NARF assists Native American students with right to wear eagle feathers at graduation ceremonies


Graduation season is an especially busy time for NARF attorneys. Every year, we are contacted by Native American students from across the country who are prohibited from wearing eagle feathers at graduation ceremonies due to narrow graduation dress codes. By and large, once those schools come to understand the religious and cultural significance of eagle feathers, they make accommodations and exceptions for Native American students. Unfortunately, there are still a handful of school districts that persist in restricting Native American religious liberty. This insistence on uniformity of dress puts Native American students in the position of having to choose between participating in the celebration of a great accomplishment with their classmates, or following their Native religious and cultural traditions. NARF continues to advocate for these graduates so they can celebrate their great successes without sacrificing their tribal identity.

Hayden Griffith. Photo credit:

Hayden Griffith. Photo credit:

If you are having problems wearing your eagle feathers at graduation, please contact NARF as early as possible.

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