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For Native American youth, families, individuals and tribes who rely on your generosity, every dollar makes a difference in their battle to win justice now and for future generations.

Native Americans are still the poorest of the poor in this country. They have the lowest incomes and often the least amount of education. So many do not have the resources they need to fight for their own rights and that is why they come to NARF.

To meet these growing challenges, the Native American Rights Fund has committed to providing even more legal services to tribes and Indians in the coming year.  So I am asking you to help us serve Indian Country through your most generous donation to NARF today.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and will create a lasting impact throughout Indian Country!

You can be proud that as our advocate you preserve tribal existence, protect tribal natural resources, promote Native American human rights, make governments accountable to Native Americans, develop Indian law and educate the public about Indian rights, laws and issues.

On behalf of the Attorneys, Board, Staff & Clients of the Native American Rights Fund, I ask you to give your most generous year-end gift now.

Best Wishes for a New Year filled with Peace, Happiness and Hope!