Absentee-Shawnee Tribe--Tribal Code

Current though: 3/1/2010

Table of Contents

Civil Procedure

General Provisions

Chapter One. Commencement of Action: Pleadings, Motions and Orders

Chapter Two. Process, Summons, Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers

Chapter Three. Parties

Chapter Four. Depositions and Discovery

Chapter Five. Witnesses

Chapter Six. Jurors

Chapter Seven. Trials

Chapter Eight. Provisional and Final Remedies and Special Proceedings

Chapter Nine. Judgment

Chapter Ten. Limitation of Actions

Chapter Eleven. Family Relations

Chapter Twelve. Forcible Entry and Detainer

Chapter Thirteen. Habeas Corpus  

Chapter Fourteen. Mandamus

Chapter Fifteen. Quo Warranto

Chapter Sixteen. Small Claims Procedure

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen. Mortgages

Chapter Nineteen. Foreclosure

Chapter Twenty. Civil Action for Violation of the Freedom of Information Acts

Chapter Twenty-One. Civil Procedure

Chapter Twenty-Three. Government Travel Charge Card

Chapter Twenty-Four. Animal Control Ordinance


Section 1. Short Title

Chapter One. Substantive Provisions

Chapter Two. Formation of Corporations

Chapter Three. Amendment of Articles of Incorporation

Chapter Four. Merger and Consolidation

Chapter Five. Sale of Assets

Chapter Six. Dissolution

Chapter Seven. Foreign Corporations

Chapter Eight. Annual Reports

Chapter Nine. Fees, Franchise Taxes and Charges

Chapter Ten. Penalties

Chapter Eleven. Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter Twelve. Nonprofit Corporations

Chapter Thirteen. Shares

Chapter Fourteen. Merger

Chapter Fifteen. Restrictions


Chapter One. District Court

Chapter Two. Supreme Court

Chapter Three. Court Clerk

Chapter Four. Chief of the Tribal Police--Process

Chapter Five. Bonds and Sureties

Chapter Six. Miscellaneous

Criminal Offenses

Chapter One. Crimes Against Property

Chapter Two. Crimes Against Persons

Chapter Three. Inchoate Crimes

Chapter Four. Crimes Against Public Justice

Chapter Five. Crimes Against Public Health, Safety, and Welfare

Criminal Procedure

Chapter One. Preliminary Provisions

Chapter Two. Proceedings Before Trial

Chapter Three. Trial

Chapter Four. Judgment and Sentence

Chapter Five. Appeal

Chapter Six. Other Provisions

Chapter Seven. Bail

Chapter Eight. Certification as Child


Denturitry Act

Domestic Violence Code

Economic Development Authority

Chapter One. General Provisions

Chapter Two. The Economic Development Authority

Chapter Three. Powers of the Authority

Chapter Four. Obligations

Chapter Five. Miscellaneous Provisions

Election Ordinance

Article I. Purpose

Article II. Authority

Article III. Duties of the Election Co

Article IV. Qualifications for Office

Article V. Terms of Office

Article VI. Elections

Article VII. Polling Places

Article VIII. Campaigning, Watchman, and Challengers

Article IX. Voter Eligibility

Article X. Balloting and Voting

Article XI. Counting of Election Returns

Article XII. Ballots and Election Records

Article XIII. Installations of Elected Officers of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe

Article XIV. Settling of Election Disputes

Article XV. Conflict of Interest and Nepotism

Article XVI. Recall of Officials

Article XVII. Initiative Petitions

Employment Rights Act

Enrollment Procedures (Membership Ordinance)

Environmental Protection

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Compliance and Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 3. Remedies and Penalties

Chapter 4. Regulations

Chapter 5. Activities Other Than Oil and Gas Operations

Chapter 6. Oil and Gas Activities

Chapter 7. Appeals

Chapter 8. Severability


Chapter One. General Provisions

Chapter Two. Judicial Notice

Chapter Three. Presumptions

Chapter Four. Relevancy and Its Limits

Chapter Five. Privileges

Chapter Six. Witnesses

Chapter Seven. Opinions and Expert Testimony

Chapter Eight. Hearsay

Chapter Nine. Authentication and Identification

Chapter Ten. Contents of Writing, Recordings, and Photographs

Chapter Eleven. Miscellaneous Rules

Fireworks Ordinance

Forcible Entry and Detainer

Gaming Ordinance


Title I. Development, Administration and Enforcement

Title II. Licensing/Permits

Title III. Rules or Operation and General Applicability

Title IV. Criminal Penalties

Governmental Tort Claims Act

Housing Act

Chapter One. Declaration of Need and Legislative Findings

Chapter Two. Purposes and Definitions

Chapter Three. Eligibility Requirements of Participants Under This Act

Chapter Four. Requirements of Absentee Shawnee Housing Authority Under This Act

Chapter Five. Low Income Housing Rental Unit Act

Juvenile Code

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Children

Chapter 3. Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention

Chapter 4. Alternative Placement

Chapter 5. Juvenile Code

Chapter 6. Guardianships

Chapter 7. Adoptions

Chapter 8. Grandparental Visitation Rights

Limited Liability Company Act

Police and Law Enforcement Services


Chapter One. Department Administration

Chapter Two. Training and Firearm Standards

Chapter Three. Training and Employee Qualifications

Chapter Four. Disciplinary Actions

Chapter Five. Detention Programs

Chapter Six. Miscellaneous Provisions

Right to Work Law

Sex Offender Registration Code

Chapter 1. General Matters

Chapter 2. Terminology and Covered Offenses

Chapter 3. Tiered Offenses

Chapter 4. Required Information

Chapter 5. Registration

Chapter 6. Public Sex Offender Registry Website

Chapter 7. Immunity

Chapter 8. Crimes and Civil Sanctions

Solid Waste Code

Solid Waste

Regulation of Underground Storage Tanks

Finances and Revenues

Freedom of Information Act Handbook.