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Culture, History, Religion

Action Plan to Implement the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Interagency Coordination and Collaboration for the Protection of Indian Sacred Sites March 5, 2013 -- Departments of Defense, the Interior, Agriculture, and Energy, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

National Sacred Places Prayer Days - (Morning Star Institute) One week every June, events are organized across the country to offer prayer for endangered sacred places.

Fact Sheet: Protection of Native American Sacred Places - (U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs). Prepared for the Coalition to Protect Native American Sacred Places by the Morning Star Institute. Provides a definition of Native American sacred lands and facts about the history and current laws regarding sacred place protection.

Kennewick Man Virtual Interpretive Center - (Tri-City Herald, Associated Press, and other wire services). Among information about the Kennewick Man case, this web site includes links to digital copies of relevant legal documents and news stories.

National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers - "NATHPO's overarching purpose is to support the preservation, maintenance and revitalization of the culture and traditions of Native peoples of the United States." The web site provides publications about NAGPRA, tribal tourism, tribal museums, information about relevant state and tribal laws, and more.

Native American Spirituality - (University of Virginia).

Directory of Religious Centers - (Harvard University, Committee on the Study of Religion). From the Pluralism Project.

Resources in print:

"Challenges to sacred site protection," by Rebecca Tsosie, 83 Denv. U. L. Rev. 963.

Cohen's handbook of federal Indian law : 2005 edition.

"Old ground and new directions at sacred sites on the western landscape," by Kristen A. Carpenter, 83 Denv. U. L. Rev. 981.

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