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Last updated: June 3, 2020

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Title: Immigration, plenary powers, and sovereignty talk: Then and now.
Author: Lim, Julian
Source: 19 J. of Gilded Age and Prog. Era 217 (2020)

Title: Environmental federalism in Indian Country: Sovereignty, primacy, and environmental protection.
Author: Haider, Mellie; Teodoro, Manuel P.
Source: Pol'y Stud. Journal (2020)

2020 Articles already featured:



Title: Serving two tribes.
Author: Davis, Jenny B.
Source: 106-MAR A.B.A. J. 13 (2020)

Title: Indigenous resilience.
Author: Steele, Michalyn
Source: 62 Ariz. L. Rev. 305 (2020) *


Title: Compensatory mitigation and public lands.
Author: Pidot, Justin R.
Source: 61 B.C. L. Rev. 1045 (2020)

Title: American Indians and the right to vote: Why the courts are not enough.
Author: Kumar, Milan
Source: 61 B.C. L. Rev. 1111 (2020)

Title: Silent intent? Analyzing the congressional intent required to abrogate tribal sovereign immunity.
Author: Bevilacqua, Michael
Source: 61 B.C. L. Rev. E-Supplement II.-156 (2020)


Title: Jurisdictional transparency and Native American women.
Author: Mendoza, Emily
Source: 11 Calif. L. Rev. Online 141 (2020) *

Title: Politics, Indian law, and the Constitution.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 108 Cal. L. Rev. 495 (2020) *

Title: Indian allottee water rights: A case study of allotments on the former Malheur Indian Reservation.
Author: Schaff, Margaret; Lohman, Cheryl
Source: 31 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl L. Rev. 147 (2020)

Title: Not yet America's best idea: Law, inequality, and Grand Canyon National Park.
Author: Krakoff, Sarah
Source: 91 U. Colo. L. Rev. 559 (2020)

Title: Decolonization: Treaties, resource use, and environmental conservation.
Author: Torres, Gerald
Source: 91 U. Colo. L. Rev. 709 (2020)









Title: For the children: Indian status is a political classification.
Author: Vance, Austin
Source: FEB Okla. B.J. 14 (2020)






Title: Aloha 'Aina: Native Hawaiian land restitution.
Author: Harvard Law Review
Source: 133 Harv. L. Rev. 2148 (2020) *

Title: Ending the interminable gap in Indian Country water quality protection.
Author: Grijalva, James
Source: 45 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. (2020) *

Title: Going "all in" after Murphy v. NCAA: An approach for California to legalize sports gambling.
Author: Walsh, Kailey J.
Source: 42 Hasting Comm. & Ent L.J. 117 (2020)


Title: Uncivil rights: The abuse of tribal sovereignty and the termination of American Indian tribal citizenship.
Author: Hansen, Kenneth N.
Source: 5 IAFOR J. Cultural Studies 49 (2020)

Title: Building adaptive capacity in tribal communities of the Missouri River Basin to manage drought and climate extremes: A case study from the Wind River Indian Reservation.
Author: Stiles, Crystal J.; Umphlett, Natalie; Cottenoir, Mitch
Source: 8 J. Indigenous Research 1 (2020) *








Title: Realizing the right to be cold? Framing processes and outcomes associated with the Inuit petition on human rights and global warming.
Author: Jodoin, Sebastien; Snow, Shannon; and Arielle Corobow.
Source: 54 Law & Soc'y Rev. 168 (2020)






Title: Tribal recognition, consultation, and lessons from the first climate relocation.
Author: Crepelle, Adam C.
Source: 34-WTR Nat. Resources & Env't 13 (2020)

Title: Tribal rights: The 1872 mining law's past and future.
Author: Lopez, Michael
Source: 34-WTR Nat. Resources & Env't 53 (2020)














Title: The Indigenous decade in review.
Author: Cruz, Christine Zuni
Source: 73 SMU L. Rev. F. 140 (2020)

Title: Sovereignty-affirming subdelegations.
Author: Lazerwitz, Samuel
Source: 72 Stan. L. Rev. 1041 (2020)





Title: Introduction: Indigenous peoples, sustainability and climate change.
Author: Tsosie, Rebecca
Source: 2020 UCLA L. Rev. *

Title: Kānāwai: Using ancient Hawaiian law to prepare for the future.
Author: Stevenson, Jaylin
Source: 2020 UCLA L. Rev. *







Title: The Louisiana Purchase: Indian and American sovereignty in the Missouri Watershed.
Author: McNeil, Kent
Source: 50 West. Hist. Quarterly 17 (2020) *










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