Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative

The mission of the Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative (IPI) is to support Native peoples in restoring sustainable peacemaking practices by:

  • * Promoting Traditional Peacemaking Practices
    * Raising awareness about peacemaking practice
    * Spotlighting existing programs that have had success with model programs
    * Coordinating a Traditional Peacemaking Practices Clearinghouse
    * Creating a peacemaking clearinghouse by cataloging codes, manuals, curricula and best practices
    * Digitizing all records for easy dissemination
    * Creating an anthology of successful programs and individuals within peacemaking
    * Convening Traditional Peacemaking Meetings
    * Coordinating meetings for a variety of audiences interested in peacemaking
    * Tribal Leaders, Tribal Peacemakers, Tribal Judges, Policymakers, Non Native Peacemakers
    * Training and Teaching Opportunities
    * Documenting and disseminating best practices
    * Development of curriculum, case studies, and tools
    * Provide training on various components and techniques of peacemaking
    * Mentoring and Nurturing
    * Supporting relationships and mentoring between and among individual peacemakers, programs, and communities

We have focused our initial efforts on the creation of the clearinghouse, conducting needs assessment of peacemaker resources, and developing a sustainable business model for the program. Most recently, we are in the process of analyzing the results of a national survey of peacemaking needs in Indian communities. Approximately 230 survey forms were filled out and returned. You can see the results of that survey as well as an analysis of those results. NARF staff attorneys and members of the Advisory Committee also continue to discuss ways to increase federal support for indigenous peacemaking systems.

Learn more about the Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative's Advisory Committee of traditional peacemaking experts and practitioners>>

See photos from No Justice Without Peace: 3rd Biennial Gathering of Peacemakers held in Sulphur, OK, April 2014 (co-sponsored by the IPI).

If you have trouble viewing the photos here, please view them at the NARF Flickr page.