This Heritage Month: Celebrate Our Past, Protect Our Future


November is
Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month - Native American Rights FundIt is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the various cultures, art, religions, languages, music, and traditions of America’s Native peoples.

We hope  you also will join us this Native American Heritage Month in celebrating NARF’s 50th anniversary! (Have you gotten your 50th anniversary t-shirt yet?)

Fifty years ago, NARF was created to support tribes with effective legal assistance as they fought to protect culture, people, lands, sovereignty, and  rights. Over the years, we have seen some great successes: defending water rights, developing tribal education, protecting graves and sacred places, to name a few. As we commemorate this anniversary, we celebrate that past and the progress made. We have had a lot of victories.

We recognize that our successes are built on the shoulders of those who came before: tribal clients, staff, and board members who dedicated themselves to making change. These victories were made possible with the support of people like you who cared about righting pasting wrongs and creating a future when our country respect the land’s first peoples.

In addition to celebrating our past, this anniversary we rededicate ourselves to continuing to fight for the rights of Native peoples. Will you join us? Donate today to ensure that we can continue the fight for fifty more years… until Native Americans rights, resources, and lifeways are intact and protected; tribes are able to exercise their sovereign right to manage their own affairs, and promises made to Native peoples are upheld.

This heritage month, join us as we commemorate 50 years. Celebrate Our Past and Protect Our Future.

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