NARF Executive Director Suggested as a Possible U.S. Supreme Court Nominee


From an editorial in The Nation’s online magazine:

“It goes without saying that President Obama’s nominee to replace Justice
David Souter on the Supreme Court should be a person of extraordinary
intelligence, integrity and moral vision. And since archconservative
justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito are in their 50s, it wouldn’t
hurt if the first Democratic appointee in fifteen years is relatively
young and in good health. It should also go without saying that the
president has the prerogative and political capital to nominate a
justice who agrees broadly with his interpretation of the Constitution
as a document that protects “people who may be vulnerable in the political process, the outsider, the minority…those who don’t have a lot of clout” and grants a right to privacy. Luckily, there is no shortage of candidates who meet these criteria. ”

To read the full article click here. John Echohawk is discussed on page two in the section regarding Garrett Epps.