May 26, 2004

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BOULDER, CO – Known for its legal expertise and advocacy, the Colorado-based Native American Rights Fund (NARF) will initiate a six-month campaign of print advertisements in the Indian-owned and operated, The Native Voice newspaper located in Rapid City, South Dakota. While NARF has advertised sporadically in the past, this move marks the first ever-planned campaign in alliance with a Native-owned press business.

Frank J. King, III and Lise Balk King, the founders and owners of the nationally distributed The Native Voice newspaper, are corporate underwriters for $10,000 in color advertisements in 2004 to the nonprofit legal defense fund, renewable in 2005.

"The Native Voice owners and staff are honored to sponsor advertising as good corporate citizens, and as active supporters of causes such as environmentalism, human and civil rights, and Indian self-determination," says Frank King, editor of The Native Voice newspaper. "By doing our part, we hope to free other assets to fund the legal battles NARF engages on behalf of American Indians."

"We are extremely pleased to partner with The Native Voice press," says John Echohawk, executive director of NARF. "The Native Voice publication is admired for its accurate portrayal and reflection of Indian life, the protection of our values as Indian people, and connecting Native issues with mainstream society. It offers indispensable insights on news and emerging trends across Indian country. We are grateful for their generosity and the benefits our organization will gain in our new venture with The Native Voice company."

Founded in 2001, The Native Voice is the nation’s largest native-owned independent newspaper with a circulation over 10,000 and a readership over 60,000. Their staff of professional journalists are committed to covering every aspect of Native American heritage and culture, from interviews with tribal leaders to stories on tribal, state, federal and legislative activities. For more information about The Native Voice go to, call 1-800-449-8176, 605-718-9141, or email

NARF has stepped-up its direct mail campaign, major donor programs, brand marketing, and the redesign and enlargement of its web site, in 2004.

The Native American Rights Fund is a national nonprofit organization formed in 1970 to assist Indian tribes, individuals and organizations with legal advice and representation on issues of national significance to Native Americans. The Native American Rights Fund is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with offices in Anchorage, Alaska and Washington, D.C.