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•   American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Education in the States, by Kyle Zinth. 2005. Also online. Catalog record.

•   Characteristics of Schools, Districts, Teachers, Principles, and School Libraries in the United States: 2003-04 Schools and Staffing Survey. 2006 (National Center for Education Statistics). Also online. Catalog record.

•   Determining the Cost of Providing an Adequate Education in the State of Montana, by Craig R. Wood. 2005 (R. C. Wood & Associates). Also online. Catalog record.

•   Improving Academic Performance Among American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Students: Assessment and Identification of Learning and Learning Disabilities. Undated (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Child Development and Behavior Branch). Also online. Catalog record.

•   Statistics (2005) from the Nation's Report Card regarding mathematics and reading and literacy, with results by race-and ethnicity, by the National Center for Education Statistics. Catalog records: math and reading/literacy.

Census Data:

•   American Indians on Reservations: a Databook on Socioeconomic Change Between the 1990 and 2000 Census, by Jonathan B. Taylor and Joseph P. Kalt. ISBN: 0976442604. 2005 (Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development). Also online. Catalog record.

•   Introductory Data on American Indians, by the American Indian Policy Information Center. This document provides a statistical analysis of Census 2000 data for American Indians in Minnesota. Also online. Catalog record.


•   Interior Board of Indian Appeals: IBIA Citator: A Compilation of Authorities Cited in the Decisions of the Interior Board of Indian Appeals (cumulative updates for volumes 16-30 and 31-33). 1998-1999 (U.S. Department of the Interior). Catalog record. Also: Decisions of the Interior Board of Indian Appeals, a web site maintained by Anita Vogt, retired IBIA Administrative Judge. Catalog record.


•   A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. ISBN: 0140445625. 1992 (Penguin Books). Catalog record.

•   Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Archives, Volume 5, a project of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tigua Tribe of Texas) Tribal Council. ISBN: 094455167x. 2003 (Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo of Texas). Catalog record.


•   A Brave's New World: Exercising Tribal Sovereignty in the 21st Century: Continuing Legal Education Materials: Symposium, March 8-9, 2006 by the Native American Law Students Association / University of Oklahoma College of Law. Catalog record.

•   Report to the National Congress of American Indians for the Annual State of Indian Nations Address and the FY 07 Tribal Budget Request, by the Tribal Education Departments National Assembly. Also online. Catalog record.


•   The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality, by Judie Bopp... [et al.]; introduction by Jane Goodall. ISBN: 0941524582. 2004 (Lotus Press). Catalog record.

•   The Way of the Pipe: Aboriginal Spirituality and Symbolic Healing in Canadian Prisons, by James B. Waldram. ISBN: 1551111594. 1997 (Broadview Press). Catalog record.


Tribal Laws:

Constitution of the Hopi Tribe: Draft (2002). Catalog record.

Constitution of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation (Updated through April 2003). Catalog record.

Compact of Self-Governance Between the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe and the United States of America. 1995. Also online. Catalog record.

Hopi Water Quality Standards (1997) Catalog record. And Regulations in Support of the Hopi Water Code (1995). Catalog record.

Skokomish Tribal Code (updated through April 2006). Also at the library's web site and the tribe's web site. Catalog record.

Updates to online tribal laws: Skokomish Tribal Code (2006)

Additional Materials:

Updated regularly:
Indian Law Bulletins
Tribal Law Gateway
Tribal Supreme Court Project

Law review and bar journal articles: for the most recent articles, go to the Indian Law Bulletins.

New Case Files: Kip R. Ramsey, d/b/a/ Tiin-Ma Logging Co. v. United States. Catalog record.

BP America v. Watson, et al. Catalog record.

Chayoon v. Sherlock. Catalog record.

Mattaponi v. Virginia. Catalog record.

Murphy v. State of Oklahoma. Catalog record.

Utah v. Shivwits Band of Paiute Indians. Catalog record.


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