NARF will Stand Firm for Justice and Native Rights in the Trump Administration

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The election of Donald Trump as President has many people in the nation concerned, and the world wondering how the United States will move forward as a world leader from this point forward.  Our Board of Directors, composed of Native leaders from across Indian country, just finished a meeting to discuss how the Native American Rights Fund will move forward.

donate-whitehouseAs Native people, we have been down this road before.  For over 500 years we have endured the invasion of our homelands, we have endured the horrific and failed termination, assimilation, and boarding school policies of the federal government,  and, in more recent times, we have fought past administrations’ attacks on Indian country and the environment and won.

Since the Trump Administration has not announced any Native policy positions, we look forward to the opportunity to work in partnership with them and educate them about Native rights.  But make no mistake, we are firmly committed to continue our fight to protect Native rights and expand tribal sovereignty – and fight we will.  We stand by our commitment as “Modern Day Warriors” to do so.

We have fought hard for our people, our lands, and our tribes for over 46 years, and we reaffirm here our commitment to continue to do so.  We encourage our brothers and sisters and our allies to be brave, take courage, remember our ancestors, and continue to stand firm with us for justice.