Caddo Nation of Oklahoma - Tribal Code

Dated: 2002-2005

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Table of Contents

Resolution # 12-2002-07 approving the establishment of a web-site domain name which shall read as The domain name shall be registered with Netride web hosting. (1 pg).

Resolution # 07-2005-01 to designate the check signing authority for Caddo Nation Bank accounts at the Legacy Bank of Binger, OK. (2 pgs).

Resolution # 07-2005-02 rescinding tribal resolution #07-2003-01, dated 15 July (no year). (2 pgs).

Resolution #07-2005-08 approving the request to the Anadarko Agency, Anadarko, OK of the withdrawal of all annual accrued interest through 2005 from its burial account appropriation 9031, activity 2617. (2 pgs).

Resolution # 08-2005-01 to hereby designate the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma as the TDHE [re: housing, HUD, NAHASDA]. (2 pgs).

Resolution # 08-2005-03 for utilization of program construction funds for the development of the transportation of the Caddo Nation. (1 pg).

Resolution # 08-2005-05 to contract for budgetary purposes, from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) under aid to tribal government class 3220 the program functions tribal enactments (ordinances, resolutions, budgets). (2 pgs).

Resolution # 08-2005-07 ordering Marilyn Threlkeld, Secretary of the Tribal Council, to fulfill the duties of her office and provide documents to the Caddo Nation by August 19, 2005. (3 pgs).

Resolution # 08-2005-08 designating Lyle S. Vaughn, Attorney and Counselor for the Caddo Nation. (2 pgs).

Resolution # 08-2005-09 for certification of the election ordinance of the Caddo Nation. (1 pg).

Membership ordinance -- 1. Authority. 2. Purpose. 3. Definitions. 4. Eligibility criteria. 5. Tribal Enrollment Committee. 6. Filing an application for enrollment. 7. Processing an application for enrollment. 8. Loss of membership. 9. Appeals. 10. Records. 11. Computing degree of tribal blood. 12. Adoption into membership. (14 pgs).

Election ordinance -- 1. Authority. 2. Purpose. 3. Definitions. 4. Election officials. 5. Voter qualifications. 6. Ballots. 7. Voter registration and voting lists. 8. Absentee voting. 9. Duties of pool officials and voters. 10. Handling of special circumstances. 11. Canvass of election results. 12. Contests of election results. 13. Types of elections. 14. Caddo election expense account. 15. Amendments. Certification. (18 pgs).

Gaming ordinance -- 1. Declaration of policy. 2. Tribal Gaming Commission. 3. Tribal Gaming Commission authority. 4. Gaming authorized. 5. Gaming license required. 6. Application for licenses. 7. Background investigations. 8. Issuance of licenses; renewal; suspension. 9. Gaming license fees. 10. Records and reports. 11. Gross revenues. 12. Maintenance of gaming facility. 13. Violations. 14. Civil enforcement. 15. Use of net revenues. 16. Hearings and appeals. 17. Applicable law. 18. Service. 19. Savings provision. 20. Policies and procedures for resolution of disputes between manager and customers. 21. Amendment of ordinance. 22. Effective date / repeal. (21 pgs).