Pueblo of San Ildefonso Pueblo - Tribal Code

Received: 1996

To contact the Pueblo of San Ildefonso, see the NCAI tribal directory.

Table of Contents

Title I - General Provisions

Chapter I - Authority

Title II - Pueblo Of San Ildefonso

Chapter 2 - Judicial Power

Title III - Rules of the Pueblo of San Ildefonso Judiciary

Chapter 7 - Pre-trial Conference

Title IV - Rules of Criminal Procedure

Chapter 8 - Pretrial Procedure

Title V - Uniform Criminal Extradition Act

Title VI - Criminal Offense

Title VII - Civil Procedure

Title VIII - Exclusion

Title IX - Pueblo of San Ildefonso Children's Code

Title X - Domestic Relations

Title XI - Probate Procedure

Title XII - San Ildefonso Pueblo Traffic Safety Code

Title XIII - [Reserved]

Title XIV - Definitions

Title XV - Land and Livestock Management

Chapter 52 - Violations of this Title

Title XVI - [Reserved]

Title XVII - Zoning and Planning

Title XVIII - Consumer Civil Rights and Welfare Protections

Title XIX - Foreign Judgments

Chapter 59 - Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act