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Absentee-Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma


Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma Tribal Code
Election Ordinance
Article XI. Counting of Election Returns

Section 1.

Immediately after the polls are closed, the ballot boxes shall be sealed with tape by the Election Commission and signed by an Election Commission member and Tribal Police. All Ballots shall be returned to the Tribal Complex in Shawnee, Oklahoma where the counting of the Ballots shall commence. There shall be no candidates for election among those counting votes or in the counting room. The official counters shall be Members of the Election Commission or their designated alternate and a member of the Tribal Court. The Election Commission Secretary shall be the official recorder.

Those present at the counting shall be:

1) Election Commission

2) Tribal Judge

3) Watchman

The Election Commissioner and the Tribal Judge will unlock the ballot boxes and the counting of ballots shall proceed. The Election Commissioner will read the ballot, which shall be verified by the Tribal Judge and announce the votes. As the last ballot is tallied the ballot box will be shown to all present that it is empty. When tally sheets are identical and correct in count, each tally sheet will be signed by all Counters, Commissioner, and Tribal Judge. Marked ballots and tally sheets will be re-locked in the ballot box and kept in a safe place until the next election or if there is a challenge of the voting or counting procedure or if the ballots are subject to litigation.

Absentee Shawnee Election Code Art. XI,   1, AST ELECTION Code Art. XI,   1

Section 2.

During the counting of ballots, the Election Commission will determine if a ballot is spoiled. A spoiled ballot must be one of the following and will not be counted:

A) If more than the specified number of marks appear on a ballot in a category.

B) If any marks other than the designated mark appears on the ballot.

C) If a signature or name appears on the ballot or any written remark.

D) If the number in the perforated corner is not torn off.

The disqualified ballot will be signed by the Tribal Judge and the Election Commissioner and the reason for disqualification noted on the ballot.

Absentee Shawnee Election Code Art. XI,   2, AST ELECTION Code Art. XI,   2