Be a part of the solution this Native American Heritage Month


Native American Heritage Month - Native American Rights FundNovember is
Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Native American culture, art, religion, language, and tradition. It also is an opportunity to reflect on issues affecting Native American communities, past and present. Unfortunately, even today, Native American cultures are under attack, here are some things you can do to be part of the solution.

Three Ways You Can Make a Difference this Native American Heritage Month

  • Help Ensure that Native American Heritage will continue.

Support the ongoing and every day fight for justice for Native peoples. Donate to the Native American Rights Fund to make sure that Native people and tribes have the legal resources to ensure their survival.

  • Learn More

Sign up for NARF emails and explore the NARF blog and Facebook page. If you want even more Indian Law news, also sign up for the Indian Law Bulletins, which give periodic updates on cases and news related to Federal and tribal law.

  • Spread the Word

Make sure that your friends know that it is Native American Heritage Month and why it is important. Tell your friends why you support the Native American Rights Fund. Invite them to sign up for NARF emails. Share this page, a recent blog post, or Facebook posts with your friends. Let people know about the ongoing struggles that don’t make it in to the media.

This Native American Heritage Month, be a part of ensuring that Native American cultures can continue to thrive.