Statutes of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Table of Contents
Updated: October 2014

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Table of Contents

Advisory Committee Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions 
Section 1.01. Citation
Section 1.02. Definitions
Section 1.03. Purpose and Scope
Section 1.04. Implementation
Section 1.05. Conflicts with Other Board Directives
Chapter 2. Powers and Limitations of Advisory Committees
Section 2.01. Establishment, Governance and Termination of Advisory Committees
Section 2.02. Limitations on the Authority of Advisory Committees
Section 2.03. Relations between Advisory Committees and Tribal Staff
Section 2.04. Relations between Advisory Committees
Section 2.05. Annual Training
Section 2.06. Briefings to the Board of Trustees
Chapter 3. Operating Procedures for Advisory Committees
Section 3.01. Rules Governing Membership on Advisory Committees
Section 3.02. Officers of Advisory Committees
Section 3.03. Advisory Committee Meeting Procedure
Section 3.04. Advisory Committee Finances
Appendix A. Legislative History
Appendix B. Subject Matter Statements For:
Cultural Resources Committee
Economic and Community Development Committee
Education and Training Committee
Law and Order Committee

BOT Procedures Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions 
Section 1.01. Name
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Orientation of Board Members
Section 1.04. Definitions
Chapter 2. Gatherings of the Board of Trustees
Section 2.01. Regular Board Meetings
Section 2.02. Special Board Meetings
Section 2.03. Board Work Sessions
Section 2.04. Board Hearings
Section 2.05. Executive Sessions
Section 2.06. Resolutions of the Board of Trustees
Section 2.07. Cancellation or Limitation of Board Gatherings Due to Death of Community Member
Chapter 3. Authority of Individual Board Members
Section 3.01. Findings of the Board of Trustees
Section 3.02. Board Members  Interaction with Staff
Chapter 4. Travel Reimbursement Payments, Honoraria, Stipends and Gifts
Section 4.01. Third Party Reimbursement for Travel by Board Members
Section 4.02. Honoraria and Stipends
Section 4.03. Reporting of Reimbursements, Honoraria, Stipends and Gifts Received
Section 4.04. Disclosure of Committee, Commission and Board Membership
Chapter 5. Board of Trustees Records Policy
Section 5.01. Board of Trustees Minutes
Section 5.02. Board of Trustees Resolutions
Section 5.03. Attachments to Board of Trustees Resolutions
Section 5.04. Indices of Board of Trustees Resolutions
Section 5.05. Tribal Committee or Commission Access to Board of Trustees Documents
Section 5.06. Tribal Employee Access to Board of Trustees Documents
Section 5.07. Administration of Board of Trustees Records Policy
Chapter 6. Personal Procedures of the Board of Trustees
Section 6.01. Findings
Section 6.02. Timekeeping
Section 6.03. Notification of Absence
Section 6.04. Paid Time Off
Section 6.05. Fringe Benefits
Appendix A. Legislative History

Cemeteries Code
Chapter 1. General provisions
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Declaration of Need
Section 1.03. Purpose
Section 1.04. Severability
Section 1.05. Scope of the Code
Section 1.06. Definitions
Chapter 2. Cemetery Operations
Section 2.01. CTUIR Managed Cemeteries
Section 2.02. Cemetery Coordinator
Section 2.03. Public Works Department
Section 2.04. Cemetery Trust Fund
Section 2.05. Cemetery Protection, Surveys and Research
Section 2.06. Roads and Motorized Vehicles
Section 2.07. Livestock
Section 2.08. Interments
Section 2.09. Disinterment s
Section 2.10. Cremations and Cremains
Section 2.11. Disposition of Infant Remains
Section 2.12. Fencing and Weed Eradication
Section 2.13. Marker Placement and Repair
Chapter 3. Establishment and Expansion of Cemeteries
Section 3.01. Zoning
Section 3.02. Conditional Use Permit
Section 3.03. Types of Cemeteries
Chapter 4. Management of Cemeteries
Section 4.01. Cemeteries Management Team
Section 4.02. Cemetery Maintenance and Expansion
Section 4.03. Mapping Exterior Boundaries
Section 4.04. Mapping and Recording Burials
Section 4.05. Plotting New Graves
Section 4.06. Planning Cemetery Access and Expansion
Chapter 5. Disputes
Section 5.01. Mediation
Section 5.02. Appeals
Section 5.03. Sovereign Immunity
Appendix A. Legislative History
Appendix B. Forms
Appendix C. Policy and Procedures Manual for the Repatriation of Ancestral Human Remains and Funerary Objects

Court Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Purpose
Section 1.02. Maximum Jurisdiction
Chapter 2. Judicial Appointments and Qualifications
Section 2.01. Appointment of Judges
Section 2.02. Eligibility
Section 2.03. Compensation
Section 2.04. Performance of Duties
Section 2.05. Court of Appeals
Chapter 3. Rule Making Authority
Section 3.01. Rule Making Generally
Section 3.02. Rules of Practice, Procedure and Evidence
Chapter 4. Judicial Conduct
Section 4.01. A Judge Should Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary
Section 4.02. A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all Activities
Section 4.03. A Judge Should Perform the Duties of the Office Fairly, Impartially and Diligently
Section 4.04. A Judge May Engage in Extrajudicial Activities that are Consistent with the Obligations of Judicial Office
Section 4.05. A Judge Should Refrain From Political Activity
Appendix A. Legislative History

Credit Program Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Findings of the Board of Trustees
Section 1.02. Repealer
Section 1.03. Definitions
Chapter 2. Credit Board
Section 2.01. Establishment of Credit Board
Section 2.02. Operating Procedures of the Credit Board
Chapter 3. Credit Program Administration
Section 3.01. Program Administration Duties
Section 3.02. Credit Program Expenses
Section 3.03. Administration of Credit Fund
Section 3.04. Accounting and Reporting
Section 3.05. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
Section 3.06. Review of Code
Chapter 4. Loan Policies and Procedures
Section 4.01. Types of Loans
Section 4.02. Eligibility for Loans
Section 4.03. Priority for Lending
Section 4.04. Loan Limits and Repayment Terms
Section 4.05. Security Required for Loans
Section 4.06. Interest Rates and Fees for Loans
Section 4.07. Loan Approval Procedures
Section 4.08. Appeal Process
Section 4.09. Internal Controls for the Use of Facsimile Signatures
Section 4.10. Collection of Delinquent Loans
Appendix A. Legislative History

Criminal Code
Chapter 1. Definitions, Tribal Courts, Judges, Court Personnel and Attorneys
Section 1.01. Definitions
Section 1.02. Jurisdiction
Chapter 2. Umatilla Tribal Police, Qualifications, Equipment, Duties and Legal Advisor
Section 2.01. Establishment
Section 2.02. Duties
Section 2.03. Supervision
Section 2.04. Positions
Section 2.05. Qualifications
Section 2.06. Equipment
Section 2.07. Tribal Prosecutor   Function
Section 2.08. Disposition of Seized, Recovered and Found Property
Section 2.09. CRITFE Authorization
Chapter 3. Criminal Procedure
Part I. Scope, Purpose and Construction
Section 3.01. Scope
Section 3.02. Purposes and Construction
Part II. Preliminary Proceedings
Section 3.03. The Complaint
Section 3.04. Summons   By Whom Issued, Contents
Section 3.05. Summons and Complaint   By Whom Issued, Filing
Section 3.06. Service of Summons or Summons and Complaint   Manner, Territorial Limits and Return
Section 3.07. Arrest by Warrant Upon Complaint
Section 3.08. Arrest Without Warrant
Section 3.09. Arrest by Warrant Upon Failure to Appear
Section 3.10. Execution of Warrant   By Whom and Territorial Limits
Part III. Arraignment
Section 3.11. Arraignment
Section 3.12. Pleas
Section 3.13. Bail
Section 3.14. Motions During arraignment
Section 3.15. Joinder of Defendants of Offenses of Trial
Part IV. Pretrial
Section 3.16. Pretrial Motions
Section 3.17. Discovery
Section 3.18. Subpoena
Section 3.19. Jury
Part V. Trial
Section 3.20. Trial By Court
Section 3.21. Trial By Jury
Section 3.22. Motions at Trial
Section 3.23. Evidence
Section 3.24. Verdict
Section 3.25. Sentencing Procedure
Part VI. Sentencing
Section 3.26. Misdemeanors
Section 3.27. Felonies
Section 3.28. Defendant s Rights
Part VII. General Provisions
Section 3.29. Presence of the Defendant
Section 3.30. Contempt of Court
Section 3.31. Time
Section 3.32. Service and Filing of Papers
Section 3.33. Court Reporter and Transcripts
Section 3.34. Court Records and Files
Section 3.35. Dismissal of Action by court or Prosecution
Section 3.36. Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law
Section 3.37. Calendars and Dockets
Section 3.38. Extradition
Section 3.39. Fresh Pursuit
Section 3.40. Court Costs
Section 3.41. Filing fees
Part VIII. Appeals
Section 3.42. Procedures for Appeal
Section 3.43. Record on Appeal
Section 3.44. Briefing and Argument
Section 3.45. Briefs
Section 3.46. Decisions
Section 3.47. Habeas Corpus
Chapter 4. Crimes
Part I. Principles
Section 4.01. Definitions
Section 4.02. Purposes; Principles of Construction
Section 4.03. Application of Criminal Code
Section 4.04. Defenses and Defenses Raised by Defendant
Part II. Criminal Liability
Section 4.05. Definitions with Respect to Culpability
Section 4.06. Requirements of Culpability
Section 4.07. Construction of Sections with Respect to Culpability
Section 4.08. Intoxication; Drug Use or Dependence as Defense
Part III. Parties to Crime
Section 4.09. Criminal Liability Described
Section 4.10. Criminal Liability for Conduct of Another
Section 4.11. Defense to Criminal Liability for Conduct of Another
Part IV. Justification
Section 4.12. Justification as a Defense
Section 4.13. Justification Described
Section 4.14. Choice of Evils
Section 4.15. Use of Physical Force Generally
Section 4.16. Use of Physical Force in Defense of a Person
Section 4.17. Limitations on Use of Physical Force in Defense of a Person
Section 4.18. Limitations on Use of Deadly Physical force in Defense of a Person
Section 4.19. Use of Physical Force in Defense of Premises
Section 4.20. Use of Physical Force in Defense of Property
Section 4.21. Use of Physical Force in Making an Arrest or in Preventing an Escape
Section 4.22. Use of Deadly Force in Making an Arrest or in Preventing an Escape
Section 4.23. Reasonable Belief Defined
Section 4.24. Use of Physical force by Private Person Assisting in an Arrest
Section 4.25. Use of Physical force by Private Person Making Citizens Arrest
Section 4.26. Use of Physical Force in Resisting Arrest Prohibited
Section 4.27. Duress
Section 4.28. Entrapment
Part V. Responsibility
Section 4.29. Effect of Mental Disease or Defect
Section 4.30. Evidence of Disease or Defect Admissible as to Intent
Section 4.31. Entry of Order of Acquittal on grounds of Disease or Defect
Section 4.32. Incapacity Due to Immaturity
Part VI. Disposition of Offenders
Section 4.33. Period of Imprisonment, Probation
Section 4.34. Fines
Section 4.35. Effect of Non-Payment of Fines
Part VII. Inchoate Crimes
Section 4.36. Attempt
Section 4.37. Impossibility Not a Defense
Section 4.38. Renunciation as a Defense to Attempt
Section 4.39. Solicitation
Section 4.40. Renunciation as a Defense to Solicitation
Section 4.41. Conspiracy
Section 4.42. Conspiratorial Relationship
Section 4.43. Renunciation as a Defense to Conspiracy
Section 4.44. Duration of Conspiracy
Section 4.45. Defenses to Solicitation and Conspiracy
Part VIII. Crimes Against Public Justice
Section 4.46. Definitions Relating to Crimes Against Public Justice
Section 4.47. Bribe Giving
Section 4.48. Bribe Receiving
Section 4.49. Bribery Defenses
Section 4.50. Perjury
Section 4.51. False Swearing
Section 4.52. Unsworn Falsification
Section 4.53. Defenses to Perjury and False Swearing Limited
Section 4.54. Retraction as a Defense
Section 4.55. Corroboration of Falsity Required
Section 4.56. Escape
Section 4.57. Failure to Appear
Section 4.58. Obstructing Governmental Administration
Section 4.59. Assaulting a Law Enforcement Officer or Fire Fighter
Section 4.60. Refusing to Assist a Peace Officer
Section 4.61. Refusing to Assist in Fire Fighting Operations
Section 4.62. Bribing a Witness
Section 4.63. Bribe Receiving by a Witness
Section 4.64. Tampering with a Witness
Section 4.65. Tampering with Physical Evidence
Section 4.66. Tampering with Public Records
Section 4.67. Resisting Arrest
Section 4.68. Hindering Prosecution
Section 4.69. Defenses for Hindering Limited
Section 4.70. Simulating Legal Process
Section 4.71. Criminal Impersonation
Section 4.72. Initiating a False Report
Part IX. General Offenses Against Persons
Section 4.73. Criminal Homicide
Section 4.74. Assault
Section 4.75. Menacing
Section 4.76. Recklessly Endangering Another Person
Section 4.77. Criminal Mistreatment
Section 4.78. False Imprisonment
Section 4.79. Kidnapping
Section 4.80. Custodial Interference
Section 4.81. Coercion
Section 4.82. Defense to Coercion
Section 4.83. Criminal Defamation
Section 4.84. Stalking
Part X. Crimes of Domestic or Family Abuse
Section 4.85. Domestic Abuse
Section 4.86. Arrest Without Warrant
Section 4.87. Authority of Law Enforcement to Seize Weapons
Section 4.88. Officials Who Batter
Section 4.89. Violation of Protection Order
Section 4.90. Penalties for Crime of Domestic Abuse
Section 4.91. Victim   Advocate Privilege
Section 4.92. Abandonment of a Child
Section 4.93. Child Neglect
Section 4.94. Criminal Nonsupport
Section 4.95. Evidence of Paternity; Confidentiality Between Husband and Wife not Applicable; Spouses Competent and Compellable
Section 4.96. Endangering the Welfare of a Minor
Part XI. Crimes Against Elders or Incapacitated Adults
Section 4.97. Tribal Elder and Incapacitated Adult Protection
Section 4.98. Abuse of Elder or Incapacitated Adult
Section 4.99. Duty to Report Abuse, Harassment, or Neglect of an Elder or Incapacitated Adult
Section 4.100. Elder or Incapacitated Adult Protection Order
Part XII. Sex-Related Crimes
Section 4.104. Definitions Relating to Sexual Offenses
Section 4.105. Incapacity to Consent, Sexual Offenses
Section 4.106. Ignorance or Mistake as a Defense
Section 4.107. Repealed by Resolution 09-023 (March 9, 2009)
Section 4.108. Rape
Section 4.109. Sexual Assault
Section 4.110. Sexual Exploitation
Section 4.111. Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor
Section 4.112. Public Indecency
Section 4.113. Bigamy
Section 4.114. Incest
Section 4.115. Prostitution
Section 4.116. Promoting Prostitution
Section 4.117. Compelling Prostitution
Section 4.118. Evidence Required
Part XIII. Offenses Against Property
Section 4.119. Definitions Relating to Offenses Against Property
Section 4.120. Theft
Section 4.121. Defenses to Theft
Section 4.122. Theft of Lost, Mislaid Property
Section 4.123. Theft by Extortion
Section 4.124. Theft by Deception
Section 4.125. Theft by Receiving
Section 4.126. Right of Possession
Section 4.127. Theft of Service
Section 4.128. Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
Section 4.129. Definitions Relating to Offenses Against Property
Section 4.130. Burglary
Section 4.131. Possession of Burglar s Tools
Section 4.132. Criminal Trespass
Section 4.133. Arson
Section 4.134. Reckless Burning
Section 4.135. Criminal Mischief
Section 4.136. Robbery
Section 4.137. Offensive Littering
Part XIV. Offenses Involving Fraud and Deception
Section 4.138. Definitions Relating to Offenses Involving Fraud and Deception
Section 4.139. Forgery
Section 4.140. Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument
Section 4.141. Criminal Simulation
Section 4.142. Fraudulently Obtaining a Signature
Section 4.143. Negotiating a Bad Check
Section 4.144. Misapplication of Entrusted Property
Section 4.145. Obtaining Execution of Documents by Deception
Part XV. Offenses Against Public Order, Firearms
Section 4.146. Riot
Section 4.147. Disorderly Conduct
Section 4.148. Public Intoxication
Section 4.149. Purchase or Possession of Tobacco or Tobacco Products by a Person Under 18 Years of Age
Section 4.150. Loitering
Section 4.151. Harassment
Section 4.152. Abuse of Venerated Objects
Section 4.153. Abuse of Corpse
Section 4.154. Negligently Wounding Another
Section 4.155. Pointing Firearm at Another
Section 4.156. Concealed Weapons
Section 4.157. Concealed Weapon Permits
Section 4.158. Setting Spring Gun or Set Gun
Section 4.159. Committing or Attempting to Commit Felony while Armed; Subsequent Convictions; Presumption
Section 4.160. Explosives
Section 4.161. Fireworks Defined
Section 4.162. Fireworks Prohibited
Part XVI. Offenses Involving Narcotics, Drugs and Alcoholic Liquors
Section 4.163. Definitions, As Used in this Part
Section 4.164. Liquor Sales Prohibited
Section 4.165. Disposal of Liquor Containers
Section 4.166. Public Drinking
Section 4.167. Gift of Liquor to Person Under 21 Years of Age or to Intoxicated Person
Section 4.168. Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Section 4.169. Confiscation of Liquor and Property
Section 4.170. Dangerous Drugs
Section 4.171. Criminal Activity in Drugs
Section 4.172. Criminal Use of Drugs
Section 4.173. Tampering with Drug Records
Section 4.174. Criminal Drug Promotion
Section 4.175. Obtaining a Drug Unlawfully
Section 4.176. Prima Facie Evidence Permitted in Prosecutions of Drug Offenses
Section 4.177. Search, Seizure and Forfeiture of Conveyance in Which Drugs Are Unlawfully Transported or Possessed
Part XVII. Offenses Against Public Health and Decency
Section 4.178. Animal Abuse
Section 4.179. Animal Neglect
Section 4.180. Animal Abandonment
Section 4.181. Promotion of Unlicensed Boxing, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts Events
Part XVIII. Traffic, Motor Vehicles
Section 4.182. Traffic, Motor Vehicles
Section 4.183. Special Tribal Driver s Licenses
Part XIX. Offenses Involving Gaming
Section 4.184. Definitions
Section 4.185. Gambling
Section 4.186. Gaming Offenses
Part XX. Offenses Involving Criminal Gangs
Section 4.187. Findings and Purposes
Section 4.188. Definition of Gang
Section 4.189. Mandatory Minimum Sentences
Section 4.190. Solicitation of Gang Membership
Appendix A. Legislative History

Criminal Court Directive VAWA
Effective Date
Section 1. Public Defender Eligibility
Section 2. Representation on Appeal
Section 3. Record Retention
Section 4. Recordings on Appeal
Section 5. Burden of Proof Regarding VAWA 2013 Jurisdiction
Section 6. Non-Indian Protection Order Violation Crimes
Section 7. Bail Schedule

Rules of the Court
Part I. Umatilla Tribal Court Jurisdiction
Part II. General Rules of the Court
Rule 1. Location
Rule 2. Office Hours and Schedule
Rule 3. Ex Parte Communications
Rule 4. Form of Pleading
Rule 5. Motions
Rule 6. Courtroom Conduct and Decorum
Rule 7. Continuances
Rule 8. Stipulation or Settlement
Rule 9. Jury Instructions
Rule 10. Rules of Evidence
Rule 11. Advocates or Attorneys
Rule 12. Rules of Procedure

Elders Services Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Authority
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Definitions
Chapter 2. Tribal Elders  Retirement Program
Section 2.01. Program Authorization
Section 2.02. Purpose
Section 2.03. Tribal Elders  Retirement Program
Section 2.04. Implementation and Review
Section 2.05. Dispute Resolution
Chapter 3. Elders  Supplemental Security Income Program
Section 3.01. Program Authorization
Section 3.02. Purpose
Section 3.03. Tribal SSI Program
Section 3.04. Designation as supplemental security income
Section 3.05. Notification to Social Security Administration
Section 3.06. Implementation and Review
Section 3.07. Dispute Resolution
Appendix A. Legislative History

Election Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Name
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Scope
Section 1.04. Definitions
Chapter 2. Election Commission
Section 2.01. Establishment
Section 2.02. Composition
Section 2.03. Appointment
Section 2.04. Terms of Office for Election Commission Members
Section 2.05. Conflicts of Interest
Section 2.06. Stipends
Section 2.07. Rulemaking Authority
Section 2.08. Vacancies
Section 2.09. Removal
Chapter 3. Election Procedures, Generally
Section 3.01. Election Dates
Section 3.02. Voting Hours
Section 3.03. Voting Place
Section 3.04. Collection of ballots
Section 3.05. Notices
Section 3.06. Qualifications for Holding Office
Section 3.07. Terms of Office for Tribal Elected Officials
Section 3.08. Nominations
Section 3.09. Withdrawal
Section 3.10. Ballots
Section 3.12. Counting of Votes
Section 3.13. Certification of Election
Section 3.14. Recount of Votes
Section 3.15. Voting Assistance
Section 3.16. Swearing in of Board of Trustee and General Council Officers and Members
Chapter 4. Rules Governing Specific Types of Elections
Section 4.01. Ties
Section 4.02. Filling a Vacancy
Section 4.03. Recall
Section 4.04. Removal from Board of Trustees for Gross Neglect of Duty
Section 4.05. Constitutional Amendments
Chapter 5. Code Enforcement
Section 5.01. Unlawful Campaign Practices
Section 5.02. Investigations and Fines
Section 5.03. Election Procedure Disputes
Section 5.04. Tribal Court Review
Appendix A. Legislative History

Enrollment Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Authority
Section 1.03. Purpose
Section 1.04. Declaration of Policy
Section 1.05. Jurisdiction
Section 1.06. Enrollments Approved Prior to March 28, 1991
Section 1.07. Definitions
Chapter 2. Enrollment Criteria and Procedures
Section 2.01. Enrollment Criteria
Section 2.02. No New Section C Enrollment
Section 2.03. Tribal Enrollment Officer
Section 2.04. Enrollment Applications
Section 2.05. Dual Enrollment
Section 2.06. Relinquishment of Confederated Tribes Membership
Section 2.07. Termination of Tribal Benefits
Section 2.08. Re-Application
Section 2.09. Eligibility of Adopted Children
Section 2.10. Publication
Section 2.11. Disenrollment
Chapter 3. Enrollment Commission
Section 3.01. Establishment and Composition
Section 3.02. Qualifications and Appointment
Section 3.03. Duties and Powers
Section 3.04. Hearings
Appendix A. Legislative History

Environmental Health and Safety Code
Chapter 1. Introductory Provisions
Section 1.005. Purpose
Section 1.010. Definitions
Section 1.015. Scope of Authority
Section 1.020. Jurisdiction
Section 1.025. Tribal Health Philosophy
Section 1.030. Environmental Health Officer
Section 1.035. Administrative Appeals
Section 1.040. Enforcement Hearings
Section 1.045. Technical Review Committee
Section 1.050. Adoption
Section 1.055. Amendment and Review Clause
Section 1.060. Inter-Governmental Agreements
Section 1.065. Construction
Section 1.070. Certification and Adoption of Publishing
Section 1.075. Effective Date
Chapter 2. Administrative Provisions
Section 2.005. Introduction
Section 2.010. Code Administration
Section 2.015. Permit Requirements
Section 2.020. Review of Permit Application
Section 2.025. False Information on Application for Permit
Section 2.030. Revocation, Amendment of Permit
Section 2.035. Duration of Permits
Section 2.040. Extension of Permit Period
Section 2.045. Fee Collection
Section 2.050. Exceptions from Standards
Section 2.055. Code Amendments
Section 2.060. Appeals
Section 2.065. Rehearing s
Section 2.070. Jurisdiction of Tribal Court
Section 2.075. Scope of The Court s Review
Section 2.080. Unlawful Interference
Chapter 3. Enforcement Procedures
Section 3.005. Code Enforcement
Section 3.010. Complaints
Section 3.015. Investigation
Section 3.020. Citations
Section 3.025. Abatement Actions
Section 3.030. Umatilla Tribal Court
Chapter 5. Fee Schedule
Section 5.050. Except as Otherwise Noted in This Code, the Following Fees Shall Apply
Section 5.010. Appeals Procedures (Chapter 2)
Section 5.015. Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems (Chapter 6)
Section 5.025. Food Sanitation (Chapter 8)
Section 5.030. Bed And Breakfast Food Sanitation (Chapter 9)
Section 5.035. Public Swimming Pools (Chapter 10)
Section 5.040. Public Spa Pools (Chapter 11)
Section 5.045. Organizational Camps (Chapter 12)
Section 5.050. Dog Control (Chapter 13)
Section 5.055. Maintenance of Livestock and Other Animals (Chapter 14)
Section 5.060. Hazardous Waste (Chapter 15)
Section 5.065. Refunds
Chapter 6. On-Site Sewage Disposal
Section 6.005. Purpose
Section 6.010. Definitions
Section 6.015. On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems
Section 6.020. Responsibility for Systems
Section 6.025. General Standards, Prohibitions, and Requirements
Section 6.030. Site Evaluation Procedures
Section 6.035. Existing System Evaluation Report
Section 6.040. Permit Application Procedures - General Requirements
Section 6.045. Permit Application Procedures - WPCF Permits
Section 6.050. Permit Denial Review
Section 6.055. Pre-Cover Inspections
Section 6.060. Certificate of Satisfactory Completion
Section 6.065. Decommissioning of Systems
Section 6.070. Upgrading Disposal Systems
Section 6.075. Prior Construction Permits or Approvals
Section 6.080. Authorization to Use Existing Systems
Section 6.085. Alteration of Existing On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems
Section 6.090. Repair of Existing Systems
Section 6.095. Standard Subsurface Systems
Section 6.100. Alternative Systems, General
Section 6.105. Capping Fills
Section 6.110. Evapotranspiration-Absorption (ETA) Systems
Section 6.115. Pressurized Distribution Systems
Section 6.120. Seepage Trench System
Section 6.125. Redundant Systems
Section 6.130. Conventional Sand Filter Systems
Section 6.135. Conventional Sand Filter Design and Construction
Section 6.140. Other Sand Filter Designs
Section 6.145. Recirculating Gravel Filter (RGF)
Section 6.150. Sand Filter System Operation and Maintenance
Section 6.155. Steep Slope Systems
Section 6.160. Tile Dewatering System
Section 6.165. Split Waste Method
Section 6.170. Gray Water Waste Disposal Sumps
Section 6.175. Non-water-Carried Facilities
Section 6.180. Cesspools and Seepage Pits
Section 6.185. Holding Tanks
Section 6.190. Aerobic Systems
Section 6.195. Disposal Trenches in Saprolite
Section 6.200. Geographic Area Special Considerations
Section 6.205. Rural Area Consideration
Section 6.210. Experimental Systems
Section 6.215. Moratorium Areas
Section 6.220. Community Systems
Section 6.225. Large Systems
Section 6.230. Sewage Disposal Service
Section 6.400. Tank Construction
Section 6.405. Septic Tanks
Section 6.410. Dosing Septic Tank
Section 6.415. Distribution Boxes
Section 6.420. Drop Boxes
Section 6.425. Filter Fabric
Section 6.430. Diversion Valves
Section 6.435. Dosing Tanks
Section 6.440. Dosing Assemblies: Effluent Pumps, Controls and Alarms, and Dosing Siphons
Section 6.445. Effluent Filters
Section 6.450. Pipe Materials and Construction
Section 6.455. Privies and Portable Toilet Shelters
Section 6.460. Unsealed Earth Pits for Privies
Section 6.465. Self-Contained Non-Water-Carried Toilet Facilities
Section 6.470. Construction of Gray Water Waste Disposal Sumps
Section 6.475. Flexible Membrane Liners for Sand Filters Treating Septic Tank Effluent
Chapter 7. Solid Waste Management
Section 7.005. Purpose, Policy, and Scope
Section 7.010. Definitions
Section 7.015. Collection, Transportation, and Disposal of Solid Waste
Section 7.020. Infectious Wastes
Section 7.025. Abandoned Vehicles
Section 7.030. Bulk Wastes
Section 7.035. Burning
Section 7.040. Composting
Section 7.045. Dead Animals
Section 7.050. Transfer Station Facilities
Section 7.055. Landfills
Chapter 8. Food Sanitation
Section 8.000. Food Code
Section 8.005. Purpose
Section 8.010. Adoption of Food Code
Section 8.015. Insertions and Changes
Chapter 9. Bed and Breakfast Food Sanitation
Section 9.005. Definitions
Section 9.010. Application of This Chapter
Section 9.015. Animal Restrictions
Section 9.020. Equipment Replacement
Section 9.025. Employee Change Rooms
Section 9.030. Dishwashing
Section 9.035. Plumbing
Section 9.040. Ventilation
Section 9.045. Construction
Section 9.050. Utility Facilities
Section 9.055. Food Storage
Section 9.060. Food Source
Section 9.065. Laundry Facilities
Section 9.070. Toilet and Hand Washing Facilities
Chapter 10. Public Swimming Pools
Section 10.000. Purpose
Section 10.005. Adoption by Reference
Section 10.010. Definitions
Section 10.015. Compliance
Section 10.020. Permit to Construct
Section 10.025. Plans
Section 10.030. Licenses
Section 10.035. Conditional Licenses
Section 10.040. Maintenance and Modification
Section 10.045. Structural Stability
Section 10.050. Size
Section 10.055. Dimensions
Section 10.060. Finishes, Markings and Lifelines
Section 10.065. Illumination
Section 10.070. Ventilation
Section 10.075. Ladders, Recessed Steps and Stairways
Section 10.080. Diving
Section 10.085. Slides
Section 10.090. Waterpark Slides
Section 10.095. Elevated Lifeguard Chairs
Section 10.100. Life Saving Equipment
Section 10.105. Swimming Pool Enclosure
Section 10.110. Decks
Section 10.115. Overflow Systems
Section 10.120. Recirculation System
Section 10.125. Inlets and Outlets
Section 10.130. Piping
Section 10.135. Pumps
Section 10.140. Filters
Section 10.145. Pool Heaters
Section 10.150. Disinfectant and Chemical Feeders
Section 10.155. Meters and Gauges
Section 10.160. Equipment Room
Section 10.165. Ground Fault Interrupter
Section 10.170. Bathhouses and Sanitary Facilities
Section 10.175. Visitor and Spectator Areas
Section 10.180. Food Service
Section 10.185. Drinking Fountains
Section 10.190. Domestic Water Quality
Section 10.195. Pool Water Quality
Section 10.200. Operation and Maintenance
Section 10.205. Safety
Section 10.210. Signs
Section 10.215. Instructional Use of Limited-Use Pools
Chapter 10 Appendix: Tables and Figures
Part I. Supplies to be included in the first aid kit
Part II. Tables and Figures
Table and Figure 1: Minimum Dimensions for Diving Portions of Public Swimming Pools Built After May 1, 1986
Table and Figure 2: Minimum Dimensions for Diving Portions of Public Swimming Pools Built Prior to May 1, 1986
Table 3: Water Quality Parameters
Chapter 11. Public Spa Pools
Section 11.005. Purpose
Section 11.010. Adoption by Reference
Section 11.015. Definitions
Section 11.020. Compliance
Section 11.025. Permit to Construct
Section 11.030. Plans
Section 11.035. Licenses
Section 11.040. Conditional Licenses
Section 11.045. Maintenance and Modification
Section 11.050. Size
Section 11.055. Dimensions
Section 11.060. Finishes and Markings
Section 11.065. Illumination
Section 11.070. Ventilation
Section 11.075. Ladder, Recessed Steps and Stairways
Section 11.080. Spa Pool Enclosure
Section 11.085. Decks
Section 11.090. Overflow Systems
Section 11.095. Recirculation Systems
Section 11.100. Inlets and Outlets
Section 11.105. Piping
Section 11.110. Pumps
Section 11.115. Filters
Section 11.120. Heaters
Section 11.125. Disinfectant and Chemical Feeders
Section 11.130. Air Induction Systems
Section 11.135. Valves, Meters, and Gauges
Section 11.140. Equipment Room
Section 11.145. Ground Fault Interrupter
Section 11.150. Bathhouses and Sanitary Facilities
Section 11.155. Food Service
Section 11.160. Domestic Water Quality
Section 11.165. Spa Water Quality
Section 11.170. Operation and Maintenance
Section 11.175. Safety
Section 11.180. Signs
Chapter 12. Organizational Camps
Section 12.005. Purpose
Section 12.010. Adoption by Reference
Section 12.015. Definitions
Section 12.020. Licensing Required
Section 12.025. Application
Section 12.030. Renewal of License and Accreditation Exemption
Section 12.035. Plans
Section 12.040. Building Construction
Section 12.045. Sleeping Space
Section 12.050. Bathing, Hand Washing and Toilet Facilities
Section 12.055. Laundry Facilities
Section 12.060. Solid Waste
Section 12.065. Insect and Rodent Control
Section 12.070. Recreational Vehicles
Section 12.075. Water Quality, Source and Distribution
Section 12.080. Building Plumbing
Section 12.085. Sewage Collection and Disposal
Section 12.090. Food Service
Section 12.095. Emergency Procedures
Section 12.100. First Aid
Section 12.105. Special Programs and Facilities
Section 12.110. Transportation
Section 12.115. Fire Safety
Section 12.120. Chemical and Physical Hazards
Chapter 13. Dog Control
Section 13.005. Purpose
Section 13.010. Definitions
Section 13.015. Area of Application
Section 13.020. Owner Responsibility and Liability
Section 13.025. Tribal Dog License Requirements
Section 13.027. Encouraging Community Compliance
Section 13.030. Dog Maintenance
Section 13.035. Records
Section 13.040. Dogs at Large, Impound, Destruction
Section 13.045. Dog Bites
Section 13.050. Dogs as Public Nuisance, Penalties, Abatement
Section 13.055. Enforcement Authority
Chapter 14. Maintenance of Livestock and Other Animals
Section 14.005. Definitions
Section 14.010. CAFOs Not Allowed
Section 14.020. Permit Required
Section 14.025. Access to Facilities
Section 14.030. Application for AFO
Section 14.035. Site Plans
Section 14.040. Permit Renewal
Section 14.045. AFO Prohibited In Flood Plain
Section 14.050. AFO Wastewater Retention
Section 14.055. Animal Health
Section 14.060. Facilities
Section 14.065. Livestock Wastes
Section 14.070. Environmental Degradation
Chapter 15. Hazardous Waste
Section 15.005. Decontamination of Illegal Drug Laboratory Manufacturing Sites
Chapter 17. Safety
Section 17.005. Intent
Section 17.010. Definitions
Section 17.015. OSHA
Section 17.020. Dwelling Unit Occupancy
Section 17.025. Water Quality
Section 17.030. Boxing, Wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts Events
Appendix A. Legislative History

Family Law Code
Chapter 1. General Matters
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Trial by Jury
Section 1.03. Procedure
Section 1.04. Definition
Section 1.05. Sovereign Immunity
Section 1.06. Severability
Section 1.07. Customs and Traditions Recognized
Section 1.08. Jurisdiction
Chapter 2. Marriage
Section 2.01. Tradition Marriages Recognized
Section 2.02. Common Law Marriages
Section 2.03. Existing and Future Marriages
Section 2.04. Marriage Contract; Age of Parties
Section 2.05. Marriage Licenses and Certificates
Section 2.06. Persons Permitted to Solemnize Marriages and Duties
Section 2.07. Form of Solemnization
Section 2.08. Void and Voidable Marriages
Chapter 3. Annulment
Section 3.01. Decree of Annulment
Section 3.02. Legitimacy of Children
Section 3.03. Conclusiveness of Decree of Annulment
Chapter 4. Dissolution of Marriage and Separation
Section 4.01. Grounds for Dissolution or Separation
Section 4.02. Fault is Not a Factor
Section 4.03. Mediation
Section 4.04. Contents of Petition
Section 4.05. Mandatory Discovery
Section 4.06. Automatic Asset Restraining Order
Section 4.07. Temporary Orders
Section 4.08. Court Proceedings and Findings
Section 4.09. Final Orders
Section 4.10. Decree of Separation and Conversion to Decree of Dissolution
Section 4.11. Summary Dissolutions
Chapter 5. Community Property
Section 5.01. Separate Property
Section 5.02. Community Property
Section 5.03. Mixed Property
Section 5.04. Conveyances Between Spouses
Section 5.05. Agreements as to Status or Disposition of Property
Section 5.06. Custody and Estate of Children
Section 5.07. Earnings and Accumulations Spouses Living Apart
Section 5.08. Rights of Married Persons in General
Section 5.09. Spouses May Sue Each Other
Section 5.10. Liability to Third Parties for Actos of Other Spouse
Section 5.11. Liability of Antenuptial and Separate Debts and Child Support Obligations
Section 5.12. Termination of Support Obligation of Stepparent
Section 5.13. Annulled Marriages
Chapter 6. Disposition of Property and Spousal Support
Section 6.01. Disposition of Property and Liabilities
Section 6.02. Spousal Support
Chapter 7. Child Custody and Parenting Plans
Section 7.01. Application
Section 7.02. Parenting Plans
Section 7.03. Agreed Parenting Plans
Section 7.04. Custodial Responsibility (Visitation Schedule)
Section 7.05. Decision Making Responsibility
Section 7.06. Dispute Resolution Included in Plan
Section 7.07. Limiting Factors
Section 7.08. Court-Ordered Investigation; Appointment of Guardian ad Litem or Lawyer for the Child
Section 7.09. Interview of the Child by the Court
Section 7.10. Modification upon Showing of Changed Circumstances
Section 7.11. Modification Without Showing of Changed Circumstances
Section 7.12. Relocation of a Parent
Section 7.13. Enforcement of Parenting Plans
Chapter 8. Child Support and Support Enforcement
Section 8.01. Child Support
Section 8.02. Office of Child Support Enforcement
Section 8.03. Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage
Section 8.04. Failure to Comply With Support Order
Section 8.05. Grounds for Modification and Termination
Section 8.06. Petition for Motion for Mandatory Wage Assignment
Section 8.07. Issuance of Wage Assignment Order
Section 8.08. Contents of Wage Assignment Order
Section 8.09. Wage Assignment Order Form
Section 8.10. Employer s Answer to Wage Assignment Order
Section 8.11. Wage Assignment Order Answer Form
Section 8.12. Grounds to Quash, Modify, or Terminate Wage Assignment
Section 8.13. Lower Limits on Child Support Amounts
Section 8.14. Standards for Determination of Income
Section 8.15. Standards for Deviation from the Standard Calculation
Section 8.16. Allocation of Child Support Obligation Between Parents
Section 8.17. Postsecondary Educational Support Awards
Section 8.18. Income Tax Exemptions and Dividends
Chapter 9. Paternity
Section 9.01. Definitions
Section 9.02. Scope of Chapter; Choice of Law
Section 9.03. Protection of Participants
Section 9.04. Establishment of Parent-Child Relationship
Section 9.05. No Discrimination Based on Marital Status
Section 9.06. Consequences of Establishment of Parentage
Section 9.07. Presumption of Paternity
Section 9.08. Acknowledgment of Paternity
Section 9.09. Execution of Acknowledgment of Paternity
Section 9.10. Denial of Paternity
Section 9.11. Rules for Acknowledgment and Denial of Paternity
Section 9.12. Effect of Acknowledgment or Denial of Paternity
Section 9.13. Proceeding for Rescission
Section 9.14. Challenge After Expiration of Period for Rescission
Section 9.15. Procedure for Rescission or Challenge
Section 9.16. Ratification Barred
Section 9.17. Full Faith and Credit
Section 9.18. Scope of Sections Covering Genetic Testing
Section 9.19. Order for Testing
Section 9.20. Requirements for Genetic Testing
Section 9.21. Report of Genetic Testing
Section 9.22. Genetic Testing Results; Rebuttal
Section 9.23. Costs of Genetic Testing
Section 9.24. Additional Genetic Testing
Section 9.25. Genetic Testing When Specimens Not Available
Section 9.26. Identical Brothers
Section 9.27. Confidentiality of Genetic Testing
Section 9.28. Proceeding Authorized
Section 9.29. Standing to Maintain Proceeding
Section 9.30. Parties to Proceeding
Section 9.31. Personal Jurisdiction
Section 9.32. No Limitation: Child Having No Presumed, Acknowledged, or Adjudicated Father
Section 9.33. Limitation: Child Having Presumed Father
Section 9.34. Authority to Deny Motion for Genetic Testing
Section 9.35. Limitation: Child Having Acknowledged or Adjudicated Father
Section 9.36. Joinder of Proceedings
Section 9.37. Proceeding Before Birth
Section 9.38. Child as Party; Representation
Section 9.39. Admissibility of Results of Genetic Testing; Expenses
Section 9.40. Consequences of Declining Genetic Testing
Section 9.41. Admission of Paternity Authorized
Section 9.42. Temporary Order
Section 9.43. Rules for Adjudication of Paternity
Section 9.44. Jury Prohibited
Section 9.45. Hearings; Inspection of Records
Section 9.46. Order on Default
Section 9.47. Dismissal for Want of Prosecution
Section 9.48. Order Adjudicating Parentage
Section 9.49. Binding Effect of Determination of Parentage
Chapter 10. Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Family Support Orders
Section 10.01. Purpose
Section 10.02. Definitions
Section 10.03. Remedies Cumulative
Section 10.04. Bases for Jurisdiction Over Nonresident
Section 10.05. Simultaneous Proceedings
Section 10.06. Continuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction to Modify Child Support Order
Section 10.07. Initiating and Responding Tribunal of This Tribe
Section 10.08. Determination of Controlling Child Support Order
Section 10.09. Child Support Orders for Two or More Obligees
Section 10.10. Credit for Payments
Section 10.11. Proceedings Under this Chapter
Section 10.12. Proceeding by Minor Parent
Section 10.13. Application of Law of the Tribe
Section 10.14. Duties of Initiating Tribunal
Section 10.15. Duties and Powers of Responding Court
Section 10.16. Inappropriate Tribunal
Section 10.17. Duties of Support Enforcement Agency
Section 10.18. Duty of Attorney General
Section 10.19. Private Counsel
Section 10.20. Duties of Information Agency
Section 10.21. Pleadings and Accompanying Documents
Section 10.22. Nondisclosure of Information in Exceptional Circumstances
Section 10.23. Costs and Fees
Section 10.24. Limited Immunity of Petitioner
Section 10.25. Non-parentage as Defense
Section 10.26. Special Rules of Evidence and Procedure
Section 10.27. Communication Between Tribunals
Section 10.28. Assistance with Discovery
Section 10.29. Receipt and Disbursement of Payments
Section 10.30. Petition to Establish Support Order
Section 10.31. Employer s Receipt of Income-Withholding Order of Another Tribe or Nation
Section 10.32. Employer s Compliance with Income-Withholding Order of Another Tribe or Nation
Section 10.33. Employer s Compliance with Two or More Income-Withholding Orders
Section 10.34. Immunity from Civil Liability
Section 10.35. Penalties for Noncompliance
Section 10.36. Contest by Obligor
Section 10.37. Administrative Enforcement of Order
Section 10.38. Registration of Order for Enforcement; Procedure to Register Order for Enforcement
Section 10.39. Effect of Registration for Enforcement
Section 10.40. Choice of Law
Section 10.41. Notice of Registration of Order
Section 10.42. Procedure to Contest Validity or Enforcement of Registered Order
Section 10.43. Contest of Registration or Enforcement
Section 10.44. Confirmed Order
Section 10.45. Procedure to Register Child Support Order of Another Tribe or Nation for Modification
Section 10.46. Effect of Registration for Modification
Section 10.47. Modification of Child Support Order of Another Tribe or Nation
Section 10.48. Recognition of Order Modified in Another Tribe or Nation
Section 10.49. Jurisdiction to Modify Child Support Order of Another Tribe or Nation when Individual Parties Reside on the Reservation
Section 10.50. Notice to Issuing Tribunal of Modification
Section 10.51. Proceeding to Determine Parentage
Section 10.52. Grounds for Rendition
Section 10.53. Conditions of Rendition
Section 10.54. Uniformity of Application and Construction
Section 10.55. Resolving Conflicts with Chapter 11
Chapter 11. Full Faith and Credit of Foreign Child Support Orders
Section 11.01. General Rule
Section 11.02. Definitions
Section 11.03. Requirements of Child Support Orders
Section 11.04. Continuing Jurisdiction
Section 11.05. Authority to Modify Orders
Section 11.06. Recognition of Child Support Orders
Section 11.07. Enforcement of Modified Orders
Section 11.08. Choice of Law
Section 11.09. Registration for Modification
Chapter 12. Guardianship
Section 12.01. Purpose
Section 12.02. General Definitions
Section 12.03. Notice of Proceedings
Section 12.04. Waiver of Notice
Section 12.05. Delegation of Powers by Guardian
Section 12.06. Preference in Appointing Guardian
Section 12.07. Letters of Guardianship
Section 12.08. Persons not Qualified to Act as Guardian
Section 12.09. Contents of Petition
Section 12.10. Procedure for Appointment of Guardian
Section 12.11. Findings, Appointment
Section 12.12. Effect of Accepting Appointment as Guardian
Section 12.13. Terminating Guardianship
Section 12.14. Removal or Resignation of Guardian; Order That Incapacity no Longer Exists
Section 12.15. Notice on Appointment or Removal of Guardian
Section 12.16. Appointment of Temporary Guardian
Section 12.17. General Powers and Duties of Guardian
Chapter 13. Domestic Partnerships
Section 13.01. Domestic Partnerships Recognized
Section 13.02. Domestic Partnerships Defined
Section 13.03. Future Domestic Partnerships
Section 13.04. Domestic Partnership Licenses and Certificates
Section 13.05. Persons Permitted to Solemnize Domestic Partnerships and Duties
Section 13.06. Form of Solemnization
Section 13.07. Rights of a Domestic Partnership
Appendix A. Legislative History

Financial Responsibility Code
Chapter 1. General Matters
Section 1.01. Jurisdiction
Section 1.02. Definitions
Chapter 2. Filing a Complaint
Section 2.01. Filing of Complaint; Answer; Setting of Hearing
Section 2.02. Service
Section 2.03. Subpoena
Section 2.04. Court Costs
Chapter 3. Procedures
Section 3.01. Representation
Section 3.02. The Tribe as a Real Party in Interest
Section 3.03. Trial by Court
Section 3.04. Burden of Proof
Section 3.05. Rules of Evidence
Section 3.06. Continuance
Section 3.07. Computation of Time
Chapter 4. Judgments; Attachments; Garnishments
Section 4.01. Judgments
Section 4.02. Costs Allowed
Section 4.03. Satisfaction of Judgment
Section 4.04. Enforcement of Judgments
Section 4.05. Supplementary Proceedings in aid of Execution of Judgment
Section 4.06. Attachment
Section 4.07. Garnishment
Section 4.08. Writ of Recovery
Section 4.09. Service of Writs
Section 4.10. Exempt Property
Chapter 5. Enforcement
Section 5.01. Sovereign Immunity
Section 5.02. Contempt of Court
Section 5.03. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Section 5.04. Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Section 5.05. Enforcement of Tribal Court Judgments in State Courts
Section 5.06. Unlawful Interference
Appendix A. Claim of Exemption
Appendix B. Notice of Garnishment
Appendix C. Certificate of Garnishee
Appendix D. Earnings Exemption Computation Schedule
Appendix E. Legislative History

Fire Prevention and Emergency Services Code
Chapter 1. Introductory Provisions
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Declaration of Need
Section 1.03. Purpose
Section 1.04. Priority of the Code
Section 1.05. Jurisdiction and Severability
Section 1.06. Scope of the Code
Chapter 2. General Authority
Section 2.01. Fire Protection
Section 2.02. Emergency Medical Service
Section 2.03. Hazardous Materials
Section 2.04. Regulation of Parking Facilities Utilized by Transporters of Hazardous Materials
Section 2.05. Other Emergency Situations
Section 2.06. Cooperative Agreements
Section 2.07. Adoption of the International Fire Code
Section 2.08. Compliance with the International Building Code
Section 2.09. Fire Inspections
Section 2.10. Burning Permits
Section 2.11. Funding
Section 2.12. Rulemaking Authority
Chapter 3. Fees for Services
Section 3.01. Establishing Rates for Basic Fire Protection
Section 3.02. Processing of Fire Prevention Fees
Section 3.03. Rate Schedule for Nonsubscribers
Chapter 4. Billing for Other Services
Section 4.01. Off-reservation Responses by Fire Department
Section 4.02. Billing for Off-reservation Response Costs
Appendix A. Legislative History and Editorial Changes

Fish and Wildlife Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Treaty Rights Stated
Section 1.02. Purpose and Declaration of Policy
Section 1.03. Jurisdiction
Section 1.04. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement Code
Section 1.05. CRITFE Authorization
Section 1.06. Definitions
Chapter 2. The Fish and Wildlife Commission
Section 2.01. Commission
Section 2.02. Officers of the Commission
Section 2.03. Support Services
Section 2.04. Annual Budget
Section 2.05. General Duties of the Commission
Section 2.06. Discretionary Powers of the Commission
Section 2.07. Rulemaking Authority of the Commission
Section 2.08. Emergency Rulemaking Authority of the Commission
Section 2.09. Board Review
Chapter 3. Enforcement
Section 3.01. Tribal Police Officers
Section 3.02. Supervision
Section 3.03. Authority to Enter Private Lands
Section 3.04. Seizure
Section 3.05. Hearings and Trials
Chapter 4. Penalties
Section 4.01. Civil Offenses
Section 4.02. Criminal Offenses
Section 4.03. Forfeitures
Section 4.04. Aiding in a Wildlife Violation
Section 4.05. Rewards for Arrest and Conviction
Section 4.06. Civil Fine Schedule
Section 4.07. Traditional Punishment
Chapter 5. General Fishing and Hunting Provisions
Section 5.01. Fishing and Hunting Allowed Only During Open Seasons
Section 5.02. Section "C" Members
Section 5.03. Tribal Identification Card
Section 5.04. Display Upon Demand
Section 5.05. Not Transferable
Section 5.06. Conservation
Section 5.07. Trafficking in Wildlife
Section 5.08. Wasting Wildlife
Section 5.09. Taking of Wildlife Damaging Property
Section 5.10. Capture of Wildlife
Section 5.11. Toxic Substance and Wildlife
Section 5.12. Posting Lands
Section 5.13. Destruction of Property
Section 5.14. Dumping Garbage/Waste in Waters
Section 5.15. Use of Wildlife for Scientific Purposes
Section 5.16. Killing of Wounded Wildlife
Section 5.17. Closed Areas
Section 5.18. Fishing Generally
Section 5.19. Hunting Generally
Section 5.20. Hunting and Fishing Permits
Chapter 6. On-Reservation Fishing by Tribal Members
Section 6.01. Subsistence Fishing
Section 6.02. Ceremonial Fishing
Section 6.03. Commercial Fishing
Chapter 7. On-Reservation Fishing by Non-Member Indians
Section 7.01. Restrictions
Section 7.02. Subsistence and Ceremonial Fishing
Section 7.03. Commercial Fishing
Section 7.04. Sport/Recreational Fishing
Chapter 8. On-Reservation Fishing by Non-Indians
Section 8.01. Generally
Section 8.02. Subsistence and Ceremonial Fishing
Section 8.03. Commercial Fishing
Section 8.04. Sport or Recreational Fishing
Chapter 9. Off-Reservation Fishing by Tribal Members
Section 9.01. Subsistence Fishing
Section 9.02. Ceremonial Fishing
Section 9.03. Commercial Fishing
Chapter 10. On-Reservation Hunting by Tribal Members
Section 10.01. Restrictions
Section 10.02. Subsistence Hunting
Section 10.03. Ceremonial Hunting
Section 10.04. Commercial Hunting
Chapter 11. On-Reservation Hunting by Non-Member Indians
Section 11.01. Permits Required
Section 11.02. Subsistence Hunting
Section 11.03. Ceremonial Hunting
Section 11.04. Commercial Hunting
Chapter 12. On-Reservation Hunting by Non-Indians
Section 12.01. Ceremonial, Commercial, and Subsistence Hunting
Section 12.02. Sport and Recreational Hunting
Chapter 13. Off-Reservation Hunting by Tribal Members
Section 13.01. Seasons
Section 13.02. Restrictions
Section 13.03. Subsistence Hunting
Section 13.04. Ceremonial Hunting
Section 13.05. Commercial Hunting
Chapter 14. Trapping
Section 14.01. Tribal Members
Section 14.02. Non-Member Indians
Section 14.03. Non-Indians
Chapter 15. Gathering
Section 15.01. Tribal Members
Section 15.02. Non-Member Indians
Section 15.03. Non-Indians
Section 15.04. Regulations
Appendix A. Legislative History

Funeral Assistance Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Policy
Section 1.03. Purpose
Section 1.04. Definitions
Section 1.05. After hours notification
Chapter 2. Benefits
Section 2.01. Eligibility
Section 2.02. Limitations of Benefits
Section 2.03. Funeral Assistance Benefit
Section 2.04. Dinner Assistance
Section 2.05. Travel Assistance
Section 2.06. Funeral Items Provided by the Confederated Tribes
Appendix A. Legislative History

Gaming Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Findings
Section 1.03. Purposes
Section 1.04. Defined Terms
Section 1.05. Gaming Authorized and Regulated
Section 1.06. Use of Revenues from Class II and Class III Gaming Activities
Section 1.07. Gaming Facility
Section 1.08. Minimum Age for Gaming Patrons and Employees, Gaming by Employees Prohibited
Section 1.09. Prizes
Section 1.10. Agent for Service of Process
Chapter 2. Administration
Section 2.01. Gaming Commission
Section 2.02. Licensing
Section 2.03. License Fees: Application Fees and Renewal
Section 2.04. License: Qualifications and Requirements
Section 2.05. National Indian Gaming Commission Review of Employee Licenses
Section 2.06. License Suspension and Revocation
Chapter 3. Class II Gaming
Section 3.01. Definitions
Section 3.02. Authorization to Conduct Class II Gaming
Section 3.03. Management Contracts
Section 3.04. Games Permitted
Section 3.05. Bingo Game Cards
Section 3.06. Player Limitation
Section 3.07. Hours of Operation; Notice to Commission
Chapter 4. Class III Gaming
Section 4.01. Exclusive Ownership by Tribes
Section 4.02. Facility License
Section 4.03. Management Contracts
Section 4.04. Games Permitted
Section 4.05. Regulation and Inspection
Section 4.06. Hours of Operation
Section 4.07. Prohibition of Extension of Credit and Authorization of Check Cashing on Gaming Floor
Chapter 5. Records and Audits
Section 5.01. Records Maintenance
Section 5.02. Independent Audits
Chapter 6. Dispute Resolution
Section 6.01. Resolution of Disputes Between Gaming Facility Customer and Manager
Section 6.02. Crimes; Penalties
Section 6.03. Civil Penalties
Section 6.04. Enforcement
Chapter 7. Validity of Code
Section 7.01. Severability
Section 7.02. Repeal of Inconsistent Tribal Law
Section 7.03. Effective Date of Code
Appendix A. Legislative History
Appendix B. National Indian Gaming Commission Approval

Inheritance Code
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Declaration of Purpose
Section 1.03. Effective Date and Application of Code
Section 1.04. Definitions
Section 1.05. Policy Against Transfer of Trust Lands to Non-Members of the Confederated Tribes
Section 1.06. Right to Renounce
Section 1.07. Escheat to Tribe
Section 1.08. Coordination with Other Law
Section 1.09. Other Interests
Appendix A. Legislative History
Appendix B. Bureau of Indian Affairs Approval

Juvenile Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Purpose
Section 1.02. Policy
Section 1.03. Definitions
Chapter 2. Jurisdiction
Section 2.01. Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
Section 2.02. Transferring Jurisdiction to the Tribal Court
Section 2.03. Intervention in Child Dependency Proceedings in Other Courts
Section 2.04. Transferring Jurisdiction from the Tribal Court
Section 2.05. Continuing Jurisdiction
Section 2.06. Full Faith and Credit
Chapter 3. Juvenile Court Generally
Section 3.01. Establishment
Section 3.02. Authority
Section 3.03. Consolidation
Section 3.04. Juvenile Parents
Section 3.05. Parties in Juvenile Court Proceedings
Section 3.06. Intervention
Section 3.07. Timing
Section 3.08. Continuances
Section 3.09. Filing Documents with the Juvenile Court
Section 3.10. Notice of Hearing
Section 3.11. Discovery
Section 3.12. Juvenile Court Hearings
Section 3.13. Testimony of a Child in Chambers or by Videotape
Section 3.14. Telephone Appearances
Section 3.15. Evidence, Generally
Section 3.16. Physical Evidence
Section 3.17. Witnesses, Generally
Section 3.18. Privileged Communications
Section 3.19. Compelling Witnesses to Appear   Subpoenas
Section 3.20. Amendment of Petitions
Section 3.21. Ex Parte Communications
Section 3.22. Confidentiality and Maintenance of Records
Section 3.23. Cooperative Efforts
Section 3.24. Appeals
Section 3.25. Severability
Chapter 4. Juvenile Court System Duties
Section 4.01. Judges
Section 4.02. Court Clerk
Section 4.03. Juvenile Delinquency Coordinator
Section 4.04. Prosecutor
Section 4.05. Community Accountability Board
Section 4.06. Office of Legal Counsel
Section 4.07. Department of Children and Family Services
Section 4.08. Additional Juvenile Court Staff
Chapter 5. Rights of Parties in Juvenile Proceedings
Section 5.01. Rights of Children and Duties of Parents
Section 5.02. Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
Section 5.03. Right to Counsel
Section 5.04. Explanation of Rights
Section 5.05. Admissions
Section 5.06. Fingerprinting, Photographs and Line-ups
Section 5.07. Standards for Shelter Care and Detention Facilities and Foster Homes
Chapter 6. Juvenile Offenses
Section 6.01. Juvenile Offenses, Generally
Section 6.02. Delinquent Acts
Section 6.03. Traffic Offenses
Section 6.04. Status Offenses
Chapter 7. Temporary Custody and Detention of Juvenile Offenders
Section 7.01. Custody and Search Warrants
Section 7.02. Citation in Lieu of Custody
Section 7.03. Taking an Alleged Juvenile Offender into Temporary Custody
Section 7.04. Preliminary Hearings
Chapter 8. Juvenile Offender Proceedings
Section 8.01. Juvenile Delinquency Coordinator Review
Section 8.02. Informal Diversion Conferences
Section 8.03. Petition Alleging that a Juvenile is a Juvenile Offender
Section 8.04. Community Accountability Board
Section 8.05. Plea Agreements
Section 8.06. Pre-Jurisdictional Hearing Disclosures
Section 8.07. Remand to Tribal Court
Section 8.08. Adjudicatory Hearings
Section 8.09. Disposition Hearings
Section 8.10. Pre-disposition Reports and Assessments
Section 8.11. Disposition Alternatives
Section 8.12. Sex Offender Registry
Section 8.13. Expunging Juvenile Offender Records
Chapter 9. Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse and Neglect
Section 9.01. Duty to Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
Section 9.02. Investigating Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
Chapter 10. Emergency Shelter Care Proceedings
Section 10.01. Taking a Child into Emergency Shelter Care
Section 10.02. Emergency Shelter Care Placements
Section 10.03. Emergency Shelter Care Hearings
Chapter 11. Commencement of Minor-In-Need-Of-Care Proceedings
Section 11.01. Petition Alleging that a Child is a Minor-In-Need-Of-Care
Section 11.02. Informal Adjustment Conferences
Section 11.03. Pre-Wardship Hearing Reports and Disclosures
Section 11.04. Wardship Hearings
Chapter 12. Post-Wardship Hearings
Section 12.01. Status Review Hearings
Section 12.02. Review Hearings
Section 12.03. Permanent Plan Hearings
Section 12.04. Permanent Plan Review Hearings
Chapter 13. Foster Care Placements
Section 13.01. Licensing Foster Care Providers
Section 13.02. Duties of DCFS and Foster Care Providers
Section 13.03. Preferences for Foster Placements
Section 13.04. Voluntary Placement of a Child in Temporary Foster Care
Section 13.05. Support of a Child in Foster Care
Chapter 14. Guardianships
Section 14.01. Powers and Duties of a Guardian of a Child
Section 14.02. Preferences in Appointing Guardians
Section 14.03. Letters of Guardianship
Section 14.04. Voluntary Temporary Guardianships
Section 14.05. Permanent Guardianships
Section 14.06. Termination of Guardianships
Chapter 15. Termination of Parental Rights
Section 15.01. Effect of Termination of Parental Rights
Section 15.02. Voluntary Termination (Relinquishment) of Parental Rights
Section 15.03. Petition to Involuntarily Terminate Parental Rights
Section 15.04. Termination of Parental Rights Hearing and Disposition
Chapter 16. Adoption
Section 16.01. Who May be Adopted
Section 16.02. Preference for Adoptive Placements
Section 16.03. Petition for Adoption
Section 16.04. Investigation
Section 16.05. Consent to Adoption
Section 16.06. Decree of Adoption
Chapter 17. Emancipation
Section 17.01. Petition for Emancipation
Section 17.02. Emancipation Hearings
Section 17.03. Decree of Emancipation
Chapter 18. Reconsideration
Section 18.01. Motion for Reconsideration
Section 18.02. Grounds for Reconsideration
Section 18.03. Service and Hearing
Appendix A. Legislative History

Land Development Code
Chapter 1. Introductory Provisions
Section 1.005. Recitals
Section 1.010. Title
Section 1.015. Declaration of Need
Section 1.020. Purpose
Section 1.025. Superiority of the Code
Section 1.030. Severability
Section 1.035. Scope of the Code
Section 1.040. Master Land Use Map
Section 1.045. Zoning Boundaries
Section 1.050. Amendments
Section 1.060. Existing Uses
Section 1.065. Prohibited Use
Section 1.070. Emergency
Chapter 2. Establishment of Zones
Section 2.010. Classification of Zones
Section 2.015. Overlay Zones
Section 2.020. Definitions
Chapter 3. Use Zones
Sub-Chapter A. AG-1, Exclusive Farm Use
Section 3.010. Description and Purpose
Section 3.015. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.020. Setbacks
Section 3.025. Uses Permitted
Section 3.030. Conditional Uses Allowed
Sub-Chapter B. AG-2, Farm Pasture Zone
Section 3.035. Description and Purpose
Section 3.040. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.045. Setbacks
Section 3.050. Uses Permitted
Section 3.055. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter C. AG-3 Small Farm Zone
Section 3.060. Description and Purpose
Section 3.065. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.070. Setbacks
Section 3.075. Uses Permitted
Section 3.080. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter D. AG-4 Agri-Business Zone
Section 3.085. Description and Purpose
Section 3.090. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.095. Setbacks
Section 3.100. Uses Permitted
Section 3.105. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter E. R-1 Rural Residential Zone
Section 3.110. Description and Purpose
Section 3.115. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.120. Setbacks
Section 3.125. Requirements for Use
Section 3.130. Uses Permitted
Section 3.135. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter F. R-2 General Rural Zone
Section 3.140. Description and Purpose
Section 3.145. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.150. Setbacks
Section 3.155. Uses Permitted
Section 3.160. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter G. I-D Industrial Development Zone
Section 3.165. Description and Purpose
Section 3.170. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.175. Setbacks
Section 3.180. Requirement for Use
Section 3.185. Uses Permitted
Section 3.190. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter H. C-D Commercial Development Zone
Section 3.195. Description and Purpose
Section 3.200. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.205. Setbacks
Section 3.210. Uses Permitted
Section 3.215. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter I. P-1 Public Use Zone
Section 3.220. Description and Purpose
Section 3.225. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.230. Setbacks
Section 3.235. Uses Permitted
Section 3.240. Conditional Uses Allowed
Sub-Chapter J. P-1 OVERLAY - U.I.R. Public Use Overlay Zone
Section 3.2410. Description and Purpose
Section 3.2420. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.2430. Setbacks
Section 3.2435. General Standards
Section 3.2440. Uses Allowed
Section 3.2443. Uses Permitted
Section 3.2445. Conditional Uses Allowed
Sub-Chapter K. F-2 Restricted Indian Forests
Section 3.245. Description and Purpose
Section 3.250. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.255. Setbacks
Section 3.260. Uses Permitted
Section 3.265. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter L. G-1 Big Game Grazing Forest Zone
Section 3.270. Description and Purpose
Section 3.275. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.280. Setbacks
Section 3.285. Uses Permitted
Section 3.290. Conditional Uses Permitted
Sub-Chapter M. F-H-O Flood Hazard Overlay Zone
Section 3.294. General Information
Section 3.295. Purpose
Section 3.300. Compliance
Section 3.305. Location of Flood Hazard Overlay Zone
Section 3.306. Floodways
Section 3.307. Before Floodway
Section 3.315. Limitations on All Uses
Section 3.320. Limitations on Fill
Section 3.325. Limitations on Structures
Section 3.326. Residential Structures
Section 3.327. Manufactured Structures
Section 3.328. Nonresidential Construction
Section 3.329. Recreational Vehicles
Section 3.330. Limitations on Storage of Material and Equipment
Section 3.332. Subdivision Proposals
Section 3.333. Water Dependent Uses and Structures
Section 3.334. Critical Facilities
Section 3.335. Procedure
Section 3.336. Standards for Shallow Flooding Areas (AO Zones)
Section 3.340. Destruction of Nonconforming Use or Structures
Sub-Chapter N. P-2, Public Facilities Zone
Section 3.400. Description and Purpose
Section 3.405. Property Development Standards
Section 3.410. Setbacks
Section 3.415. Permitted Uses
Section 3.420. Conditional Uses
Sub-Chapter O. CR-1, Community Residential Zone
Section 3.425. Description and Purpose
Section 3.430. Acreage-Dimensional Standards
Section 3.435. Setbacks
Section 3.440. Requirements for Use
Section 3.445. Uses Permitted
Section 3.450. Conditional Uses
Chapter 4. Supplementary Manuals and Planning Activities
Section 4.000. Description and Purpose
Section 4.005. Building Codes
Section 4.010. Sewage Disposal
Section 4.015. Domestic Water System
Section 4.020. Subdivisions
Section 4.025. Forest Practices
Section 4.030. Range Planning and Development
Section 4.035. Agriculture
Section 4.040. [RESERVED]
Section 4.045. Mining, Quarrying, or other Extracting Activity; Policies
Section 4.046. Criteria and Standards for Mining Zones
Chapter 5. Non-Conforming Uses
Section 5.010. Non-Conforming Lots of Record
Section 5.020. Non-Conforming Uses of Land
Section 5.030. Non-Conforming Structures
Section 5.040. Non-Conforming Uses of Structure and Land
Chapter 6. Conditional Uses
Section 6.010. Authorization to Grant or Deny Conditional Uses
Section 6.015. Circumstances for Granting a Conditional Use
Section 6.020. Procedure for Taking Action on a Conditional Use
Section 6.025. Time Limit on a Conditional Use
Section 6.030. Time Limit on Reapplication
Section 6.035. Suggested Standards Governing Conditional Uses
Chapter 7. P.U.D. Planned Unit Development
Section 7.100. Description and Purpose
Section 7.200. Types of Planned Unit Development
Section 7.300. Approvals Required
Section 7.350. Approval Criteria
Section 7.400. Permitted Uses
Section 7.500. Development Standards
Section 7.600. Application Procedures
Section 7.620. Sketch Plan
Section 7.640. Tentative Plan
Section 7.650. Final Plat
Section 7.700. Recording the Final Plat
Section 7.800. Appeals
Chapter 8. Variances
Section 8.010. Authorization to Grant or Deny Variances
Section 8.015. Circumstances for Granting a Variance
Section 8.016. Granting a Variance to the Flood Hazard Overlay Zone Requirements
Section 8.020. Procedure for Taking Action on a Variance Application
Section 8.025. Time Limit on a Permit for a Variance
Section 8.030. Time Limit on Reapplication
Chapter 9. Zone Change, Amendments
Section 9.000. Amendments
Section 9.005. Application
Section 9.010. Public Hearing on an Amendment
Section 9.015. Standards for Zone Change
Section 9.017. Action by the Board of Trustees
Section 9.020. Record of Amendments
Section 9.025. Resolution of Intent to Rezone
Chapter 10. Site Plan Review
Section 10.005. Site Plan Review
Section 10.010. Elements of Site Plan
Section 10.015. Site Plan Approval Required
Section 10.020. Site Plan: Contents and Procedures
Section 10.025. Decision on Final Site Plan
Section 10.030. Site Plan Criteria
Chapter 11. Natural Resources Commission
Section 11.005. Natural Resources Commission
Section 11.010. General Powers of the Commission
Section 11.015. Special Powers of the Commission
Section 11.020. Authorization for Similar Uses
Chapter 12. Administrative Provisions
Section 12.001. Introduction
Section 12.005. Code Administration
Section 12.010. Administrative Actions
Section 12.012. Permit Review
Section 12.015. Permit Requirements
Section 12.017. Permit Application
Section 12.018. Application for Development Permit in Flood Hazard Overlay Zone
Section 12.020. Duration of Permit
Section 12.025. Extension
Section 12.030. Temporary Permit
Section 12.035. Fees
Section 12.040. Site Plan Review
Section 12.050. Special Flood Hazard Area Information to be Obtained and Maintained
Section 12.055. Alteration of Water Courses
Section 12.060. Interpretation of FIRM Boundaries
Chapter 13. Hearings
Section 13.005. Purpose
Section 13.010. Hearings Body Order
Section 13.015. Hearing Date
Section 13.020. Notice of Hearing
Section 13.025. Contents of Notice
Section 13.030. Filing of Staff Report for Hearing
Section 13.035. Burden of Proof
Section 13.040. Nature of Evidence
Section 13.045. Limitation on Oral Presentations
Section 13.050. Standing
Section 13.055. Record
Section 13.060. Prohibition on Pre-Hearing Contacts
Section 13.065. Challenge for Bias, Prejudgment or Personal Interest
Section 13.070. Hearing Procedure
Section 13.075. Objections to Jurisdiction, Procedure, Notice or Qualifications
Section 13.080. Notice of Decision
Section 13.085. Review by Hearings Body
Chapter 14. Appeals Procedure
Section 14.010. Appeals
Section 14.030. Rehearing
Section 14.035. Jurisdiction of Tribal Court
Section 14.040. Scope of Court's Review
Section 14.050. Unlawful Interference
Chapter 15. Enforcement Procedures
Section 15.005. Repeals
Section 15.010. Code Enforcement
Section 15.015. Violation Procedure
Section 15.100. Civil Penalties
Section 15.200. Criminal Penalties
Chapter 16. Exceptions
Section 16.010. Farm Buildings
Section 16.020. Corrals and Fences
Section 16.030. Storage
Section 16.040. Cultural
Section 16.050. Forest Practices
Chapter 17. Provisions Applying to Special Uses
Section 17.005. Special Uses
Section 17.010. Off-Street Parking
Section 17.020. Standards for Net Metering Facilities
Chapter 18. Sign Regulations
Section 18.100. Purpose
Section 18.200. Scope of Sign Regulations
Section 18.300. Computations
Section 18.400. Prohibited Signs
Section 18.420. Signs Exempt
Section 18.440. Signs Allowed Without a Permit
Section 18.460. Signs Permitted
Section 18.480. Billboard Policy
Section 18.490. Temporary Signs Permitted
Section 18.500. Sign Permit Requirements
Section 18.600. Non-conforming Signs
Section 18.700. Obsolete or Abandoned Signs
Section 18.800. Sign Construction, Maintenance, and Design
Chapter 19. Fee Schedule
Section 19.100. Administrative Permits
Section 19.200. Public Hearing Requests
Section 19.300. Sign Regulations
Section 19.400. Subdivision Requests
Section 19.500. Appeals Requests
Appendix A. Legislative History and Editorial Changes
Appendix B. Memorandum of Understanding With Umatilla County

Landlord-Tenant Mortgage Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Applicability
Section 1.02. Jurisdiction
Section 1.03. Purposes and Interpretation
Section 1.04. Relation to Other Laws
Section 1.05. Definitions
Chapter 2. Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities and Remedies
Section 2.01. Rental Agreements
Section 2.02. Rules and Regulations
Section 2.03. Landlord Responsibilities
Section 2.04. Tenant Responsibilities
Section 2.05. Tenant Remedies
Section 2.06. Landlord Remedies
Section 2.07. Abandoned Dwelling Units
Chapter 3. Grounds for Eviction/Notice to Quit/Pre-Eviction Options
Section 3.01. Grounds for Eviction
Section 3.02. Notice to Quit Requirements
Section 3.03. Serving the Notice to Quit
Section 3.04. Pre-eviction Options
Chapter 4. Judicial Eviction Procedures
Section 4.01. Summons and Complaint
Section 4.02. Action upon Filing a Complaint
Section 4.03. Commencement of Proceedings
Section 4.04. Defenses
Section 4.05. Discovery and Prehearing Procedures
Section 4.06. Evidence
Section 4.07. Burden of Proof
Section 4.08. Judgment
Section 4.09. Form of Judgment
Section 4.10. Execution of Judgment
Section 4.11. Stay of Execution
Section 4.12. Appeals
Section 4.13. Miscellaneous Complaints and Claims
Section 4.14. Notice to Leave the Premises
Section 4.15. Forcible Eviction
Section 4.16. No Self-Help Eviction
Section 4.17. Security Deposits
Chapter 5. Mortgage and Foreclosure
Section 5.01. Priority
Section 5.02. Recording
Section 5.03. Foreclosure Procedures
Section 5.04. Foreclosure Complaint and Summons
Section 5.05. Service of Process and Procedures
Section 5.06. Cure of Default by Subordinate Lienholder
Section 5.07. Judgment and Remedy
Section 5.08. Foreclosure Evictions
Section 5.09. No Merger of Estates
Section 5.10. Certified Mailing to Tribe and Lessor
Section 5.11. Intervention
Section 5.12. Appeals
Appendix A. Notice to Quit
Appendix B. Legislative History

Liquor Code
Chapter 1. Liquor Code
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Findings and Purpose
Section 1.03. Definitions
Section 1.04. Jurisdiction
Section 1.05. Relation to Other Laws
Section 1.06. Authorized Sale and Service of Liquor
Section 1.07. Prohibitions
Section 1.08. Conformity with State Law
Section 1.09. Penalty
Section 1.10. Sovereign Immunity Preserved
Section 1.11. Severability
Section 1.12. Effective Date
Appendix A. Legislative History

Mission Community Water System Code
Section 1. Short Title and Scope of Code
Section 2. Definitions of General Terms
Section 3. Sovereign Immunity
Section 4. Service Area
Section 5. Description of Service
Section 6. Responsibility for Service
Section 7. Application for Service
Section 8. Main Extensions
Section 9. Services
Section 10. Meters
Section 11. Water Rates
Section 12. Notice
Section 13. Billing and Payments
Section 14. Meter Error
Section 15. Cross Connections
Section 16. Discontinuance of Service
Section 17. Restoration of Service
Section 18. Unusual Demands
Section 19. Access to Property
Section 20. Responsibility for Equipment
Section 21. Fire Hydrants
Section 22. Easements
Section 23. Miscellaneous Violations
Section 24. Civil Penalties
Section 25. Suspension of Rules
Section 26. Prior Codes
Section 27. Saving Clause
Section 28. Code Approval
Appendix A. Legislative History and Editorial Changes

Non Profit Corporation Code
Chapter 1. General Matters
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Definitions
Chapter 2. Formation
Section 2.01. Purposes of a Nonprofit Corporation
Section 2.02. Incorporators
Section 2.03. Articles of Incorporation
Section 2.04. Corporate Name
Section 2.05. Corporate Capacity and Powers
Section 2.06. Filing of Articles
Chapter 3. Additional Requirements
Section 3.01. Amendment of Articles
Section 3.02. Organizational Meeting
Section 3.03. Disposition of Assets
Section 3.04. General Corporate Laws Applicable
Section 3.05. Annual Reporting Requirements
Section 3.06. Revocation
Section 3.07. Effective Date
Section 3.08. Provisions as Cumulative
Section 3.09. Severability
Appendix A. Legislative History

Right To Work Code
Section 1.01. Findings
Section 1.02. Definitions
Section 1.03. Right to Work
Section 1.04. Prohibited Acts
Section 1.05. Registration of Labor Organizations
Section 1.06. Business Agents
Section 1.07. Jurisdiction, Enforcement and Remedies
Section 1.08. Severability
Section 1.09. Sovereign Immunity
Appendix A. Legislative History

SB 412 Implementation Code
Chapter 1. SB412 Implementation Policy
Section 1.01. Limited to Exercise of State Law Enforcement Powers
Section 1.02. Definitions
Chapter 2. Archiving of Public Records
Section 2.01. Director of Public Safety as SB412 Records Administrator
Section 2.02. Making, Filing and Recording Records by Photocopying
Section 2.03. Copying Records; Evidentiary Effect
Section 2.04. Indexing and Filing Copied Records
Section 2.05. Disposal of Records
Chapter 3. Inspection of Public Records
Section 3.01. Right to Inspect Public Records and Notice Requirements
Section 3.02. Condensation of Public Record Subject to Disclosure; Petition to Review Denial of Right to Inspect Public Record; Adequacy of Condensation
Section 3.03. Functions of Custodian of Public Records; Rules
Section 3.04. Copies or Inspection of Public Records; Written Response; Fees; Waiver or Reduction
Section 3.05. Procedure for Requests
Section 3.06. Nondisclosure on Request of Home Address, Home Telephone Number and Electronic Mail Address; Rules of Procedure; Duration of Effect of Request; Liability; When Not Applicable
Section 3.07. Petition to Review Denial of Right to Inspect Public Record; Appeal from Decision of OLC Denying Inspection
Section 3.08. Effect of Failure of OLC to Take Timely Action on Inspection Petition
Section 3.09. Petition Form; Procedure when Petition Received
Section 3.10. Court Authority in Reviewing Action Denying Right to Inspect Public Records; Docketing; Costs
Section 3.11. Public Records Exempt from Disclosure
Section 3.12. Public Records Conditionally Exempt from Disclosure
Section 3.13. Exempt and Nonexempt Public Record to be Separated
Chapter 4. Deadly Physical Force Plan
Section 4.01. Umatilla County Plan Adopted
Chapter 5. Biological Evidence Preservation
Section 5.01. Scope and Interpretation
Section 5.02. Duty to Preserve Certain Biological Evidence; Police Department as Custodian
Section 5.03. State District Attorney Requests
Section 5.04. Evidence Preservation Timelines; Early Disposal
Section 5.05. Automatic 120 Day Delay for Early Disposal
Section 5.06. State Court Orders
Section 5.07. Defendant s Request to Review Evidence
Section 5.08. Impracticable Retention
Section 5.09. Inability to Produce Evidence
Appendix A. Legislative History

Sex Offender Registration Code
Chapter 1. General matters
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Need
Chapter 2. Terminology and Covered Offenses
Section 2.01. Definitions
Section 2.02. Covered Offenses
Chapter 3. Tiered Offenses
Section 3.01. Tier 1 Offenses
Section 3.02. Tier 2 Offenses
Section 3.03. Tier 3 Offenses
Chapter 4. Required Information
Section 4.01. General Requirements
Section 4.02. Criminal History
Section 4.03. Date of Birth
Section 4.04. DNA Sample
Section 4.05. Driver s Licenses, Identification Cards, Passports, and Immigration Documents
Section 4.06. Employment Information
Section 4.07. Finger and Palm Prints
Section 4.08. Internet Identifiers
Section 4.09. Name
Section 4.10. Phone Numbers
Section 4.11. Picture
Section 4.12. Physical Description
Section 4.13. Professional Licensing Information
Section 4.14. Address
Section 4.15. School
Section 4.16. Social Security Number
Section 4.17. Temporary Lodging
Section 4.18. Offense Information
Section 4.19. Vehicle Information
Chapter 5. Registration
Section 5.01. When Registration is Required
Section 5.02. Initial Registration
Section 5.03. Recapture
Section 5.04. Updating Registration Information
Section 5.05. Failure to Appear for Registration and Absconding
Chapter 6. Verification and Appearance Requirements
Section 6.01. Frequency
Section 6.02. Requirements for In-Person Appearances
Chapter 7. Public Sex Offender Registry Website
Section 7.01. Website
Section 7.02. Required and Prohibited Information
Section 7.03. Community Notification
Chapter 8. Sanctions
Section 8.01. Sanctions
Section 8.02. Non-Sex Offender related Crimes
Section 8.03. Offenses Involving Victims who are Minors
Chapter 9. Immunity
Section 9.01. No Waiver of Immunity
Section 9.02. Good Faith
Appendix A. Legislative History

Taxation Code
Chapter 1. Utility Tax Code
Section 1.01. Definitions
Section 1.02. Tax Commission
Section 1.03. Tax Imposed
Section 1.04. Assessment and Valuation
Section 1.05. Persons Liable for Payment
Section 1.06. Exemptions
Section 1.07. Declarations of Interest
Section 1.08. Notice of Assessment and Payment of Tax
Section 1.09. Penalties and Interest for Late Payment
Section 1.10. Lien of Taxes
Section 1.11. Civil Actions, Seizure and Sale of Property to Satisfy Taxes, Penalties and Interest
Section 1.12. Seizure and Sale of Property to Satisfy Taxes and Costs: Procedure
Section 1.13. Refund of Excess Tax Payments
Section 1.14. Challenges to the Presumed Value
Section 1.15. Hearing on Application for Refund or Challenge to Presumed Value Assessment
Section 1.16. Appeals to the Umatilla Tribal Court
Section 1.17. Finality of the Tax Commission or Tribal Court
Section 1.18. Enforcement and Record Keeping
Section 1.19. Settlement of Taxes Due
Section 1.20. Assignment or Transfer of Utility Property
Section 1.21. Civil Penalties for Evasion or Interference With Tax
Section 1.22. Criminal Offenses
Section 1.23. Prohibition of Suits
Section 1.24. Prohibition Against Discrimination
Section 1.25. Use of the Tax Proceeds
Section 1.26. Severability
Section 1.27. Effective Date
Chapter 2. Transient Lodging Tax
Section 2.01. Definitions
Section 2.02. Tax Imposed
Section 2.03. Tax Rate
Section 2.04. Collection of Tax
Section 2.05. Schedule of Reporting and Payment of Taxes
Section 2.06. Periods for Returns
Section 2.07. Regulations of Tax Commission
Chapter 3. Tobacco Code
Section 3.01. Title
Section 3.02. Purpose
Section 3.03. Definitions
Section 3.04. Tobacco Sales   License Fee
Section 3.05. Tobacco Sales   Application and Renewal
Section 3.06. Tobacco Sales License Criteria
Section 3.07. Cigarette Tax
Section 3.08. Trader’s License
Section 3.09. Tribal Sovereign Immunity
Section 3.10. Operating Without a License
Section 3.11. Rulemaking Authority
Section 3.12. Resisting Arrest or Hindering Enforcement
Section 3.13. Penalties
Section 3.14. Non-Application to Tribe
Section 3.15. Non-Indians
Chapter 4. Motor Fuels Tax Code
Section 4.01. Title
Section 4.02. Purpose
Section 4.03. Definitions
Section 4.04. Tax Imposed
Section 4.05. Taxable Unit
Section 4.06. Rate of Tax
Section 4.07. Motor Fuels License
Section 4.08. Motor Fuels License   Application and Renewal
Section 4.09. Motor Fuels License Criteria
Section 4.10. Fuel Sales
Section 4.11. Trader’s License
Section 4.12. Tribal Sovereign Immunity
Section 4.13. Operating Without a License
Section 4.14. Rulemaking Authority
Section 4.15. Resisting Arrest or Hindering Enforcement
Section 4.16. Penalties
Section 4.17. Retailer Notice Requirement
Section 4.18. Motor Fuels Tax Agreement
Section 4.19. Severability
Section 4.20. Effective date
Chapter 5. Liquor Tax Code
Section 5.01. Definitions
Section 5.02. Liquor tax Imposed
Section 5.03. Liquor Tax Rate
Section 5.04. Schedule of Reporting and Payment of Liquor Tax
Section 5.05. Substance Abuse Education, Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement Fund (“Substance Abuse Fund”)
Section 5.06. Tax Commission Regulations
Section 5.07. Effective Date
Chapter 6. Coyote Business Park Ad Valorem Tribal Property Tax
Section 6.01. Definitions
Section 6.02. Declaration of Necessity and Purpose
Section 6.03. Tax Imposed and Tax Rate
Section 6.04. Assessment
Section 6.05. Person Liable for Tax Payment
Section 6.06. Exemptions
Section 6.07. Schedule of Reporting
Section 6.08. Calculation of the Assessed Value of Property
Section 6.09. Notice of Assessment and Payment of Tax
Section 6.10. Appeals
Section 6.11. Use of the Tax Proceeds
Section 6.12. Confidential Information
Section 6.13. Severability
Section 6.14. Effective Date
Appendix A. Legislative History and Editorial Changes

Tort Claims Code
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Findings
Section 1.03. Authorization for Suit
Section 1.04. Limitations on Liability of the Confederated Tribes
Section 1.05. Preservation of Other Immunities and Defenses; Vicarious Liability; Volunteers
Section 1.06. Jurisdiction in Umatilla Tribal Court
Section 1.07. Consent to Suit Against Confederated Tribes; Limitations on Forum, Damages, and Claims for Relief
Section 1.08. Suits for Performance of Duties
Section 1.09. Tort Claims Procedures
Section 1.10. No Insurance Purchase Obligation
Section 1.11. Statute of Limitations
Section 1.12. Civil Liability for Serving Alcoholic Beverages to an Intoxicated Person or a Minor
Section 1.13. SB 412 Tort Claims against CRITFC
Appendix A. Legislative History

Tribal Employment Rights Office Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Title
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Statement of Policy
Section 1.04. Jurisdiction
Section 1.05. Definitions
Chapter 2. Tribal Employment Rights Office
Section 2.01. Program Manager
Section 2.02. General Authorities
Section 2.03. Specific Authorities
Chapter 3. Tribal Employment Rights Program
Section 3.01. Scope
Section 3.02. Compliance Agreement
Section 3.03. Job Qualifications and Personnel Requirements
Section 3.04. Tribal Hiring Hall
Section 3.05. Unions
Section 3.06. Contractors and Subcontractors
Section 3.07. Preference in Contracting and Subcontracting
Section 3.08. Layoffs
Section 3.09. Promotion
Section 3.10. Compliance Fees
Section 3.11. On Site Inspections
Section 3.12. Tribal Minimum or Prevailing Wage
Chapter 4. Violation Procedures
Section 4.01. Investigation by the Program Manager
Section 4.02. Issuance of Citation
Section 4.03. Program Manager Hearing
Section 4.04. Emergency Relief
Section 4.05. Appeals
Section 4.06. Individual Complaint Procedure
Chapter 5. Penalties
Section 5.01. Penalties for Violation
Section 5.02. Monetary Fines
Section 5.03. Enforcement
Chapter 6. Tribal Employment Rights Office Commission
Section 6.01. Establishment
Chapter 7. Commission Appeals and Hearings
Section 7.01. Appeals and Decisions that can be Appealed to the Commission
Section 7.02. Content of Appeal
Section 7.03. Scheduling Appeal Hearing
Section 7.04. Request to Reschedule Commission Hearing
Section 7.05. Commission Hearing Participants
Section 7.06. Hearing Procedure
Section 7.07. Commission Decision
Section 7.08. Commission Training
Chapter 8. Tribal Court Enforcement and Judicial Review
Section 8.01. Judicial Review of Commission Decisions
Section 8.02. Tribal Court Enforcement of Commission and Program Manager Decisions
Section 8.03. Court Rules
Section 8.04. Remedies
Chapter 9. Workforce Development
Section 9.01. Authorization
Section 9.02. Workforce Development Plan
Section 9.03. Training
Section 9.04. Inter-Departmental Participation and Cooperation
Section 9.05. Reporting
Appendix A. Legislative History and Editorial Changes

Water Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Introduction
Section 1.02. Purpose
Section 1.03. Scope
Section 1.04. Jurisdiction
Section 1.05. Statement of Policy
Section 1.06. Administration
Section 1.07. Definitions
Section 1.08. Water Management Regions
Section 1.09. Beneficial Uses of Water
Section 1.10. Water Commission
Section 1.11. Permits and Certifications
Section 1.12. Variances
Section 1.13. Appeals
Section 1.14. Fees
Section 1.15. Liability
Section 1.16. Severability
Section 1.17. Computation of Time
Chapter 2. Water Resource Use and Development
Section 2.01. Prior Water rights
Section 2.02. Water System Development and Water Use Permits
Section 2.03. Criteria for Approval of Water System Development Permits
Section 2.04. Water Use Permit Renewals
Section 2.05. Transfers or Cancellation of Water System Development and Water Use Permits
Section 2.06. Modification of Water Right, Water System Development or Water Use Permits
Section 2.07. Well Constructor Licensing
Chapter 3. Water Quality Protection
Section 3.01. Area of Application
Section 3.02. Responsibilities
Section 3.03. Anti-degradation Policy and Waters of the Reservation
Section 3.04. Water Quality Certification and Anti-degradation Review of Tribal Permits
Section 3.05. Salmonid Spawning Areas
Section 3.06. Certification of Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Permits
Section 3.07. Water Quality Management Planning
Chapter 4. Stream Zone Alterations
Section 4.01. Area of Application
Section 4.02. General Provisions
Section 4.03. Minor Alterations
Section 4.04. Major Alterations
Section 4.05. Emergency Alterations
Section 4.06. In-Stream Work Periods for Alterations
Section 4.07. Stream Zone Alteration Permits
Section 4.08. Riparian management zones
Chapter 5. Administration and Enforcement
Section 5.01. General Provisions
Section 5.02. Citations
Section 5.03. Hearings and Civil Fines
Section 5.04. Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions
Section 5.05. Bonds
Section 5.06. Forfeiture
Section 5.07. Other Relief
Section 5.08. Criminal Actions
Appendix A. Legislative History
Appendix B. Map of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Workers Benefit Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Section 1.01. Citation and Purpose
Section 1.02. Sovereign Immunity
Section 1.03. Insurance Requirement
Section 1.04. Definitions
Section 1.05. Acknowledgment of Code
Section 1.06. Notification to Employer of Injury by Worker
Section 1.07. Time Limit for Reporting of Incidents and Filing of Claims
Section 1.08. Burden of Proof
Section 1.09. Right to Waive Defenses
Section 1.10. Guardian for Minor or Incompetent
Chapter 2. Tribal Employee Benefits Committee
Section 2.01. Establishment
Section 2.02. Membership
Section 2.03. Powers of TEBC
Chapter 3. Administrative Duties and Powers
Section 3.01. Custodian Duties
Section 3.02. Payment and Distribution of Benefits
Section 3.03. Tribal Workers Benefit System Administrator Powers and Duties
Section 3.04. Acceptance/Denial of Claim
Chapter 4. Coverage and Compensability
Section 4.01. Entitlement to Benefit
Section 4.02. Disclosure of Pre-Existing Disabilities
Section 4.03. Mental Trauma Injuries
Section 4.04. Going to and Returning from Work
Section 4.05. Benefits Precluded by Neglect and/or Refusal of Worker to Submit to Treatment
Section 4.06. Injury or Death by Consumption and/or Application of Drugs and/or Chemicals
Section 4.07. Intoxication
Section 4.08. False Statement or Representation to Obtain Compensation; Penalty and Forfeiture
Section 4.09. Injuries Resulting from Self-Inflicted Injuries, Willful Misconduct, or "Horseplay”
Section 4.10. Injuries Resulting from "Acts of God"
Section 4.11. Recreational, Social or Athletic Activities
Section 4.12. Injuries Caused by Third Parties
Section 4.13. Secondhand Smoke Claims
Chapter 5. Benefits - General Provisions
Section 5.01. Right to Compensation and Medical Treatment Benefits
Section 5.02. Workers Benefit as Exclusive Remedy
Section 5.03. Effect of Compensation Paid in Other Jurisdictions or Third Party Recovery
Section 5.04. Liability of Third Parties - Subrogation
Section 5.05. Assignability of Benefits - Attachment of Liens
Section 5.06. Aggravation of Pre-Existing Disease or Condition
Section 5.07. Termination of Benefits Upon Death
Chapter 6. Benefits
Section 6.01. Vocational Rehabilitation
Section 6.02. Waiting Period
Section 6.03. Total Disability and Partial Disability Income Benefits
Section 6.04. Impairment Benefits
Section 6.05. Benefit Issuance Period
Section 6.06. Not to Exceed Pre-Injury Average Weekly Wage
Section 6.07. Benefit Offsets
Chapter 7. Death Benefits
Section 7.01. Distribution of Death Benefits
Section 7.02. Redistribution of Death Benefits
Section 7.03. Verification of Eligibility of Death Benefits
Section 7.04. Burial Benefits
Chapter 8. Medical Benefits
Section 8.01. Entitlement to Medical Benefits
Section 8.02. Right to Select Doctor; Employer Selection
Section 8.03. Release of Medical-Related Information
Section 8.04. Medical Expenses
Section 8.05. Settlement of Future Medical Treatment
Chapter 9. Adjudication of Disputes
Section 9.01. Appeals from Decisions of the Administrator
Section 9.02. Hearings
Section 9.03. Claimant Attorney's Fees and Other Related Arbitration Costs
Appendix A. Legislative History

Rules of Evidence
Article I. General Provisions
Rule 101. Scope; Definitions
Rule 102. Purpose
Rule 103. Rulings on Evidence
Rule 104. Preliminary Questions
Rule 105. Limiting Evidence That Is Not Admissible Against Other Parties or for Other Purposes
Rule 106. Remainder of or Related Writings or Recorded Statements
Article II. Judicial Notice
Rule 201. Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts
Article III. Presumptions in Civil Cases
Rule 301. Presumptions in Civil Actions Generally
Article IV. Relevance and Its Limits
Rule 401. Test for Relevant Evidence
Rule 402. General Admissibility of Relevant Evidence
Rule 403. Excluding Relevant Evidence for Prejudice, Confusion, Waste of Time, or Other Reasons
Rule 404. Character Evidence; Crimes or Other Acts
Rule 404-1. Pattern, Practice or History of Abuse; Expert Testimony
Rule 405. Methods of Proving Character
Rule 406. Habit; Routine Practice
Rule 407. Subsequent Remedial Measures
Rule 408. Compromise Offers and Negotiations
Rule 409. Offers to Pay Medical and Similar Expenses
Rule 410. Pleas, Plea Discussions, and Related Statements
Rule 411. Liability Insurance
Rule 412. Sex-Offense Cases: The Victim s Sexual Behavior or Predisposition
Rule 413. Similar Crimes in Sexual-Assault Cases
Rule 414. Similar Crimes in Child-Molestation Cases
Rule 415. Similar Acts in Civil Cases Involving Sexual Assault or Child Molestation
Article V. Privileges
Rule 501. Privileges in General
Rule 502. Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product; Limitations on Waiver
Rule 601. Competency to Testify in General
Rule 602. Need for Personal Knowledge
Rule 603. Oath or Affirmation to Testify Truthfully
Rule 604. Interpreter
Rule 605. Judge s Competency as a Witness
Rule 606. Juror s Competency as a Witness
Rule 607. Who May Impeach a Witness
Rule 608. A Witness s Character for Truthfulness or Untruthfulness
Rule 609. Impeachment by Evidence of a Criminal Conviction
Rule 610. Religious Beliefs or Opinions
Rule 611. Mode and Order of Examining Witnesses and Presenting Evidence
Rule 612. Writing Used to Refresh a Witness s Memory
Rule 613. Witness s Prior Statement
Rule 614. Court s Calling or Examining a Witness
Rule 615. Excluding Witnesses
Article VII. Opinions and Expert Testimony
Rule 701. Opinion Testimony by Lay Witnesses
Rule 702. Testimony by Expert Witnesses
Rule 703. Bases of an Expert s Opinion Testimony
Rule 704. Opinion on an Ultimate Issue
Rule 705. Disclosing the Facts or Data Underlying an Expert s Opinion
Rule 706. Court-Appointed Expert Witnesses
Article VIII. Hearsay
Rule 801. Definitions That Apply to This Article; Exclusions from Hearsay
Rule 802. The Rule Against Hearsay
Rule 803. Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay   Regardless of Whether the Declarant Is Available as a Witness
Rule 804. Exceptions to the Rule Against Hearsay   When the Declarant Is Unavailable as a Witness
Rule 805. Hearsay Within Hearsay
Rule 806. Attacking and Supporting the Declarant s Credibility
Rule 807. Residual Exception
Article IX. Authentication and Identification
Rule 901. Authenticating or Identifying Evidence
Rule 903. Subscribing Witness s Testimony
Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs
Rule 1001. Definitions That Apply to This Article
Rule 1002. Requirement of the Original
Rule 1003. Admissibility of Duplicates
Rule 1004. Admissibility of Other Evidence of Content
Rule 1005. Copies of Public Records to Prove Content
Rule 1006. Summaries to Prove Content
Rule 1007. Testimony or Statement of a Party to Prove Content
Rule 1008. Functions of the Court and Jury
Article XI. Miscellaneous Rules
Rule 1101. Applicability of the Rules
Rule 1102. Amendments
Rule 1103. Title

[Table of Contents created by NILL in October 2014, based on materials available on tribes' website.]