Index to the Indian Claims Commission Decisions

by the National Indian Law Library

Online: No
Pages: x, 230 p. : tables ; 28 cm. + supplement (58 p. : looseleaf, tables ; 28 cm.)
Published: 1973-1976
Cost: $27.00

The "Indian Claims Commission Decisions" comprises a 43-volume set. This index is an accompaniment. As published in 1973, it indexes cases from volumes 1-29 (cases through March 1973). A "1976 Cumulative Supplement" is included that indexes cases from volumes 30-38 (cases through August 5, 1976). In 2004, the library created an index database that covers the rest of the set from 1976 - 1978. Librarians can search the index for you; currently it is only available for use within the library.


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