NARF thanks 2014 Summer Law Clerk Shay Elbaum


This summer, we’re highlighting the law students who were chosen to participate in NARF’s 2014 Law Clerk Program. 

Shay Elbaum is a clerk in NARF’s Anchorage, Alaska office.  Shay is entering his third year at the University of Michigan Law School, where he’s served as co-chair of the Native American Law Students Association (along with fellow 2014 Summer Law Clerk Hunter Cox) and as Selections Coordinator for the Michigan Journal of Gender and Law.  Shay grew up in Michigan, and earned his  B.A. in Linguistics from McGill University.  He was worked for and volunteered for a number of public interest organizations, including Greater Boston Legal Services, where he worked last summer.  Thanks for your summer of hard work, Shay!