Bishop Paiute Tribe - Tribal Code

Various Dates

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Table of Contents

The tribe makes their tribal code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website.

Tribal Ordinances

Bingo Ordinance
Section 1 - Repeal of Ordinance T 82-1
Section 2 - Licensing
Section 3 - License Revocation
Section 4 - Operation Regulations
Section 5 - Effective Date

Business Permit & Tax
Chapter 1: Business Permits
Section 1. Permits Generally
Section 2. Applications
Section 3. Action on Applications
Section 4. Transfer of Permits
Section 5. Revocation and Suspension of Permits

Chapter 2: Business Permit Tax
Section 1. Business Permit Tax Generally
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Imposition of Tax
Section 4. Franchise Fee; Relief from Business Permit Tax
Section 5. When Tax is Due
Section 6. Computation of First Year Estimated Tax
Section 7. Computation of Tax in Subsequent Years
Section 8. Penalties
Section 9. Interest
Section 10. Record Keeping and Audit
Section 11. Deficiency Determination
Section 12. Deficiency if Not Return of Tax Filed
Section 13. Redetermination
Section 14. Regulatory Authority
Section 15. Effective Date

Cable Televisions

Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Franchise Authority
Section 4. Term
Section 5. Fee
Section 6. First Tier Service Requirements
Section 7. Requirements Generally
Section 8. Fee Payments Not in lieu of Taxes
Section 9. Corporate Surety Bond
Section 10. Comprehensive Liability Insurance
Section 11. Indemnification of Council
Section 12. Construction, Installation and Service Standards
Section 13. No Recourse Against Council
Section 14. Unlawful Activities
Section 15. (Withheld)
Section 16. Complaint Procedures
Section 17. Failure to Comply
Section 18. Equipment or Dealer Discrimination
Section 19. Transfer
Section 20. Valuation
Section 21. Rules and Regulations of the Council
Section 22. Manner of Adoption Rules and Regulations
Section 23. Notices
Section 24. Technical Standards
Section 25. Filing of Petitions, Applications and Communications
Section 26. Franchise Office and Emergency Service
Section 27. Annual Report
Section 28. Application for Franchise
Section 29. Acceptance
Section 30. Operation without Franchise Prohibited
Section 31. Protection of Equipment
Section 32. Effective Date

Carrier of Passengers

Section 1. Charter-Party Carrier of Passengers - Limousine Ordinance No. 2003-0
Section 2. Terms and Conditions
Section 3. Certification

Dog Control

Section 1. Title
Section 2. Findings and Purpose
Section 3. Applicability and Jurisdiction
Section 4. Delineations
Section 5. Animal Control Officer
Section 6. Animal Control Equipment
Section 7. Resisting, Hindering or Obstructing Animal Control Officer
Section 8. Vaccination Required
Section 9. Identification Tag
Section 10. Impoundment
Section 11. Vicious Dog
Section 12. Fines and Penalties
Section 13. Complaints
Section 14. Notice of Hearing
Section 15. Hearing
Section 16. Failure of Owner to Appear at Hearing
Section 17. Finality of Determination
Section 18. Severability
Section 19. Rules, Regulations, Policy and Procedures
Section 20. Amendments
Section 21. Effective Date
Section 22. Sovereign Immunity

{ Amendment to Dog Ordinance }

Employment Rights
Section 1. Name
Section 2. Purpose
Section 3. Definitions
Section 4. Bishop Paiute Tribal Employment Rights Commission
Section 5. General and Specific Powers of the Commission
Section 6. Indian Employment Preference Policy and Procedures
Section 7. Compliance by Unions
Section 8. Complaints
Section 9. Hearings
Section 10. Penalties for Violations
Section 11. Appeals
Section 12. Publications of Ordinance
Section 13. Compliance Plan
Section 14. Reporting and On-Site Inspections
Section 15. Rules and Regulations
Section 16. Commission Funds
Section 17. Employment Administration Fee
Section 18. Retaliation and Reprisal
Section 19. Principles of Construction
Section 20. Severability
Section 21. Sovereign Immunity Preserved
Section 22. Amendments
Section 23. Effective Date
Resolution T-2008-14 to Approve the Amended and Updated TERO Ordinance

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Chapter 1 - General Provisions
Section 101. Purpose
Section 102. Definitions

Chapter 2 - Wage Withholding Orders to Enforce Child Support Orders
Section 201. Applicability
Section 202. Verification of Enforcement
Section 203. Notice to Affected Employee
Section 204. Termination of Wage Withholding
Section 205. Notice of Decisions
Section 206. Amendments
Section 207. Sovereign Immunity


Environmental Protection

Title I - Findings; Declarations of Policy
101. Tribal Council Findings
102. Declarations of Policy

Title II - Jurisdiction
201. Purpose
202. Definitions

Title III - Tribal Environmental Protection Agency
301. Establishment of TEPA
302. Governing Body; Appointment; Terms; Vacancies
303. Chairman; Vice Chairman; Quorum; Meetings

Title IV - Tribal Environmental Management Office
401. Establishment of Tribal Environmental Management Office
402. Authority of TEMO to Regulate and Enforce this Ordinance
403. Emergency Abatement of Pollution

Title V - Tribal Court
501. Procedure for Issuance of Temporary Restraining Order
502. Tribal Court Issuance of Preliminary or Permanent Injunction
503. Review of TEPA Actions
504. Commencement of Action by TEMO
505. Service of Process
506. Remedies
507. Limited Waiver of Immunity

Title VI - Miscellaneous Provisions
601. Unlawful Act
602. Paiute Palace Casino
603. Amendments
604. Effective Date


Gaming Revenue Allocation

Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. Resolution and Repeal of Inconsistent Legislations
Section 3. Policy
Section 4. Use of Net Gaming Revenue, Tribal Economic Development
Section 5. Use of Net Gaming Revenues: Tribal Governmental Operations and Programs
Section 6. Use of Net Gaming Revenues: General Welfare of the Tribe and its Members
Section 7. Use of Net Gaming Revenues: Individual Per Capita Payments
Section 8. Remaining Net Revenue
Section 9. Severability
Section 10. No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
Section 11. Amendment or Repeal of Plan
Section 12. Automatic Re-adoption if no Plan for Subsequent Fiscal Year
Section 13. Distribution Payments
Section 14. Dispute Resolution
Section 15. Effective Date

Labor Relations
Section 1. Threshold of Applicability
Section 2.Definition of Eligible Employees
Section 3. Non-interference with Regulatory or Security Activities
Section 4. Eligible Employees Free to Engage in or Refrain from Concerted Activity
Section 5. Unfair Labor Practices for the Tribe
Section 6. Unfair Labor Practices for the Union
Section 7. Tribe and Union Right to Free Speech
Section 8. Access to Eligible Employees
Section 9. Indian Preference Explicitly Permitted
Section 10. Secret Ballot Elections Required
Section 11. Collective Bargaining Impasse
Section 12. Decertification of Bargaining Agent
Section 13. Binding Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Land Assignments
Governing Body
Article 1: Validating Existing Assignments
Section A: Prerequisites
Article 2: Procedures, Regulations and Rules Concerning Assignments
Section A: Procedure for Filing Application for an Assignment on Tribal Land and the Granting Thereof
Section B: Administrative Functions of the Owens Valley Board of Trustees
Section C: Eligibility Requirements for an Assignment
Section D: Assignment Provisions
Section E: Cancellation of Assignments

Non-tribal Corporations

Section 1. Purpose of Incorporation and Incorporators
Section 2. Corporate Name
Section 3. Articles of Incorporation
Section 4. Certificate of Incorporation
Section 5. Bylaws
Article 1 - Offices
Article 2 - Shareholders
Article 3 - Board of Directors
Article 4 - Officers
Article 5 - Amendments
Section 6. Dissolution
Section 7. Termination or Cancellation of Charter

Nuisance Ordinance
Section 101. Findings; Declaration of Policy
Section 102. Declarations of Policy
Section 103. Definition of Nuisance
Section 104. Authorized Official


Section 1. Application and Scope of Ordinance
Section 2. Jurisdiction
Section 3. Effect of Judgment
Section 4. Relationship Established
Section 5. Presumption of Paternity
Section 6. Artificial Insemination
Section 7. Right to Bring Paternity Action; Effect of Agreements; Proceedings when Child Not Yet Born
Section 8. Statute of Limitations for Paternity Actions; Effect on Probate Matters
Section 9. Jurisdiction; Joinder with Action for Divorce; Venue
Section 10. Parties; Notice and Hearing Required
Section 11. Informal Hearing; Refusal of Witnesses or Parties to Testify; Testimony of Physician
Section 12. Blood Tests; Experts
Section 13. Evidence Relating to Paternity
Section 14. Recommendations for Settlement; Acceptance or Refusal; Dismissal Based on Blood Tests
Section 15. Civil Action; Testimony and Admissibility of Evidence; Demand for Jury
Section 16: Effect of Judgment or Order; New Birth Certificate; Determination of Support; Continuing Jurisdiction
Section 17: Fees and Costs
Section 18. Court Orders for Support Payments; Failure to Obey
Section 19. Right to Counsel; Free Transcript for Appeal
Section 20. Confidentiality of Proceedings and Records
Section 21. Action to Declare Mother and Child Relationship
Section 22. Written Promise to Furnish Support; Confidentiality Thereof

Paiute Palace Casino Tort Liability
Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Limit of Liability
Section 3. Claim Procedures

Prevailing Wages

Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. Payment of Prevailing Wages Required
Section 3. Establishment of Prevailing Wages/Classifications
Section 4. Employer Requirements
Section 5. Contracts/Agreements
Section 6. Delegation of Authority
Section 7. Sovereign Immunity

Public Safety

Title I: Findings; Declarations of Policy
Section 101: Tribal Council Findings
Section 102: Declarations of Policy
Title II
Section 201: Bishop Tribal Court Authorization to Issue Protective Orders
Section 202: Full Faith and Credit
Section 203: Amendments
Section 204: Effective Date

Rental Minimal Housing Standards

Section 100. Minimum Standards
Section 200. Use Permit
Section 300. Failure to Comply
Section 400. Citation Issued
Section 500. Tribal Court
Section 600. Revocation of Use Permit
Section 700. Remedies
Section 800. Failure to Appeal
Section 900. Sovereign Immunity
Section 1000. Amendments
Section 1100. Effective Date

Required School Attendance
Findings; Declaration of Policy
Section 101. General Provisions
Section 102. Definitions
Section 103. Exceptions
Section 104. Penalties
Section 105. Enforcement Action
Section 106. Service of Documents
Section 107. Effective Date
Section 108. Tribal Court Ordinance

Section 1. Definitions
Section 1A. Requirement to Apply for Franchise
Section 2. Application for Franchise; Contents
Section 2A. Fees Imposed on Existing Franchises
Section 3. Reports, Date of Payment to Reservation, Audits
Section 3A. Prohibition on Pass-Through QF
Section 4. Compliance with Laws
Section 5. [Withheld]
Section 6. [Withheld]
Section 7. [Withheld]
Section 8. [Withheld]
Section 9. Forfeiture
Section 10. Acquisition and Valuation
Section 11. Publication Expense
Section 12. No Transfer Without Consent
Section 13. Application Fee

Sales & Tax
Section 1. Sales Tax
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Returns
Section 4. Payment
Section 5. Tribal Taxing Authority
Section 6. Effective Date and Repealer

Trespass Ordinance

Section 101. Findings; Declarations of Policy
Section 102. Declarations of Policy
Section 103. Definition of Trespass
Section 104. Authorized Official

Tribal Adult Guardianship

Purpose and Scope
Section 100. Jurisdiction
Section 101. Commencement of the Action
Section 102. Procedure
Section 103. Form and Content of Petition
Section 104. Standards Applied
Section 105. Selection and Approval of Guardian
Section 106. Duties of the Guardian
Section 107. Costs and Fees
Section 108. Posting a Bond
Section 109. Change of Guardian
Section 110. Review of Guardianship
Section 111. Termination of Guardianship
Section 112. Filing of Guardianships Pleadings
Section 113. Right to Appeal
Section 114. Amendments
Section 115. Effective Date
Section 116. Tribal Court
Section 117. Sovereign Immunity

Tribal Charitable Bingo

Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definition of Bingo
Section 3. Allowable Expenses
Section 4. Authorization
Section 5. Accounting
Section 6. Certification of Enactment

Tribal Courts

Section 1. Title
Section 2. The Judicial Department
Section 3. Jurisdiction of the Court
Section 4. Exercise of Jurisdiction
Section 5. Independence of the Courts
Section 6. Power of the Courts
Section 7. Composition of the Bishop Paiute Tribal Court
Section 8. The Bishop Paiute Tribal Appellate Court
Section 9. Appointment of Judges and Justices
Section 10. Applicable Law

Tribal Enrollment

Article I. Definitions
Article II. Tribal Membership

Section 1. Base Roll
Section 2. Eligibility
Article III. Non Eligibility
Article IV. Applications for Enrollment
Section 1. Who Must Apply
Section 2. When and Where to Apply
Section 3. Applications Must Contain
Article V. Enrollment Committee
Section 1. Terms of Office
Article VI. Approval and Disapproval of Applications
Article VII. Appeals
Article VIII. Membership Roll Preparation
Section 1. Keeping Membership Roll Current
Article IX. Loss of Membership
Section 1. Relinquishments
Section 2. Disenrollment
Article X. Amendments
Certificate of Enactment

Tribal Elections

Section 1.0 Purpose
Section 2.0 Definitions
Section 3.0 Eligibility to Vote
Section 4.0 Election Board Policies and Procedures
Section 5.0 Election Committee
Section 6.0 Eligibility and Nominations of Candidates to Hold Election Offices
Section 7.0 Primary and General Election
Section 8.0 Manner of Voting
Section 9.0 Polling
Section 10.0 General Election Results
Section 11.0 Contesting of Election Results
Section 12.0 Amendments

Tribal Gaming (part1)

Chapter 1. Definitions
Chapter 2. Ordinance
Section 201. Purpose
Section 202. Gaming Authorized
Section 203. Ownership of Gaming
Section 204. License Required
Section 205. Use of Gaming Revenues
Section 206. Audit
Section 207. Protection of the Environment and Public Health and Safety
Section 208. License for Class II and Class III Key Employees and Primary Management Officials and Gaming Employees and Non-Gaming Employees
Section 209. Background Investigations of Key Employees and Primary Management Officials Pursuant to Section 522.2(B) of the Rules and Regulations of the National Indian Gaming Commission
Section 210. Application Fee
Section 211. Eligibility Determination
Section 212. Procedures of Forwarding Applications & Reports for Key Employees & Primary Management Officials to the National Indian Gaming Commission
Section 213. Report to the National Indian Gaming Commission
Section 214. Granting a Gaming License
Section 215. License Suspension
Section 216. Class III Gaming
Section 217. Repeal
Chapter 3. Administration and Enforcement
Section 301. Unauthorized Gaming
Section 302. Ownership - Revenue to Benefit Tribe
Section 303. Establishment of the Gaming Commission
Section 304. Selection of the Chairperson
Section 305. Quorum - Majority Vote
Section 306. Meetings and Hearings
Section 307. Gaming Commission Qualifications for Membership
Section 308. Term
Section 309. Purpose and Authority of the Gaming Commission
Section 310. Independence
Section 311. Compensation
Section 312. Removal
Section 313. Vacancies
Section 314. Monthly Report
Section 315. Prior Notice of Action
Section 316. Request for Gaming Commission Action

Tribal Gaming (part2)
Section 317. Due Process, Appealing Commission Actions
Section 318. Gaming Commission Findings
Section 319. Notification of Gaming Commission Decisions
Section 320. Authority and Duties of the Gaming Commission.
Section 321. Right of Inspection
Section 322. Confidentiality of Information
Section 323. Powers of Delegation
Section 324. Sanctions
Section 325. Limitations Period
Section 326. Violation Code - Punishment
Section 327. Due Process Regarding Enforcement Actions
Section 328. Patron Disputes
Section 329. Independence of the Gaming Commission
Chapter 4. Licensing Procedures
Section 401. Issuance of a Tribal Gaming License
Section 402. Transferability of License
Section 403. Granting of a License
Section 404. Suitability Determination, License Denial
Section 405. License and Regulation of Class III Gaming Activities
Section 406. Failure of Application to Disclose Material Information
Section 407. Temporary Employment
Section 408. Parameters of Licenses
Section 409. Licensing of Vendors
Section 410. Licensing of Gaming Facility
Section 411. License Fee
Section 412. Gaming Commission and Commission Employees
Chapter 5. Management Contract
Section 501. Management Control
Chapter 6. Auditing, Fiscal Oversight, and Internal Controls
Section 601. Minimum Procedures for Control of Internal Fiscal Affairs
Section 602. Gaming Commission Oversight of Internal Fiscal Affairs
Section 603. Gaming Commission's Rights to Conduct Audit
Section 604. Prohibition Against Embezzlement
Chapter 7. Authorization of Gaming
Section701. Prohibition Against Gaming
Section 702. Grace Period
Section 703. Authorization of Gaming
Section 704. Approval of Gaming Equipment
Chapter 8. Barment or Exclusion of Individuals
Section 801. List of Undesirables
Section 802. Prohibition Against Listed Individuals
Section 803. Prohibition Against Certain Individuals
Chapter 9. Unlawful Acts
Section 901. It is Unlawful for Any Person
Section 902. Prohibition Against Electronic Aids
Section 903. Violations and Sanctions
Chapter 10. National Indian Gaming Commission and Tribal-State Compact
Section 1001. National Indian Gaming Commission Regulations
Section 1002. National Indian Gaming Commission - Assessment
Section 1003. Compact with the State of California
Chapter 11. Miscellaneous
Section 1101. Security
Section 1102. Surveillance
Section1103. Maintenance of Code and Regulation
Section 1104. Compliance with Other Laws
Section 1105. Amendments
Section 1106. Severability
Section 1107. Designated Agent
Section 1108. Law Enforcement
Section 1109. Right to Exclude any Person from the Premises at any Time
Section 1110. Permissible Alcohol Beverages
Section 1111. Prohibited Substances
Section 1112. Persons Under the Influence of Alcohol or Prohibited Substances
Section 1113. Firearms
Section 1114. Disorderly Conduct
Section 1115. Enforcement
Section 1116. Transportation Providers
Section 1117. Agent for Process
Chapter 12. Rescinding of Prior Ordinances
Chapter 13. Effective Date

Tribal Mortgage Lending & Unlawful Detainer
A. Lien Property
B. Recording of Mortgage Loan Documents
C. Foreclosure Procedures
D. Foreclosure Complaint and Summons
E. Service of Process and Procedures
F. Cure of Default
G. Judgment and Remedy
H. Foreclosure Evictions and Unlawful Detainer Actions
I. Non-Program Unlawful Detainer Actions
J. No Merger of Estates
K. Certified Mailing to Tribe
L. Intervention
M. Appeals

Tribal Small Claims
Title I. Findings; Declaration of Policy
100. Tribal Council Findings
101. Declarations of Policy
Title II. Establishment of Tribal Small Claims Court
200. Small Claims Court
201. Jurisdiction
202. Service of Claim
203. Counterclaims
204. Filing Fee -- Waiver
205. Hearings
206. Evidence; Witnesses
207. Appearance by Attorneys
208. Judgment -- Dismissal
209. Enforcement of Judgments
210. Right of Appeal
211. Sovereign Immunity
212. Amendment

Tribal Records

Section 101. Purpose
Section 102. Scope of Ordinance
Section 103. Procedures for Processing Requests for Records
Section 104. Tribal Court Order
Section 105. Exigent Circumstances
Section201. Tribal Administrator Duties
Section 202. Tribal Council

Utility Property Tax

Section 1. Findings and Purpose
Section 2. Tax Imposed
Section 3. Administration
Section 4. Definitions
Section 5. Valuation
Section 6. Rate of Tax
Section 7. Assessment
Section 8. Prohibition on Pass-Through of Tax
Section 9. Exemptions
Section 10. Designation of Individual
Section 11. Filing of a Declaration
Section 12. Payment of Tax
Section 13. Extension of Time
Section 14. Record Keeping
Section 15. Interest Imposed
Section 16. Penalties for Failure to File
Section 17. Penalties for Failure to Pay
Section 18. Penalties for Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax
Section 19. Charges for Administrative Costs
Section 20. Failure to Comply with Ordinance
Section 21. Interference with Admission
Section 22.Collection Powers
Section 23. Security for Payment
Section 24. Lien for Taxes
Section 25. Foreclosure of Lien
Section 26. Application of Proceeds
Section 27. Release of Lien
Section 28. Interference with Foreclosure
Section 29. Assignment or Transfer of Interests in Taxable Property
Section 30. Mutual Assistance Agreements
Section 31. Prohibition of Suits
Section 32. Statute of Limitations
Section 33. Petitions for Reassessment
Section 34. Claims for Refunds
Section 35. Closing Agreements
Section 36. Confidentiality Rules
Section 37. Effective Notice
Section 38. Investigative Authority
Section 39. Oaths and Affirmations
Section 40. Receipts; Disbursements
Section 41. Severability
Section 42. Effective Date

Water Pollutants

Section 1. Findings and Declaration
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Prohibited Discharges
Section 4. Civil Penalty
Section 5. Clean-up and Abatement
Section 6. Court Action and Injunctions
Section 7. Effective Date


Rules of Court (October 2013)

Rule 1 - Scope of Rules
Rule 2 - Amendment of Rules
Rule 3 - Commencement of Action
Rule 4 - Filing Fee
Rule 5 - Representation
Rule 6 - Assignment of Judge
Rule 7 - Disqualification of the Judge
Rule 8 - Issuance of Summons
Rule 9 - Service of Process
Rule 10 - Return of Service
Rule 11 - Required Service
Rule 12 - Certificate of Mailing or Service
Rule 13 - Filing
Rule 14 - Filing an Answer or Responsive Pleading
Rule 15 - Time Computation
Rule 16 - Filing of Motions
Rule 17 - Signing of Documents
Rule 18 - Counterclaims or Crossclaims
Rule 19 - Amendments to Pleadings

Rule 20 - Hearings
Rule 21 - Scheduling Orders
Rule 22 - Continuances
Rule 23 - Setting Cases for Hearing or Trial
Rule 24 - Discovery
Rule 25 - Subpoena
Rule 26 - Dismissal of Inactive Cases
Rule 27 - Judgments and Orders
Rule 28 - Default Judgment
Rule 29 - Attorney Fees and Costs
Rule 30 - Stay of Execution
Rule 31 - Appeals
Rule 32 - Court Records
Rule 33 - Ex Parte Matters
Rule 34 - Certified Copies of Court Documents
Rule 35 - Trials
Rule 36 - Sanctions
Rule 37 - Settlement
Rule 38 - Mediation and Arbitration

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