ICWA Day of Action for Brackeen Case Hearing — Wednesday, January 22


I am Proud to Protect ICWA because...

ICWA Day of Action for Brackeen Case Hearing — Wednesday, January 22

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is a long-standing federal law protecting the well-being of Native children by upholding family integrity and stability within their community.

Brackeen v. Bernhardt is the lawsuit brought by Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, and individual plaintiffs, who allege ICWA—a federal statute that has been in effect for more than 40 years and has helped thousands of Native children maintain ties to their families and their tribes—is unconstitutional. It is the first time that a state has sued the federal government over ICWA’s constitutionality.

Your voice matters, and we want to invite each of you to participate in ICWA advocacy no matter where you live. Speak up, speak out, and show the world that Indian Country is #ProudtoProtectICWA.

On Wednesday, January 22 – get involved in the ICWA online conversation by:

  1. Participating in the “I am Proud to Protect ICWA because…” poster campaign
  2. Downloading #ProudtoProtectICWA social media images from the Proud to Protect ICWA Social Media Toolkit and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the #ProudtoProtectICWA hashtag.
  3. Share your own photo/statement on your social channels with the hashtag #ProudtoProtectICWA

Just in case you need them, below are a few drafted messages for your use on January 22, 2020:

  • ICWA is a constitutional federal law acknowledging the political status of tribal nations as governments to protect our Native children, families, & citizens. #ProudtoProtectICWA
  • Who supports #ICWA? 495 Tribal Nations. 60 Native Organizations. 26 States. 77 Members of Congress. And me. #ProudtoProtectICWA #NativeChildren #NativeFamilies
  • Did you know? #ICWA is a result of the forced removal of one out of every three Native children from their homes in the late 1970s. This is far from ancient history. [Organization name] is #ProudtoProtectICWA.
  • ICWA reaffirms the inherent right of tribal nations to protect, safeguard, and secure our Native children and families. #ProudtoProtectICWA
  • Why the Indian Child Welfare Act? To advocate for the best interest of #NativeChildren & #NativeFamilies. #ProudtoProtectICWA


For additional downloadable images, draft posts and more, check out this Social Media Toolkit.