2019 Law Review and Bar Journal Articles

Last updated: January 3, 2019


2019 Articles already featured:


Title: Beyond constitutional frontiers: Tribal rights, resources, and reform.
Author: Mills, Monte
Source: 2019 ABA Seer Annual Conference (2019)

Title: Creating sustainable economic development on Indian reservations is an "access to justice" issue.
Author: Miller, Robert J.
Source: 27 J. Affordable Housing & Community Dev. L. 493 (2019)

Title: Alaska Native perspectives on the Alaska constitution.
Author: Hensley, William L. Iggiagruk; Starkey, John Sky
Source: 35 Alaska L. Rev. 129 (2019)

Title: Banishment of non-Natives by Alaska Native tribes: A response to alcoholism and drug addiction.
Author: Petersen, Halley
Source: 35 Alaska L. Rev. 267 (2019)

Title: Improving justice and avoiding colonization in managing climate change related disasters: A case study of Alaska Native villages.
Author: Ristroph, Elizaveta B.
Source: 7 American Indian L.J. 96 (2019)

Title: The flourishing race: How the success of American Indian artist-entrepreneurs underscores the need for enhanced legal protections for Native intellectual property.
Author: Roberts, Jessica
Source: 8 American Indian L.J. 3 (2019)*

Title: "Enough's Enough": Protest law and the tradition of chilling Indigenous free speech.
Author: Bruce, Alix H.
Source: 8 American Indian L.J. 55 (2019)*

Title: Fighting on behalf of the Salish Sea.
Author: Chapman, Cloie M.
Source: 8 American Indian L.J. 128 (2019)*

Title: Aboriginal rights and constitutional conflict: The Marshall court, state federal and sovereignty and Native American rights under the 1789 constitution.
Author: Charlton, Guy
Source: 8 Am. Indian L.J. 150 (2019)*

Title: Nothing is over: FTCA claims for toxic torts on Native lands.
Author: Ditmore, Jessica
Source: 8 Am. Indian L.J. 219 (2019)*

Title: Green means go: Tribes rush to regulate cannabis in Indian Country.
Author: Kim, Julie; Roberts, Jessica
Source: 8 Am. Indian L.J. 256 (2019)*

Title: Waived: The detrimental implications of U.S. immigration and border security measures on southern border tribes--an analysis of the impact of President Trump's border wall on the Tohono O'odham Nation.
Author: Tasker, Keegan C.
Source: 8 Am. Indian L.J. 304 (2019)*

Title: A watershed moment in the education of American Indians: A judicial strategy to mandate the state of New Mexico to meet the unique cultural and linguistic needs of American Indians in New Mexico public schools.
Author: Sanchez, Preston; Martinez, Rebecca Blum
Source: 27 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol'y & L. 183 (2019)

Title: California Indian tribes and the Marine Life Protection Act: The seeds of a partnership to preserve natural resources.
Author: Berkey, Curtis G.; Williams, Scott W.
Source: 43 Am. Indian L. Rev. 307 (2019)

Title: The opioid crisis in Indian Country: The impact of tribal jurisdiction and the role of the Exhaustion Doctrine.
Author: Irby, Matt
Source: 43 Am. Indian L. Rev. 353 (2019)

Title: Internet gaming on & off tribal lands.
Author: Blackmore, Logan
Source: 43 Am. Indian L. Rev. 389 (2019)

Title: Digging deeper to protect tribal property interests: United States v. Osage Wind, LLC.
Author: Christian, Allison B.
Source: 43 Am. Indian L. Rev. 411 (2019)

Title: Overlooking canon: How the Alabama Supreme Court used a footnote to disregard tribal sovereign immunity in Wilkes v. PCI Gaming Authority.
Author: Howll, Ridge
Source: 43 Am. Indian L. Rev. 437 (2019)

Title: How the New Deal became a raw deal for Indian nations: Justice Stanley Reed and the Tee-Hit-Ton decision on Indian title.
Author: McNeil, Kent
Source: 44 Am. Indian L. Rev. 1 (2019) *

Title: Keeping cultural bias out of the courtroom: How ICWA "qualified expert witnesses" make a difference.
Author: Low, Elizabeth
Source: 44 Am. Indian L. Rev. 43 (2019) *

Title: United States v. Bryant: The results of upholding women's rights and tribal sovereignty.
Author: Martin, Madalynn
Source: 44 Am. Indian L. Rev. 117 (2019) *

Title: What are the odds? The potential for tribal control of sports gambling after Murphy v. NCAA.
Author: Maynard, Haley
Source: 44 Am. Indian L. Rev. 141 (2019) *

Title: Thickening the thin blue line in Indian country: Affirming tribal authority to arrest non-Indians.
Author: Treiger, Alex
Source: 44 Am. Indian L. Rev. 163 (2019) *

Title: America's quiet legacy of Native American voter disenfranchisement: Prospects for change in North Dakota after Brakebill v. Jaeger.
Author: Stambaugh, Hannah
Source: 69 Am. U. L. Rev. 295 (2019) *

Title: "Perhaps Congress Would, Perhaps Congress Should"--Why Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians c. Patchak and Carcieri v. Salazar must be legislatively overridden to protect the IRA Trust Acquisition Authority.
Author: McCoy, Kendall
Source: 43 Am. Indian L. Rev. 459 (2019)

Title: Native American voting rights: Two steps forward, one step back.
Author: Roche, Patrick J.
Source: 28 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol'y & L. 91 (2019) *

Title: Ensuring Natives count overcoming the 2020 census challenge.
Author: Tucker, James Thomas
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: Environmental Justice in Indian Country.
Author: Sullivan, Bethany
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: First steps one tribe's domestic violence criminal jurisdiction experience.
Author: Flores, OJ
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: ICWA in a world with assisted reproductive technology.
Author: Cardenas, Daune
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: Leaving the office ethically.
Author: Torrez, Virjinya
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: The year of the Native voter.
Author: Crawford, Sarah
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: Tribal utility development energy development and services on tribal land.
Author: Thomas, Pilar M.
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: In memory of Rodney Blaine Lewis.
Author: Tucker, James Thomas
Source: Arizona Attorney: Indian Law Special Focus (2019)

Title: State of Wyoming v. U.S. Dep't of the Interior confused agency overlap with preclusion: BLM had authority to promulgate the fracking rule for public lands, not tribal lands.
Author: Novotny, Michael J.
Source: 9 Ariz. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y 25 (2019)

Title: Rising tides, rising obligations: enforcing tribal trust responsibility for climate change mitigation.
Author: Cooper, Logan
Source: 9 Ariz. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y 62 (2019)

Title: Deserving a place at the table: Effecting change in substantive environmental procedures in Indian Country.
Author: Zendejas, Alexis
Source: 9 Ariz. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y 90 (2019)

Title: A comparison of American indigenous tribes and Chinese indigenous tribes with respect to recognition and legal policy.
Author: Shi, Ziyu
Source: 9 Ariz. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y 112 (2019)*

Title: The Katie John litigation: A continuing search for Alaska Native fishing rights after ANCSA.
Author: Anderson, Robert T.
Source: 51 Ariz. St. L.J. 845 (2019)

Title: Accessing traditional Kipuka: Protecting the storehouse of knowledge through the rule of law.
Author: Lum, A. U'ilani Tanigawa
Source: 20 Asian-Pac. L. & Pol'y J. 69 (2019)

Title: Native Hawaiians and the new frontier of the Indian Civil Rights Act.
Author: Riley, Lorinda
Source: 26 Asian Am. L.J. 168 (2019)

Title: The Indian Child Welfare Act: A brief overview to contextualize current controversies.
Author: Vandervort, Frank E.
Source: 31 ASPAC Advisor 33 (2019)

Title: The Indian Child Welfare Act as the "gold standard."
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.; Fort, Kathryn E.
Source: 31 ASPAC Advisor 36 (2019)

Title: The Indian Child Welfare Act: In the best interests of children?
Author: Piper, Kathryn A.
Source: 31 ASPAC Advisor 40 (2019)

Title: Is there a role for local governments in recognizing Native American tribes?
Author: Rabalais, Kelly M.
Source: 66-APR Fed. Law. 12 (2019)*

Title: A drum beat for religious liberty in Utah thirty years ago.
Author: O'Brien, Michael Patrick
Source: 32-AUG Utah B.J. 44 (2019)

Title: The history of Indian Legal Services.
Author: Keedy, James
Source: 98-AUG Mich. B.J. 26 (2019)

Title: State taxation of tribal businesses.
Author: Gibbs, Tanya; Saeckl, Jennifer
Source: 98-AUG Mich. B.J. 30 (2019)

Title: A tribal court's response to the prescription drug and opioid crisis.
Author: Shannon, Patrick M.
Source: 98-AUG Mich. B.J. 34 (2019)

Title: Michigan marijuana laws: Michigan tribes can participate, but how?
Author: Davis, Jeff J.
Source: 98-AUG Mich. B.J. 38 (2019)


Title: A tribal counsel's guide to corporate compliance.
Author: Crane, Mandi
Source: 76-APR Bench & B. Minn. 30 (2019)

Title: Environmentalism isn't new: Lessons from Indigenous law.
Author: Kowalski, Joseph
Source: 26 Buff. Envtl. L.J. 15 (2019) *

Title: Owning Geronimo but not Elmer McCurdy: The unique property status of Native American remains.
Author: Rogers, Alix
Source: 60 B. C. L. Rev. 2347 (2019) *

Title: Native American religious freedom as a collective right.
Author: McNally, Michael D.
Source: 2019 B.Y.U. L. Rev. 205 (2019) *


Title: Democratizing treaty fishing rights: Denying fossil-fuel exports in the Pacific Northwest.
Author: Blumm, Michael C.; Litwak, Jeffrey B.
Source: 30 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl L. Rev. 1 (2019)

Title: Fluid standing: Incorporating the Indigenous Rights of Nature concept into collaborative management of the Colorado River ecosystem.
Author: Healy, Meredith N.
Source: 30 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl L. Rev. 327 (2019) *

Title: Still melting: How climate change and subsistence laws constrain Alaska Native Village adaptation.
Author: Ristroph, E. Barrett
Source: 30 Colo. Nat. Resources, Energy & Envtl L. Rev. 246 (2019) *

Title: Trespass and vandalism or protecting that which is holy? The missing piece of religious liberty land-use claims.
Author: Olds, Edward K.
Source: 119 Columbia L. Review No.1 (2019)

Title: Roe on the Rez: The case for expanding abortion access on tribal land.
Author: Guzman, Heidi L.
Source: 9 Colum. J. Race & L. 95 (2019)

Title: Dam(n) displacement: compensation, resettlement, and indigeneity.
Author: Munzer, Stephen R.
Source: 51 Cornell Int'l L.J. 823 (2019)*


Title: ICWA international: The benefits and dangers of enacting ICWA-type legislation in non-U.S. jurisdictions.
Author: Zug, Marcia
Source: 97 Denv. L. Rev. 205 (2019)

Title: Standing for Standing Rock?: Vindicating Native American religious and land rights by adapting New Zealand's Te Awa Tupua Act to American soil.
Author: McDermond, Malcolm
Source: 123 Dickinson L. Rev 785 (2019)*

Title: Uncounseled tribal court convictions as predicate offenses under United States v. Bryant.
Author: Bullock, Bob
Source: 67 DOJ J. Fed. L. & Prac. 177 (2019)

Title: The race horse that wouldn't die: On Herrera v. Wyoming.
Author: Cantor, Benjamin
Source: 14 Duke J. Const. L. & Pub. Pol'y Sidebar 165 (2019)

Title: Strange bedfellows: Native American tribes, big pharma, and the legitimacy of their alliance.
Author: Kennedy, Daniel C.
Source: 68 Duke L.J. 1433 (2019)

Title: Tribal identification and free and fair elections.
Author: Buchanan, Edward A.
Source: 42-DEC Wyo. Law. 24 (2019)


Title: Whose lands? Which public? The shape of public-lands law and Trump's national monument proclamations.
Author: Britton-Purdy, Jedediah
Source: 45 Ecology L.Q. 921 (2019)

Title: Public land and resources law in the American West: Time for another comprehensive review?
Author: Keiter, Robert B.; and McKinney, Matthew
Source: 49 Envtl. L. 1 (2019)

Title: Environmental injustice and the limits of possibilities for environmental law.
Author: Krakoff, Sarah
Source: 49 Envtl. L. 229 (2019)

Title: 19th century Indian treaties and 21st century environmental and natural resources issues: Is there a connection?
Author: O'Scannlain, Diarmuid F.
Source: 49 Envtl. L. 837 (2019)


Title: Rethinking administrative advocacy: A step-by-step approach from former government insiders.
Author: Turner, Jennifer; Grigonis, Allison
Source: Fed. Lawyer An. Indian L. Ed. 43 (2019)

Title: Tribes and Cannabis: Reaching new highs in the burgeoning cannabis marketplace.
Author: Barlett, Brad A.
Source: Fed. Lawyer An. Indian L. Ed. 49 (2019)

Title: The Violence Against Women Act of 2018: A step in the right direction for Indian children and Federal Indian law.
Author: Roemer, Neoshia R.
Source: Fed. Lawyer An. Indian L. Ed. 53 (2019)

Title: Pipeline to tribal sovereignty: Celebrating the Pre-Law Summer Institute's 50th class.
Author: Oglesby, Jordan
Source: Fed. Lawyer An. Indian L. Ed. 59 (2019)

Title: Sovereign immunity for rent: How the commodification of Tribal sovereign immunity reflects the failures of the U.S. patent system.
Author: Geddes, Katrina Grace
Source: 29 Fordam Intell. Prop. Media & Ent. L.J. 767 (2019)



Title: Aging in harmony: Creating culturally appropriate systems of health care for aging American Indian/Alaska Natives.
Author: Jacobs, Bette; Gallagher, Mehgan; Heydt, Nicole
Source: 22 J. Gender Race & Just. 1 (2019) *

Title: From sovereignty to self-determination: Emergence of collective rights of Indigenous peoples in natural resources management.
Author: Alam, Shawkat; Al Faruque, Abdullah
Source: 32 Geo. Envtl. L. Rev. 49 (2019)

Title: In the aftermath of rampage shootings: Is healing possible? Hard lessons from the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians and other Indigenous peoples.
Author: Diamond, James D.
Source: 11 Geo. J. L. & Mod. Critical Race Persp. 101 (2019)

Title: Heritage, power, and destiny: The protection of Indigenous heritage in international investment law and arbitration.
Author: Vadi, Valentina
Source: 50 Geo. Wash. Int'l L. Rev. 725 (2019)

Title: Crossing state lines: The Trojan horse invasion of rent-a-bank and rent-a-tribe schemes in modern usury law.
Author: Munger, Jayne
Source: 87 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 468 (2019)

Title: The transformation of the Antiquities Act: A call for amending the President's power regarding national monument designations.
Author: Diaz, Andrew
Source: 49 Golden Gate U. L. Rev. 117 (2019)



Title: The Trump administration and lessons not learned from prior national monument modifications.
Author: Ruple, John C.
Source: 43 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 1 (2019)

Title: Lobbying against the odds.
Author: Carlson, Kirsten Matoy
Source: 56 Harv. J. on Legis. 23 (2019)

Title: Federal Indian Law as Paradigm Within Public Law.
Author: Blackhawk, Maggie
Source: 132 Harv. L. Rev. 1764 (2019)

Title: Self-deportation nation.
Author: Park, K-Sue
Source: 132 Harv. L. Rev. 1878 (2019)

Title: Herrera v. Wyoming.
Source: 133 Harv. L. Rev. 402 (2019)

Title: The extraterritorial reach of tribal reach of tribal court criminal jurisdiction.
Author: Christensen, Grant
Source: 46 Hastings Const. L.Q. 293 (2019)

Title: Protecting native women from violence: Fostering state-tribal relations and the shortcomings of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013.
Author: Olson, Dayna
Source: 46 Hastings Const. L.Q. 821 (2019)

Title: An "SDVCJ Fix" -- Paths forward in tribal domestic violence jurisdiction.
Author: Gurney, Joshua B.
Source: 70 Hastings L.J. 887 (2019)

Title: What the future may hold for victims of domestic and sexual violence without the Violence Against Women Act.
Author: Stupakis, Stephanie E.
Source: 30 Hastings Women's L.J. 253 (2019)


Title: Original nation approaches to "International Law" (onail): Decoupling of the nation and the state and the search for new legal orders.
Author: Fukurai, Hiroshi
Source: 26 Ind. J. Global Legal Stud. 199 (2019)*

Title: A framework for tribal public health law.
Author: Hoss, Aila
Source: 52 Ind. L. Rev. 1 (2019) *


Title: Decolonizing reservation economies: Returning to private enterprise and trade.
Author: Crepelle, Adam
Source: 12 J. Bus. Entrepreneurship & L. 413 (2019)

Title: Tribal sovereign authority and self-regulation of health care services: The legal framework and the Swinomish Tribe's dental health program.
Author: Strommer, Geoffrey D.; Roels, Starla K.; Mayhew, Caroline P.
Source: 21 J. Health Care L. & Pol'y 115 (2019)

Title: Monetizing tribal and state sovereign immunity in patent law: An attempt to neutralize the patent death squad.
Author: Belding, Sean P.
Source: 26 J. Intell. Prop. L. 1 (2019)*

Title: New York's quest for jurisdiction over Indian lands.
Author: Garrow, Carrie
Source: 14 Jud. Notice 4 (2019) *

Title: New York State's recent judicial collaboration with Indigenous partners: The story of New York's federal-state-tribal courts and Indian Nations justice forum.
Author: Kahn, Marcy L.
Source: 14 Jud. Notice 20 (2019) *

Title: The origins and evolution of the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Author: Mayberry, Danielle J.
Source: 14 Jud. Notice 34 (2019) *

Title: Thomas Indian School.
Author: Quigley, Lori V.
Source: 14 Jud. Notice 48 (2019) *





Title: Tribes, cities, and children: Emerging voices in environmental litigation.
Author: Mendelson, Nina
Source: 34 J. Land Use & Envtl. L. 237 (2019) *


Title: Book Review. Killers of the flower moon: the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI. By David Grann. New York: Doubleday. 2017.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 117 Mich. L. Rev. 1253 (2019)

Title: Presidential permitting for pipelines: Constitutionality and reviewability.
Author: Campau, Joan
Source: 8 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 273 (2018)

Title: Agency pragmatism in addressing law's failure: The curious case of federal "deemed approvals" of tribal-state gaming compacts.
Author: Washburn, Kevin K.
Source: 52 U. Mich. J.L. Reform 49 (2019)

Title: Examining the administrative unworkability of final agency action doctrine as applied to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
Author: Gerken, Adam
Source: 8 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 477 (2019)

Title: Under coyote's mask: Environmental law, Indigenous identity, and #NoDAPL.
Author: Delaney, Danielle
Source: 24 Mich. J. Race & L. 299 (2019)

Title: The Dakota Access Pipeline and the destruction of cultural heritage: Applying the crime against humanity of persecution before the ICC.
Author: Dijkstal, Haydee J.
Source: 28 Minn. J. Int'l L. 157 (2019)

Title: The last judicial frontier: The fight for recognition and legitimacy of Tribal courts.
Author: Wild, Robert J.
Source: 103 Minn. L. Rev. 1603 (2019)

Title: The causal effect: Implications of chronic underfunding in school systems on the Navajo reservation.
Author: Orman, Adriana M.
Source: 40 Mitchell Hamline L.J. Pub. Pol'y & Prac. 226 (2019)

Title: The restatement of the law for American Indians: The process and why it matters.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 80 Mont. L. Rev. 1 (2019)

Title: Tribal nations and Congress's power to define offences against the law of nations.
Author: Dossett, John Hayden
Source: 80. Mont. L. Rev. 41 (2019)

Title: From foundational law to limiting principles in federal Indian law.
Author: Skibine, Alex Tallchief
Source: 80 Mont. L. Rev. 67 (2019)

Title: United States v. Gillette: A tiny prairie casenote opening a window on the enveloping fog obscuring the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968.
Author: Pommersheim, Frank
Source: 80 Mont. L. Rev. 121 (2019)

Title: Sovereign metaphors in Indian law.
Author: Ablavsky, Gregory
Source: 80 Mont. L. Rev. 11 (2019)

Title: Indian children and the Fifth Amendment.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 80 Mont. Law Rev. 99 (2019)

Title: Tribal data governance and informational privacy: Constructing "indigenous data sovereignty."
Author: Tsosie, Rebecca
Source: 80 Mont. L. Rev. 229 (2019)


Title: Salmon repatriation: One tribe's battle to maintain its culture and spiritual connection to place.
Author: Houck, Darcie L.
Source: 34-SUM Nat. Resources & Env't 23 (2019) *

Title: Successful tribal opposition to mining projects in the upper Midwest.
Author: Lord, Gussie
Source: 34-FALL Nat. Resources & Env't 7 (2019) *

Title: Tribal lending under CFPB enforcement: Tribal sovereign immunity and the "true lender" distinction.
Author: Glass, Brianne Marino
Source: 23 N.C. Banking Inst. 401 (2019)

Title: Bridging the jurisdictional void: Cross-deputization agreements in Indian Country.
Author: Morrow, Kevin
Source: 94 N.D. L. Rev. 65 (2019)

Title: Finding harmony or swimming in the void: The unavoidable conflict between the interstate compact on the placement of children and the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Author: Roemer, Neoshia R.
Source: 94 N. D. L. Rev.149 (2019)

Title: Moving forward from the scoop era: Providing active efforts under the Indian Child Welfare Act in Illinois.
Author: Crandall, Cassandra
Source: 40 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 100 (2019) *

Title: When tribal disenrollment becomes cruel and unusual.
Author: Stinson, Judith M.
Source: 97 Neb. L. Rev. 820 (2019)

Title: Not all Agua is Caliente: Proposing the Winters groundwater test.
Author: Zetzsche, Hannes D.
Source: 98 Neb. L. Rev. 220 (2019)

Title: Law schools harm Genizaros and other Indigenous people by misunderstanding ABA policy.
Author: Piatt, Bill; Gonzales, Moises; Wolf, Katja
Source: 49 N.M. L. Rev 236 (2019)

Title: Patent litigators playing cowboys and Indians at the PTAB.
Author: Benson, Michael E.
Source: 94 Notre Dame L. Rev. Online 185 (2019)

Title: Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act at seven years.
Author: Betti, Norika L. Kida; Fraser, Cameron Ann
Source: 98-NOV Mich. B.J. 32 (2019)

Title: Tribal sovereign immunity overcomes bankruptcy code abrogation.
Author: Rosen, Sanford P.; Dehney, Christine McCabe
Source: 28 No. 6 J. Bankr. L. & Prac. NL Art. 5 (2019) *

Title: Balancing equity and effectiveness: The Paris Agreement & the future of international climate change law.
Author: Carlarne, Cinnamon P.
Source: 27 N.Y.U. Envtl. L. J. 107 (2019)

Title: Answering constitutional challenges to the tribal VAWA provisions.
Author: Schaeffer, Kaitlyn
Source: 21 N.Y.U. J. Legis. & Pub. Pol'y 993 (2019)

Title: The need for federal legislation to address Native voter suppression.
Author: Schaeffer, Kaitlyn
Source: 43 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change 707 (2019)


Title: Avoiding maladaptations to flooding and erosion: A case study of Alaska Native villages.
Author: Ristroph, E. Barrett.
Source: 24 Ocean & Coastal L.J. 110 (2019) *

Title: Congressional plenary power and Indigenous environmental stewardship: The limits of environmental federalism.
Author: Hoffmann, Hillary M.
Source: 97 Or. L. Rev. 353 (2019)

Title: Defining 'Indian.'
Author: Bricker, Jennie
Source: 79-May Or. St. B. Bull. 28 (2019)


Title: Enough is enough: Ten years of Carcieri v. Salazar.
Author: Sullivan, Bethany C.; Turner, Jennifer L.
Source: 40 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 37 (2019)

Title: Loyalties and royalties: The Osage Nation's energy sovereignty plan and wind farm opposition.
Author: Carmack, Summer L.
Source: 40 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 145 (2019)




Title: Protecting all women: Tribal protection orders and required enforcement under VAWA.
Author: Riley, Brenna P.
Source: 24 Roger Williams U. L. Rev. 209 (2019)



Title: Patently unjust: Tribal sovereign immunity at the U.S. Patent Office.
Author: Phillips, Christopher B.
Source: 92 S. Cal. L. Rev. 703 (2019)

Title: 'Race, racism, and American law': A seminar from the Indigenous, Black, and Immigrant legal perspectives.
Author: Capulong, Eduardo; King-Ries, Andrew; Mills, Monte
Source: 21 Scholar: St. Mary's L. Rev. & Soc. Just. 1 (2019)

Title: Texas Indian holocaust and survival: McAllen Grace Brethren Church v. Salazar.
Author: Colton, Milo
Source: 21 Scholar: St. Mary's L. Rev. & Soc. Just. 51 (2019)

Title: Tribal sovereignty and online gaming: Fantasy sports offer tribes what other games do not.
Author: Wilson, Cody
Source: 72 SMU L. Rev. 351 (2019)

Title: Returning the Yurok forest to the Yurok Tribe: California's first tribal carbon credit project.
Author: Rose, Beth; Manning, Middleton; and Kaitlin Reed
Source: 39 Stan. Envtl. L.J. 71 (2019) *

Title: Privatizing the reservation?
Author: Carpenter, Kristen A., and Angela R. Riley
Source: 71 Stan. L. Rev. 791 (2019)

Title: No take backs: Presidential authority and public land withdrawals.
Author: Termyn, Christian
Source: 19 Sustainable Dev. L. & Pol’y 4 (2019)*

Title: Tribal (de)termination? Commercial speech, Native American imagery and cultural sovereignty.
Author: Zenor, Jason
Source: 48 Sw. L. Rev. 81 (2019)


Title: A jury of someone else's peers: The severe underrepresentation of Native Americans from the western division of South Dakota's jury-selection process.
Author: Fenton, Camille
Source: 24 Tex. J. on C.L. & C.R. 119 (2019)

Title: The reservation water crisis: American Indians and third world water conditions.
Author: Crepelle, Adam
Source: 32 Tul. Envtl. L.J. 157 (2019)

Title: Delimit, demarcate, and title: Sovereignty and property rights of Native peoples in the Americas.
Author: Green, Caroline V.
Source: 28 Tul. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 101 (2019) *


Title: International indigenous economic law.
Author: Puig, Sergio
Source: 52 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1243 (2019)

Title: Partially tribal land: The case for limiting state eminent domain power under 25 USC 357.
Author: Bennett, Addison W.
Source: 86 U. Chi. L. Rev. 945 (2019)

Title: Beyond VAWA: Protecting Native Women from sexual violence within existing tribal jurisdictional structures.
Author: Allison, Jessica.
Source: 90 U. Colo. L. Rev. 225 (2019)

Title: Incorporation without assimilation: Legislating tribal civil jurisdiction over non-members.
Author: Skibine, Alexander Tallchief
Source: UCLA L. Rev. Discourse 1 (2019)*

Title: Applying indigenous ecological knowledge for the protection of environmental commons: Case studies from Hawai'i for the benefit of "Island Earth."
Author: Forman, David M.
Source: 41 U. Haw. L. Rev. 300 (2019) *

Title: Beyond an emergency declaration: Tribal governments and the opioid crisis.
Author: Leeds, Stacy L.
Source: 67 U. Kan. L. Rev. 1013 (2019)

Title: Immunity inconsistency at the patent and trademark office: A case study for sovereign immunity in administrative adjudications.
Author: Bone, Michelle
Source: 21 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 613 (2019)

Title: The unlikely duo that shocked the intellectual property world and why the Supreme Court was the chosen one to restore balance.
Author: Dilts, Nicholas
Source: 73 U. Miami L. Rev. 955 (2018)

Title: VAWA Reauthorization Act of 2013 and the continued legacy of violence against Indigenous women: A critical outsider jurisprudence perspective.
Author: Whitebear, Luhui
Source: 9 U. Miami Race & Soc. Just. L. Rev. 75 (2019)

Title: The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act: How its invalidation will impact Indian gaming's legal and regulatory framework.
Author: Olea, Francisco
Source: 9 UNLV Gaming L.J. 35 (2019)

Title: Sports betting and Indian gaming: Should tribal casinos get in the game?
Author: Rand, Kathryn R.L., and Steven Andrew Light
Source: 9 UNLV Gaming L.J. 55 (2019)

Title: The hybrid nature of the property clause: Implications for judicial review of National Monument reductions.
Author: Sorenson, Lance F.
Source: 21 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 761 (2019)

Title: ICWA and the unwed father: A constitutional corrective.
Author: Dow, Taylor
Source: 167 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1513 (2019) *

Title: Native American religious accommodations, national parks, and the Cutter test.
Author: Dohnalek, James
Source: 15 U. St. Thomas L.J. 715 (2019)

Title: "That Chuitt River is Ours": Traditional cultural landscapes and the National Historic Preservation Act.
Author: Furlong, Wesley James
Source: 2018 US/ICOMOS Symposium


Title: Droughts, floods, and scarcity on a climate-disrupted planet: Understanding the legal challenges and opportunities for groundwater sustainability.
Author: Scanlan, Melissa K.
Source: 37 Va. Envtl. L.J. 52 (2019)

Title: Reviewing St. Regis: Unresolved issues at the intersection of tribal sovereign immunity and patent law.
Author: Paez, Lucas
Source: 21 Vand. J. Ent. & Tech. L. 1125 (2019)

Title: The wild west re-lived: Oil pipelines threaten Native American tribal lands.
Author: Glick, Ashley A.
Source: 30 Vill. Envtl. L.J. 105 (2019)

Title: A presidential power of monumental proportions: Does the Antiquities Act permit the review and revision of national monuments or can the president steal your land?
Author: McCotter, Maureen A.
Source: 30 Vill. Envtl. L.J. 173 (2019)



Title: Blackhorse's last stand?: The First Amendment battle against the Washington "Redskins" Trademark after Matal v. Tam.
Author: Song, Doori
Source: 19 Wake Forest J. Bus. & Intell. Prop. L. 173 (2019)

Title: Reversing course on environmental justice under the Trump administration.
Author: Outka, Uma; Warner, Elizabeth Kronk
Source: 54 Wake Forest L. Rev. 393 (2019)*

Title: A comparative analysis: Legal and historical analysis of protecting indigenous cultural rights involving land disputes in Japan, New Zealand, and Hawai'i.
Author: Browning, Zachary
Source: 28 Wash. Int'l L.J. 207 (2019)

Title: A tiered approach to rights in traditional knowledge.
Author: Okediji, Ruth L.
Source: 58 Washburn L.J. 271 (2019)

Title: The fallacy of defensive protection for traditional knowledge.
Author: Bagley, Margo A.
Source: 58 Washburn L.J. 323 (2019)

Title: Why is traditional knowledge different form all other intellectual property?
Author: Fisher, William
Source: 58 Washburn L.J. 365 (2019)

Title: New dialogues, new pathways: Reframing the debate on intellectual property and traditional knowledge.
Author: Taubman, Antony
Source: 58 Washburn L.J. 373 (2019)

Title: Traditional knowledge and genetic resources: Observing legal protection through the lens of historical geography and human rights.
Author: Dutfield, Graham; Suthersanen, Uma
Source: 58 Washburn L.J. 399 (2019)

Title: The fight over Columbia Basin salmon spills and the future of the Lower Snake River Dams.
Author: Blum, Michael C.; DeRoy, Doug
Source: 9 Wash. J. Envtl. L. & Pol'y 1 (2019)

Title: From exploitation to equity: Building Native-owned renewable energy generation in Indian Country.
Author: Maruca, Michael
Source: 43 Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev. 391 (2019)

Title: Fulfilling climate justice and government obligations to Alaska Native villages: What is the government role?
Author: Ristroph, Barrett E.
Source: 43 Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev. 501 (2019)

Title: Unoccupied: How a single word affects Wyoming's ability to regulate tribal hunting through federal treaty; Herrera v. Wyoming.
Author: Mitchell, Jason
Source: 19 Wyo. L. Rev. 271 (2019)




Title: Empire States: The coming of dual federalism.
Author: Ablavsky, Gregory
Source: 128 Yale L.J. 1792 (2019)

Title: (En)gendering Indian law: Indigenous feminist legal theory in the United States.
Author: Deer, Sarah
Source: 31 Yale J.L. & Feminism 1 (2019) *



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