NARF Launches National Media Campaign to Mobilize Intergenerational Support


Click Here to View the “Indian Wars Never Ended” PSA.

On Monday, March 26th, 2007, attorneys and staff of the Native American Rights Fund premiered its first ever national, multi-media Public Service Ad Campaign at the opening ceremonies of the National Indian Gaming Association’s annual convention and trade show in Phoenix, Arizona. The :60 and :30 second PSA’s, entitled, “The Indian Wars Never Ended,” are part of a greater campaign to generate renewed awareness and intergenerational support for NARF’s continued mission and work to defend tribal sovereignty and the rights and lifeways of Indian peoples. The campaign was also launched simultaneously online to thousands of viewers.

NARF has launched its new multi-media ad campaign with the goal of reaching out and engaging younger generations as well as to build unity across all generations and cultures to join and support the struggle to defend tribal sovereignty. “The Indian Wars Never Ended” PSA represents an intergenerational message of NARF as it establishes a modern-day message for modern-day times.

Featured in the PSA production are NARF Executive Director John Echohawk (Pawnee) and members of his legal team, as well as the award-winning Pawnee/Seminole hip-hop duo, Culture Shock Camp comprised of DJ Shock B and lyricist and PSA composer/producer, Quese IMC, as well as one of Indian Country’s hottest young artists, painter Bunky Echo-Hawk III.

NARF’s “The Indian Wars Never Ended” PSA represents an unprecedented multi-media campaign that will appear online, and on radio, TV, and in print publications in the effort to build support and unify generations and cultures around the defense of tribal sovereignty and Native rights. The campaign will run throughout the year with a number of special events, updates, and ways that can get involved and mobilize support for NARF in your own community. To view “The Indian Wars Never Ended” PSA’s and learn more about how you can take a stand and be a Modern Day Warrior for Native rights visit: