Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians - Tribal Constitution - Table of Contents

Table of Contents Updated: October 2014

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Constitution (pdf)

Table of Contents

Article I. Territory and jurisdiction -- 1. Name. 2. Reservation lands and trust property. 3. Hunting, fishing, and gathering rights. 4. State jurisdiction.
Article II. Membership -- 1. Requirements. 2. Dual membership prohibited. 3. Adoption. 4. Regulation of membership.
Article III. Board of Directors -- 1. Definition of the Governing Body. 2. Membership. 3. Tribal officers. 4. Quorum. 5. Terms of office. 6. Automatic succession.
Article IV. Tribal elections -- 1. Voter qualifications. 2. Elections. 3. Election dates. 4. Nominations for the Board of Directors. 5. Election Committee. 6. Qualifications for candidates for Tribal Board of Directors. 7. Election Ordinance.
Article V. Vacancies and removal from office or from the Board of Directors -- 1. Removal. 2. Filling vacancies.
Article VI. General Council and reserved rights -- 1. General Council membership. 2. Meetings of the General Council. 3. Quorum of the General Council. 4. Powers of the General Council. 5. Reserved rights.
Article VII. Powers of the Board of Directors -- 1. General and enumerated powers. 2. Reserved powers.
Article VIII. Initiative and referendum -- 1. Initiative. 2. Referendum. 3. Non-binding referendum.
Article IX. Rights of tribal members and others under jurisdiction of the tribe -- 1. Rights and privileges of members. 2. Individual rights.
Article X. Tribal judiciary -- 1. Right of Board of Directors to establish a tribal judiciary. 2. Establishment of tribal judiciary.
Article XI. Duties of officers -- 1. Chairperson. 2. Vice chairperson. 3. Secretary. 4. Treasurer.
Article XII. Amendments.
Article XIII. Adoption.
Article XIV. Severability.
Article XV. Certificate of results of election.

[Table of Contents created by NILL in October 2014, based on materials available on the tribe's website.]