No Justice
Without Peace

Periodically, peacemakers from across the nation come together for learning and discussion. Learn more and see photos from the April 2014 gathering...

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Learn More About

What is peacemaking? What is its history and how is it being used today? Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and research materials to help you learn more about peacemaking practices. Read more...

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Would you like to start using peacemaking in your tribe or community? Here you can find information about conferences and trainings as well as tools and technical assistance to help you implement a peacemaking project. Read more...

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Models and
Tribal Codes

A number of tribes and communities already have developed peacemaking programs. We have collected some of the related laws and other models into this online collection. Read more...

  • Newly added tribal code: Visit our tribal codes page to see the Lummi Nation's criminal code, which allows some criminal offenders to clear their records using culturally based standards and completion of penalties.
  • The Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative has a new flyer describing the practice of peacemaking and how we seek to support it.

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