Coeur D'Alene Tribe - Tribal Code - Table of Contents

Most recent update received: April 2021

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Table of Contents

Executive Order and Treaties
Section 1: Constitution and By-Laws of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Section 2: Statutes, which include all Tribal statutes affecting the Coeur d'Alene Reservation.
Chapter 1: Tribal Court
Chapter 2: Definitions
Chapter 3: Criminal Procedures
Chapter 4: Civil Procedures
Chapter 5: Probate of Decedent's Estate
Chapter 6: Juveniles
Chapter 7: Child/Family, Elderly and Adult Protection
Chapter 8: Adoption
Chapter 9: Domestic Relations
Chapter 10: Criminal Offenses
Chapter 11: Offenses Against the Person
Chapter 12: Offenses Involving Children
Chapter 13: Offenses Involving Property
Chapter 14: Offenses Involving Animals
Chapter 15: Offenses Involving Conduct
Chapter 16: Offenses Involving Moral Turpitude
Chapter 17: Offenses Involving Tribal Govennnent
Chapter 18: Traffic Offenses
Chapter 19: Sentences
Chapter 20: On-Reservation Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
Chapter 21: Off-Reservation Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping
Chapter 22: Range and Livestock
Chapter 23: Public Gatherings and Open Air Assemblies
Chapter 24: Tobacco and Liquor
Chapter 25: Exclusion
Chapter 26: Tribal Police
Chapter 27: Traditional Gaming
Chapter 28: Fireworks
Chapter 29: Religious Freedom
Chapter 30: Coeur d'Alene Tribal Charitable Gaming Code
Chapter 31: Civil Penalties and Forfeitures
Chapter 32: Administrative Procedures Act
Chapter 33: Eminent Domain
Chapter 34: Eviction Procedures
Chapter 35: Leasehold Mortgages
Chapter 36: Land Preservation and Consolidation
Chapter 37: Elections
Chapter 38: Governmental Immunity
Chapter 39: Enrollment
Chapter 40: Business Licenses
Chapter 41: Tribal Employment Rights (TERO)
Chapter 42: Water Quality
Chapter 43: Boating on Tribal Waters
Chapter 44: Encroachments
Chapter 45: Nuisances
Chapter 46: Pesticides
Chapter 47:Tribal Housing Administration
Chapter 48: Fuel Excise Tax
Chapter 49: Child Care Center Licensing
Chapter 50: Business Corporations
Chapter 51: Tax Commission
Chapter 52: Cultural Resources Protection
Chapter 53: Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 54: Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 55: Hotel Occupancy Tax / Food and Beverage Tax
Chapter 56: Bingo National Network Authority Act [Repealed and removed from Tribal Code: Res: 77(2017)]
Chapter 57: Tribal Waste Management Act
Chapter 58: Sex Offender Registration and Notification
Chapter 59: Tribal Workers Compensation Claims Act
Chapter 60: Tribal General Welfare Act
Chapter 61: Tribal Research Regulations
Section 3: Coeur d'Alene Tribal Rules of Civil Procedure


A more detailed version of the table of contents is included below.

Coeur D'Alene tribal code. Table of Contents.

Executive order and treaties -- United States Presidential Executive Order Establishing Coeur d' Alene Reservation Boundaries. 1887 Coeur d' Alene / United States Treaty. 1889 Coeur d' Alene / United States Treaty. 1894 Coeur d' Alene / United States Treaty. (11 pgs)(2003).

Section 1. Constitution and by-laws of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Idaho (Not a "certified copy") (7 pgs).

Section 2. Statutes:
Ch. 1. Tribal Court -- 1-1.01. Coeur d'Alene Tribal Court. 1-2.01. Coeur d'Alene Tribal Supreme Court. 1-3.01. Jurisdiction generally. 1-3.02. Acts subjecting persons to jurisdiction of Coeur d'Alene Tribal Courts. 1-3.03. Consensual jurisdiction / exclusion. 1-4.01. Appellate jurisdiction. 1-5.01. Concurrent jurisdiction. 1-6.01. Jurisdiction to sue tribe. 1-7.01. Coeur d'Alene Tribal Court judges. 1-7.02. Assignment of cases. 1-7.03. Compensation of judges. 1-8.01. Qualifications of the Coeur d'Alene tribal General judge. 1-9.01. Term of office. 1-10.01. Vote of confidence elections for chief, general and special judges: vote of confidence elections. 1-10.02. Appointment of judges. 1-10.03. Appointment of justices of the Supreme Court of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe. 1-11.01. Unexpired terms. 1-12.01. Visiting judges and judges pro tem. 1-13.01. Suspension or removal of judge. 1-14.01. Authority. 1-15.01. Legal training of judges. 1-15.02. Code of Judicial Conduct. 1-16.01. Rules of court. 1-17.01. Request for jury required. 1-18.01. Compensation of jurors. 1-19.01. Compensation of witnesses. 1-20.01. Contempt. 1-21.01. Punishment for contempt. 1-22.01. Disorderly conduct in court. 1-23.01. Punishment for disorderly conduct in court. 1-24.01. Spokesman. 1-25.01. Prosecution. 1-25.02. Public defender. 1-26.01. Clerk of court. 1-27.01. Court administration. 1-27.02. Presiding judge. 1-27.03. Administrative responsibilities of the presiding judge. 1-27.04. Law and Order Administrator. 1-27.05. Probation officer(s). 1-28.01. Records. 1-29.01. Copies of law. 1-30.01. Habeas corpus. 1-31.01. Indian rights enumerated. 1-32.01. Severability. 1-33.01. Non-waiver of jurisdiction. 1-34.01. Effective date of amendment. 1-35.01. Designation of statutes. (14 pgs)(2019).
Ch. 2. Definitions -- 2-1.01. Indian police. 2-2.01. Signature. 2-3.01. Tribal Council. 2-4.01. Tribe. 2-5.01. Court or Tribal Court. 2-6.01. Agency. 2-7.01. Superintendent. 2-8.01. Secretary. 2-9.01. Tribal official. 2-10.01. De novo. 2-11.01. Incompetent. 2-12.01. Minor. 2-13.01. Person not in being. 2-14.01. Indian. 2-15.01. Reservation. 2-16.01. Trust property. 2-16.02. Trust property exemption. (4 pgs)(2019).
Ch. 3. Criminal procedures -- 3-1.01. Scope - courts - exception. 3-2.01. Purpose and construction - title. 3-3.01. Complaint - initiation and prosecution. 3-4.01. Coeur d'Alene tribal uniform citation. 3-5.01. Speedy trial. 3-6.01. Warrant - summons. 3-7.01. Time of complaint. 3-8.01. Tolling of time for complaint. 3-9.01. Joinder of offenses and of defendants. 3-10.01. Pleas. 3-11.01. Pleadings and motions before trial - defenses and objections. 3-12.01. Notice of alibi. 3-13.01. Trial together of complaints. 3-14.01. Relief from prejudicial joinder. 3-15.01. Depositions. 3-16.01. Discovery and inspection. 3-17.01. Subpoena. 3-18.01. Pre-trial conference. 3-19.01. Place of prosecution and trial. 3-20.01. Trial by jury or by the court - trial by jury. 3-21.01. Trial by jurors. 3-22.01. Judge - disqualification - disability. 3-23.01. Motion for mistrial. 3-24.01. Instructions. 3-25.01. Verdict. 3-26.01. Sentence and judgment. 3-27.01. New trial. 3-28.01. Correction or reduction of sentence. 3-29.01. Stay of execution - relief pending - review. 3-30.01. Search and seizure. 3-31.01. Reclaiming exhibits - documents or property. 3-32.01. Presence of the defendant. 3-33.01. Withdrawal of counsel. 3-34.01. Motions. 3-35.01. Dismissal by the court. 3-36.01. Appeals from Trial Court to Appellate Court. 3-37.01. Commutation, suspension, withholding of sentence, probation. 3-38.01. Bail schedule. 3-39.01. Method or payment of bonds or fines and costs. 3-40.01. Time for filing briefs on appeal. 3-41.01. Extension for filing of briefs. 3-42.01. Appellate Court. 3-43.01. Split decision of Appellate Court. 3-44.01. Filing fee. (26 pgs)(2011).
Ch. 4. Civil procedures -- 4-1.01. Jurisdiction. 4-2.01. Commencement of civil actions. 4-3.01. Signature of complaint. 4-4.01. Limitation of filing. 4-5.01. Tolling the limitation. 4-6.01. Filing fee. 4-7.01. Summons. 4-8.01. Service. 4-9.01. Guardian ad litem for minor or incompetent. 4-10.01. Use of Coeur d'Alene Tribal Rules of Civil Procedure. 4-10.02. Use of other law. 4-11.01. Tribal custom advisor. 4-12.01. Judgments. 4-13.01. Judgments in cases involving injury. 4-14.01. Default judgment. 4-15.01. Costs. 4-16.01. Appeal. 4-17.01. Payment of judgments from individual Indian's monies. 4-18.01. Where applicable. 4-19.01. Effect on estate. 4-20.01. Judgment lien. 4-21.01. Enforcement of civil judgments. 4-21.02. Writs of execution. 4-21.03. Sale of property through writ of execution. 4-21.04. Special marshall. 4-21.05. Other law enforcement personnel. 4-21.06. Title conveyed. 4-22.01. Limitation of enforcement of judgment. 4-23.01. Satisfaction of the judgment. 4-24.01. Preponderance of the evidence. 4-25.01. Full faith and credit. 4-25.02. State and tribal courts entitled to full faith and credit. 4-25.03. Jurisdiction and procedure for establishing full faith and credit. 4-25.04. Review of jurisdictional basis for state or tribal judgment. 4-25.05. Review of consumer transactions. 4-25.06. Entry of judgment. 4-25.07. Remedies available to judgment creditor. 4-26.01. Personal property of Indians. 4-26.02. Repossession of Indian personal property. 4-26.03. Court order and absence of written consent by Indian debtor. 4-26.04. Procedure to obtain court order for repossession. 4-26.05. Remedies for violation of this section. 4-27.01. Service of process involving foreign causes of action. 4-28.01. Coeur D'Alene Tribal Arbitration Act. 4-28.02. Definitions. 4-28.03. When this Act applies. 4-28.04. Validity of agreement to arbitrate. 4-28.05. Effect of agreement to arbitrate; nonwaivable provisions. 4-28.06. Initiation of arbitration. 4-28.07. Notice. 4-28.08. Motion to compel or stay arbitration. 4-28.09. Application for judicial relief. 4-28.10. Provisional remedies. 4-28.11. Appointment of arbitrator; service as a neutral arbitrator. 4-28.12. Disclosure by arbitrator. 4-28.13. Action by majority. 4-28.14. Arbitration process. 4-28.15. Representation by a lawyer. 4-28.16. Witnesses; subpoenas; depositions; discovery. 4-28.17. Consolidation of separate arbitration proceedings. 4-28.18. Judicial enforcement of preaward ruling by arbitrator. 4-28.19. Award. 4-28.20. Change of award by arbitrator. 4-28.21. Remedies; fees and expenses of arbitration proceedings. 4-28.22. Confirmation of award. 4-28.23. Vacating award. 4-28.24. Judicial modification or correction of award. 4-28.25. Judgment of award; attorney's fees and litigation expenses. 4-28.26. Appeals. 4-28.27. Jurisdiction. 4-28.28. Immunity of arbitrator; competency to testify; attorney's fees & costs. 4-28.29. Relationship to electronic signatures in Global & National Commerce Act. 4-28.30. Repealer. 4-28.31. Severability. (32 pgs)(2016).
Ch. 5. Probate of decedent's estate -- 5-1.01. Jurisdiction. 5-2.01. Authority. 5-3.01. Trust property. 5-4.01. Aid of state law. 5-5.01. Conflicts in probate. 5-6.01. Evidence as to death or status. 5-7.01. Petition for the appointment of personal representative. 5-8.01. Appointment of personal representative. 5-9.01. Qualification of personal representative. 5-10.01. Bond not required without court order. 5-11.01. Duty and liability of will custodian. 5-12.01. Application for probate hearing order. 5-13.01. Inventory. 5-14.01. Appointment of appraisers. 5-15.01. Compensation of appraisers. 5-16.01. Return of appraisal. 5-17.01. Notice to creditors. 5-18.01. Exception to notice requirement. 5-19.01. Order of claimed preference. 5-20.01. Sale of estate by personal representative. 5-21.01. Notification of acceptance or rejection of claim. 5-22.01. Petition for determination of heirs and distribution of estate. 5-23.01. Court hearing on petition for determination of heirs and distribution of estate. 5-24.01. Hearing proceedings. 5-25.01. Final order and discharge of personal representative. 5-26.01. Compensation of personal representative. 5-27.01. Bond of personal representative. 5-28.01. Exceptions to bond requirements. 5-29.01. Liability for mismanagement. 5-30.01. Limitations of actions 5-31.01. Will contests. 5-32.01. Grounds of will contest. 5-33.01. Hearing upon will contest. 5-34.01. Revocation of will by divorce. 5-35.01. Appeal. 5-36.01. Power to appoint guardian ad litem. 5-37.01. Duties of guardian ad litem. 5-38.01. Compensation of guardian ad litem. 5-39.01. Surviving spouse and child's award. 5-40.01. Intestate succession. 5-41.01. Dwelling exemption. 5-42.01. Notice. 5-43.01. Wrongful slayer provision. 5-44.01. Escheat to tribe for want of heirs. 5-45.01. Simultaneous death provision. 5-46.01. Jurisdiction outside the reservation. (13 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 6. Juveniles -- 6-1.01. Short title, purpose and definitions. 6-2.01. Jurisdiction of the tribal court over juveniles. 6-3.01. Treatment of juvenile as adult. 6-4.01. Court procedure for juveniles. 6-5.01. Relations with other agencies. 6-6.01. Rights of parties in juvenile proceedings. 6-7.01. Juvenile offender - taking into custody. 6-8.01. Juvenile offender - detention hearing. 6-9.01. Juvenile offender - initiation of proceedings. 6-10.01. Juvenile offender - informal adjustment. 6-11.01. Juvenile offender - adjudication proceedings. 6-12.01. Juvenile offender - predisposition studies: reports and examinations. 6-13.01. Juvenile offender - disposition proceedings. 6-14.01. Juvenile offender - review, modification, revocation, extension or termination of dispositional orders. 6-15.01. Juvenile records. 6-16.01. Juvenile appeals. (21 pgs)(2019).
Ch. 7. Child/family, elderly and adult protection-- 7-1.01. Short title, purpose and definitions. 7-2.01. Jurisdiction of the tribal court ("Court"). 7-3.01. Transfer of jurisdiction. 7-4.01. Procedures and authorizations. 7-5.01. Protective services workers. 7-6.01. Child protection team. 7-7.01. Reports to Child Welfare Department and Tribal Law Enforcement for child abuse and neglect and certain types of injuries. 7-8.01. Investigation and removal. 7-9.01. Notice of removal. 7-10.01. Restrictions on placement of children. 7-11.01.Filing child/family protection petition. 7-12.01. Initial shelter care hearing. 7-13.01. Notification of rights. 7-14.01. Formal adjudicatory hearing on the issues and alternatives to court adjudication. 7-15.01. Notice of formal adjudication on the issues. 7-16.01. Six (6) month review. 7-17.01. Social service report. 7-18.01. Placement preferences. 7-19.01. Changes in placement. 7-19.02. Emancipation. 7-20.01. Authorization of medical treatment and enrollment decisions. 7-21.01. Foster home licensing procedures. 7-22.01. Guardianship. 7-23.01. Termination of parental rights. 7-24.01. Adoptions. 7-25.01. Modification, revocation or extension of court orders. 7-26.01. Child/family protection records. 7-27.01. Elderly and vulnerable adult protection. 7-27.02. Definitions. 7-27.03. Protective services. 7-27.04 Tribal protective services workers; powers and duties. 7-27.05. Immunity of participatns; non-privileged communication. 7-27.06. Duty to report, abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults or elderly; duty to make medical records available. 7-27.07. Permitting life or health of an incapacitated adult or elderly to be imperiled by neglect; classifications; civil remedy. 7-28.08. Registry. (55 pgs)(2018).
Ch. 8. Adoption -- 8-1.01. Minors and adults may be adopted. 8-2.01. Consent of husband and wife necessary. 8-3.01. Consent of parents, guardian, nearest relative or next of friend of child. 8-4.01. Consent of child. 8-5.01. Proceedings on adoption. 8-6.01. Order of adoption. 8-7.01. Effect of adoption. 8-8.01. Release of child's parents from obligations - termination of rights of parents and children. 8-9.01. Sealing records of proceedings. 8-10.01. Adoption into tribe.(4 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 9. Domestic relations -- 9-1.00. Purpose/policy. 9-1.01. Jurisdiction and scope. 9-1.02. State concurrent jurisdiction. 9-1.03. Simultaneous domestic relations proceedings in other jurisdictions. 9-1.04. Inconvenient forum for dissolving a domestic relationship. 9-1.05. Residency requirements for domestic relations. 9-2.00. Definitions for tribal domestic relations code. 9-2.01. Adoption of tribal domestic relations code. 9-2.02. Common law marriages not recognized. 9-3.00. Marriages, annulments and legal separations. 9-3.01. Marriage license. 9-3.02. Marriage ceremony. 9-3.03. Enforcement provisions of this chapter. 9-3.04. Domestic relations court fees. 9-3.05. Invalid or prohibited marriages. 9-3.06. Annulment actions/judgment. 9-3.07. Legitimacy of children. 9-3.08. Termination of marriage. 9-3.09. Grounds for dissolution. 9-4.00. Domestic relations proceedings and orders. 9-4.01. Proceedings for dissolution/annulment/legal separation. 9-4.02. Temporary orders. 9-4.03. Non-temporary spousal support. 9-4.04. Division of property and liabilities of married persons. 9-5.00. Parenting plan/residential schedule for minor children. 9-5.01. Child residential schedule/custody jurisdiction. 9-5.01.01. Sub-title construction provisions. 9-5.01.02. Definitions for determination of residential schedule/custody. 9-5.01.03. Jurisdiction over minors and incompetents for purposes of residential schedule/custody. 9-5.01.04. Jurisdiction for determination of residential schedule/custody of minor children. 9-5.01.05. Notice and opportunity to be heard in residential schedule/custody. 9-5.01.06. Simultaneous residential schedule/custody proceedings in other jurisdictions. 9-5.02. Judicial intent/policy for residential schedule and custody of minor children. 9-5.03. Proceedings for residential schedule and custody of minor children. 9-5.04. Best interests of the child in determining residential schedule and custody. 9-5.05. Information under oath to be submitted to the court in child-related proceedings. 9-5.06. Additional parties necessary to child-related proceedings. 9-5.07. Apppearance of parties and the child in child-related proceedings. 9-5.08. Blinding force and res judicata effect of residential schedule/custody decree. 9-5.09. Full faith and credit for recognition of foreign residential schedule/custody decrees. 9-5.09.01. Policy for recognition of foreign residential schedule/custody decrees. 9-5.09.02. Full faith and credit for foreign residential schedule/custody decrees defined. 9-5.09.03. Procedure for recognition and enforcement of a foreign residential schedule/custody decree. 9-5.09.04. Registry of out of jurisdiction residential schedule/custody decrees. 9-5.09.05. Certified copies of residential schedule/custody decree. 9-5.10. Modification of residential schedule/custody decrees. 9-5.10.01. Modification of residential schedule/custody decree of another jurisdiction. 9-5.10.02. Time and standard for modifying residential schedule/custody decree. 9-5.11. Testimony by deposition in another jurisdiction. 9-5.12. Assistance to courts of other jurisdictions. 9-5.13. Preservation of documents for use in other jurisdictions. 9-5.15. Request for court records of another jurisdiction. 9-5.16. International application. 9-5.17. Emancipation of a minor. 9-5.17.01. When a minor is emancipated. 9-5.17.02. Emancipation proceedings. 9-6.00. Paternity establishment.9-6.01. Paternity establishment purpose. 9-6.02. Paternity proceedings-generally. 9.6.03. Jurisdiction. 9-6.03.01. Jurisdiction of parties for establishment of paternity. 9-6.03.02. Jurisdiction for purposes of paternity and child support. 9-6.04. Definitions for paternity establishment. 9-6.05. Establishing paternity by affidavit and/or stipulation. 9-6.05.01. Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity by affidavit. 9-6.05.02. Establishing paternity by stipulation. 9-6.05.03. Affidavit or stipulation signed by a minor. 9-6.06. Establishing paternity through court order. 9-6.06.01. Who can file paternity action. 9-6.06.02. Time for filing paternity action. 9-6.06.03. Paternity pleadings. 9- Summons. 9- Petition. 9-6.06.04. Notice and absent parties. 9-6.06.05. Service of paternity and child support pleadings. 9-6.06.06. Paternity hearings. 9-6.06.07. Genetic testing in paternity establishment cases. 9- Purpose of genetic testing. 9- When genetic testing will be used. 9- Filing genetic test results with the court. 9-6.06.08. Evidence and burden of proof in paternity cases. 9-6.06.09. Presumption of paternity. 9-6.06.10. Order of paternity. 9-6.06.11. Paternity hearings closed and paternity records sealed. 9-6.06.12. Default order of paternity (failure to answer/respond to petition) 9-6.07. Reopening paternity action. 9-6.07.01. Reopening paternity action established by default order. 9-6.07.02. Reopening paternity action for purposes of disestablishment of paternity. 9-6.08. Establishment of paternity when natural/alleged parent is a minor. 9-6.09. Paternity and tribal enrollment. 9-6.10. Cild of assisted reproduction. 9-6.10.01. Parental status of donor. 9-6.10.02. Child assisted reproduction   artificial insemination. 9- Artificial insemination of wife with consent of husband. 9- Artificial insemination woman by unrelated male donor. 9- Artificial insemination between ovum donor and woman who gives birth. 9- Administrative recording acts with this section. 9-6.11. Best interest of the child not to establish paternity. 9-6.12. Paternity established by other jurisdictions. 9-6.13. Reimbursement of child support paid erroneously under paternity order. 9-6.14. Confidentiality in paternity actions. 9-7.00 Child support. 9-7.01. Coeur d'Alene tribal child support program. 9-7.01.01. Establishment of tribal child support program. 9-7.01.02. Tribal child support program authority and duties. 9-701.03. Legal representation. 9-7.01.04. Sovereign immunity of the Coeur d'Alene tribe. 9-7.02. Establishment of child support. 9-7.02.01. Purpose and policy. 9-702.02. Duty of care and support. 9-702.03. Jurisdiction for establishment of and modification of child support orders. 9-7.02.04. Youth in need of care, guardianship and non-parental custody cases. 9-7.02.05. Good cause not to establish child support. 9-7.02.06. Who can file a petition for child support. 9-7.02.07. Child support petition. 9-7.02.08. Child support summons. 9-7.02.09. Service of child support petition and summons. 9-7.02.10. Notice to tribal child support program. 9-7.02.11. Initial child support hearing and notice of hearing. 9- Initial child support hearing. 9- Notice of hearing. 9- Who sends notice of hearing. 9- Contents of notice of hearing. 9-7.02.12. Response. 9-7.02.13. Continuance to establish paternity. 9-7.02.14. Disclosure of financial information. 9-7.02.15. Limited waiver of confidentiality. 9-7.02.16. Domestic violence protection. 9-7.02.17. Proposed agreed child support orders. 9-7.03. Child support hearing. 9-7.03.01. Who may attend hearings. 9-7.03.02. Rules for non-contested child support hearings. 9-7.03.03. Rules for contested child support hearings. 9-7.04. Establishment of child support obligation. 9-7.04.01. Framework. 9-7.04.02. Findings of fact and conclusions of law. 9-7.04.03. Child support order. 9-7.04.04. Appeal of final child support order. 9-7.04.05. Content and effect of order. 9-7.05. Default orders. 9-7.05.01. Policy in child support matters. 9-7.05.02. Procedure for entry of child support orders by default. 9-7.05.03. Setting aside of default child support order. 9-7.06. Garnishment of tribal per capitas for payment of child support obligation. 9-7.06.01. Policy. 9-7.06.02. Garnishment of up to fifty (50) percent of tribal per capitas. 9-7.06.03. Garnishment of more than fifty (50) percent of tribal per capitas. 9-7.06.04. Binding stipulated agreement. 9-7.06.05. Petition/motion to stop garnishment of tribal per capitas. 9-7.07. Recognition of foreign judgments and intergovernmental case processing. 9-7.07.01. Policy. 9-7.07.02. Full faith and credit for foreign child support orders. 9-7.07.03. Procedure for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. 9-7.07.04. Federal income tax refund offset. 9-7.07.05. Federal or state benefits/payments. 9-7.08. Modification of child support orders. 9-7.08.01. Modification of Coeur d'Alene tribal court child support orders. 9-7.08.02. Modification of foreign court child support orders. 9-7.08.03. Modification of past child support owed to custodial party. 9-7.08.04. Modification of past child support owed to a government. 9-7.08.04. Petition for reduction of past child support. 9-7.08.06. Order on petition for reduction of past child support. 9-7.09. Establishment and termination of a child support obligation. 9-7.09.01. Establishment of a child support obligation. 9-7.09.02. Termination of current child support obligation. 9-7.09.03. Child support arrearages. 9-7.10. Enforcement of child support orders. 9-7.10.01. Payment of child support obligation. 9-7.1.02. Disability and retirement benefits paid to child. 9-7.10.03. Child support judgment. 9-7.10.04. Motion to enforce child support order. 9-7.10.05. Burden of proof. 9-7.10.06. Order for enforcement of child support. 9-7.10.07. Wage income withholding. 9- Enforcement. 9- Wage income withholding order. 9- Stay of order for wage income withholding. 9- Employers and wage income withholding orders. 9- Allocation of wage withholding income. 9- Tribal and tribal entity compliance with tribal court child support orders. 9- Duty to process foreign wage withholding orders. 9- Refund of wage withholding income. 9- Termination of wage withholding order. 9-7.11. Temporary assistance to needy families (TANF) and recipient's transfer of rights (assignment). 9-7.11.01. Purpose of transfer of TANF recipient's rights to child support. 9-7.11.02. Assignment of rights to child support. 9-7.11.03. Nature of rights to child support assigned. 9-7.11.04. Child support pass-through for TANF recipients. 9-7.12. Civil contempt for failure to pay child support. 9-7.12.01. Civil contempt authorized. 9-7.12.02. Civil contempt procedures. 9-7.12.03. Civil contempt   show cause hearing. 9-7.12.04. Civil contempt   remedies. 9-7.12.05. Bail forfeiture. 9-7.12.06. Show cause requirements. 9-7.12.07. Bench warrant. 9-8.00. Child support distribution. 9-8.01.01. Policy. 9-8.01.02. Distribution of child support payments. 9-9.00. Child support guidelines and schedule. 9-9.01. Purpose and underlying assumptions of child support guidelines and schedule. 9-9.02. Definitions for use with child support issues. 9-9.03. How to apply child support guidelines and schedule. 9-9.04. Calculation of child support. 9-9.04.01. Determination of income for basis of child support obligation. 9-9.04.02. Non-cash services and resources. 9-9.04.03. Work-related child care costs. 9-9.04.04. Transportation costs. 9-9.04.05. Federal and state tax benefits. 9-9.04.06. Minor child's per capita payment distribution. 9-9.04.07. Health/medical insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses. 9-9.04.08. Income verification. 9-9.04.09. Deviation from the child support guidelines and schedule. Child Support Tables. (142 pgs.)(2010).
Ch. 10. Criminal offenses -- 10-1.01. Definition of terms. 10-2.01. Sufficiency of intent to defraud. 10-3.01. Civil remedies preserved. 10-4.01. Court may punish for contempt. 10-5.01. Court to impose punishment. 10-6.01. Definition of crime. 10-7.01. Punishment for misdemeanor. 10-8.01. Intoxication no excuse for crime. 10-9.01. Jurisdiction over Indians. 10-10.01. Classification of parties. 10-11.01. Principals defined. 10-12.01. Accessories defined. 10-13.01. Punishment of accessories. 10-14.01. Mental illness as defenses. 10-15.01. Lack of capacity to understand proceedings - delay of trial. 10-16.01. Conviction of attempt. 10-17.01. Punishment for attempts. 10-18.01. Computation of term of imprisonment. 10-19.01. Labor credit on sentence. 10-20.01. Labor credit on fine. 10-21.01. Restitution. (7 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 11. Offenses against the person -- 11-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability. 11-1.02. Violations. 11-1.03. Civil liabilities. 11-2.01. Abuse of school teachers. 11-3.01. Abuse of a vulnerable adult. 11-4.01. Assault. 11-5.01. Aggravated assault. 11-6.01. Assault with intent to commit a serious crime. 11-7.01. Assault on certain personnel. 11-8.01. Assisting or causing suicide. 11-9.01. Battery. 11-10.01. Aggravated battery. 11-11.01. Battery with intent to commit a serious crime. 11-12.01. Battery on certain personnel. 11-13.01. Child custody interference. 11-14.01. Criminal libel. 11-15.01. Criminal slander. 11-16.01. Criminal homicide-murder-manslaughter-negligent homicide. 11-17.01. Domestic violence. 11-18.01. False imprisonment. 11-19.01. Firearms -  injuring another by careless handling and discharge. 11-20.01. Forcible sexual penetration by use of a foreign object. 11-21.01. Incest. 11-22.01. Indecent exposure. 11-23.01. Kidnapping. 11-24.01. Malicious harassment. 11-25.01. Mayhem. 11-26.01. Poisoning food, medicine or wells. 11-27.01. Public drunkenness. 11-28.01. Reckless endangerment. 11-29.01. Rape. 11-30.01. Rape of a male. 11-31.01. Sexual assault. 11-32.01. Robbery. 11-33.01. Stalking. 11-34.01 Unlawful administration of drugs. 11-35.01. Use of telephone to harass. 11-36.01. Use of telephone to harass by false statement. (19 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 12. Offenses involving children -- 12-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability to non-Indians. 12-1.02. Violations. 12-1.03. Civil liabilities. 12-2.01. Indecent liberties. 12-3.01. Desertion and non-support of children. 12-4.01. Neglect of children. 12-5.01. Injury to children. 12-6.01. Contributing to delinquency of minor. 12-7.01. Failure to send children to school. 12-8.01. Sexual conduct with a minor child under seventeen. 12-9.01. Child abuse. 12-10.01. Statutory rape. 12-11.01. Curfew. 12-12.01. Abandoned iceboxes or other containers accessible to minors under the age of fourteen (14) years. 12-13.01. Persons not allowed to purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages. 12-14.01. Furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor. 12-15.01. Carnal knowledge. 12-16.01. Enticing children. 12-17.01. Possession of use of tobacco by a minor. 12-18.01. Possession of inhalants by a minor. 12-19.01. Possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia by a minor - use of controlled substances. 12-20.01. False reports of explosives in public or private places by a minor. 12-21.01. Truancy. 12-22.01. Runaway. (9 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 13. Offenses involving property -- 13-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability. 13-1.02. Violations. 13-1.03. Civil liability. 13-2.01. Arson. 13-3.01. Burglary defined. 13-4.01. Possession of burglarious instruments. 13-5.01. Fraud. 13-6.01. Forgery. 13-7.01. Extortion. 13-8.01. False statements to obtain property, cash or credit. 13-9.01. Drawing check without funds. 13-10.01. False or fraudulent use of credit cards to obtain goods or services. 13-11.01. Taking and use of credit card without consent. 13-12.01. Theft. 13-13.01. Theft of lost property. 13-14.01. Receiving stolen property. 13-15.01 Damaging or destroying property. 13-16.01. Embezzlement. 13-17.01. Willful concealment of goods, wares or merchandise. 13-18.01. Trespass to land. 13-19.01. Trespass to buildings. 13-20.01. Fence destruction. 13-21.01. Destruction of signs. 13-22.01. Disposing of property of an estate. 13-23.01. Unauthorized use of property. 13-24.01. Failure to report or control fire. 13-25.01. Throwing away burning materials - starting prohibited fires - permitting fire to spread. 13-26.01. Closed season-starting fire without permit. 13-27.01. Opening telegrams. 13-28.01. Opening sealed letters. (14 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 14. Offenses involving animals -- 14-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability. 14-1.02. Violations. 14-1.03. Civil liabilities. 14-1.04. Criminal penalties. 14-2.01. Cruelty to animals. 14-2.02. Abandonment of animals. 14-3.01. Illegal movement of livestock. 14-3.02. Misbranding of livestock. 14-3.03. Unattended livestock. 14-4.01. Dog control-definitions. 14-4.02. Seizure and impoundment of dangerous or vicious dog. 14-4.03. Notice of seizure and impoundment; determination of identity of owner; notice of hearing; return of statement by owner; destruction of dog. 14-4.04. Finding to declare dog vicious or dangerous; destruction. 14-4.05. Keeping a dog with vicious propensities. 14-4.06. Dog at large. 14-4.07. License tag required for dogs. 14-4.08. License fees. 14-4.09. License officer. 14-4.10. License transferability. 14-4.11. Identification. 14-4.12. Non-removal of collars. 14-4.13. Seizure of dogs running a large, dogs without license tags and redemption of impounded dogs. 14-4.14. Dog control on reservation other than Plummer. 14-4.15. Disturbances. 14-4.16. Liability of owner. 14-4.17. Abandonment. 14-4.18. Limitation on number of dogs allowed. 14-4.19. Financial charges. 14-4.20. Dogs with diseases-kennel licenses. 14-4.21. Care of impounded dogs. 14-4.22. Use of force. 14-5.01. Animal disposal. 14-5.02. Animals in heat-confinement. 14-6.01. Rabies. 14-7.01. Leghold trapping. 14-8.01. Shelter required-outdoor facilities. 14-9.01. Plummer as agent. 14-9.02. City of Plummer. 14-9.03. Penalties in Plummer. 14-10.01. Dumping dogs and cats illegal. 14-11.01. Severability. (14 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 15. Offenses involving conduct -- 15-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability. 15-1.02. Violations. 15-1.03. Civil liabilities. 15-2.01. Deadly weapon - possession with intent to assault. 15-3.01. Concealed and dangerous weapons. 15-4.01. Exhibition or use of deadly weapon. 15-5.01. Aiming firearms at others. 15-6.01. Discharge of arms aimed at another. 15-7.01. Communicable disease. 15-8.01. Public nuisances. 15-9.01. Disturbing the peace. 15-10.01. Assembly to disturb peace - refusal to disburse. 15-11.01. Giving a false alarm or call for emergency vehicle. 15-12.01. Concealed weapons. 15-13.01. Liquor violations. 15-14.01. Disorderly conduct. (5 pgs.)(2011).
Ch. 16. Offenses involving moral turpitude -- -- 16-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability. 15-1.02. Violations. 16-1.03. Civil liabilities. 16-2.01. Gambling. 16-3.01. Prostitution. 16-4.01. Patronizing a prostitute. 16-5.01. Procurement of prostitution. 16-6.01. Controlled substances. (4 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 17. Offenses involving tribal government -- 17-1.01. Jurisdiction over and applicability. 17-1.02. Violations. 17-1.03. Civil liability. 17-2.01. Resisting and obstructing officers. 17-3.01. Bribery of judicial officers - peace officers. 17-4.01. Receipt of bribe by peace officer or judicial officer. 17-5.01. Attempt to influence jurors. 17-6.01. Misconduct of jurors. 17-7.01. Perjury. 17-8.01. Officer stealing, mutilating or falsifying Coeur d'Alene tribal records. 17-9.01. Private person stealing, mutilating or falsifying Coeur d'Alene tribal records. 17-10.01. False arrest. 17-11.01. Refusing to aid an officer. 17-12.01. Destroying legal notices. 17-13.01. Desecration of graves. 17-14.01. Placing debris on tribal or private property. 17-15.01. Bail jumping - default in required appearance. 17-16.01. Escape. 17-17.01. Disobedience to lawful order of the Tribal Court. 17-18.01. Misappropriation of tribal property. 17-19.01. Misuse of tribal identification cards. 17-20.01. Abuse of office. 17-21.01. Unauthorized cutting of tribal timber. 17-22.01. Destruction of public property. 17-23.01. Highway littering. 17-24.01. Recreation area littering. 17-25.01. Prohibited practices of tribal official. 17-26.01. Obstruction of justice. 17-27.01. Destruction of landmarks or navigational aids. 17-28.01. Intimidation. 17-29.01. Destruction of evidence. 17-30.01. Desecration of flag. 17-31.01. Violation of tribal ordinance or resolution. 17-32.01. Punishment for violation where omitted. (10 pgs.)(2019).
Ch. 18. Traffic offenses -- 18-1.01. Jurisdiction. 18-2.01. State of Idaho motor vehicle laws applicable to Coeur d'Alene Tribe. 18-3.01. Tribal authority to suspend driving privileges. 18-4.01. Moving traffic infractions - (Idaho Code). 18-4.02. Coeur d'Alene Tribal Infraction Penalty Schedule. 18-5.01. Application and designation of rules. 18-6.01. Definitions of jurors. 18-7.01. Citable offenses - method of initiating trial - consolidation. 18-8.01. Uniform citation - issuance - service - form - number distribution. 18-9.01. Appearance of defendant - admission by payment by mail - answer of a defendant - trial date notice or continuance notice. 18-10.01. Trial procedures - venue - arrest or bail prohibited court trials - findings and judgment. 18-11.01. Failure to appear - default judgment - notice of judgment. 18-12.01. Reporting of proceedings. 18-13.01. Appeal to Appellate Court. 18-14.01. Criminal misdemeanor. 18-15.01. Idaho code to be read as tribal code. 18-16.01. Misdemeanor penalty. 18-16.02. Ignition interlock device as a term of probation. 18-17.01. Equipment - (Idaho Code). 18-18.01. ATV (All-terrain vehicle) - (Idaho Code). (39 pgs.)(2014).
Ch. 19. Sentences -- 19-1.01. Labor credit on sentence. 19-2.01. Labor credit on fine. 19-3.01. Limitation on sentence. 19-4.01. Restitution. 19-5.01. Character and duration of sentence. 19-6.01. Probation. 19-7.01. Violation of pledge. 19-8.01. Terms and conditions of probation. 19-9.01. Probation officer. 19-10.01. Deposit and disposition of fines. (4 pgs.)(2002).
Ch. 20. On-reservation hunting, fishing and trapping -- 20-1.01. Jurisdiction. 20-2.01. Closed or restricted areas. 20-3.01. Definitions. 20-4.01. Scope. 20-5.01. Natural Resource Committee. 20-6.01. Enforcement. 20-7.01. Hunting and fishing. 20-8.01. Permits. 20-9.01. Tagging. 20-10.01. Falconry. 20-11.01. Scientific collection and special areas. 20-12.01. Destructive substances. 20.13.01 Attached evidence of sex requirement. 20-14.01. Unlawful possession of game. 20-15.01. Hunting hours. 20-16.01. Fishing derbies and tournaments. 20-17.01. Outfitters and guides. 20-18.01. Penalties. (20 pgs.)(2021).
Ch. 21. Off-reservation hunting, fishing, and trapping -- 21-1.01. Jurisdiction. 21-2.01. Definitions. 21-3.01. Persons authorized to hunt, fish and trap within ceded area. 21-4.01. No waiver of sovereign immunity or admission. 21-5.01. Severability. 21-6.01.General provisions. 12.7.01. Season modifications   violations. 21-8.01. Designated hunter   off-reservation. 21-9.01. Tribal identification card. 21-10.01. Obtaining big game permits - tags. 21-11.01. Possession and transportation of game and fish. 21-12.01. Unlawful possession. 21-13.01. Off-reservation enforcement. 21-14.01. Check stations. 21-15.01. Transfer. 21-16.01. Sale of wildlife. 21-17.01. Unlawful use of motorized vehicles. 21-18.01. Possession during closed season or in excess of bag limits. 21-19.01. Violations. 21-20.01. Penalties. (8 pgs.)(2005).
Ch. 22. Range and livestock -- 22-1.01. General. 22.2.01. Fence specifications. 22-3.01. Trespass. 22-4.01. Branding. 22-5.01. Grazing season. 22-6.01. Stallions. 22-7.01. Bulls. 22-8.01. Impoundment. 22-9.01. Impoundment - persons authorized. 22-10.01. Registration with court. 22-11.01. Charges. 22-12.01. Notice. 22-13.01. Contents of notice. 22-14.01. Service of notice. 22-15.01. Time. 22-16.01. Failure to appear. 22-17.01. Hearing. 22-18.01. Sale. 22-19.01. Proceeds. 22-20.01. Right to appeal. 22-21.01. Crossing permit. 22-22.01. Disposal of diseased or dead animals. 22-23.01. Offenses and penalties. (7 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 23. Public gatherings and open air assemblies -- Public gatherings and open air assemblies -- 23-1.01. Public gatherings. 23-2.01. Open air assembly. 23-3.01. Public safety. 23-4.01. Exemptions. 23-5.01. Permits. (3 pgs.)(2000).
Ch. 24. Tobacco and liquor -- 24-1.01. Title. 24-2.01. Definitions. 24-3.01. Licensing tobacco outlets or liquor outlets. 24-4.01. Nature of outlet. 24-4.02. Location of outlet license operation. 24-5.01. Application for tobacco or liquor outlet license. 24-6.01. Tobacco or liquor outlet license. 24-7.01. Coeur d'Alene tribe tax stamp. 24-8.01. Excise tax imposed. 24-9.01. Purchase of tobacco or liquor inventory. 24-10.01. Requirements of tobacco distributors. 24-11.01. Distributor compensation for affixing stamps. 24-12.01. Records to be kept. 24-13.01. Restricted sales. 24-14.01. Tribal liquor regulations. 24-15.01. Other business by operator. 24-16.01. Tribal liability and credit. 24-17.01. Audit and inspection; payment of tax. 24-18.01. Revocation of tobacco and liquor outlet license. 24-19.01. Revocation of distributor's license. 24-20.01. Violation-penalties. 24-21.01. Hearings. 24-22.01. Appeals. 24-23.01. Severability. 24-24.01. Provision enforcement. 24-25.01. Coeur d'Alene tribe tax commission. (11 pgs.)(2020).
Ch. 25. Exclusion --25-1.01. Exclusion from reservation. 25-2.01. Procedure for exclusion . 25-3.01. Hearing. 25-4.01. Appeal. 25-5.01. Procedures for temporary removal. 25-6.01. Provision for re-entering the reservation. 25-7.01. Hearings. 25-8.01. Enforcement. 25-9.01. Federal enforcement. 25-10.01. Physical removal of trespassers. (5 pgs.)(2000).
Ch. 26. Tribal police -- 26-1.01. Chief of police in command. 26-2.01. Tribal police. 26-3.01. Police Commissioner. 26-4.01. Police training. 26-5.01. Appointment and qualifications. 26-6.01. Duties. 26-7.01. Dismissal. 26-8.01. Return of equipment. (4 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 27. Traditional gaming -- 27-1.01. Jurisdiction. 27-2.01. Residential stick game restrictions. 27-2.02. Other traditional game restrictions. 27-3.01. General regulations applying to all stick games. 27-4.01. Violations. (3 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 28. Fireworks --28-1.01. Jurisdiction. 28-2.01. Eligibility for a fireworks license. 28-2.02. Non-eligibility for fireworks license. 28-3.01. Application. 28-4.01. Application fee and deposit. 28-5.01. Application form. 28-6.01. License non-transferable. 28-7.01. Duration of license. 28-7.02. Authorized dates for the use of fireworks. 28-8.01. Operator. 28-9.01. Employees of license. 28-10.01. Sale to minors. 28-11.01. Location of licensed operation. 28-12.01. Tribal excise tax. 28-13.01. Operator's license. 28-14.01. Bond. 28-15.01. Permitted fireworks - conformity with federal law. 28-16.01. Fire extinguisher. 28-17.01. Discharge in selling area. 28-18.01. Liability disclaimer. 28-19.01. General prohibitions. 28-20.01. Criminal penalties. 28-21.01. Civil remedies. 28-22.01. Hearings. 28-23.01. Appeals. (8 pgs)(2007).
Ch. 29. Religious freedom --29-1.01. Policy. 29-2.01. Adoption of federal law. 29-3.01. Inherent rights. 29-4.01. Violation. (2 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 30. Coeur d'Alene tribal charitable gaming code -- 30-1.01. Title. 30-2.01. Purpose and intent. 30-3.01. Definitions. 30-4.01. Establishment of the board. 30-4.02. Responsibility for gaming. 30-4.03. Removal. 30-5.01. Powers and duties of the board. 30-5.02. Board expenses. 30-5.03. Limitation on board activities. 30-6.01. Limitations on gaming. 30-6.02. Class II games. 30-6.03. Class III games. 30-6.04. Other gaming. 30-6.05. No gaming by minors. 30-6.06. Gaming authorized - Class II. 30-6.07. Gaming authorized - Class III. 30-7.01. Licenses and background checks. 30-7.02. Personal licensing standards. 30-7.02.01. Personal license requirements. 30-7.02.02. Gaming vendor, gaming vendor technician and non-gaming vendor standards. 30-7.02.03. Gaming operation vendor license requirements. 30-7.02.04. Application process for vendors. 30-7.02.05. Vendor licensing fees. 30-7.02.06. Gaming operation vendor technician license requirements. 30-7.02.07. Application process for gaming vendor technicians. 30-7.02.08. Vendor tech licensing fees. 30-7.02.09. Renewal process for gaming machine vendor, gaming vendor, their technicians and non-gaming vendors. 30-7.02.10. Gaming commission process for determining eligibility. 30-7.02.11. Maintenance/access of records. 30-7.02.12. Coeur d'Alene tribal gaming board and staff - confidentiality. 30-7.02.13. Suspension or revocation of license. 30-7.02.14. Additional enforcement actions. 30-7.03. Revocation of license. 30-7.03.01. Revocation appeal process. 30-7.03.02 Suspension of license. 30-8.01. Certificate of acceptability. 30-8.02. Inspection of premises and records. 30-8.03. Inspection of premises and records by board. 30-9.01. Taxation and net revenue distribution. 30-9.02. Net revenue distribution - charitable requirement. 30-9.03. Net revenue distribution - other. 30-9.04. Per capita payments. 30-9.05. Management contracts. 30-10.01. Penalties for violations. 30-10.02. Civil penalties for violations. 30-11.01. Investigations, hearings and judicial review. 30-12.01. Severability. 30-13.01. Purpose. 30-13.02. Gaming authorized. 30-13.03. Ownership of gaming. 30-13.04. Use of gaming revenue. 30-13.05. Audit. 30-13.06. Protection of the environment and public health and safety. 30-13.07. Licenses for key employees and primary management officials amd gaming vendors, gaming vendor technicians and non-gaming vendors. 30-13.08. License locations. 30-13.09. Repeal. 30-14.01. Specific background investigations. (57 pgs)(2016).
Ch. 31. Civil penalties and forfeitures -- 31-1.01. Findings. 31-1.02. Purpose and intent. 31-2.01. Civil action. 31-2.02. Civil penalty. 31-3.01. Forfeiture, generally. 31-3.02. Search and seizure of contraband with warrant. 31-3.03. Search and seizure of contraband without warrant. 31-3.04. Notice, hearing, disposal of contraband. (4 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 32. Administrative Procedures Act -- 32-1.01. Purpose and scope of act. 32-2.01. Definitions. 32-3.01. Applicability. 32-4.01. Appeals of officials' decisions. 32-5.01. Finality of decisions. 32-6.01. Notice of administrative decision or action. 32-7.01. Appeal from inaction of official. 32-8.01. Notice of an appeal. 32-9.01. Statement of reasons. 32-10.01. Answer of interested party. 32-11.01. Service of appeal documents. 32-12.01. Filing documents. 32-13.01. Record address. 32-14.01. Computation of time. 32-15.01. Extensions of time. 32-16.01. Summary dismissal. 32-17.01. Consolidation of appeals. 32-18.01. Action by Coeur d'Alene Tribal Officials hearing appeal. 32-19.01. Action by Coeur d'Alene Tribal Administrative Review Board. 32-20.01. Scope of review. 32-21.01. Judicial review of final decisions. (13 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 33. Eminent domain -- -- 33-1.01. Authority. 33-2.01. Power to condemn. 33-3.01. Public purposes. 33-4.01. Resolution required. 33-5.01. Complaint. 33-5.02. Summons. 33-5.03. Answer. 33-5.04. Trial. 33-5.05. Order - decree of appropriation. 33-5.06. Appeal. 33-6.01. Possession by tribe pending trial. 33-6.02. Resolution required. 33-6.03. Deposit in court - vesting of title. 33-6.04. Pre-payment of amount deposited. 33-6.05. Duty of the court. (6 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 34. Eviction procedures -- 34-1.01. Title. 34-2.01. Jurisdiction. 34-3.01. Definitions. 34-4.01. Unlawful detainer. 34-4.02. Notice not required. 34-4.03. Notice required. 34-5.01. Procedures for services of notice. 34-6.01. Procedure for unlawful detainer actions. 34-6.02. Complaint: commencement of action. 34-6.03. Summons. 34-6.04. Service of summons and complaint. 34-6.05. Trial. 34-7.01. Power of the tribal court. 34-7.02. Writ of restitution. 34-7.03. Judgments. 34-8.01. Enforcement. 34-8.02. Continuances in cases involving the secretary. 34-8.03. Alternate remedies. 34-9.01. Sovereign immunity. (7 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 35. Leasehold mortgages -- 35-1.01. Purpose. 35-2.01. Definitions. 35-3.01. Priority. 35-4.01. Recording. 35-5.01. Leasehold mortgage foreclosure proceedings. 35-5.02. Commencement of action. 35-5.03. Summons. 35-5.04. Trial. 35-6.01. Service of process and procedure. 35-7.01. Alternate service. 35-8.01. Certified mailing to tribe and lessor. 35-9.01. Intervention. 35-10.01. Cure of default by subordinate lien holders. 35-11.01. Power of the tribal court. 35-12.01. No redemption. 35-13.01. No deficiency judgment. 35-14.01. Remedies exclusive. 35-15.01. No merger. 35-16.01. Limited waiver of immunity. 35-17.01. Restrictions on sale, transfer or conveyance of leasehold interest. 35-18.01. Approval of tribe required for lease. 35-19.01. Saving clause, severability pending actions. (9 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 36. Land Preservation and Consolidation -- 36-01.01. Title. 36-2.01. Declaration of purpose. 36-3.01. Effective date and application of ordinance. 36-4.01. Policy against transfer of trust lands to non-members of the Coeur d'Alene tribe. 36-5.01. Right to renounce. 36-6.01. Escheat to tribe. 36-7.01. Coordination with other law. (7 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 37. Elections -- 37-1.01. Introduction and purpose. 37-2.01. Date of election. 37-3.01. Qualified voters. 37-4.01. Qualifications of candidates. 37-5.01. Establishment of the Election Board. 37-5.02. Term of membership on Election Board. 37-5.03. Duties of the Election Board. 37-5.04. Limitation on campaigning activities for election board members. 37-5.05. Duties of Election Board at the polling place. 37-6.01. Petitions for candidacy. 37-7.01. Certification of the candidates and distribution of qualified voter list. 37-8.01. Policy for candidates. 37-9.01. Objection for petitions for candidates. 37-10.01. Polling place. 37-11.01. Rules of the polling place. 37-12.01. Run off elections for candidates. 37-13.01. Election disputes. 37-14.01. Compensation for Election Board members. 37-15.01. Prohibition on distribution or sale of qualified voter list. 37-16.01. Severability. 37-17.01. Initiative process. 37-18.01. Constitutional amendment process. 37-19.01. Destruction of ballots. (17 pgs)(2021).
Ch. 38. Governmental Immunity -- 38-1.00 Purpose/Policy. 38-01.01. Sovereign Immunity. 38-02.01. Sovereign immunity - those immune. 38-03.01. Forums. 38-04.01. Council waiver required. 38-05.01. Limited waiver. 38-06.01. Non-waiver. 38.7.01. Recreational Immunity. (4 pgs)(2021).
Ch. 39. Enrollment -- 39-1.01. Official register. 39-1.02. Contents of register. 39-1.03. Enrollment records. 39-1.04. Persons entitled to registration. 39-1.05. Membership defined. 39-1.06. Prohibition on dual enrollment. 39-1.07. Eligibility for re-enrollment. 39-1.08. Enrollment procedure and evidence of membership. 39-1.09. Eligibility for tribal membership: documentation required. 39-1.10. Eligibility for automatic enrollment. 39-1.11. Proof of blood quantum. 39-1.12. Persons entitled to receive distribution of tribal assets. 39-1.13. Duty to register. 39-1.14. Access to tribal membership records. 39-1.15. Corrections to enrollment records - tribal membership roll or register. 39-1.16. Appeals. 39-1.17. Registration of deaths. 39-1.18. Relinquishment of enrollment. 39-2.01. Procedures and requirements for membership by adoption. 39-2.02. Enrollment committee. 39-2.03. Threshold requirements. 39-2.04. Indian blood. 39-2.05. Relinquishing of other tribal membership. 39-2.06. Tribal Council approval. 39-2.07. Enrollment by adoption. 39-3.01. Transfer requirements and procedures. (14 pgs)(2015).
Ch. 40. Business licenses --40-1.01. Sovereign power to regulate business. 40-1.02. Purpose. 40-1.03. Definitions. 40-1.04. Administration of chapter. 40-1.05. Administrative actions. 40-1.06. License fee required. 40-1.07. License fee and durations. 40-1.08. Application and issuance. 40-1.09. Denial of license. 40-1.10. Conditions of license. 40-1.11. Revocation of license. 40-1.12. Operating business on Coeur d'Alene reservation. 40-2.01. Severability. 20-3.01. Liability. (5 pgs)(2003).
Ch. 41. Tribal employment rights (TERO) -- 41-1.01. Name. 41-2.01. Purpose. 41-3.01. Statement of purpose. 41-4.01. Consistent with Congressional action. 41-5.01. Definitions of important terms and words. 41-6.01. Appointment of board members. 41-7.01. Terms of office of board members. 41-8.01. Removal from office. 41-.01. Vacancy and interim appointment. 41-10.01. Chairperson. 41-11.01. Duties of the board members. 41-12.01. Powers of the board members. 41-13.01. Directive to the board members. 41-14.01. Appointment and removal of employment rights manager. 41-15.01. Duties and powers of the manager. 41-15.01. Coverage and scope. 41-17.01. Contractors and subcontractors. 41-18.01. Minimum numerical goals and time tables for Indian employment. 41-19.01. Training. 41-20.01. Training administrative fee. 41-21.01. Job qualifications and personnel requirements. 41-22.01. T.E.R.O. compliance officer. 41-23.01. Layoffs and/or termination. 41-24.01. Promotion. 41-25.01 Summer students. 41-26.01. Indian preference requirements in awarding contracts and subcontracts. 41-27.01. Burden of proof. 41-28.01 Compliance plans. 41-29.01. Compliance plan for new employers. 41-30.01. Compliance plan for existing employers. 41-31.01. Revision of compliance plans: semiannual employer reports. 41-32.01. Final approval of compliance plans. 41-33.01. Noncompliance or violations. 41-34.01. Recognition of unions. 41-35.01. Notice. 41-36.01. Complaints. 41-37.01. Investigations. 41-38.01. Hearing procedure. 41-39.01. Power to require testimony and production of records. 41-40.01. Conduct of the hearing. 41-41.01. The decision. 41-42.01. The record. 41-43.01. Finality of the decision   appeal. 41-44.01. Enforcement and penalties for violation(s). 41-45.01. Enforcement. 41-46.01. Penalties. 41-47.01 Rights to appeal. 41-48.01. Scope of review. 41-49.01. Method of appeal. 41-50.01. Bond on appeal. 41-51.01. Purpose and procedure. 41-52.01. Reporting and on-site inspection. 41-53.01. Board funds. 41-54.01 Employment administrative fee. 41-55.01. Contractors. 41-56.01. Accounting. 41-57.01. Equal employment opportunities. 41-58.01 Equal pay. 41-59.01 Federal, state and local agencies. 41-60.01. Health, welfare and pension fund benefits. 41-61.01. Safety, health and environmental protection. 41-62.01. Rules and regulations. 41-63-01. Severability. (29 pgs)(2006).
Ch. 42. Water quality -- 42.1.01. Jurisdiction and intent. 42-2.01. Rights conferred. 42-3.01. Water Quality standards. (2 pgs.)(2000).
Ch. 43. Boating on tribal waters -- 43.1.01. Council intent. 43.2.01. Jurisdiction. 43.3.01. Definitions. 43.4.01. Hull identification number. 43-5.01. Capacity plate and certification. 43-5.02. Capacity plate   contents. 43-6.01. Certification label   contents. 43-7.01. Certificate of registration   expiration   fees. 43-8.01. Exemption from numbering provisions. 43-9.01. Unnumbered vessels. 43-10.01. Basic rule. 43-11.01. General limits on operation of vessels. 43-12.01. Limits for lakes and reservoirs. 43-13.01. Limits for rivers. 43-14.01. Restricted zones. 43-14.02. Restricted zones   violations. 43-15.01. Age of operator. 43-16.01. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances. 43-17.01. Special marine events. 43-18.01. Motor-driven watercraft noise control. 43-19.01. Marine sewage disposal. 43-20.01. Eluding a law enforcement officer   failure to yield. 43-21.01. Enforcement. 43-22.01 Penalties. 43-23.01. Severability. (19 pgs)(2008).
Ch. 44. Encroachments -- 44-1.01. Jurisdiction and intent. 44-2.01. No rights conferred. 44-3.01. Definitions. 44-4.01. Waters / submerged lands regulated. 44-5.01. Tribal Council duties regarding encroachment. 44-6.01. Coeur d'Alene Tribe Lake / River Board. 44-7.01. Encroachment fee schedule. 44-8.01. Encroachments generally. 44-9.01. Single-slip docks. 44-10.01. Cooperative docks with up to 4 slips. 44-11.01.Community ownership docks with 5 or more slips. 44-12.01. Commercial marina. 44-13.01. Pilings. 44-14.01. Fills, dikes, jetties, piers, private booms and bouys. 44-15.01. Log storage booms. 44-16.01. Float homes. 44-17.01. Boat garages and boat covering structures without walls. 44-18.01. Encroachments owned by other governmental entities. 44-19.01. Utility lines. 44-20.01. Dredging. 44-21.01. Boat Ramps. 44-22.01. Winter dock storage. 44-23.01. Inspection of encroachments. 44-24.01. Enforcement. 44-25.01. Water rights. (22 pgs)(2018).
Ch. 45. Nuisances -- 45-1.01 Nuisance defined. 45-1.02 When not a nuisance. 45-1.03 Liability for a nuisance. 45-1.04 Actions for a nuisance. (2 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 46. Pesticides -- 46-1.01. Introduction. 46-2.01. Definitions. 46-3.01. Pesticide use and classification. 46-4.01. Certification. 46-5.01. Application equipment. 46-6.01. Records requirements. 46-7.01. Supervision of uncertified applicators. 46-8.01. Worker protection requirements. 46-9.01. Chemigation. 46-10.01. Unlawful acts. 46-11.01. General pesticide use restrictions. 46-12.01. Aerial application restrictions. 46-13.01. Pesticide-fertilizer mix restrictions. 46-14.01. Labels, special local needs, and experimental permits. 46-15.01. Pesticide spills. 46-16.01. Storage and disposal. 46-16.02. Storage. 46-16.03. Disposal. 46-17.01. Inspection. 46-18.01. Stop sale, use, or removal order. 46-19.01. Penalty for violations. (13 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 47. Tribal Housing Administration -- 47-1.01. Declaration of need. 47-2.01. Purposes. 47-3.01. Definitions. 47-4.01. Board of Commissioners. 47-5.01. Powers of the Housing Administration. 47-6.01. Obligations. 47-7.01. Miscellaneous. 47-8.01. Cooperation in connection with projects. 46-9.01. Savings clause, severability pending actions. (18 pgs)(2000).
Ch. 48. Fuel excise tax -- 48-1.01. Title. 48-2.02. Definitions. 48-3.01. Tax imposed. 48-3.02. Legal incidence. 48-3.03. Taxable unit. 48-3.04. Rate of tax, tax parity. 48-4.01.Distributor deduction. 48-5.01. Distributor tax credit of refund for bad debt or retail fuel dealer. 48-6.01. Distributor to collect and remit tax. 48-7.01. Fuel tax allocations. 48-7.02. Transportation planning fund. 48-7.03. Transportation fund. 48-7.04. Tribal clean water and navigable waterways improvement fund. 48-8.01. Reporting agreements authorized. 48-9.01. Escrow account authorized. 48-10.01. Licenses required. 48-10.02. License fees. 48-10.03. License application contents. 48-10.04. Licenses administered by tax commission. 48-11.01. Hearings and appeals. 48-12.01. Civil penalties. 48-13.01. Liability. 48-14.01. Taxation and licensure statute only. 48-15.01. Severability. (12 pgs)(2015).
Ch. 49. Child care center licensing -- 49-1.01. Issuance of license. 49-1.02. Definitions. 49-1.03. Licensing authority. 49-1.04. Child care center license. 49-1.05. Criminal background checks. 49-1.06. Immunization. 49-1.07. Employee training. 49-1.08. Visitation. 49-1.09. License fee. 49-1.10. Denial suspension or revocation of license. 49-1.11. Civil violation. 49-1.12. Provisional license. 49-1.13. Post license. (5 pgs)(2002).
Ch. 50. Business corporations -- 50-1.01. Short title. 50-2.01. Definitions. 50-3.01. Purposes. 50-4.01. General powers. 50-5.01. Defense of ultra vires. 50-6.01. Corporate name. 50-7.01. Registered office and registered agent. 50-8.01. Service of process on corporations. 50-9.01. Authorized shares. 50-10.01. Consideration of shares. 50-11.01. Payment of shares. 50-12.01. Determination of amount of stated capital. 50-13.01. Certificate representing shares. 50-14.01. By-laws. 50-15.01. Meetings of shareholders. 50-16.01. Notice of shareholder's meetings. 50-17.01. Closing of transfer books and fixing record date. 50-18.01. Voting record. 50-19.01. Quorum of shareholders. 50-20.01. Voting of shares. 50-21.01. Board of Directors. 50-22.01. Number and election of directors. 50-23.01. Vacancies. 50-24.01. Removal of directors. 50-25.01. Quorum of directors. 50-26.01. No contract void or voidable. 50-27.01. Executive and other committees. 50-28.01. Place and notice of director's meetings. 50-29.01. Action by directors without a meeting. 50-30.01. Dividends. 50-31.01. Distribution from capital surplus. 50-32.01. Loans to employees and directors. 50-33.01. Liability of directors in certain cases. 50-34.01. Officers. 50-35.01. Removal of officers. 50-36.01. Books and records. 50-37.01. Incorporators. 50-38.01. Articles of incorporation. 50-39.01. Filing of articles of incorporation. 50-40.01. Effect of issuance of certificate of incorporation. 50-41.01. Organization meeting of directors. 50-42.01. Right to amend articles of incorporation. 50-43.01. Procedure to amend articles of incorporation. 50-44.01. Articles of amendment. 50-45.01. Filing of articles of amendment. 50-46.01. Effect of certificate of amendment. 50-47.01. Restated articles of incorporation. 50-48.01. Reduction of stated capital in certain cases. 50-49.01. Special provisions related to surplus and reserves. 50-50.01. Sale of assets in regular course of business and mortgage or pledge of assets. 50-51.01. Sale of assets other than in regular course of business. 50-52.01. Voluntary dissolution by incorporators. 50-53.01. Voluntary dissolution by consent of shareholder. 50-54.01. Voluntary dissolution by act of corporation. 50-55.01. Filing of statement of intent to dissolve. 50-56.01. Effect of statement of intent to dissolve. 50-57.01. Procedure after filing of statement of intent to dissolve. 50-58.01. Revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings by consent of shareholders. 50-59.01. Revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings by act of corporation. 50-60.01. Filing of statement of revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings. 50-61.01. Effect of statement of revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings. 50-62.01. Articles of dissolution. 50-63.01. Filing of articles of dissolution. 50-64.01. Involuntary dissolution. 50-65.01. Notification to the administrative director. 50-66.01. Jurisdiction of the court to liquidate assets and affairs of corporation. 50-67.01. Procedure in liquidation of corporation by court. 50-68.01. Qualification of receivers. 50-69.01. Filing of claims in liquidation proceedings. 50-70.01. Discontinuance of liquidation proceedings. 50-71.01. Decree of involuntary dissolution. 50-72.01. Filing of decree dissolution. 50-73.01. Deposits with administrative director. 50-74.01. Survival of remedy after dissolution. 50-75.01. Annual report of domestic and foreign corporations. 50-76.01. Filing of annual report of corporation. 50-77.01. Fees, franchise taxes and charges to be collected by the administrative director. 50-78.01. Fees for filing documents and issuing certificates. 50-79.01. Miscellaneous charges. 50-80.01. License fees payable by domestic corporations. 50-81.01. Franchise taxes payable by domestic corporation. 50-82.01. Assessment and collection of annual franchise taxes. 50-83.01. Penalties imposed upon corporations. 50-84.01. Penalties imposed upon officers and directors. 50-85.01. Interrogatories by the administrative director. 50-86.01. Information disclosed by interrogatories. 50-87.01. Certificates and certified copies to be received in evidence. 50-88.01. Forms to be furnished by the administrative director. 50-89.01. Greater voting requirements. 50-90.01. Waiver of notice. 50-91.01. Action by members or directors without a meeting. 50-92.01. Effect of invalidity of part of this chapter. 50-93.01. Jurisdiction of the Coeur d'Alene Tribal Court. (45 pgs)(2003).
Ch. 51. Tax commission -- 51-1.01. Title. 51-2.01. Creation of Tax Commission. 51-3.01. Application of chapter. 51-4.01. Definitions. 51-5.01. Tax Commission membership. 51-6.01. Office of the Tax Commission. 51-7.01. Meetings; quorum; notice of meetings. 51-8.01. Powers of Tax Commission. 51-9.01. Notices from Tax Commission, certified mail. 51-10.01. Tax payments paid under protest; filing and hearing protest. 51-11.01. Suspension or revocation of tobacco seller's or liquor retailer's license. 51-12.01. Powers and limitations of Coeur d'Alene Tribal Court. 51-13.01. Audit and inspection. 51-14.01. Seizure and forfeiture of articles taxed pursuant to Chapter 24. 51-15.01. Forfeiture procedure. 51-16.01. Tribal Court appeal procedure. 51-17.01. Licensee quitting business; liability of successor. 51-18.01.Disclosure of information. 51-19.01. Severability. 51-20.01. Construction. 51-21.01. Amendments. (13 pgs)(2005).
Ch. 52. Cultural resources protection -- 52-1.01. Coeur d'Alene Tribal Cultural Committee. (2 pgs)(2005).
Ch. 53. Limited liability companies --53-1.01. Short title. 53-2.01. Authority. 53-3.01. Purpose. 53-4.01. Applicability. 53-5.01. Rules of construction. 53-6.01. Definitions. 53-7.01. Name. 53-8.01. Registered office and registered agent. 53-9.01. Tribe as member. 53-10.01. Name of business. 53-11.01. Documents. 53-12.01. Execution by judicial act. 53-13.01. Interstate application. 53-14.01. Articles of organization. 53-15.01. Agency power of members and managers. 53-16.01. Admission of members and managers. 53-17.01. Knowledge of or notice to member or manager. 53-18.01. Liability of members to third parties. 53-19.01. Parties to action. 53-20.01. Authority to sue. 53-21.01. Management. 53-22.01. Duties. 53-23.01. Limitation of liability and indemnification. 53-24.01. Voting. 53-25.01. Records and information. 53-26.01. Admission of members. 53-27.01. Dissociation. 53-28.01. Contributions. 53-29.01. Liability for contribution. 53-30.01. Allocation of profits and losses. 53-31.01. Interim distributions. 53-32.01. Allocations of distributions. 53-33.01. Distribution upon partial redemption. 53-34.01. Distribution upon dissociation. 53-35.01. Distribution in kind. 53-36.01. Right to distribution. 53-37.01. Limitation of distributions. 53-38.01. Liability for wrongful distribution. 53-39.01. Ownership of LLC property. 53-40.01. Rights of judgment creditor assignment of LLC interest. 53-41.01. Right of assignee to become a member. 53-42.01. Right to amend articles of incorporation. 53-43.01. Procedure to amend articles of incorporation. 53-44.01. Articles of amendment. 53-45.01. Powers of legal representative. 53-46.01. Dissolution. 53-47.01. Judicial dissolution. 53-48.01. Winding up. 53-49.01. Distribution of assets. 53-50.01. Articles of dissolution. 53-51.01. Known claim against dissolved LLC. 53-52.01. Unknown or contingent claims. 53-53.01. Merger. 53-54.01. Approval of merger. 53-55.01. Plan of merger. 53-56.01. Articles of merger plan of merger. 53-57.01. Effects of merger. 53-58.01. Right to object. (28 pgs)(2006).
Ch. 54. Non-profit corporations -- 54-1.01. Short title. 54-2.01. Definitions. 54-3.01. Applicability. 54-4.01. Purpose. 54-5.01. General powers. 54-6.01. Defenses of ultra vires. 54-7.01. Corporate name. 54-8.01. Registered office and registered agent. 54-9.01. Registered agent as an agent for service. 54-10.01. Members. 54-11.01. By-laws. 54-12.01. Meetings of members. 54-13.01. Notice of meeting of members. 54-14.01. Voting. 54-15.01. Quorum. 54-16.01. Board of Directors. 54-17.01. Number, election, classification and removal of directors. 54-18.01. Vacancies. 54-19.01. Quorum of Directors. 54-20.01. Committees. 54-21.01. Place and notice of Directors' meetings. 54-22.01. Officers. 54-23.01. Removal of officers. 54-24.01. Books and records. 54-25.01. Shares of stock and dividends prohibited. 54-26.01. Loans to directors and officers prohibited. 54-27.01. Incorporators. 54-28.01. Articles of incorporation. 54-29.01. Filing of articles of incorporation. 54-30.01. Effect of issuance of certificate of incorporation. 54-31.01. Organizational meeting. 54-32.01. Right to amend articles of incorporation. 54-33.01. Procedures to amend articles of incorporation. 54-34.01. Amend articles of incorporation. 54-35.01. Filing of amend articles of incorporation. 54-36.01. Effect of certificate of amendment. 54-37.01. Voluntary dissolution. 54-38.01. Distribution of assets. 54-39.01. Plan for distribution. 54-40.01. Articles of dissolution. 54-41.01. Filing of articles of dissolution. 54-42.01. Involuntary dissolution. 54-43.01. Jurisdiction of court tp liquidate assets and affairs of corporation. 54-44.01. Procedure in liquidation or corporation by court. 54-45.01. Qualification of receivers. 54-46.01. Filing of claims in liquidation proceedings. 54-47.01. Discontinuance of liquidation proceedings. 54-48.01. Decree of involuntary dissolution. 54-49.01. Filing of decree of dissolution. 54-50.01. Deposits of administrative director. 54-51.01. Annual report of domestic and foreign corporations. 54-52.01. Filing of annual report of corporation. 54-53.01. Penalties imposed upon corporations. 54-54.01. Fees for filing documents and issuing certificates. 54-55.01. Certificates and certified copies to be received in evidence. 54-56.01. Forms to be furnished by the administrative director. 54-57.01. Greater voting requirements. 54-58.01. Waiver of notice. 54-59.01. Action by members or Directors without a meeting. 54-60.01. Effect of invalidity of part of this chapter. (27 pgs)(2008).
Ch. 55. Hotel occupancy tax / Food and beverage tax -- 55-1.01. Jurisdiction. 55-2.01. Title. 55-3.01. Terms and usage. 55-4.01. Tax imposed. 55-5.01. Rate of tax. 55-6.01. Collection of tax. 55-7.01. Administration. 55-8.01. Liability for tax. 55-9.01. Charges subject to tax. 55-10.01. Charges not subject to tax. 55-11.01. Package deals. 55-12.01. Exception: permanent resident. 55-13.01. Government exemptions. 55-14.01. Gross receipts determination. 55-15.01. Filing of returns for hotel occupancy. 55-16.01. Request for extension. 55-17.01. Imposition of food and beverage tax. 55-18.01. Deductions from gross receipts. 55-19.01. Filing of returns for food and beverage. 55-20.01 Recordkeeping. 55-21.01. Allocation. 55-22.01. Effective date. (8 pgs)(2018).
Ch. 56. Bingo Nation Network Authority act [Repealed and removed from Tribal Code: Res: 77(2017)].
Ch. 57. Tribal waste management act -- 57-1.01. Short title. 57-2.01. Authority. 57-3.01. Purpose. 57-4.01. Definitions. 57-5.01. Applicability. 57-6.01. Storage of solid waste. 57-7.01. Transportation of solid waste. 57-8.01. Disposal of solid waste. 57-9.01. Prohibited Acts. 57-10.01. Exemptions. 57-11.01. Penalties. 57-12.01. Lien. 57-13.01. No other remedies affected. 57-14.01. Effect, severability. 57-15.01. Sovereign immunity. (8 pgs)(2013).
Ch. 58. Sex Offender Registration and Notification -- 58-1.01. Findings. 58-1.02. Purpose. 58-1.03. Creation of Registries. 58-2.01. Definition. 58-2.02. Registerable Offenses. 58-3.01. Tier I Offenses. 58-3.02. Tier II Offenses. 58-3.03. Tier III Offenses. 58-4.01. General Requirements. 58-4.02. Criminal History. 58-4.03. Date of Birth. 58-4.04. DNA sample. 58-4.05. Driver’s Licenses, Identification Cards, Passports, and Immigration Documents. 58-4.06. Employment Information. 58-4.07. Finger and Palm Prints. 58-4.08. Internet Identifiers. 58-4.09. Name. 58-4.10. Phone Numbers. 58-4.11. Picture. 58-4.12. Physical Description. 58-4.13. Professional Licensing Information. 58-4.14. Residence Address. 58-4.15. School. 58-4.16. Social Security Number. 58-4.17. Temporary Lodging. 58-4.18. International Travel. 58-4.19. Offense Information. 58-4.20. Vehicle Information. 58-4.21. Frequency, Duration and Reduction. 58-4.22. Requirements for In Person Appearances. 58-4.23. Sex Offender Acknowledgement Form. 58-5.01. Where Registration is required. 58-5.02. Timing of Registration. 58-5.03. Retroactive Registration. 58-5.04. Keeping Registration Current. 58-5.05. Failure to Appear for Registrations and Absconding. 58-6.01. Website. 58-6.02. Required and Prohibited Information. 58-6.03. Community Notification. 58-7.01. Immunity. 58-8.01. Crimes and Civil Sanctions. 58-9.01. Memorandum of Agreement. (24 pgs)(2019).
Ch. 59. Tribal Workers Compensation Claims Act -- 59-1.01. Purpose. 59-2.01. No waiver of sovereign immunity. 59-3.01. Benefits requirement. 59-4.01. Definitions. 59-5.01. Acknowledgement of act. 59-6.01. Notification to employer of injury at work. 59-7.01. Time limit for filing workers compensation claims. 59-8.01 Burden of proof. 59-9.01. Right to waive defenses. 59-10.01. Guardian for minor or incompetent. 59-11.01-39.01. Reserved. 59-40.01 Custodian duties. 59-41.01. Payment and distribution of benefits. 59-42.01. Administrator powers and duties. 59-43.01 Acceptance/denial of claim. 59-44.01. Entitlement of benefits. 59-45.01. Preexisting conditions. 59-46.01. Mental trauma injuries. 59-47.01 Reserved. 59-48.01. Benefits precluded by neglect and/or refusal if worker to submit to treatment. 59-49.01. Injury or occupational disease by consumption and/or/ application of drugs and/or chemicals. 59-50.01. Intoxication. 59-51.01 False statement or representation to obtain compensation; penalty and forefeiture. 59-52.01. Injuries resulting from self-inflicted injuries, willful misconduct, "horseplay", or safety violation. 59-53.01. Injuries and diseases resulting from natural causes. 59-54.01. Recreational, social, or atheltic activities. 59-55.01. Injuries caused by third parties. 59-56.01. Secondhand smoke. 59-57.01. Hearing loss. 59-58.01. Repetitive motion/soft tissue. 59-59.01. Right to compensation and medical treatment benefits. 59-60.01. Workers benefit as exclusive remedy. 59-61.01. Effect of compensation paid by others or third party. 59-62.01. Liability of third parties  subrogration. 59-63.01. Assignability of benefits  attachment of liens. 59-64.01. Aggravation of preexisting condition. 59-65.01. Termination of benefits upon death. 59-66.01. Reopening closed claims. 59-67.01. Termination of total disabiloty benefits. 59-68.01. Reserved. 59-69.01. Waiting period. 59-70.01. Income benefits. 59-71.01. Permanent impairment benefits. 59-72.01 Benefit issuance period. 59-73.01. Not to exceed preinjury average weekly wage. 59-74.01. Benefit offsets. 59-75.01 Reduction in compensation to offest social security benefits. 59-76.01. Reduction in compensation   offset for supplemental security income benefits. 59-77.01 Distribution of death benefits. 59-78.01. Redistibution of death benefits. 59-79.01. Verification of eligibility of death benefits. 59-80.01. Burial benefits. 59-81.01. Entitlement to medical benefits. 59-82.01. Right to select physician; employer selection. 59-83.01. Release of medical-related information. 59-84.01. Medical expenses. 59-85.01. Settlement of future medical expenses. 59-86.01. Appeals from decisions of the administrator. 59-87.01. Hearings. 59-88.01. Claimant attorney's fees and other related costs. (27pgs)(2015).
Ch. 60. Tribal General Welfare Act -- 60-1.01. Purpose. 60-2.01. Authority. 60-3.01. Background. 60-4.01. Definitions. 60-5.01. Limitations on eligibility. 60-6.01. No discrimination in the provision of benefits. 60-7.01. No dual benefits. 60-8.01. Minors. 60-9.01. Eligible program assistance. 60-10.01. Administration. 60-11-01. Reporting of benefits to the Internal Revenue Service. 60-12.01. General provisions. (8 pgs)(2020).
Ch. 61. Tribal Research Regulations -- 61-1.01. Purpose. 61-2.01. Authority. 61-3.01. Permit Required. 61-4.01. Written Agreement Required for Issuance of Permit. 61-5.01. Information Required for Issuance of Permit. 61-6.01. Cancellation of Permit. 61-7.01. Refusal to Issue Permit. 61-8.01. Fee May be Required. 61-9.01. Permit Does not Imply Tribal Endorsement. 61-10.01. Mandatory Reporting. 61.11.01. Penalties for Tribal Employees. 61-12.01. Penalties Generally. (4pgs)(2019).


Section 3. Coeur D' Alene tribal rules of civil procedure -- 1(a). Scope of rules. 1(b). Amendments. 2. Form of action. 3(a). Commencement of action. 3(b). Designation of party. 4(a). Process - summons - issuance. 4(b). Summons - forms. 4(c)(1). By whom served. 4(c)(2). Process exhibited. 4(d)(1). Summons - personal service. 4(d)(2). Service upon individuals. 4(d)(3). Service upon infants and incompetents. 4(d)(4). Service upon domestic or foreign corporations. 4(d)(5). Service upon state, agencies, or governmental subdivision. 4(d)(6). Receipt of service. 4(e). Service - completion. 4(f). Territorial limits of effective service. 4(g). Return. 4(h). Amendment. 4(I). Voluntary appearance. 5(a). Service and filing of pleading and other papers - service - when required. 5(b). Service - how made. 5(c). Code of ethics. 5(d)(1). Filing. 5(d)(2). Lodging and service of briefs. 5(d)(3). Filing with the court defined. 5(e). Proof of service. 6(a). Time computation. 6(b). Enlargement. 6(c)(1). Order to show cause - affidavits. 6(c)(2). Show cause hearing. 6(c)(3). Show cause hearing - generally. 6(d). For motion - affidavits. 6(e)(1). Additional time after service by mail. 6(e)(2). Setting hearings by court. 7(a). Pleadings allowed - form of motions - pleadings. 7(b)(1). Motions and other papers. 7(b)(2). Captions, signing and form of motions. 7(b)(3). Brief on motions. 8(a)(1). General rules of pleading - claims for relief. 8(a)(2). Transfer. 8(b). Defenses - form of denials. 8(c). Affirmative defenses. 8(d). Effect of failure to deny. 8(e)(1). Pleading to be concise and direct - consistency. 8(e)(2). Two or more statements of claim or defense permissible. 8(f). Construction of pleadings. 9(a). Pleading, special matters - capacity. 9(b). Fraud, mistake, condition of mind. 9(c). Official document or act. 9(d). Judgment. 9(e). Time and place. 9(f). Special damage. 9(g). Limitations. 9(h). Libel or slander. 9(i). Description of real property. 10(a)(1). Form of pleadings - caption - name of parties. 10 (a)(2). Lost papers. 10(a)(3). Language, abbreviation and numbers. 10(a)(4). Unknown party. 10(a)(5). Designation of unknown. 10(b). Paragraphs - separate statements. 10(c). Adoption by reference - exhibits. 11(a)(1). Signing of pleadings. 11(a)(2). Successive applications for orders or writs. 11(a)(3). Withdrawal of files. 11(b)(1). Change of attorneys. 11(b)(2). Withdrawal of attorney. 11(b)(3). Leave to withdraw - notice to client. 11(b)(4). Withdrawal upon death, extended illness, absence or disbarment of attorney. 12(a). Defenses and objections - when and how presented - by pleadings or motion - motion for judgment on pleadings - when presented. 12(b). How defenses and objections presented. 12(c). Motion for judgment on the pleading. 12(d). Preliminary hearing. 12(e). Motion for more definite statement. 12(f). Motion to strike. 12(g). Consolidation of defenses in motion. 13(a). Compulsory counterclaims. 13(b). Permissive counterclaims. 13(c). Counterclaim exceeding opposing claim. 13(d). Counterclaim maturing or acquired after pleading. 13(e). Omitted counterclaims. 13(f). Cross-claim against co-party. 13(g). Joinder of additional parties. 13(h). Separate trials - separate judgments. 14. When plaintiff may bring in third party. 15(a). Amended and supplemental proceedings - amendments. 15(b). Amendments to conform to the evidence. 15(c). Supplemental proceedings. 16(a). Pretrial procedure - formulating issues. 16(b). Pre-trial stipulation. 16(c). Pre-trial order. 16(d). Objections to pre-trial order. 16(e). Exhibits and witnesses. 17(a). Real party in interest. 17(b). Capacity to sue or be sued. 17(c). Infants or incompetent persons. 17(d). Unknown owners or heirs as parties. 18(a). Joinder of claims. 18(b). Joinder of remedies - fraudulent conveyances. 19(a)(1). Persons to be joined if feasible. 19(a)(2). Determination by court whenever joinder not feasible. 19(b). Motor vehicle owner. 20(a). Permissive joinder of parties - permissive joinder. 20(b). Separate trials. 21. Misjoinder and nonjoinder of parties. 22(a). Intervention of right. 22(b). Procedure. 23(a)(1). Substitution of parties - death. 23(a)(2). Death of co-party - effect. 24(a). Discovery methods. 24(b)(1). Scope of discovery in general. 24(b)(2). Insurance agreements. 24(b)(3). Trial preparation - materials. 24(b)(4)(A). Trial preparation - experts. 24(b)(4)(B). Experts not expected as witnesses. 24(b)(4)(C). Fees of expert - apportionment. 24(c). Protection orders. 24(d). Sequence and timing of discovery. 25. Perpetuation by action. 26(a). Persons before whom depositions may be taken - within the United States. 26(b). Disqualification for interest. 27. Stipulations regarding discovery procedure. 28(a). Depositions upon oral examination - when depositions may be taken. 28(a)(1). Notice of examination. 28(a)(2). Special notice. 28(a)(3). Non-stenographic recording. 28(a)(4). Production of documents and things. 28(b). Examination and cross-examination - record of examination - oath - objections. 28(c). Motion to terminate or limit examination. 28(d). Submission to witnesses - changes - signing. 28(e)(1). Certification and filing by officer - exhibits. 28(e)(2). Copies. 28(e)(3). Notice of filing. 28(e)(4). Publication of depositions. 28(e)(5). Exhibits to deposition. 29(a). Depositions upon written questions. 29(b). Officer to take responses and prepare record. 29(c). Notice of filing. 29(d). Orders for the protection of parties and deponents. 30(a). Use of depositions. 30(b). Effect of taking or using depositions. 31(a). Interrogatories to parties - availability - procedures for use. 31(b). Scope - use at trial. 31(c). Option to produce records. 32(a). Production of documents and things and entry upon land for inspection and other purposes - scope. 32(b). Procedure. 32(c). Persons not parties. 33(a). Physical and mental examination of persons - order for examination. 33(b). Report of examining physician. 34(a). Request for admissions. 34(b). Effect of admission. 35(a). Sanctions for violations of orders - motion for order compelling discovery. 35(b). Failure to comply with discovery order - sanctions. 36(a). Jury trial of right - right preserved. 36(b). Demand. 36(c). Waiver. 37. Trial by the court. 38(a). Request for trial setting. 38(b). Dismissal of inactive cases. 38(c)(1). First disqualification of judge. 38(c)(2). Disqualification for cause. 38(c)(3). Motion for disqualification. 38(c)(4). Voluntary disqualification. 38(c)(5). Disqualification and assignment of new judge. 39(a)(1). Dismissal of actions - voluntary dismissal - effect thereof - by plaintiff - by stipulation. 39(a)(2). Dismissal by order of court. 40(a). Involuntary dismissal - effect thereof. 40(b). Dismissal of counterclaim, cross-claim or third party claim. 41(a). Consolidation of separate trials - consolidation. 41(b). Separate trials. 42. Evidence - form and admissibility. 43(a)(1). Direct and cross-examination. 43(a)(2). Leading questions. 43(a)(3). Rules governing cross-examination. 43(a)(4). Cross-examination of adverse party. 43(a)(5). Reexamination and recalling of witnesses. 43(a)(6). Impeachment by adverse party. 43(a)(7). Impeachment of party's own witness. 43(a)(8). Impeachment by showing inconsistent statements. 43(a)(9). Evidence of good character. 43(a)(10). Exclusion of trial witnesses. 43(a)(11). Refreshment of memory. 43(a)(12). Inspection of writings. 43(b). Record of excluded evidence. 43(c). View of premises, property or things. 44(a). Proof of official record - authentication of copy. 44(b). Proof of lack of record. 44(c). Other proof of record. 44(d). Judicial notice of facts and foreign law. 45(a). Subpoena - for attendance of witness - form - issuance. 45(b). Subpoena for production of documentary evidence. 45(c)(1). Witness fees and expenses. 45(c)(2). Service of subpoena. 45(d). Subpoena for a hearing on trial. 45(e). Contempt for non-obedience of subpoena. 46(a). Selection of master jury list and master jury wheel. 46(b). Selection of jury panel. 46(c). Summons of jurors. 46(d). Roll call of jurors. 46(e). Selecting initial jury. 46(f). Number of jurors. 46(g). Challenges for cause. 46(h). Voir dire examination of jurors - challenges. 46(i). Peremptory challenges - number. 46(j). Exercise of peremptory challenges. 46(k). Oath of jurors. 46(l). Separation of jury - admonition by court. 46(m). Notes by jurors. 46(n). Taking documents and exhibits to jury room. 47(a). Majority verdict. 47(b). Rendering verdict - polling jury. 48. Motion for directed verdict - when made - effect. 49. Instructions to jury - requests - objections. 50. Judgments without jury. 51. Amendments of findingd of court. 52(a). Judgment of multiple claims or involving multiple parties. 52(b). Demand for judgment. 52(c). Costs - items allowed. 52(d)(1). Multiple parties. 52(d)(2). Memorandum of costs. 52(d)(3). Objection to costs. 52(e)(1). Attorney fees. 52(e)(2). Amount of attorney fees. 52(e)(3). Pleading - default judgments. 52(e)(4). Objection to attorney fees. 52(e)(5). Determination not binding on attorney and client. 53(a)(1). Default - entry. 53(a)(2). Default proof - time limitation. 53(a)(3). Actions at issue - not default. 54(a)(1). Default judgment by court. 54(a)(2). Default judgment by the court - person exempt from. 54(b). Setting aside default judgment. 55(a). Summary judgment - for claimant. 55(b). Summary judgment - for defending party. 55(c). Motion for summary judgment and proceeding thereon. 55(d). When affidavits are unavailable in summary judgment. 55(e). Affidavits in summary judgment proceedings made in bad faith. 56(a). Entry of judgment. 56(b). Satisfaction of judgment. 57(a). New trial - amendment of judgment - grounds. 57(b). Time for motion for new trial. 57(c). Time for serving affidavits on motion for new trial. 57(d). Motion to alter or amend a judgment. 58. Relief from judgment or order - clerical mistakes. 59. Harmless error. 60(a). Stay of proceedings to enforce a judgment - stay upon entry of judgment. 60(b). Stay on motion for new trial or for judgment. 60(c). Injunction - writ of mandate pending appeal. 60(d). Stay upon appeal. 61. Disability of a judge. 62(a). Injunctions - preliminary injunctions. 62(b). Temporary restraining order - notice - hearing - duration. 62(c). Security given with injunction or restraining order. 62(d). Form and scope of injunction or restraining orders. 62(e). Grounds for preliminary injunction. 62(f). Custody proceedings - bond or notice discretionary in prohibitive or mandatory orders. 63. Counsel not acceptable as surety. 64. Deposit in court. 65. Offer of judgment. 66. Execution - in general. 67. Judgment for specific acts - vesting title. 68. Trial - judgment. 69(a). Court in continuous session. 69(b). Trials and hearings. 69(c). Clerk's office and orders by clerk. 69(d). Notice of orders of judgment. 70. Reclaiming exhibits, documents or property. 71(a). Record of proceeding. 71(b). Filing appeal. 71(c). Notice of appeal - contents. 71(d). Cross appeals. 71(e). Stay of proceedings. 71(f). Method of appeal - transcripts of proceedings - listening to recording tapes - trial de novo. 71(g). Preparation of transcript. 71(h). Clerk's record. 71(i). Joint use of transcript. 71(j). Effect of failure to comply with time limits. 71(k). Motions. 71(l). Appellate review. 71(m). Appellate brief. 71(n). Appellate argument. 71(o). Listening to or copying recording tapes. 72. Title. 73. Limitations of actions. 74(a). Action or written contract. 74(b). Action or oral contract. 75. Action for relief upon the ground of fraud or mistake. 76. Trespass upon real property. 77. Action for taking, detaining or injuring any goods or chattels. 78. Personal injuries. 79. Wrongful death. 80. Actions for wrongful seizure by officers. 81. Action on open accounts - accrual of cause. 82. Action - when commenced. 83. Judgments. 84. Small claims. 85. Counterclaims prohibited. 86. Monetary limit. 87. Witnesses in small claim proceedings. 88. Dismissal of inactive small claims. 89. Record required. 90. Judgment on small claim. 91. Execution. 92. Appeal from small claims judgment. 93. Stay of execution. 94. Appeal of small claim judgment. (Procedure for repossession of property. 95. Personal property of Indians. 96. Repossession of Indian personal property (28-2-207 (3) IUCC). 97. Court order and absence of written consent by Indian debtor. 98. Procedure to obtain court order for repossession. 99. Remedies for violations of these rules). (83 pgs).