; notice to defendant; consequences. 8.405. Default; proceeding to judgment. 8.406. Setting aside a default). Ch. 8.5. Counter claims and cross claims (8.501. Definitions. 8.502. Counter claims; compulsory and permissive. 8.503. Cross claims; third party claims. 8.504. Amendment of pleading. 8.505. Leave of the court; definition). Ch. 8.6. Discovery procedures (8.601. Generally. 8.602. Depositions. 8.603. Interrogatories. 8.604. Contempt. 8.605. Requests For admissions. 8.606. Refusal to admit or deny without basis; matter denied later proven to be true). Ch. 8.7 Commanding appearance before the court [8.701. Subpoenas. 8.702. Service). Ch. 8.8 Jury trials (8.801. Jury trials; entitlement. 8.802. Waiver of jury trial unless demanded. 8.803. Number of jurors. 8.804. Qualification of jurors. 8.805. Board of jury selectors. 8.806. Jury list. 8.807. Selection of jury pool. 8.807. Selection of jury panel. 8.808. Summons to appear as juror. 8.809. Challenges to the panel. 8.810. Challenges to the individual jurors. 8.811. Challenges for Cause. 8.812. Peremptory challenges; generally. 8.813. Peremptory challenges; number. 8.814. Jury oath. 8.815. Trial procedure. 8.816. Jury verdict; directed verdict). Ch. 8.9. Contempt (8.901. Contempt; generally. 8.902. Contempt; commission in the presence of the court. 8.903. Contempt; commission outside of the presence of the court. 8.904. Punishment). (11 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Nine - Judgment, Execution, Replevin and Eviction -- Ch. 9.1. Judgements (9.101. Judgements; definition. 9.102. Stay of judgement pending appeal. 9.103. Stay; notice to prevailing party; hearing. 9.104. Full faith and credit). Ch. 9.2. Execution (9.201. Writ of execution; definition. 9.202. Writ of execution: availability. 9.203. Writ of execution: unavailability after death of judgement debtor. 9.204. Writ of execution; contents. 9.205. Return of writ. 9.206. Appraisal of property seized. 9.207. Public sale of property; application of proceeds; bill of sale. 9.208. Private sale of seized property; disposition of unsold property. 9.209. Property subject to execution. 9.210. Exception to exemptions). Ch. 9.3. Replevin (9.301. Replevin; when available. 9.302. Replevin procedures; initiations. 9.303. Non-delivery pursuant to notice; procedure. 9.304. Hearing; procedure. 9.305. Voluntary delivery; procedure. 9.306. Procedure upon non-delivery. 9.307. Vesting of title. 9.308. Immunity from liability). Ch. 9.4. Forcible detainer and eviction (9.401. Action For forcible detainer or eviction; when available. 9.402. Procedure. 9.403. Commencement of eviction actions; entitlement. 9.404. Commencement of eviction action; procedure. 9.405. Hearing. 9.406. Showing of cause. 9.407. Failure to show cause. 9.408. Immunity from liability). (6 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Ten - Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping
-- Ch. 10.1. General matters (10.101. Definitions of terms. 10.102. Tribal license; exception for persons under fourteen (14) years of age. 10.103. License fees. 10.104. Tribal Council; power to make rules and regulations governing hunting, fishing and trapping. 10.105. Knowledge of regulation to be presumed). Ch. 10.2. Fishing (10.201. Fishing for personal use; rules and regulations. 10.202. Fishing for commercial purposes; rules and regulations. 10.203. Fish taken for commercial purposes; transportation thereof. 10.204. Fishing on experimental lakes prohibited. 10.205. Offenses). Ch. 10.3. Hunting and trapping. (10.301. Small game; big game; definitions. 10.302. General provisions. 10.303. Transportation of game. 10.304. Prohibited means of taking game; applicability to tribal regulations. 10.305. Traps and hides; identification. 10.306. Possession, sale and transportation of hides, pelts, and furs. 10.307. Shipping hides, pelts, or fur; regulations. 10.308. Offenses). Ch. 10.4. Commercial fishing regulations (10.401. Purpose of the regulations. 10.402. Definition of terms. 10.403. Scope and application. 10.404. License definition and restrictions. 10.405. Catch reporting and sampling. 10.406. Season restriction. 10.407. Area restrictions. 10.408. Gill net identification. 10.409. Commercial gear restrictions. 10.410. Species restrictions. 10.411. Subsistence fishing activity. 10.412. Assessment fishing activity. 10.413. Bait fishing activity. 10.414. Area boundaries. 10.415. Emergency "net lifting"). Ch. 10.5. Sport fishing, hunting and trapping regulations (10.501. Purpose of the regulations. 10.502. Scope and application. 10.503. Jurisdiction and enforcement. 10.504. Identification. 10.505. Sport fishing; definitions of terms. 10.506. Fishing seasons. 10.507. Fishing size limits. 10.508. Creel limit (per person per day). 10.509. Possession limit. 10.510. Gear restrictions. 10.511. Special fishing restrictions. 10.512. Hunting and trapping; definition of terms. 10.513. Hunting restrictions. 10.514. Hunting seasons. 10.515. Game limits. 10.516. Tagging and registration. 10.517. Hunting safety. 10.518. Special hunting provisions). Ch. 10.6. Boat Safety Code (10.601. Fishing vessel equipment requirements. 10.602. Additional equipment requirements for vessels 20 feet in length or larger. 10.603. Additional equipment requirements for vessels 40 feet in length or larger. 10.604. Enforcement by U.S. Coast Guard. 10.605. Safety boardings and penalties for violation). Ch. 10.7. Fisheries management plan – Five year management plan for Michigan 1842 treaty ceded waters of Lake Superior (Introduction. Management zones. List of management zones. Goal and objectives. Historic tribal fisheries management. Fishing effort and harvest. Status of lake trout stocks. Maximum harvest and gill net effort. Management requirements. References. Figure 1. L’Anse and Ontonagon Indian Reservations [Map]. Figure 2. Management zones in the 1842 ceded area within Michigan waters of Lake Superior [Map]. Figure 3. Management grids in the 1842 ceded area within Michigan waters of Lake Superior [Map]. Table 1. Tribal gill net effort, commercial harvest, and catch/unit effort (CPE) all species by management unit from the 1842 ceded area within Michigan waters of Lake Superior in 1985-90 [Table]. Figure 4. Index of hatchery lake trout survival in management units MI-4, MI-5 for year classes 1963-1981 [Graph]. Table 2. Number of each year class of lake trout stocked into management units within Michigan waters of the 1842 ceded area in Lake Superior, 1951-1988 [Table]. Figure 5. Length of age 7 lake trout in Michigan waters of Lake Superior, 1970-1989 (Hansen 1990) [Graph]. Table 3. Catch curve mortality and survival rates on hatchery lake trout from management units in the 1842 ceded area within Michigan waters of Lake Superior for data collected January-December 1987 through 1989 [Table]. Table 4. Annual maximum gill net effort/ management zone for whitefish and lean lake trout [Table]. Appendix (44 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Eleven - All Terrain Vehicles -- Ch. 11.1. All terrain vehicles (11.101. Definition. 11.102. Snowmobile ordinances adopted by reference). (2 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Twelve - Civil Infractions -- Ch. 12.1. Civil infractions (12.101. Civil infractions; punishment). (2 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Thirteen - Uniform Traffic Code -- Ch. 1. Words and phrases defined (1.1. Words and phrases. 1.000. Act. 1.001. Alley. 1.001a. Ambulance. 1.1002. Authorized emergency vehicle. 1.003. Bicycle. 1.003a. Bicycle lane. 1.003b. Bicycle path. 1.004. Bus. 1.005. Bus stand or bus stop. 1.006. Business district. 1.006a. Civil infraction. 1.006b. Civil infraction determination. 1.007. Commercial vehicle. 1.007a. Controlled substance. 1.008. Crosswalk. 1.009. Curb loading zone. 1.009a. Department. 1.010. Driver. 1.010a. Explosives. 1.010b. Farm tractor. 1.010c. Flammable liquid. 1.011. Freight curb loading zone. 1.012. Governmental unit. 1.1012a. Gross weight. 1.012b. Handicapper. 1.012c. Implement of husbandry. 1.013. Intersection. 1.014. Laned roadway. 1.015. Limited access highway. 1.016. Moped. 1.016a. Motorcycle. 1.017. Motor vehicle. 1.018. Official time standard. 1.018a. Operator. 1.019. Parking. 1.020. Parking meter zone. 1.021. Passenger curb loading zone. 1.022. Pedestrian. 1.023. Person. 1.024. Police officer. 1.025. Private driveway. 1.025a. Private road. 1.026. Railroad. 1.027. Railroad train. 1.028. Residence district. 1.029. Right-of-way. 1.031. Safety zone. 1.031a. School bus. 1.031b. School crossing. 1.031c. School-crossing. guard. 1.031d. Semitrailer. 1.032. Sidewalk. 1.032a. Special mobile equipment. 1.033. Stand or standing. 1.034. Stop. 1.035. Stop or stopping. 1.036. Street or highway. 1.037. Taxicab. 1.038. Taxicab stand. 1.039. Through highway. 1.039a. Tow-away zone. 1.040. Traffic. 1.041. Traffic control devices. 1.041a. Traffic control order. 1.042. Traffic control signal. 1.043. Traffic division. 1.043a. Trailer. 1.043b. Trailer coach. 1.043c. U-turn. 1.044. Vehicle. 1.045. Tribe. 1.046. Tribal council. 1.047. Tribal court. 1.048. Tribal police). Ch. 2. Traffic administration and authority (2.1. Police department; traffic duties. 2.2. Authority if police directing traffic. 2.3. Authority of firemen directing traffic. 2.4. Authority of police to inspect vehicles. 2.5. Impounding of vehicles; authority; procedure; public sale. 2.5a. Abandoned vehicle procedures. 2.5b. Abandoned scrap vehicle procedures. 2.5c. Vehicle removed from private property. 2.5d. Vehicle removed by police. 2.5e. Abandoned vehicle, jurisdiction of court. 2.5f. Abandoned vehicle, duties of the court. 2.5g. Abandoned vehicle, public sale. 2.8. "Citation" defined; numbering; form. 2.9. Issuance of citation books. 2.10. Issuance of citation for misdemeanor. 2.10a. Civil infraction; commencing action; plaintiff; jurisdiction; time and place of appearance; minors. 2.10b. Civil infraction; temporary detention; accident citation; citation form and procedure. 2.10c. Civil infraction; citation; contents. 2.10d. Civil infraction; sworn complaints. 2.10e. Civil infraction; appearance; responsibility; denial; hearing. 2.10f. Civil infractions; informal hearings; procedure; witness; appeal. 2.10g. Civil infraction; formal hearings; procedure; fees; counsel; judgement. 2.10h. Civil infraction; failure to appear. 2.10i. Civil infraction; stopping a nonresident procedure; "guaranteed appearance certificate" defined. 2.12. Fees. 2.13. Misconduct of officers. 2.14. Citations to drivers in accidents. 2.15. Disposition of citations. 2.16. Accountability in the processing of citations. 2.17. Audit of citation records. 2.17a. Falsification of illegal disposition of citations; penalties. 2.17b. Citation of illegally parked vehicles. 2.17c. Procedure upon arrest for certain offenses. 2.17d. Sworn complaints. 2.18. Records of traffic violations; warrants. 2.19. Traffic accident reports. 2.20. Use of accident reports. 2.21. Official form for accident reports. 2.22. Traffic accident studies. 2.23. Driver’s files. 2.24. Annual traffic safety reports. 2.25. Emergency regulations. 2.26. Through streets; placing and maintaining stop signs. 2.27. Intersections where stop required. 2.27a. Stop signs at railroad grade crossings. 2.28. Yield right-of-way signs. 2.29. Parking adjacent to schools. 2.30. Parking prohibited on narrow streets. 2.31. Standing or parking on one-way streets. 2.32. Standing or parking on one-way roadways. 2.33. No stopping, standing, or parking zones. 2.33a. Tow-away zones. 2.33b. Traffic control devices on private property; violation as civil infraction. 2.34. Curb loading zones. 2.35. Permits for curb loading zones. 2.36. Public carrier stands. 2.37. Permit for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb. 2.38. Parking meter zones. 2.39. Angle parking zones. 2.40. Duty to erect parking signs. 2.41. Speed restrictions. 2.42. Authority to place turning markers. 2.43. Turn signs. 2.44. Authority to sign one-way streets and alleys. 2.45. Authority to restrict direction of movement on streets during certain periods. 2.46. Authority to establish no passing zones. 2.47. Truck routes; road limits. 2.48. Prohibiting certain traffic. 2.49. Operating bicycle on a sidewalk that is constructed for the use of pedestrians. 2.50. Traffic control orders. 2.51. Secretary. 2.52. Secretary to issue permit for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb. 2.53. Secretary to issue permit for curb loading zone. 2.54. Secretary to provide traffic citation forms. 2.55. Issuance and record of traffic citation books). Ch. 3. Obedience to traffic regulations (3.1. Required obedience to traffic ordinances; violation as civil infraction. 3.1a. Parental responsibility; violation as civil infraction. 3.2. Obedience to police and fire department officials; violation as misdemeanor. 3.2a. Failure to stop upon police signal; violation as misdemeanor. 3.3. Persons propelling push carts or riding animals subject to traffic regulations; violation as misdemeanor. 3.4. Use of coasters, roller skates, and similar devices restricted; violation as civil infraction. 3.5. Public employees to obey traffic regulations. 3.6. Authorized emergency vehicles. 3.7. Privileges of authorized emergency vehicles. 3.8. Signal required. 3.9. Authorized emergency vehicle driver responsibility. 3.10. Workers on surface of highways. 3.11. Code provisions; exclusive applicability to operation of vehicles on streets, except where referred to otherwise. 3.12. Enforcing violation on private road.). Ch. 4. Traffic control devices (4.1. Authority to install traffic control devices. 4.2. Manual and specifications for traffic control devices. 4.3. Limit to authority. 4.4. Obedience to official traffic control devices; violation as civil infraction. 4.4a. Avoiding traffic control devices; violation as civil infraction. 4.5. Provisions of code which require signs; enforceability. 4.6. Traffic control signal placement and legend; violation as civil infraction. 4.7. Non-intersection signals; violation as civil infraction. 4.8. Pedestrian signals; violation as civil infraction. 4.9. Special pedestrian signals; violation as civil infraction. 4.10. Flashing signals; violation as civil infraction. 4.11. Unauthorized sign, signal, marking, device, decoration, or banner; violation as misdemeanor. 4.12. Interference with traffic control devices or railroad signs or signals; violation as misdemeanor. 4.13. Crosswalks. 4.14. Safety zones. 4.15. Traffic lanes. 4.16. School crossings; designation; creation. 4.17. School crossing guards; duty periods; identifying clothing; signs. 4.18. School crossing guards; selection; training; supervision. 4.19. School crossing guard; failure to obey signal as violation: presumption; violation as misdemeanor. 4.20. Bicycle paths or bicycle lanes; establishment; traffic control devices. 4.21. Bicycle paths; vehicles prohibited; snowmobiles permitted under certain conditions; violations as misdemeanor. 4.22. Bicycle lanes; vehicles prohibited; parking permitted under certain conditions; violation as misdemeanor). Ch. 5. Rights and duties of drivers and others (5.1. Operation of vehicles on approach authorized emergency vehicles; violation as civil infraction. 5.2. Involvement in accident resulting in damage to vehicles; stopping; violation as misdemeanor. 5.3. Accidents; fixtures on or adjacent to highway; report; violation as misdemeanor. 5.4. Involvement in accident resulting in injury or death; stopping; violation as felony. 5.4a. Giving information and obtaining aid; violation as misdemeanor. 5.5. Unattended vehicles; report; violation as misdemeanor. 5.6. Duty to report accidents forthwith; violation as misdemeanor. 5.7. Report of garage keeper or repairmen; violation as misdemeanor. 5.8. Use of accident reports. 5.9. Speed restrictions; violation as civil infraction. 5.9a.. Driving at slow speed; violation as civil infraction. 5.10. Business and residence; district and parks; designated work areas; decrease in prima facie speed limits; violation as civil infraction. 5.11 Violation of speed limitations; violation as civil infraction. 5.12. Violation of signs; violation as civil infraction. 5.13. Manner of charging violation of speed restriction. 5.14. Reckless driving; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.14a. Careless driving; violation as civil infraction. 5.14b. Drag races prohibited; "drag racing" defined; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.15. Operating under the influence. 5.15a. Motor vehicles; driving under influence of intoxicating liquor; test, evidence. 5.15b. Impaired driving. 5.15c. Implied consent: blood sample from killed driver. 5.15d. Right to refuse chemical test. 5.15e. Mail notice. 5.15f. Suspend or revoke; hearing. 5.15g. Uniform standards. 5.15h. Preliminary chemical breath analysis. 5.16a. Transporting or possessing liquor within passenger compartment of vehicle; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.16b. Consumption of liquor on highways or on property open to public; violation as misdemeanor. 5.17. Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions; violation as civil infraction. 5.18. Passing vehicles preceding in opposite directions; violation as civil infraction. 5.19. Overtaking and passing of moving vehicles proceeding in same direction; violation as civil infraction. 5.20. Overtaking and passing on right of moving vehicles; violation as civil infraction. 5.21. Overtaking and passing on left; restrictions; violation as civil infraction. 5.22. Driving to the left side of roadway prohibited under certain conditions; violation as civil infraction. 5.23. No passing zones; violation as civil infraction. 5.24. One-way roadway; violation as civil infraction. 5.25. Rotary traffic islands; violation as civil infraction. 5.26. Driving on roadways laned for traffic; violation as civil infraction. 5.27. Driving on divided highways; violation as civil infraction. 5.28. Limited access roadways; violation as civil infraction. 5.28a. Limited access highway; pedestrians and certain vehicles prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.29. Following too closely; violation as civil infraction. 5.30. Following fire apparatus prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.31. Required positions and method of turning at intersection; violation as civil infraction. 5.32. Obedience to turning markers; violation as civil infraction. 5.33. Obedience to no turn signs; violation as civil infraction. 5.34. Limitations on turning around; violation as civil infraction. 5.35. Signals for stopping or turning; violation as civil infraction. 5.36. Stop signs; violation as civil infraction. 5.36a. Right-of-way at merging highways; violation as civil infraction. 5.37. Emerging from alley, driveway, or building; violation as civil infraction. 5.38. Entering intersection or crosswalk; obstructing traffic prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.39. Obedience to signal indicating approach of railroad train; violation as civil infraction. 5.40. Railroad crossing gate or barrier; violation as civil infraction. 5.40a. Obstruction of vehicular traffic on highway or street by train; violation as misdemeanor. 5.40b. Obstruction of vehicular traffic by successive train movements on highways or streets; violation as misdemeanor. 5.40c. School buses and carriers of explosives and flammable to stop for railroad crossings; violation as civil infraction. 5.41. Right-of-way at intersection; violation as civil infraction. 5.42. Yield right-of-way Signs; violation as civil infraction. 5.43. Right-of-way; vehicle turning left at intersection; violation as civil infraction. 5.44. Funeral procession; right-of-way; violation as civil infraction. 5.45. Driving through a funeral or other procession prohibited; exception; violation as civil infraction. 5.46. Drivers in a procession; violation as civil infraction. 5.47. Parades and processions; permit required; violations as misdemeanor. 5.48. Driving on sidewalk prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 5.49. Limitations on backing; violation as civil infraction. 5.50. Driving over fire hose prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.51. Driving through or over a safety zone occupied by people prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.52. Avoidance of traffic control devices prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.53. Splashing prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.54. Deposit of litter on streets prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 5.54a. Throwing objects at or into paths of vehicles prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 5.54b. Definitions; removal or deposit of snow, ice, or slush which obstructs safety vision prohibited; deposit of snow, ice, or slush prohibited violation as misdemeanor. 5.55. Removal of wrecked or damaged vehicles; violation as misdemeanor. 5.56. Spilling loads on streets prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 5.57. Requirements when leaving motor vehicle unattended; violation as civil infraction. 5.58. Interference with driver’s view or control prohibited; violation as civil infarction. 5.59. Position of passengers; violation as civil infraction. 5.60. Operating, stopping, standing, or parking truck or commercial vehicle with gross weight of more than signed limits prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.61. Driver’s license required; motorcycle endorsement; change of residence; violation as misdemeanor. 5.61a. Penalties. 5.62. Possession and display of license; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.62a. License restrictions; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.63. Unlawful use of license; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.64. License lending to, or permitting use by, person not entitled; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.65. Unlawful display or representation of license; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.66. Instruction permit; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.67. Authorizing or permitting unlicensed driver to operate vehicle prohibited; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.68. License plates required; violation punishable as misdemeanor. 5.69. Registration certificate; violation as civil infraction. 5.69a. Change of address; notice; violation as civil infraction. 5.69b. Proof of insurance; violation punishable as civil infraction; false evidence of proof of insurance; violation as a misdemeanor. 5.70. Driving or moving unsafe vehicles prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.70a. Equipment; exceptions. 5.71. Additional parts and accessories. 5.72. Lights required; violation as civil infraction. 5.72a. Dimming lights; violation as civil infraction. 5.73. Spot lamps; fog lamps; violation as civil infraction. 5.74. Running board courtesy lamps; cowl or fender lamps; backing lights; additional lamps or reflectors; flashing, rotating, or oscillating lights; warning lamps; violation as civil infraction or misdemeanor. 5.75. Slow-moving vehicle; reflective devices required; violation as civil infraction. 5.76. Turn signal requirements; violation as civil infraction. 5.76a. Stop lamp requirements; violation as civil infraction. 5.77. Brake requirements; violation as civil infraction. 5.78. Horn requirements; violation as civil infraction. 5.78a. Windshield required; exemptions; goggles required for operator of motorcycle; violation as civil infraction. 5.79. Windshield; obstructions; cleaning devices; wipers; additional equipment; violation as civil infraction. 5.80. Mandatory child restraints. 5.81. Tire requirements; violation as civil infraction. 5.82. Mirror requirements; violation as civil infraction. 5.82a. Bumper height; vehicle modification; exemption; "passenger vehicle" defined; violation as civil infraction. 5.83. Requirements for flat-type devices on commercial vehicles; violation as civil infraction. 5.84. Lamp or flag on projecting load required; violation as civil infraction. 5.85. Mufflers required; violation as civil infraction. 5.85a. Operation of vehicle with unnecessary noise prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.86. Excessive fumes or smoke; violation as civil infraction. 5.87. Devices for causing flame or smoke from motor vehicle prohibited; violation as civil infraction; replacing muffler or exhaust which causes vehicle to exceed established noise levels prohibited; modifying, repairing, replacing, or removing part of exhaust which causes vehicle to exceed established noise levels prohibited; sale of second-hand vehicle by dealer to comply with act; violation as misdemeanor. 5.88. Display on vehicle of official designation, sign, or insignia prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 5.89. Television set; placement in motor vehicle; violation as misdemeanor. 5.90. Size and weight restrictions; violation as misdemeanor; exception. 5.91. Merchandising within highway right-of-way prohibited; exception; violation as civil infraction. 5.92. School buses; signs; overtaking, meeting, or passing; violation as misdemeanor; discharge of passengers; signal lights; mirror; evidence of violation: violation as civil infraction. 5.93. Blocking, obstructing, impeding, or otherwise interfering with traffic prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 5.94. Towed vehicles; violation as civil infraction). Ch. 6. Operation of bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and toy vehicles (6.1. Operator of motorcycle or moped; rights and duties; violation as civil infraction. 6.2. Supplementary provisions. 6.3. Bicycles; ordinances applicable. 6.4. Riders to obey traffic law. 6.4a. Limited access highway; pedestrians and certain vehicles prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 6.5. Bicycle dealers. 6.6. Obedience to traffic control devices; violation as civil infraction. 6.7. Obedience to pedestrian regulations when dismounted from a bicycle. 6.8. Passengers on motorcycles or mopeds; violation as civil infraction. 6.9. Bicycles; number and manner of carrying persons; violation as civil infraction. 6.10. Riding on roadways and bicycle paths; violations as civil infraction. 6.11. Riding two abreast prohibited; exemption; violation as civil infraction. 6.12. Bicycles; use of paths required when provided; violation as civil infraction. 6.13. Clinging to other vehicles prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 6.14. Bicycles; speed; violation as civil infraction. 6.15. Emerging from alley, driveway, or building; yielding right-of-way; violation as civil infraction. 6.16. Carrying articles; height of handlebars; violation as civil infraction. 6.17. Bicycles; parking on sidewalk; violation as civil infraction. 6.17a. Bicycles; parking on roadway; violation as civil infraction. 6.18. Obedience to signs prohibiting riding of bicycles; violation as civil infraction. 6.19. Riding on sidewalk; right-of-way; violation as civil infraction. 6.20. Bicycles; lights; red reflector; violation as civil infraction. 6.21. Bicycles; bell or audible device required; siren or whistle prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 6.22. Bicycles; brake required; violation as civil infraction. 6.23. Motorcycles; protective helmet required; violation as civil infraction. 6.23a. Motorcycles; protective helmet standards; label. 6.24. Dealers; renting, leasing, or furnishing motorcycles or mopeds to unlicenced operators prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 6.25. Subleasing motorcycles or mopeds to unlicensed operators prohibited; violation as misdemeanor. 6.26. Dealers; maintenance of motorcycles or mopeds in safe operating condition; explaining operation to person whom rented, leased, or furnished; refusing to rent, lease or furnish; violation as misdemeanor. 6.27. Motorcycles dealers; motor vehicle liability policies required; violation as misdemeanor). Ch. 7. Pedestrian rights and duties (7.1. Pedestrians; traffic control signals; privileges and restrictions; violation as civil infraction. 7.2. Pedestrians right-of-way in crosswalk; violation as civil infraction. 7.3. Passing vehicle stopped at intersection to permit pedestrian to cross prohibited; violation as civil infraction. [7.4. Reserved]. 7.5. Crossing roadway at right angles to curb required; violation as civil infraction. 7.6. Pedestrians yielding right-of-way; violation as civil infraction. 7.7. Pedestrians; yielding right-of-way where tunnel or overhead crossing provided; violation as civil infraction. 7.8. Pedestrians; yielding right-of-way to emergency vehicles; violation as civil infraction. 7.9. Pedestrians; crossing between adjacent intersections; violations as civil infraction. 7.10. Pedestrians; crossing roadway in business district; violation as civil infraction. 7.11. Pedestrians; obedience to bridge and railroad barriers; violation as civil infraction. 7.12. Pedestrians; walking on roadway when sidewalk provided prohibited; walking on street or highway when sidewalks not provided; violation as civil infraction. 7.13. Pedestrians; soliciting ride, employment, or business in roadway prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 7.14. Pedestrians; soliciting the watching or guarding of vehicle in street or highway prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 7.15. Stopping for blind pedestrians; violation as misdemeanor. 7.16. Drivers; exercising due care; violation as civil infraction). Ch. 8. Stopping, standing and parking (8.1. Standing or parking close to curb; Violation as civil infraction. 8.2. Parking on one-way streets; violation as civil infraction. 8.3. Stopping, standing, or parking on streets signed for angle parking; violation as civil infraction. 8.4. Violating terms of permit for backing vehicle to load or unload at a curb prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 8.5. Parking in a manner that obstructs traffic; violation as civil infraction. 8.6. Vehicle starting from parked position; violation as civil infraction. 8.7. Vehicle parked at angle to curb and about to start; yielding right-of-way; backing into lane of moving traffic; violation as civil infraction. 8.8. Lights on parked vehicles; violation as civil infraction. 8.9. Headlights on parked vehicles; violation as civil infraction. 8.10. Stopping, standing, or parking vehicles, violation as civil infraction. 8.11. Motor busses; stopping; violation as civil infraction. 8.12. Moving parked vehicle; violation as civil infraction. 8.13. Parking in alley prohibited; exception; stopping or standing in alley prohibited; exception; violation as civil infraction. 8.14. Parking for certain purposes prohibited; violation as civil infraction. 8.15. Standing or parking on one-way roadways prohibited; exception; violation as civil infraction. 8.16. Stopping, standing, or parking in passenger curb loading zone prohibited during certain hours; exception; violation as civil infraction. 8.17. Stopping, standing, or parking in freight curb loading zone prohibited during certain hours; exception; Violation as Civil infraction. 8.18. Temporary stop at freight curb loading zone permitted; violation as civil infraction. 8.19. Stopping, standing, or parking of buses and taxicabs restricted; exception; violation as civil infraction. 8.20. Restricted use of bus and taxicabs stands; violation as civil infraction. 8.21. Metered parking zones; violation as civil infraction. 8.22. Drivers to park within metered parking spaces; violation as civil infraction. 8.23. Evidentiary presumption relating to parking violators. 8.23a. Unlawful standing or parking of vehicle; warrant for arrest; proof establishing probable cause; evidentiary presumption. 8.23b. Unlawful standing or parking of leased vehicle, evidentiary presumption. 8.24. Parking signs required; exception). Ch. 9. Miscellaneous (9.1. Short title. 9.2. Invalidity or unconstitutionality of code; severability. 9.3. Penalties; civil infraction and misdemeanor. 9.4. Saving clause. 9.5. Adoption of code by reference). Ch. 10. Snowmobiles (10.1. Words and phrases. 10.2. Dealer. 10.3. Operate. 10.4. Owner. 10.5. Private property open to the public. 10.6. Public property. 10.7. Right-of-way. 10.8. Snowmobiles. 10.9. Registration required; exceptions. 10.10. Certificate of registration; carrying display; duplicate. 10.11. Identification number. 10.12. Operation of snowmobile registered in another state or Canada. 10.13. Brakes. 10.14. Lights. 10.15. Muffler. 10.16. Operation on designated public and private property. 10.17. Time and conditions of operation. 10.18. Speeds. 10.19. Operating snowmobile under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance. 10.20. Operation between midnight and 6:00 a.m. 10.21. Operation on cemetery or burial ground. 10.22. Operation on public sidewalk. 10.23. Operation limited access highway. 10.24. Operation on roadway prohibited; exceptions. 10.25. Operation by person under 12 years of age. 10.26. Operation by persons 12 to 16 years of age. 10.27. Accident; notice; report. 10.28. Selling or offering for sale. 10.29. Duties of dealer; liability insurance. 10.30. Operation in violation of chapter. 10.31. Registered number as evidence of operation by owner. 10.32. Stopping at direction of uniformed police officer; violation; identification of official law enforcement vehicle). [Section 11. Reserved]. [Sections12 - 18]. (90 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Title Fourteen - Environmental Health [Not Available]

Title Fifteen - Public Works [Not Available]

Title Sixteen - Motor Vehicles [Not Available]

Title Seventeen - Membership [Not Available]

Title Eighteen A - Gaming Commission Ordinance [Not Available]

Title Eighteen B - Gaming Regulatory Ordinance [Not Available]

Title Nineteen - Employment Law [Not Available]

Title Nineteen A - Employment – Right to Work Ordinance [Not Available]

Title Twenty - Natural Resources [Not Available]

Title Twenty One - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms [Not Available]

Title Twenty One B – Tobacco Ordinance of 2008 [Not Available]

Title Twenty Two - Election Ordinance [Not Available]

Title Twenty Three - Housing [Not Available]

Title Twenty Four - Commercial, Economics and Business [Not Available]

Title Twenty Five - Taxes [Not Available]

Title Twenty Six - Building and Construction [Not Available]

Title Twenty Seven – Education [Not Available]

Title Twenty Seven – Business Corporation Code [Not Available]

Title Twenty Seven B - Nonprofit Corporation Ordinance [Not Available]

Stormwater Management Ordinance (14.100. Title. 14.102. Findings of fact. 14.103. Required on-site stormwater detention and retention. 14.104. Changes in ownership). (3 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) (101. Purpose and intent. 102. Employment rights office. 103. Employment requirement. 104. Implementation authority of TERO. 105. Compliance deposits; forfeiture. 106. Sanctions for non-compliance. 107. Agency and office coordination). Enforcement guidelines for Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (1. Coverage. 2. Publication. 3. Specific Indian preference obligations of covered employers. 4. Subcontractors. 5. Compliance plans. 6. Reporting and on-site inspection. 7. Compliance and hearing procedures. 8. Sanctions. 9. Appeals. 10. Individual, group, class complaint procedure. 11. Purpose. 12. Amendments and revisions). (11 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

Gaming Ordinance -- Ch. 1. Findings, intent and policy (101. Findings. 102. Intent. 103. Policy). Ch. 2. Definitions (201. Definitions). Ch. 3. General provisions (301. Authority and sovereign powers and responsibilities. 302. Application of federal law. 303. Title, repeal or prior laws, and effect of repeal. 304. Classes of gaming. 305. Construction. 306. Savings clause. 307. Effective date). Ch. 4. Gaming licenses (401. Applicability. 402. License required. 403. Types of licenses. 404. Application procedures. 405. Threshold criteria which a potential operator must meet. 406. License application fees. 407. License tax. 408. Terms of license. 409. Posting of license. 410. Gaming license renewals. 411. Annual reports. 412.Closure of a tribally licensed gaming activity). Ch. 5. Gaming employee licenses (501. Current and valid gaming employee license required. 502. Application procedure. 503. Review procedure. 504. Scope of license. 505. Licencing period. 506. Renewals. 507. Requirement to produce license upon request. 508. Permanent license suspension or revocation: employee gaming licence. 509. Temporary suspension of employee gaming license). Ch. 6. Provisions of general applicability to all operators (601. General provisions). Ch. 7. Enforcement (701. Jurisdiction. 702. Prohibited acts. 703. Criminal violation. 704. Civil violation. 705. Cumulative fines. 706. Purpose of civil penalties. 707. Civil action for penalties. 708. Seizure of property. 709. Reporting of offenders). Ch. 8. Operation of tribally owned or tribally operated games (801. Management by a general manager. 802. Management of youth club bingo and senior citizens bingo. 803. Use of net revenues of tribally owned or tribally operated gaming enterprises. 804. Audit requirements. 805. Management contracts) (25 pgs.) (May 1996 Edition).

[Table of Contents created by NILL in October 2015, based on materials available on tribe's website and the May 1996 Edition of the code.]