2017 Law Review and Bar Journal Articles

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Title: Placing children with relatives: The case for a clear rationale for separate foster care licensing standards, background check procedures, and improved relative placement statutes in Alaska.
Author: Lewis, Courtney
Source: 34 Alaska L. Rev. 161 (2017)

Title: The Grand Compromise: The ANCSA Section 7(I) Settlement Agreement.
Author: Schutt, Ethan G.; Schutt, Aaron M.
Source: 34 Alaska L. Rev. 201 (2017)

Title: Native youth and juvenile injustice in South Dakota.
Author: Rolnick, Addie C.
Source: 62 S.D. L. Rev. 705 (2017)*

Title: The Five Civilized Tribes' treaty rights to water quality and mechanisms of enforcement.
Author: Williams, Joel West
Source: 25 N.Y.U. Envtl. L.J. 269 (2017)*

Title: Restorative justice and retributive justice: An opportunity for cooperation or an occasion for conflict in the search for justice.
Author: Hermann, Donald H.J.
Source: 16 Seattle J. for Soc. Just. 71 (2017)

Title: "Children are sacred": Applying Navajo (Dine) fundamental law to strengthen juvenile justice.
Author: Eid, Troy A.; Goldtooth, DeAnna
Source: 62 S.D. L. Rev. 728 (2017)*


2017 Articles already featured:


Title: Truth and reconciliation commissions: A needed force in Alaska?
Author: Parker, Heather
Source: 34 Alaska L. Rev. 27 (2017)

Title: Native Hawaiians wage an ongoing battle to organize into a sovereign nation.
Author: Laird, Lorelei
Source: 103 ABA Journal November 2017 (2017)

Title: Indian title: Unraveling the racial context of property rights, or how to stop engaging in conquest.
Author: Singer, Joseph W.
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 1 (2017)

Title: Indians, race, and criminal jurisdiction in Indian Country.
Author: Skibine, Alex Tallchief
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 49 (2017)

Title: Anishinaabe law and "The Round House".
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 88 (2017)

Title: The Doctrine of Christian Discovery: Its fundamental importance in United States Indian law and the need for its repudiation and removal.
Author: Heath, Joseph J.
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 112 (2017)

Title: Telling stories in council and court: Developing a reflective tribal governance.
Author: Jurss, Leah
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 157 (2017)

Title: The anglocentric supremacy of the Marshall court.
Author: Greymorning, Neyooxet
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 191 (2017)

Title: Tribal nations, Indian gaming, and the rigged economy.
Author: Herne, Peter J.
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 239 (2017)

Title: Self-determination for whom?: Native American sovereign immunity & disability rights.
Author: Fiske, Michael I.
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 271 (2017)

Title: Treaties are more than a piece of paper: Why words matter.
Author: Westerman, Gwen N.
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 293 (2017)

Title: Recognition, constitution building and the Indian nations of north and northwest United States 1775-1795: The importance of Indian nations to the framing of the US Constitution.
Author: McMullan, Sam
Source: 10 Alb. Govt. L. Rev. 318 (2017)

Title: Operationalizing free, prior, and informed consent.
Author: Fredericks, Carla F.
Source:80 Alb. L. Rev. 429 (2017)

Title: Tribal sovereign immunity from preference claims.
Author: St. John, Kathleen M.; Xerras, Lynne B.
Source: 36-JUL Am. Bankr. Inst. J. 32 (2017)*

Title: The fate of tribal per capita payments in bankruptcy cases.
Author: Hagan, Kelly M.
Source: 36-APR Am. Bankr. Inst. J. 46 (2017)*

Title: Protecting vulnerable children in Indian Country: Why and how the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 should be extended to cover child abuse committed on Indian reservations.
Author: Raia, Brittany
Source: 54 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 303 (2017)*

Title: The Master's tools: Tribal sovereignty and tribal self-governance contraction/compacting.
Author: Delaney, Danielle A.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. Rev. 309 (2017)

Title: No connection: The issue of Internet on the Reservation.
Author: Donnellan, Emily S.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. Rev. 347 (2017)

Title: Case Law on American Indians: August 2015-2016.
Author: Schlosser, Thomas P.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. Rev. 377 (2017)

Title: Swinomish Indian Tribal Community v. BNSF Railway Co. and its effect on litigation challenging BIA's new rights-of-way regulations.
Author: Brodie, Kaelen.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. Rev. 553 (2017)

Title: The fairness of tribal court juries and non-Indian defendants.
Author: Bedell, Julia M.
Source: 41 Am. Indian L. Rev. 253 (2017)

Title: Access to energy in Indian Country: The difficulties of self-determination in renewable energy development.
Author: Ravotti, Nicholas M.
Source: 41 Am. Indian L. Rev. 279 (2017)

Title: Continuing to work for Indian Country in the 115th Congress.
Author: Andrews, Michael T.
Source: 41 Am. Indian L. Rev. 361 (2017)

Title: The Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act: Do Indian tribes finally hold a trump card?
Author: Limas, Vicki J.
Source: 41 Am. Indian L. Rev. 345 (2017)

Title: Indigenous people, human rights, and consultation: The Dakota Access Pipeline.
Author: IV Mengden, Walter H.
Source: 41 Am. Indian L. Rev. 441 (2017)

Title: Yellowbear v. Lampert - Putting teeth into the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Person Act of 2000.
Author: Lobaugh, Nathan
Source: 41 Am. Indian L. Rev. 467 (2017)

Title: ICRA Habeas Corpus relief: A new habeas jurisprudence for the post-oliphant world?
Author: Cox, Hunter.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. J. 597 (2017)

Title: Imaginary lines, real consequences: The effect of the militarization of the United States-Mexico border on Indigenous peoples.
Author: Kowalski, Joseph.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. J. 645 (2017)

Title: Improving Native American tribe's voice in international climate change negotiations.
Author: Lee, Jin Hyung.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. J. 669 (2017)

Title: Justice Scalia and Tonto fistfight in Heaven.
Author: Martin, Ray.
Source: 5 Am. Indian L. J. 697 (2017)

Title: Mining for compromise in pastoral Greenland: Promise, progress, and problems in international law's response to Indigenous people.
Author: Manning, Lauren.
Source: 32 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 931 (2017)*

Title: The American declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.
Author: Errico, Stefania
Source: 21 Am. Soc'y Int'l L. Proc. (2017)

Title: Tribal jurisdiction and the unauthorized practice of law.
Author: Griffith, James D.
Source: 53-MAR Ariz. Att'y 16 (2017)

Title: The rise of tribes and the fall of Federal Indian Law.
Author: Morgan, Lance
Source: 49 Ariz. St. L.J. 115 (2017)

Title: Unclouding Arizona's water future.
Author: Larson, Rhett; Payne, Brian
Source: 49 Ariz. St. L.J. 465 (2017)*


Title: Bio-prospecting in the Arctic: An overview of the interaction between the rights of indigenous peoples and access and benefit sharing.
Author: Eritja, Mar Campins
Source: 44 B.C. Envtl. Aff. L. Rev. 223 (2017)

Title: Denying disgorgement: The Supreme Court's refusal to grant the Crow Tribe relief.
Author: Galliani, Alex
Source: 44 B.C. Envtl. Aff. L. Rev. 559 (2017)

Title: Integrating Indigenous rights into multilateral environmental agreements: The International Whaling Commission and aboriginal subsistence whaling.
Author: Wold, Chris
Source: 40 B.C. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 63 (2017)

Title: Budding conflicts: Marijuana's impact on unsettled questions of Tribal-State relations.
Author: Florey, Katherine.
Source: 58 B.C. L. Rev. 991 (2017)

Title: 'An honor and privilege that comes with responsibility': An interview with Justice Anne McKeig of the Minnesota Supreme.
Author: Schmidt, Jon
Source: 74-FEB Bench & B. Minn. 16 (2017)

Title: Recognition of tribal court orders and judgments.
Author: Minnesota State Bar Association
Source: 74-APR Bench & B. Minn. 9 (2017)

Title: Indian country complexities and the ambiguous state of marijuana policy in the United States.
Author: Adornetto, Lauren
Source: 65 Buff. L. Rev. 329 (2017)

Title: Conducting business with tribes in the aftermath of the Dollar General Supreme Court split: What you and your clients need to know.
Author: McNeil Staudenmaier, Heidi; Speirs, Hannah K.
Source: 2017-APR Bus. L. Today 1 (2017)


Title: Citizenship, disenrollment & trauma.
Author: Marquez, Deron.
Source: 53 Cal. W. L. Rev. 181 (2017)

Title: United States v. Bryant, federal habitual offender laws, and the rights of defendants in tribal courts: A better solution to comestic violence exists.
Author: Kreisman, Monique
Source: 39 Campbell L. Rev. 205 (2017)

Title: The mascot manifesto: Challenging the constitutionality of Section 2(a) of the Lanham Act in a heightened era of political correctness.
Author: O'Driscoll, Zachary S.
Source: 45 Cap. U. L. Rev. 161 (2017)

Title: The waning of the Indian Child Welfare Act: How mediation may help save the act and preserve its original intent.
Author: Wade, Alice
Source: 18 Cardozo J. Conflict Resol. 829 (2017)

Title: Tribal sovereignty and gaming: A proposal to amend the National Labor Relations Act.
Author: Gerhardt, Regina
Source: 39 Cardozo L. Rev. 378 (2017)

Title: Understanding the 2016 Indian Child Welfare Act Regulations.
Author: Trowbridge, Scott
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 6 (2017)

Title: How the new ICWA regulations impact practice.
Author: Burt, Margaret
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 10 (2017

Title: Legal challenges to ICWA: An analysis of current case law.
Author: Newman, Matthew; Fort, Kathryn
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 13 (2017)

Title: Improving outcomes in Indian child welfare cases: Strategies for state-tribe collaboration.
Author: Knight, Shanna; Sweet, Victoria; Simmons, David
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 16 (2017)

Title: Strengthening Indian children and families: Lessons from tribal court.
Author: Blake, Richard
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 19 (2017)

Title: Key Indian child welfare resources.
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 21 (2017)

Title: The importance of measuring case outcomes in Indian child welfare cases.
Author: Summers, Alicia; Deserly, Kathy
Source: 36 No. 1 Child L. Prac. 22 (2017)

Title: Escaping the ICWA penalty box: In defense of equal protection for Indian children.
Author: Sandefur, Timothy
Source: 37 Child. Legal Rts. J. 1 (2017)

Title: Batman and two very large jars of mayonnaise: The looming clash of daily fantasy sports and tribal gaming.
Author: Wessels, Brett
Source: 50 Creighton L. Rev. 295 (2017)

Title: Are you my father? Adopting a federal standard for acknowledging or establishing paternity in state court ICWA proceedings.
Author: Heiner, Kevin
Source: 117 Colum. L. Rev. 2151 (2017)


Title: Salvaging the United Nations REDD Program against the backdrop of international human rights violations.
Author: Hammond, Joshua
Source: 45 Denv. J. Int'l L. & Pol'y 445 (2017)*

Title: Fracking the sacred: Resolving the tension between unconventional oil and gas development and tribal cultural resources.
Author: Hoffman, Hillary M.
Source: 94 Denv. L. Rev. 319 (2017)

Title: Norton v. Ute Indian Tribe: Seeking concrete delineations in the tribal exhaustion doctrine.
Author: Martinez, Alec
Source: 95 Denv. L. Rev. Online 13 (2017)


Title: Columbia River tribal housing: Federal progress addressing long unmet obligations.
Author: Phillips, Stephanie
Source: 44 Ecology L.Q. 545 (2017)

Title: Establishing applicable water quality standards for surface waters on Indian Reservations.
Author: Lee, Jin Hyung
Source: 66 Emory L.J. 965 (2017)

Title: The impact of climate change on American and Canadian Indigenous peoples and their water resources.
Author: Kornfeld, Itzchak
Source: Environmental Law Reporter News & Analysis, Vol. 47. (2017)


Title: Discretionary deaths in Indian Country: Ensuring full funding for tribal health.
Author: Lindrooth, Anna
Source: 26 Fed. Circuit B.J. 277 (2017)*


Title: Bringing it home: North American genocides.
Author: Clarke, Alan W.; Whitt, Laurelyn.
Source: 20. J. Gender Race & Just. 263 (2017)*

Title: The model tribal probate code: Opportunity to correct the problems of fractionation and legacy of the Dawes Act.
Author: Mcgrath, Daniel
Source: 20. J. Gender Race & Just. 403(2017)*

Title: Fracking in the Badlands: Can levying a carbon tax against oil and gas companies help Native American tribes raise revenue while preserving cherished tribal lands?
Author: Gick, Daniel
Source: 29 Geo. Envtl. L. Rev. 397 (2017)*

Title: The Indian Health Service: Barriers to health care and strategies for improvement.
Author: Cerasano, Holly E.
Source: 24 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol'y 421(2017)

Title: A tribe's future: Native American youth and the right to counsel in juvenile justice systems.
Author: Nanini, Jenadee
Source: 9 Geo. J. L. & Mod. Critical Race Persp. 77 (2017)*

Title: Incarcerating Native American youth in Federal Bureau of Prisons Facilities: The problem with Federal Jurisdiction over Native youth under The Major Crimes Act.
Author: Joab, Rebekah
Source: 9 Geo. J. L. & Mod. Critical Race Persp. 155 (2017)*

Title: Reaction to: Incarcerating Native American youth in Federal Bureau of Prisons Facilities: The problem with Federal Jurisdiction over Native youth under The Major Crimes Act.
Author: Garramone, Christian
Source: 9 Geo. J. L. & Mod. Critical Race Persp. 173 (2017)*

Title: Failing Native American prisoners: RLUIPA and the dilution of strict scrutiny.
Author: Oxford, Clinton
Source: 9 Geo. J. L. & Mod. Critical Race Persp. 203 (2017)*

Title: Reaction to failing Native American prisoners: RLUIPA and the dilution of strict scrutiny by Clinton Oxford: Assessing levels of scrutiny with scrutiny.
Author: Safstrom, Jennifer
Source: 9 Geo. J. L. & Mod. Critical Race Persp. 221 (2017)*

Title: "To further justice in the greater Native American community": Ethical responsibilities of a tribal attorney in disenrollment disputes.
Author: Russell, Nicole
Source: 30 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 991 (2017)*


Title: What about the children? Extending tribal criminal jurisdiction to crimes against children.
Author: Burton, Alison
Source: 52 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 193 (2017)

Title: Responsible resource development and the prevention of sex trafficking: Safeguarding Native women and children on the Fort Berthold Reservation.
Author: Finn, Kathleen; Gajda, Erica; Perin, Thomas; Fredericks, Carla
Source: 40 Harv. J. L. & Gender 1(2017)

Title: Native nations and the Constitution: An inquiry into "extra-constitutionality".
Author: Riley, Angela R.
Source: 130 Harv. L. Rev. F. 173 (2017)

Title: What the future holds: The changing landscape of federal Indian policy.
Author: Washburn, Kevin K.
Source: 130 Harv. L. Rev. F. 200 (2017)

Title: An offensive mark on offensive lines: The question of violating the First Amendment through cancellation of the Washington Redskin's trademark.
Author: Kirkland, Gabriela M.
Source: 44 Hastings Const. L.Q. 479 (2017)*

Title: [Dis]respecting the role of tribal courts.
Author: Leeds, Stacy L.
Source: 42 Hum. Rts. 20 (2017)*

Title: New horizons in Indian country.
Author: Kickingbird, Kirke.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 1 (2017)*

Title: Indigenous Rights of Standing Rock: Federal courts and beyond.
Author: Fredericks, Carla F.; Adamson, Rebecca; Pelosi, Nick; Heibel, Jesse.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 2 (2017)*

Title: Justice Gorsuch and Federal Indian law.
Author: Dossett, John.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 6 (2017)*

Title: Unraveling Public Law 280: Better late than never.
Author: Goldberg, Carole.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 11 (2017)*

Title: Legal developments: Trust lands in Alaska.
Author: Miller, Heather Kendall.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 16 (2017)*

Title: A legal perspective on sliver of a full moon.
Author: Nagle, Mary Kathryn.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 22 (2017)*

Title: Human rights heroes.
Author: Schooley, Wilson Adam.
Source: 43 Hum. Rts. 26 (2017)*




Title: Your money or your life: Indian parents and child support modifications.
Author: Zug, Marcia
Source: 29 J. Am. Acad. Matrim. Law. 409 (2017)

Title: The model tribal probate code: An opportunity to correct the problems of fractionation and the legacy of the Dawes Act.
Author: McGrath, Daniel
Source: 20 J. Gender Race & Just. 403 (2017)*

Title: Chicago's last unclaimed Indian territory: A possible Native American claim upon Bill Caldwell's land.
Author: Priz, Scott.
Source: 50 J. Marshall L. Rev. 91 (2017)


Title: Concealed carry to reduce sexual violence against American Indian women.
Author: Crepelle, Adam
Source: 26-SPG Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 236 (2017)


Title: Casting a wide net: Why it is incumbent upon the Environmental Protection Agency to exapand the scope of its cost-benefit analysis to include Native American populations and cultural fishing practices in the aftermath of Michigan v. EPA.
Author: Lee, Gretel
Source: 35 Law & Ineq. 393(2017)

Title: Overriding tribal sovereignty by applying the National Labor Relations Act to Indian tribes in Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort v. National Labor Relations Board.
Author: Plumer, Riley
Source: 35 Law & Ineq. 131 (2017)

Title: Religious accommodation, religious tradition, and political polarization.
Author: DeGirolami, Marc O.
Source: 20 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1127 (2017)

Title: Making strategic choices: How and why Indian groups advocated for Federal Recognition from 1977-2012.
Author: Carlson, Kirsten Matoy
Source: 51 Law & Soc'y Rev. 930 (2017)*


Title: The global protection of traditional knowledge: Searching for the minimum consensus.
Author: Gebru, Ama.
Source: 17 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 42 (2017)

Title: Tribal Jurisdiction - A historical bargain.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 76 Md. L. Rev. 593 (2017)

Title: Untangling the court's sovereignty doctrine to allow for greater respect of tribal authority in addressing domestic violence.
Author: Oppenheimer, Lauren
Source: 76 Md. L. Rev. 847 (2017)*

Title: Returning to the tribal environmental "laboratory": An examination of environmental enforcement techniques in Indian country.
Author: Warner, Elizabeth Ann Kronk
Source: 6 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 341 (2017)

Title: We need protection from our protectors: The nature, issues, and future of the federal trust responsibility to Indians.
Author: Rey-Bear, Danial I.S.J; Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 6 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 397 (2017)

Title: San Manuel's second exception: Identifying treaty provisions that support tribal labor sovereignty.
Author: Green, Briana
Source: 6 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 463 (2017)

Title: Exploring alternatives to the "consultation or consent" paradigm.
Author: Searle, Jason.
Source: 6 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 485 (2017)

Title: Whose standards control? Maine v. McCarthy and the federal, state, and tribal battle over water quality regulation.
Author: Mortelli, Joseph Paul.
Source: 6 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 523 (2017)

Title: Legacy in paradise: Analyzing the Obama administration's efforts of reconciliation with Native Hawaiians.
Author: Andrade, Troy J.H.
Source: 22 Mich. J. Race & L. 273 (2017)

Title: "Why should I go vote without understanding what I am going to vote for?" The impact of first generation voting barriers on Alaska Natives.
Author: Tucker, James Thomas; Landreth, Natalie A.; Lynch, Erin Dougherty
Source: 22 Mich. J. Race & L. 327 (2017)

Title: Complexity's shadow: American Indian property, sovereignty, and the future.
Author: Shoemaker, Jessica A.
Source: 115 Mich. L. Rev. 487 (2017)


Title: Resource Wars: A conflict of interests in the Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area.
Author: Vithanage, Achinthi
Source: 32-FALL Nat. Resources & Env't 41 (2017)*

Title: Rethinking American Indian and non-Indian relations in the United States and exploring tribal sovereignty: Perspectives from Indian Country and from inside the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Author: Lambert, Valerie
Source: 32-FALL Nat. Resources & Env't 41 (2017)*

Title: Melting ice, shifting seas: An Arctic law update.
Author: Keith, Erin Flannery
Source: 32-FALL Nat. Resources & Env't 50 (2017)*

Title: Valuing sacred tribal waters within prior appropriation.
Author: Bryan, Michelle
Source: 57 Nat. Resources J. 139 (2017)

Title: Pueblo Indian water rights: Charting the unknown.
Author: Hughes, Richard W.
Source: 57 Nat. Resources J. 219 (2017)

Title: Indian children and the federal-Tribal trust relationship.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.; Singel, Wenona T.
Source: 95 Neb. L. Rev. 885 (2017)

Title: The creation of tribal cultural hegemony under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
Author: Minikowski, Andrew W.
Source: 92 N.D. L. Rev. 397 (2017)

Title: The Native American struggle between economic growth and cultural, religious, and environmental protection: A corporate solution.
Author: Patterson, Joseph
Source: 92 Notre Dame L. Rev. Online 140 (2017)

Title: An avoidable conundrum: How American Indian legislation unnecessarily forces tribal governments to choose between cultural preservation and women's vinidication.
Author: Redlingshafer, Catherine M.
Source: 93 Notre Dame L. Rev. 393 (2017)

Title: Back to its roots: How ยง 1983 must return to its origins to provide remedy for the Inupiat against oil drilling in Alaska's arctic circle.
Author: Prochazka, Julia
Source: 12 NW J. L. & Soc. Pol'y 130 (2017)

Title: The case against property rights in old intangible Indigenous cultural property.
Author: Karjala, Dennis S.; Paterson, Robert K.
Source: 15 Nw. J. Tech. & Intell. Prop. 1 (2017)

Title: Water Security.
Author: Larson, Rhett. B
Source: 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. 139 (2017)

Title: Rights without remedies.
Author: Fletcher, Matthew L.M.
Source: 11 N.Y.U. J. L. & Liberty 236 (2017)

Title: An Indian by another name: Cross-border affirmative action.
Author: Fadel, Raymond J.
Source: 92 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1107 (2017)


Title: The Arctic in the public order of the world community.
Author: Norhci, Charles H.
Source: 22 Ocean & Coastal L.J. 5 (2017)

Title: The Arctic Council: Twenty years in the making and moving forward.
Author: Richwalder, Matthew.
Source: 22 Ocean & Coastal L.J. 22 (2017)

Title: The Oil Sands of time: Pipelines and promises.
Author: Moffa, Anthony
Source: 22 Ocean & Coastal L.J. 111 (2017)

Title: Mediating NAGPRA: Bringing cultural consideration back to the table.
Author: Watson, Ashley Bartman
Source: 32 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Resol. 171 (2017)*

Title: Changing currents: Climate change and stakeholder involcement in the Colorado River basin.
Author: Dikeman, Kristen M.
Source: 69 Okla. L. Rev. 285 (2017)

Title: Closing time: Removing the State of Oklahoma from alcohol regulation in Indian Country.
Author: Wilson, Ryan.
Source: 69 Okla. L. Rev. 485 (2017)


Title: Restoring the Skagit River Delta: Habitat restoration and farmland reclamation on Fir Island.
Author: Furlong, Wesley James.
Source: 38 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 103 (2017)

Title: Riparian rights, navigability, and the Equal Footing Doctrine in Montana.
Author: Butler, Dennison A.
Source: 38 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 187 (2017)

Title: Form and substance: The National Historic Preservation Act, Badger-Two Medicine, and meaningful consultation.
Author: Ore, Kathryn Sears.
Source: 38 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 205 (2017)



Title: Make no bones about it: The need to reform the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
Author: Melillo, Edward D.
Source: 30 Quinnipiac Prob. L.J. 149 (2017)*


Title: Indigenous water justice.
Author: Robison, Jason; Cosens, Barbara; Jackson, Sue; Leonard, Kelsey; McCool, Daniel.
Source: Robison, Jason A. and Cosens, Barbara A. and Jackson, Sue and Leonard, Kelsey and McCool, Daniel, Indigenous Water Justice (2017)


Title: Back to the future: How the holding of Shelby County v. Holder has been a reality for South Dakota Native Americans since 1975.
Author: Reed, Kristopher A.
Source: 62 S.D. L. Rev. 143 (2017)*

Title: A wholistic, environmental approach to Washington's repair methodology of its state-road culverts.
Author: Kaide, Lillian
Source: 6 Seattle J. Envtl. L. 107 (2017)

Title: The evolution of indigenous peoples' consultation rights under the ILO and U.N. regimes.
Author: Rombouts, S.J.
Source: 53 Stan. J. Int'l L. 169 (2017)*

Title: International trade in indigenous cultural heritage: What protection does international law provide for indigenous cultural goods and services in international commerce?
Author: Soopramanien, Ravi.
Source: 53 Stan. J. Int'l L. 225 (2017)*

Title: They were here first: American Indian tribes, race, and the constitutional minimum.
Author: Krakoff, Sarah
Source: 69 Stan. L. Rev. 491 (2017)

Title: The Violence Against Women Act: A double-edged sword for Native Americans, their rights, and their hopes of regaining cultural independence.
Author: Mullen, Mary K.
Source: 961 St. Louis U. L.J. 811 (2017)*

Title: Roadway to reform: Assessing the 2015 guidelines and new federal rule to the Indian Child Welfare Act's applications in State courts.
Author: Davis, Allison E.
Source: 22 Suffolk J. Trial & App. Advoc. 91 (2017)*

Title: Ninth Circuit applies Winters doctrine to groundwater.
Author: Duggan, Jessica.
Source: 32-SUM Nat. Resources & Env't 55 (2017)*


Title: All peoples have a right to self-determination: Henry J. Richardson III's liberatory perspective on racial justice.
Author: Saito, Natsu Taylor
Source: 31 Temp. Int'l & Comp. L.J. 69 (2017)

Title: A fouled hand: Ysleta del sur Pueblo's struggle to game in Texas.
Author: Almond, Kathryn
Source: 49 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 403 (2017)*

Title: Sacrifice zones in the green energy economy: The "new" climate refugees.
Author: Scott, Dayna Nadine; Smith, Adrian A.
Source: 26 Transnat'l L. & Contemp. Probs. 371 (2017)*

Title: Environmental justice: A necessary lens to effectively view environmental threats to indigenous survival.
Author: Kronk Warner, Elizabeth Ann
Source: 26 Transnat'l L. & Contemp. Probs. 343 (2017)*

Title: The Antiquities Act & National Monuments: Analysis of geological, ecological, & archaeological resources of the Colorado Plateau.
Author: Margherita, Michael
Source: 30 Tul. Envtl. L.J. 273 (2017)*


Title: To sue and be sued: Capacity and immunity of American Indian Nations.
Author: Collins, Richard
Source: U. Colo. L. Research Paper No.17-21 (2017)

Title: Maxwell, Lewis v. Clarke, and the trail around tribal sovereign immunity.
Author: Hester, Allison
Source: 88 U. Colo. L. Rev. 721 (2017)

Title: Varying vernaculars: How to fix the Lanham Act's weakness exposed by the Washington Redskins.
Author: Osborne, Dustin.
Source: 20 U. Den. Sports & Ent. L.J. 45 (2017)

Title: Sullying the scholar's craft: An essay and criticism of Judge James S. Burn's Crown Lands Trust article.
Author: Osoria, Johnathan K.K.; Beamer, Kamanamaikalani.
Source: 39 U. Haw. L. Rev. 469 (2017)*

Title: A collective memory of injustice: Reclaiming Hawai'i's Crown Lands Trust in response to Judge James S. Burns.
Author: Mackenzie, Melody Kapilialoha; Sproat, D. Kapua'ala
Source: 39 U. Haw. L. Rev. 481 (2017)*

Title: (Re)Righting history: Deconstructing the Court's narrative of Hawai'i's past.
Author: Andrade, Troy J.H.
Source: 39 U. Haw. L. Rev. 631 (2017)*

Title: Back to the negotiating table: Designing a Tribal-State compact for Alabama.
Author: Holley, William H.
Source: 7 UNLV Gaming L.J. 139 (2017)*

Title: Hope for Indian tribes in the U.S. Supreme Court?: Menominee, Nebraska v. Parker, Bryant, Dollar General.
Author: Berger, Bethany R.
Source: 2017 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1901 (2017)

Title: Mitigating state sovereignty: The duty to consult with Indigenous peoples.
Author: Anaya, James S; Puig, Sergio
Source: 67 U. Toronto L.J. 435 (2017)*

Title: Representing states, tribes, and local governments before, during, and after a presidentially-declared disaster.
Author: Greten, Erin J.; Abbott, Ernest B.
Source: 48 Urb. Law. 489 (2017)*

Title: Bystander no more? Improving the federal response to sexual violence in Indian country.
Author: Deer, Sarah.
Source: 2017 Utah L. Rev. 771 (2017)


Title: Towards ethical stewardship: Balancing natural and historic cultural resources in national parks.
Author: Gourley, Sevren R.
Source: 35 Va. Envtl. L.J. 522 (2017)

Title: Balancing the fishes' scales: Tribal, State, and Federal interests in fishing rights and water quality in Maine.
Author: Marass, Patrick
Source: 41 Vt. L. Rev. 853 (2017)

Title: Trust or bust: Complications with tribal trust obligations and environmental sovereignty.
Author: Ahmad, Nadia B.
Source: 41 Vt. L. Rev. 799 (2017)


Title: Property rights and freedom: The keys to improving life in Indian country.
Author: Crepelle, Adam; Block, Walter E.
Source: 23 Wash. & Lee J. Civil Rts. & Soc. Just. 315 (2017)*

Title: Indian treaty fishing rights and the envrionment: Affirming the right to habitat protection and restoration.
Author: Blumm, Michael C.
Source: 92 Wash. L. Rev. 1 (2017)*

Title: Making it work: Tribal innovation, State reaction, and the future of tribes as regulatory laboratories.
Author: Florey, Katherine.
Source: 92 Wash. L. Rev. 713 (2017)

Title: Traditional ecological disclosure: How the Freedom of Information Act frustrates tribal natural resource consultation with Federal agencies.
Author: Amberson, Sophia E.
Source: 92 Wash. L. Rev. 937 (2017)

Title: Digitizing Tribal Law: How codification projects such as tribal law online could give new rise to American Indian sovereignty.
Author: Franchek, Jacob
Source: 94 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1025 (2017)

Title: Catching up with the twenty-first century: How Article IX, chapter one of the law and order codes of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes should be updated to better protect domestic violence victims.
Author: Hammer, Paige
Source: 17 Wyo. L. Rev. 23 (2017)*




Title: Oral tradition and the Kennewick man.
Author: Smith, Cathay Y. N.
Source: 126 Yale L.J. Forum 216 (2017)

Title: Indigenizing equality.
Author: Pearl, M. Alexander; Velte, Kyle
Source: 35 Yale L. & Pol'y Rev. 461 (2017)



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