Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma - Tribal Code

Table of Contents Updated: July 2017

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Table of Contents

Peacemaking Act
Council Bill CB-139-15 (August 8, 2015)
Section 1. Title
Section 2. Creation and purpose
Section 3. Qualifications of peacemakers
Section 4. Jurisdiction of peacemakers
Section 5. Limitations of peacemakers
Section 6. Nomination and appointment of peacemakers
Section 7. Use of Choctaw Nation traditions and customs
Section 8. Use of tribal traditions and customary law
Section 9. Procedures for requesting to transfer as an existing action to a peacemaker
Section 10. General provisions
Section 11. Procedure before a peacemaker
Section 12. Form of agreements and proposed orders
Section 13. Enforcement of orders
Section 14. Admissibility of statements made in the peacemaking process
Section 15. Conduct of a peacemaker
Section 16. Protective orders
Section 17. Process of peacemaking
Section 18. Forms and rules

The following codes are available at the tribe's website.

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Public Health and Safety Code

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Juror Code

Children's Code

Adoption Code

Civil Procedure

Criminal Code

Code of Criminal Procedure

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