Congratulations 2018 Graduates


Graduation photo of Mukumah Koassechony

2018 Graduate Mukumah Koassechony (Comanche, Kiowa, Pawnee, Euchee)

As we approach the end of another school year, the Native American Rights Fund would like to extend special congratulations to all of our 2018 Native graduates.  We recognize the achievement and honor of this educational milestone.

Every year, Native high school graduates seek to express their academic achievement and religious beliefs by wearing eagle feathers as a part of their graduation ceremonies.  Although most high schools recognize the academic and sacred importance associated with wearing eagle feathers at graduation, there still are a few schools and districts that do not allow this tradition.

“The principal said I have to make sure that [my eagle feather] is hidden and that nobody can see it and it is out of sight. It makes me feel like I have to hide who I am.”
–Waverly Wilson (Fort Belknap Indian Community)

In the past, NARF has advocated for students’ rights to practice their tribal beliefs and wear the sacred feathers at graduation.  Often, when a school or school district understands the cultural significance of the eagle feather, they are willing to accommodate these requests.  Students should not have to sacrifice their tribal identity to celebrate their academic success.

To help Native graduates petitioning for the right to wear eagle feathers at graduation, NARF has created two brochures, which can be download at:
Wearing Eagle Feathers at Graduation: Information for Schools
Wearing Eagle Feathers at Graduation: A Guide for Students and Families 

Again, congratulations to our soon-to-be 2018 graduates!

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