Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, California - Tribal Code

Most recent Update : March 2012

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Table of Contents

Hopland Tribe Law and Order Ordinance (Adopted March 8, 2012)

Section 0.01 Findings and Declaration
Section 0.02 Adoption of New Law and Order Ordinance

Chapter 1. Construction and Jurisdiction

Section 1.01 Liberal Construction
Section 1.02 Jurisdiction

Chapter 2. Definitions

Chapter 3. Offenses Against People and Animals

Section 3.01 Assault or Aggravated Assault
Section 3.02 Violations Against Minors
Section 3.03 Cruelty to Animals and Animal at Large

Chapter 4. Violations Against Property

Section 4.01 Damage or Destruction
Section 4.02 Trespass
Section 4.03 Arson

Chapter 5 Violations Against the Peace

Section 5.01 Disorderly Conduct
Section 5.02 Carrying a Prohibited Weapon
Section 5.03 Reckless Discharge of a Firearm
Section 5.04 Loitering and Curfew
Section 5.05 Violations Against the Tribal Government

Chapter 6. Drug and Alcohol Violations

Section 6.01 Chemical Intoxication
Section 6.02 Illegal Drugs
Section 6.03 Intoxication on Tribal Property
Section 6.04 Intoxication While Operating a Motor Vehicle

Chapter 7. Violations Against Health and Safety

Section 7.01 Dumping
Section 7.02 Open Burning of Solid Waste

Chapter8. Traffic Violations

Section 8.01 Unlawful Operation of Motor Vehicles
Section 8.02 Unlawful Parking or Unlawful Storage of an Abandoned Motor Vehicle

Chapter 9. Enforcement

Section 9.01 Tribal Police Duties
Section 9.02 Tribal Police Authority
Section 9.03 Citations
Section 9.04 Identification
Section 9.05 Notice Requirement
Section 9.06 Second Notice
Section 9.07 Service of the Citation

Chapter 10. Hearing Procedures

Section 10.01 Response Options
Section 10.02 Default Judgment and Burden of Proof
Section 10.03 Hearing
Section 10.04 Tribal Court Decision

Chapter 11. Penalties

Section 11.01 General Penalty Provisions
Section 11.02 Fines Deferred
Section 11.03 Community Service
Section 11.04 Referral for Treatment
Section 11.05 Enforcement of Civil Fines

Chapter 12. General Provisions

Section 12.01 Sovereign Immunity
Section 12.02 Severability
Section 12.03 Prior Inconsistent Codes and Ordinances Repealed


Ordinances included in NILL collection:

Ordinance No. 04-10-22 establishing an administrative procedure for enforcement of the law by members and all employees -- 1. Findings and declarations. [pages 2-10 missing].

Ordinance No. 96-08 authorizing and regulating gaming -- 1. Findings and policy. 2. Ownership of gaming. 3. Definitions. 4. Gaming Commission. 5. Permitted gaming activities. 6. Gaming revenues. 7. Operation of gaming establishments. 8. Audits. 9. Contracts. 10. Licenses. 11. Application forms. 12. Class III gaming; tribal-state compacts. 13. Interest in management contracts by tribal officials. 14. Service of process. 15. Tribal gaming corporation. 16. Repeal of prior gaming ordinance; effective date. 17. Severability. 18. Amendments. Certification.

Ordinance No. 02-09-10 establishing a summary tribal court procedure for obtaining possession of trust lands on the Hopland Indian Reservation -- 1. Findings and declarations. 2. Adoption of new Chapter 7 of Title 7 of the Hopland Tribal Code... [missing pages].

Ordinance No. 06-06-11 adopting a youth protection curfew ordinance -- 1. Findings and declarations. 2. Adoption... Ordinance [missing pages]

Ordinance No. 07-12-10 establishing a tribal court [revised ordinance] -- 1. Findings and declaration. 2. Adoption... Ordinance (1.100 Peace making panel. 1.010. Definitions. 1.020. Establishment of court. 1.030. Jurisdiction and powers. 1.040. Judges. 1.050. Court Clerk. 1.060. Court procedures. 1.070. Appeals. 1.080. Appearances. 1.090. Records. 1.100. Peace making panel. Certification).

Ordinance no. 02-08-28C granting to the Tribal Court the authority to order name changes -- 1. Findings and declaration. 2. Adoption... Ch. 5. Name change [missing pages].

Ordinance no. 02-08-28B granting to the Tribal Court, the authority to adjudicate matters involving small claims -- 1. Findings and declaration. 2. Adoption... [missing pages].