Spread the Word this Native American Heritage Month


November is
Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month - Native American Rights FundWe hope that you have many opportunities this month to celebrate the various cultures, art, religions, languages, music, and traditions of America’s Native peoples.

During this year’s  Native American Heritage Month, we also hope you will take a moment to remember the historic injustices inflicted on tribal nations. Ongoing discrimination and inequity inspired the creation of the Native American Rights Fund in the 1970s. Time and again, agreements made with tribes were not honored, and the United States government did not keep its promises. The United States has broken more than 500 treaties that it signed with Native nations.

NARF was created to fight this disregard for the law. And we have seen some success. Water rights, tribal education,and protection of graves and repatriation are all areas of law where NARF has made progress, and we acknowledge those gains.

However, recently, Native people and nations find ourselves increasingly under attack. More and more, tribal nations are being challenged by government, corporate, and individual interests that want to ignore tribal sovereignty and laws.

Some of these struggles gain national attention—voting rights, sacred places, and environmental protections. But other fights go unnoticed, ignored, or misunderstood—child welfare, violence against women, sovereignty and jurisdiction. But they are happening, and NARF attorneys find themselves engaged in a growing number of legal battles to protect basic Native rights.

People need to know what is happening.

This Native American Heritage Month, will you help spread the word? We need to raise awareness and support for issues of social justice to stop these growing attacks on tribes.

Later this week, we will be publishing ideas and tools that you can use to reach out to friends and family to let them know about the ongoing fight for justice and how Indian Country is under attack!

Thank you for being a Modern Day Warrior and standing firm for justice.