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The library hosts a new web site tool: "How to Build a Tribal Legal History", created by Nancy Carol Carter -- Professor of Law and Director of the Pardee Legal Research Center, University of San Diego School of Law. Read more.

Now available at the Library's web site: A "Selected List of Resources Relating to Climate Change and It's Impact on Native Peoples in Alaska." Read more.

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) recently awarded Monica Martens and David Selden at the National Indian Law Library (NILL) the Public Access to Government Information Award (PAGI), for their work in making tribal law available to the public. Read more.

Read about the National Indian Law Library in the Summer 2006 issue of the Native American Rights Fund's Justice newsletter. Since 1972, the library has served as the only public research center devoted solely to Indian law.

Article about NILL's Thesaurus recently published in Law Library Journal

New statisical report on the Internet "We the People"



New Research Items

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