Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, California - Tribal Code

Dated: 1990

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Table of Contents


Articles of Association
Resolution Empowering Cabazon Business Committee to Enact Ordinances
Resolution Authorizing Cabazon Business Committee to Approve Contracts, Etc.
Adopting Resolution


Title 1. General Provisions Ch. 1. General Provisions

Title 2. Membership and Enrollment Ch. 1. Membership and Enrollment Ch. 2. Disenrollment

Title 3. Licensing and Taxation of Businesses Ch. 1. Licensing of Business Activities Ch. 2. Tax Commission Ch. 3. Cigarette Tax Ch. 4. Transaction Privilege Tax

Title 4. Housing Ch. 1. Housing Authority Ch. 2. Tribal Housing Developments Ch. 3. Forcible Entry and Detainer Ch. 4. Priority of Liens

Title 5. Gaming Ch. 1. Bingo Games Ch. 2. Card Clubs Ch. 3. Off-Track Wagering

Title 6. Land Use Ch. 1. Administration Ch. 2. General Plan and Specific Plans Ch. 3. Zone Classifications Ch. 4. R-L Low-Density Residential Ch. 5. R-M Medium-Density Residential Ch. 6. R-H High-Density Residential Ch. 7. M/RV Mobile Home/Recreational Vehicle Development Ch. 8. C-C Community Commercial Ch. 9. C-R Regional Commercial Ch. 10. I-L Light Industrial Ch. 11. I-MH/Medium-Heavy Industrial Ch. 12. N-R Natural Resources Ch. 13. A-R Agricultural Reserve Ch. 14. General Provisions Ch. 15. Advertising Ch. 16. Temporary Outdoor Events Ch. 17. Parking and Landscaping Ch. 18. Definitions Ch. 19. Enforcement, Legal Procedure and Penalties Ch. 20. Validity

Title 7. Construction and Development Standards Ch. 1. Uniform Building Code and Uniform Building Code Standards Ch. 2. Uniform Plumbing Code Ch. 3. National Electrical Code Ch. 4. Uniform Mechanical Code Ch. 5. Uniform Administrative Code Ch. 6. Uniform Fire Code Ch. 7. Guidelines for Manufactured Housing Installations Ch. 8. Road Improvement Standards and Specifications Ch. 9. Off-Premises, Outdoor Advertising Signs

Title 8. Public Health, Safety and Sanitation Ch. 1. Food and Food Establishments Art. I. In General Art. II. Health Certificate Art. III. Food Establishments Other Than Restaurants Ch. 2. California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law Ch. 3. Garbage Collection and Disposal Ch. 4. Animals and Fowl Art. I. In General Art. II. Impoundment Art. III. Dogs Ch. 5. Soil Erosion Ch. 6. Dust Ch. 7. Flies Ch. 8. Distribution of Handbills Ch. 9. Loitering Ch. 10. Parades, Processions, Marches, Etc.

Title 9. Reservation Court Ch. 1. Establishment and Organization Ch. 2. Rules of Civil Procedure

Title 10. Alcoholic Beverages Ch. 1. Regulation and Taxation of Intoxicating Beverages

Title 11. Corporations Ch. 1. For-Profit Corporations Ch. 2. Not-for-Profit Corporations

Title 12. Criminal Offenses (Reserved)

Code Comparative Table (Reserved)