Lummi Tribe of the Lummi Reservation

Also known as: the Lhaq'temish (the Lummi People), People of the Sea, Lummi Nation

Tribal Code:

At NILL website.

See NILL catalog records for the tribal code.

Tribal Constitution:

At NILL website.

At OU Law School website. (1948)
At Library of Congress website. (1948)

See NILL catalog records for the constitution.

Tribal Court Opinions:

At Indian Law Reporter (not available online). 1988-2003. Abbreviations: Lummi Nation Tr. Ct.; Lummi Ct. App.; Lum. Tr. Ct.; Lum. Ct. App.; Lummi Tr. Ct. App.; Lummi Tr. Ct.See NILL's cumulative subject index of tribal court cases in the ILR.

Other Legal Materials:

See NILL catalog records for other tribe materials.

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2665 Kwina Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

Tribal Court:

FAX 360-380-6994