--- Am. Tribal Law ----, 2023 WL 3375717 (Mem)
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Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation.
Nancy PAPINEAU, Jennifer Blaylock, William Proctor, and Those 700 Cherokees and their Voter Registrations and 450 Cherokee Voters and their Absentee Ballots Affected by Attorney General Opinion 23 CNAG 01 (March 23, 2023), Petitioners,
CHEROKEE NATION ELECTION COMMISSION and Cherokee Nation Attorney General, Respondents.
CASE NO.: SC-2023-05
Signed May 10, 2023
Filed May 11, 2023



John C. Garrett, Chief Justice

A hearing on all matters was heard on May 8, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. Those present were Deborah Reed for the Petitioners’, Harvey L. Chaffin for Cherokee Nation Election Commission, and Chrissi Nimmo for the Cherokee Nation Attorney General.

The Court hereby adopts the Opinion of the Office of the Attorney General 23-CNAG-01.

The Court affirms the ruling of the Cherokee Nation Election Commission.

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--- Am. Tribal Law ----, 2023 WL 3375717 (Mem)