Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma - Tribal Code

Table of Contents Updated: March 2018

The tribe makes their code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website.

Table of Contents

Title 4 - Election Code
Section 4-1-101 Citation
Section 4-1-102 Purpose
Section 4-1-103 Definitions
Section 4-1-104 Time Periods
Section 4-1-105 Creation
Section 4-1-106 Composition
Section 4-1-107 Appointment
Section 4-1-108 Oath
Section 4-1-109 Officer Selection
Section 4-1-110 Sub-appointments
Section 4-1-111 Filing Certifications
Section 4-1-112 Eligibility
Section 4-1-113 Term
Section 4-1-114 Compensation
Section 4-1-115 Records
Section 4-1-116 Duties
Section 4-1-117 Procedure
Section 4-1-118 Rules
Section 4-1-119 Election Day
Section 4-1-120 Forms
Section 4-1-121 Instructions to Voters
Section 4-1-122 Public Information
Section 4-1-123 Polling Place
Section 4-1-124 Ballot Box
Section 4-1-125 Access to Ballots
Section 4-1-126 Voting Booths
Section 4-1-127 Poll Watchers
Section 4-1-128 Electioneering and Loitering
Section 4-1-129 Voter Conduct
Section 4-1-130 Anonymous Election Material
Section 4-1-131 Application
Section 4-1-132 Public Disclosure of Campaign Contributions
Section 4-1-133 No Posting of Tribal Campaign Election Literature or Signs on Tribal Property
Section 4-1-134 Candidates Employed by the Tribe
Section 4-1-135 Eligibility
Section 4-1-136 Voters Lists
Section 4-1-137 Who May Challenge
Section 4-1-138 How to Challenge
Section 4-1-139 Time for Challenge
Section 4-1-140 Decision
Section 4-1-141 Appeal
Section 4-1-142 Appeal Time
Section 4-1-143 Appeal Parties
Section 4-1-144 Eligibility to File
Section 4-1-145 Ballot Eligibility
Section 4-1-146 Filed Candidate
Section 4-1-147 Filing Period
Section 4-1-148 Form of Declaration
Section 4-1-149 Names of Candidates
Section 4-1-150 Acceptance
Section 4-1-151 Certification of Slate
Section 4-1-152 Use of Tribal Newspaper
Section 4-1-153 Filing for More Than One Office Prohibited
Section 4-1-154 Withdrawals
Section 4-1-155 Procedure on Withdrawal
Section 4-1-156 Kinds
Section 4-1-157 Who May Challenge
Section 4-1-158 How to Challenge
Section 4-1-159 Hearing
Section 4-1-160 Appeal
Section 4-1-161 Appeal Time
Section 4-1-162 Relief
Section 4-1-163 Time for Declaration
Section 4-1-164 Candidate s Names
Section 4-1-165 Unopposed Candidates
Section 4-1-166 Ballot Care
Section 4-1-167 Eligibility
Section 4-1-168 Application
Section 4-1-169 When to Apply
Section 4-1-170 Receiving Ballot and Absentee Voter List
Section 4-1-171 Voting
Section 4-1-172 Delivering Completed Ballot
Section 4-1-173 Handling
Section 4-1-174 Procedure Mandatory
Section 4-1-175 Voting Period
Section 4-1-176 Voting
Section 4-1-177 Voter Assistance
Section 4-1-178 Marking the Ballot
Section 4-1-179 Mutilated Ballots
Section 4-1-180 Unused Ballots
Section 4-1-181 The Tally
Section 4-1-182 Verifying the Absentee Ballots
Section 4-1-183 Counting Ballots
Section 4-1-184 Observing Tally
Section 4-1-185 Rejection of Ballots
Section 4-1-186 Certified Abstract
Section 4-1-187 Recounts
Section 4-1-188 Request for Recount
Section 4-1-189 Run-off Elections
Section 4-1-190 Retention of Ballots
Section 4-1-191 Election Certification
Section 4-1-192 Finality
Section 4-1-193 Installment
Section 4-1-194 Effect of Installment
Section 4-1-195 Incumbents
Section 4-1-196 Who Can Contest
Section 4-1-197 Grounds
Section 4-1-198 When to Contest
Section 4-1-199 How to Contest
Section 4-1-200 Election Committee Hearing
Section 4-1-201 Appeal
Section 4-1-202 Time
Section 4-1-203 Parties
Section 4-1-204 Relief
Section 4-1-205 Standard
Section 4-1-206 General Council Resolutions
Section 4-1-207 Absentee Votes
Section 4-1-208 Resolution Preparation
Section 4-1-209 Election Board
Section 4-1-210 Composition
Section 4-1-211 Powers of the Election Board
Section 4-1-212 Misdemeanor
Section 4-1-213 Venue and Jurisdiction
Section 4-1-214 What is Quo Warranto
Section 4-1-215 Who May Seek
Section 4-1-215 Who is the Proper Party Defendant

Title 7 - Judiciary and Appellate Procedure
Section 7-0-001. Authorization
Section 7-0-002. Definitions
Section 7-0-003. Territorial Jurisdiction
Section 7-0-004. Civil Jurisdiction
Section 7-0-005. Criminal Jurisdiction
Section 7-0-006. Probate Jurisdiction
Section 7-0-007. Juvenile Jurisdiction
Section 7-0-008. Law to be Applied
Section 7-0-009. Amendments
Chapter One: Equitable Powers Doctrine
Section 7-1-101. Citation
Section 7-1-102. Purpose
Section 7-1-103. Equitable Powers Doctrine
Chapter Two: District Court
Section 7-2-101. Judges of the District Court
Section 7-2-102. Minimum Qualifications of Judge of the District Court
Section 7-2-103. Manner of Selection of Justices and Judges
Section 7-2-104. Term of Office
Section 7-2-105. Oath of Office
Section 7-2-106. Duties and Powers of Judges
Section 7-2-107. Special Appointments
Section 7-2-108. Compensation of Judges
Section 7-2-109. Removal of Judges
Section 7-2-110. Disqualifications, Conflict of Interest
Section 7-2-111. Decisions
Section 7-2-112. Records
Section 7-2-113. Files
Section 7-2-114. Motion Day
Section 7-2-115 through 7-2-119 Reserved
Section 7-2-120. Practice Before the Trial Court
Chapter Three: Supreme Court
Section 7-3-101. General Provisions
Section 7-3-102. Composition of the Supreme Court
Section 7-3-103. Minimum Qualifications of Justices
Section 7-3-104. Selection of Justices
Section 7-3-105. Term of Office
Section 7-3-106. Oath of Office
Section 7-3-107. Duties and Powers of Justices
Section 7-3-108. Reserved
Section 7-3-109. Compensation of Justices
Section 7-3-110. Removal of Justices
Section 7-3-111. Disqualifications, Conflict of Interest
Section 7-3-112. Decisions
Section 7-3-113. Rules of the Court
Section 7-3-114. Special Appointments
Section 7-3-115. Supreme Court's Action on Appeals
Section 7-3-116. Terms of the Court
Section 7-3-117. Court Fund
Chapter Four: Court Clerk
Section 7-4-101. Establishment
Section 7-4-102. Clerk to Serve Supreme and District Courts
Section 7-4-103. Clerk as Department Director
Section 7-4-104. Powers and Duties
Section 7-4-105. Seal
Section 7-4-106. Certification of True Copies
Section 7-4-107. Courts Always Open
Section 7-4-108. Trials and Hearings - Orders in Chambers
Section 7-4-109. Clerk's Office and Orders by the Clerk
Section 7-4-110. Notice of Orders or Judgments
Section 7-4-111. Books and Records Kept by the Clerk and Entries Therein
Section 7-4-112. Stenographic Report or Transcript as Evidence
Section 7-4-113. Judgment Docket
Section 7-4-114. Execution Docket
Section 7-4-115. Clerk may Collect Judgment and Costs
Section 7-4-116 through 7-4-122 Reserved
Section 7-4-123. Clerk to Provide Statistical and Other Information
Section 7-4-124 through 7-4-125. Reserved
Chapter Five: Chief of the Tribal Police-Process
Section 7-5-101. Reserved
Section 7-5-102. Appointment of Substitute for Tribal Police Chief
Section 7-5-103. Tribal Police Chief to Indorse Time of Receipt on Process
Section 7-5-104. Tribal Police Chief to Execute and Return Process
Section 7-5-105. When Bailiff or Tribal Police Chief May Adjourn Court
Section 7-5-106. Reserved
Chapter Six: Bonds and Sureties
Section 7-6-101. Justification of Surety
Section 7-6-102. Qualifications of Surety
Section 7-6-103. Real Estate Mortgage as Bond
Section 7-6-104. Valuation of Real Estate
Section 7-6-105. False Valuation - Penalty
Section 7-6-106. Action by Tribal Department - No Bond Required
Section 7-6-107. Appearance Bond - Enforcement
Chapter Seven: Miscellaneous
Section 7-7-101. Deputy May Perform Official Duties
Section 7-7-102. Affirmation
Section 7-7-103. Publications in "Patent Insides"
Section 7-7-104. Action on Official Bond
Section 7-7-105. May be Several Actions on Same Security
Section 7-7-106. Immaterial Errors to be Disregarded
Section 7-7-107. Payments Into Court for Minors and Incompetents
Section 7-7-108. Conserving Moneys Obtained for Minors or Incompetent Persons
Section 7-7-109. Sharing of Judicial Officers
Section 7-7-110. Sharing of Other Judicial Personnel
Section 7-7-111. Sharing of Material Resources
Section 7-7-112. Sharing of Financial Resources
Section 7-7-113. Indians Employed in the Indian Service
Section 7-7-114. Copies of Laws
Section 7-7-715. Cooperation by Federal Employees
Section 7-7-716. Effect of Prior Decisions of the Court
Section 7-7-717. Judicial Review of Legislative and Executive Actions
Section 7-7-718. Action When No Procedure Provided
Chapter Eight: Apellate Procedure Preface
Section 7-8-001. Scope and Applicability of Rules
Section 7-8-002. Suspension and Revision of Rules
Section 7-8-003. Discretionary Authority
Section 7-8-004. Authority
Section 7-8-101. Appeal As Of Right - How Taken.
Section 7-8-102. Appeal As Of Right - When Taken.
Section 7-8-103. Interlocutory Appeals in Civil Actions.
Section 7-8-104. Interlocutory Appeals In Criminal Actions.
Section 7-8-105. Appeals by the Tribe in Criminal Actions.
Section 7-8-106. Bond For Costs On Appeal In Civil Cases.
Section 7-8-107. Stay Or Injunction Pending Appeal.
Section 7-8-108. Release in Criminal Cases.
Section 7-8-109. The Record on Appeal.
Section 7-8-110. Transmission of Record.
Section 7-8-111. Docketing The Appeal; Filing The Record.
Section 7-8-201. Habeas Corpus Proceedings.
Section 7-8-202. Transfer Of Custody Pending Review
Section 7-8-203. Detention Or Release Pending Review Of Decision Failing to Release
Section 7-8-204. Detention Or Release Pending Review Of Decision Ordering Release
Section 7-8-205. Modification of Initial Order Respecting Custody
Section 7-8-301. Leave From Tribal District Court to Proceed to Supreme Court
Section 7-8-302. Special Rule For Parties Previously Granted. Permission To Proceed In Forma Pauperis.
Section 7-8-303. Remedy For Denial Of Motion By Tribal District Court.
Section 7-8-401. Filing and Service.
Section 7-8-402. Service of All Papers Required.
Section 7-8-403. Manner Of Service.
Section 7-8-404. Proof Of Service.
Section 7-8-405. Computation of Time.
Section 7-8-406. Enlargement Of Time.
Section 7-8-407. Additional Time after Service By Mail.
Section 7-8-501. Content, Response, and Reply to Motions.
Section 7-8-502. Determination of Motions for Procedural Orders.
Section 7-8-503. Power of a Single Judge to Entertain Motions.
Section 7-8-504. Form of Papers; Number of Copies.
Section 7-8-505. Brief of Appellant.
Section 7-8-506. Brief of Appellee.
Section 7-8-507. Reply Brief.
Section 7-8-508. References in Briefs to Parties.
Section 7-8-509. References in Briefs to the Record and Statutes.
Section 7-8-510. Length of Briefs.
Section 7-8-511. Briefs in Cases Involving Cross Appeals.
Section 7-8-512. Briefs and Cases Involving Multiple Appellants or Appellees.
Section 7-8-513. Citation of Supplemental Authorities.
Section 7-8-514. Brief of an Amicus Curiae.
Section 7-8-515. Appendix to the Briefs.
Section 7-8-516. Time for Filing and Service of Briefs.
Section 7-8-517. Number of Copies to Be Filed and Served.
Section 7-8-518. Consequence of Failure to File Briefs.
Section 7-8-519. Form of Briefs, the Appendix and Other Papers.
Section 7-8-520. Form of Other Papers.
Section 7-8-601. Prehearing Conference.
Section 7-8-602. Oral Argument in General.
Section 7-8-603. Notice of Argument; Postponement.
Section 7-8-604. Order and Content of Argument.
Section 7-8-605. Cross and Separate Appeals.
Section 7-8-606. Non-Appearance of Parties.
Section 7-8-607. Submission on the Briefs.
Section 7-8-608. Use of Physical Exhibits at Argument; Removal.
Section 7-8-609. When Hearing or Rehearing En Banc Will Be Ordered.
Section 7-8-610. Suggestion of a Party for Hearing or Rehearing En Banc.
Section 7-8-611. Time for Suggestion of a Party for Hearing or Rehearing En Banc; Suggestion does not Stay Mandate.
Section 7-8-701. Entry of Judgment.
Section 7-8-702. Interest on Judgments.
Section 7-8-703. Damages for Delay.
Section 7-8-704. To Whom Costs Allowed.
Section 7-8-705. Costs For Or Against the Tribe.
Section 7-8-706. Costs of Briefs, Appendices, and Copies of Records.
Section 7-8-707. Bill Of Costs; Objections; Costs Inserted In Mandate Or Added Later.
Section 7-8-708. Costs On Appeal Taxable in the Tribal District Court.
Section 7-8-709. Petition For Rehearing.
Section 7-8-710. Issuance of Mandate.
Section 7-8-711. Voluntary Dismissal.
Section 7-8-712. Substitution of Parties.
Section 7-8-713 Cases Involving Constitutional or Indian Civil Rights Act Questions Where the Tribe Is Not A Party.

Title 8 - Admissions, Practice and Discipline of Attorneys
Rule 8-1-101 Admission to the Bar
Rule 8-1-102 Appearance of Counsel and Withdrawal of Counsel
Rule 8-1-103 Courtroom Decorum
Rule 8-1-104 Attorney Conference With Respect To Discovery Motions
Rule 8-1-105 Free Press - Fair Trial
Rule 8-1-106 Plan of the Tribal Court for the Representation of Indigent Defendants
Chapter Two: Oath of Attorney

Title 9 - Civil Procedure
Section 9-0-001 Scope of This Act
Section 9-0-002 Jurisdiction in Civil Actions
Section 9-0-003 Title of this Act
Section 9-0-004 Force of the Tribal Common Law
Section 9-0-005 Definitions
Section 9-0-006 No Effect Upon Sovereign Immunity
Section 9-0-007 Declaratory Judgment
Section 9-0-008 Court Costs Not Charged to Tribe
Section 9-0-009 Laws Applicable to Civil Actions
Section 9-0-010 through 9-0-011 Reserved
Section 9-0-012 Court Action When No Procedure Provided
Chapter One: Pleadings, Motions, and Orders
Section 9-1-101 Commencement of Action
Section 9-1-102 One Form of Action
Section 9-1-103 “Claim” Defined
Section 9-1-104 Constructive Notice of Pendency of Action
Section 9-1-105 Notice of Pendency Contingent Upon Service
Section 9-1-106 Special Notice for Actions Pending in Other Court
Section 9-1-107 Pleadings Allowed: Form of Motions
Section 9-1-108 General Rules of Pleading
Section 9-1-109 Pleadings Special Matters
Section 9-1-110 Form of Pleadings, Motions, and Briefs
Section 9-1-111 Signing of Pleadings
Section 9-1-112 Defenses and Objections – When and How Presented – By Pleadings or Motions – Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
Section 9-1-113 Final Dismissal on Failure to Amend
Section 9-1-114 Counterclaim and Cross-Claim
Section 9-1-115 Counterclaim: Effect of the Statutes of Limitation
Section 9-1-116 Counterclaims Against Assigned Claims
Section 9-1-117 Third-Party Practice
Section 9-1-118 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
Section 9-1-119 Pre-Trial Procedure; Formulating Issues
Section 9-1-120 Lost Pleadings
Section 9-1-121 Tenders of Money or Property
Section 9-1-122 Dismissal of Actions
Chapter Two: Process, Summons Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers
Section 9-2-101 Issuance of Summons
Section 9-2-102 Form of Summons
Section 9-2-103 Personal Service
Section 9-2-104 Service by Mail
Section 9-2-105 Service by Publication
Section 9-2-106 Publication Service Upon Parties and the Unknown Successors of Named Parties
Section 9-2-107 Publication Notice for Recovery of Money
Section 9-2-108 Publication Notice in Quiet Title Actions
Section 9-2-109 Completion of Publication Service
Section 9-2-110 Entry of Default on Party Served by Publication
Section 9-2-111 Vacating Default Judgments Where Service is by Publication
Section 9-2-112 Certain Technical Errors Not Grounds for Vacating Judgment
Section 9-2-113 Meaning of “Successors” for Publication Purposes
Section 9-2-114 Minimum Contacts Required for Effective Long Arm Service
Section 9-2-115 Consent is Effective Substitute for Service
Section 9-2-116 Reserved
Section 9-2-117 Manner of Making Personal Service
Section 9-2-117.1 Effect of Service of Some of Several Defendants
Section 9-2-118 Service Upon Party Not Inhabitant of or Found Within the Reservation
Section 9-2-119 Territorial Limits of Effective Service
Section 9-2-120 Return of Service of Process
Section 9-2-121 Alternative Provisions for Service in a Foreign Country
Section 9-2-122 Subpoena
Section 9-2-123 through 9-2-229 Reserved
Section 9-2-130 Summons, Time Limit for Service
Section 9-2-131 Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers
Section 9-2-132 through 9-2-139 Reserved
Section 9-2-140 Computation and Enlargement of Time
Section 9-2-141 General Cases in Which Extraterritorial Service Authorized
Section 9-2-142 Legal Newspaper
Chapter 3: Parties
Section 9-3-101 Parties, Plaintiff, and Defendant: Capacity
Section 9-3-102 Joinder of Claims, Remedies, and Actions
Section 9-3-103 Joinder of Persons Needed for Just Adjudication
Section 9-3-104 Permissive Joinder of Parties
Section 9-3-105 Misjoinder and Non-joinder of Parties
Section 9-3-106 Interpleader
Section 9-3-107 Class Actions
Section 9-3-108 Derivative Actions by Shareholders and Members
Section 9-3-109 Intervention
Section 9-3-110 Substitution of Parties
Chapter 4: Depositions and Discovery
Section 9-4-101 General Provisions Governing Discovery
Section 9-4-102 Depositions Before Action or Pending Appeal
Section 9-4-103 Persons Before Whom Depositions May Be Taken
Section 9-4-104 Stipulations Regarding Discovery Procedure
Section 9-4-105 Depositions Upon Oral Examination
Section 9-4-106 Depositions Upon Written Questions
Section 9-4-107 Use Of Depositions In Court Proceedings
Section 9-4-108 Interrogatories to Parties
Section 9-4-109 Production of Documents and Things and Entry Upon Land for Inspection and Other Purposes
Section 9-4-110 Physical and Mental Examination of Persons
Section 9-4-111 Requests for Admission
Section 9-4-112 Failure to Make Discovery: Sanctions
Chapter 5: Section One: Witnesses
Section 9-5-101 Issue and Service of Subpoena for Witnesses
Section 9-5-102 Subpoenas - Contents
Section 9-5-103 Subpoena for Deposition
Section 9-5-104 Subpoena for Agency Hearings
Section 9-5-105 Witness May Demand Fees - Exception
Section 9-5-106 Disobedience of Subpoena
Section 9-5-107 Attachment of Witness
Section 9-5-108 Punishment for Contempt
Section 9-5-109 Discharge When Imprisonment Illegal
Section 9-5-110 Requisites of Attachment – Order of Commitment
Section 9-5-111 Examination of Prisoner
Section 9-5-112 Prisoner’s Custody During Examination
Section 9-5-113 Witness Privileged
Section 9-5-114 Witness May Demand Fees Each Day - Exception
Section 9-5-115 Special Provisions for Tribal Agencies
Section 9-5-116 through 9-5-149 Reserved
Section Two: Testimony Under Privilege Against Prosecution
Section 9-5-201 Privilege For Committee Testimony
Section 9-5-202 Procedure for Claiming Privilege
Section 9-5-203 Oaths
Section 9-5-204 Penalties
Section 9-5-205 Disgrace as Ground for Refusal to Testify
Section 9-5-206 Prosecution
Section 9-5-207 Fees and Mileage
Chapter Six: Jurors
Section 9-6-101 Meeting for Selection of Jurors
Section 9-6-102 Reserved
Section 9-6-103 Preparation of Jury Wheel
Section 9-6-104 Drawing General Jury Panel
Section 9-6-105 Use of Jury Panel
Section 9-6-106 Certifying and Sealing Lists
Section 9-6-107 Oath and Delivery of Envelopes
Section 9-6-108 Reserved
Section 9-6-109 Reserved
Section 9-6-110 Summoning Jurors
Section 9-6-111 On-Call System Jurors
Section 9-6-112 Drawing Trial Jurors From Panel
Section 9-6-113 Qualifications and Exemptions of Jurors
Section 9-6-114 Substantial Compliance
Section 9-6-115 Oath to Jury
Section 9-6-116 through 9-6-120 Reserved
Section 9-6-121 Discharge of Employee for Jury Service - Penalty
Section 9-6-122 Civil Liability - Damages
Chapter Seven: Section One: Trials
Section 9-7-101 Trial of Issues
Section 9-7-102 Jury Trial of Right
Section 9-7-103 Trial by Jury or by the Court
Section 9-7-104 Assignment of Cases for Trial
Section 9-7-105 Consolidation; Separate Trials
Section 9-7-106 through 9-7-119 Reserved
Secton Two: Impaneling Jury
Section 9-7-201 Causes for Challenging Jurors
Section 9-7-202 Examination of Jurors
Section 9-7-203 Alternate Jurors
Section 9-7-204 Order of Challenges
Section 9-7-205 Challenges to Jurors – Filling Vacancies
Section 9-7-206 Alternate Method of Selecting Jury
Section Three: Trial Procedure
Section 9-7-301 Order of Trial
Section 9-7-302 Taking of Testimony
Section 9-7-303 Exceptions Unnecessary Section 9-7-304 Instruction to Jury - Objection
Section 9-7-305 Uniform Jury Instructions
Section 9-7-306 Objections to Instructions – Copies to Parties
Section 9-7-307 View by Jury
Section 9-7-308 Deliberations of the Jury
Section 9-7-309 Admonition of Jury on Separation
Section 9-7-310 Information After Retirement
Section 9-7-311 When the Jury May Be Discharged
Section 9-7-312 Re-trial
Section 9-7-313 Proof of Official Record
Section 9-7-314 Determination of Foreign Law
Section 9-7-315 Appointment and Duties of Masters
Section 9-7-316 through 9-7-220 Reserved
Section Four: Verdict
Section 9-7-401 Findings by the Court
Section 9-7-402 Delivery of Verdict
Section 9-7-403 Special Verdict and Interrogatories
Section 9-7-404 Jury Must Assess Amount of Recovery
Section 9-7-405 Motion for a Directed Verdict and for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict
Section 9-7-406 through 9-7-420 Reserved
Section Five: Miscellaneous Trial Provisions
Section 9-7-501 Provisions Applicable to Trials by Court
Section 9-7-502 Trial Docket
Section 9-7-503 Trial Docket for Bar
Section 9-7-504 Order of Trial of Cases Docketed
Section 9-7-505 Time of Trial
Section 9-7-506 Continuances
Section 9-7-507 Bifurcated Jury Trials
Chapter Eight: Section One: Provisional and Final Remedies and Special Proceedings
Section 9-8-101 Seizure of Person or Property
Section 9-8-102 Receivers Appointed by Tribal Courts
Section 9-8-103 Deposit in Court
Section 9-8-104 Process in Behalf of and Against Persons not Parties
Section 9-8-105 Security – Proceedings Against Sureties
Section 9-8-106 Execution
Section 9-8-107 through 9-8-110 Reserved
Section Two: Injunctions
Section 9-8-201 Injunction Defined
Section 9-8-202 Cause for Injunction – Temporary Restraining Order
Section 9-8-203 Temporary Restraining Order: Notice: Hearing: Duration
Section 9-8-204 Temporary Restraining Order - Service
Section 9-8-205 Preliminary Injunction
Section 9-8-206 Preliminary Injunction - Criteria
Section 9-8-207 Form and Scope of Injunction or Restraining Order
Section 9-8-208 Employer and Employee; Interpleader; Constitutional Cases
Section 9-8-209 Security
Section 9-8-210 Use of Affidavits
Section 9-8-211 Injunction by Defendant
Section 9-8-212 Injunction is Equitable
Section 9-8-213 Modification of Preliminary Injunction
Section 9-8-214 Modification of Permanent Injunction
Section 9-8-215 Injunctions Tried to the Court
Section 9-8-216 Enforcement of Restraining Orders and Injunctions
Section 9-8-217 through 9-8-230 Reserved
Chapter Nine: Section One: Judgment
Section 9-9-101 Judgments - Costs
Section 9-9-102 Default
Section 9-9-103 Offer of Judgment
Section 9-9-104 Judgment for Specific Act – Vesting Title
Section 9-9-105 Summary Judgment
Section 9-9-106 Declaratory Judgments
Section 9-9-107 Entry of Judgment
Section 9-9-108 New Trials – Amendments of Judgments
Section 9-9-109 Relief From Judgment or Order
Section 9-9-110 Harmless Error
Section 9-9-111 Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment
Section 9-9-112 Disability of a Judge
Section 9-9-113 Reserved
Section 9-9-114 Judgment Against Infant
Section 9-9-115 Judgments as Liens
Section 9-9-116 Discharge of Money Judgment Liens
Section 9-9-117 Additional Case Deposits
Section 9-9-118 Reversal By Supreme Court
Section 9-9-119 Interest on Money Judgments
Section 9-9-120 Exempt Property
Section 9-9-120.1 Payment of Judgments From Individual Indian Moneys
Section Two: Foreign Judgments
Section 9-9-201 Definition
Section 9-9-202 Filling and Status of Foreign Judgments
Section 9-9-203 Grounds for Non-Recognition
Section 9-9-204 Grounds for Non-Refusal
Section 9-9-205 Notice of Filing
Section 9-9-206 Stay of Execution of Foreign Judgment
Section 9-9-207 Fees
Section 9-9-208 Optional Procedure
Section Three: Contribution
Section 9-9-301 Joint Debtors or Sureties
Section 9-9-302 Joint Tort-Feasors – Contribution – Indemnity – Exemptions – Release. Covenant Not to Sue. Etc.
Section 9-9-303 through 9-9-310 Reserved
Section Four: Costs
Section 9-9-401 Affidavit in Forma Pauperis
Section 9-9-402 False Swearing in Such Case
Section 9-9-403 Costs Where Defendant Disclaims
Section 9-9-404 Certain Costs Taxed at Discretion of Court
Section 9-9-405 Costs to Successful Party as Matter of Course
Section 9-9-406 Costs in Other Cases
Section 9-9-407 Several Actions on Joint Instrument
Section 9-9-408 Clerk to Tax Costs
Section 9-9-409 Cost of Notice or Other Legal Publication
Section 9-9-410 Attorney Fees Taxable as Costs
Section 9-9-411 Costs Defined
Section 9-9-412 Authority of Court to Fix Cost Rates
Chapter Ten: Limitations Applicable
Section 9-10-101 Limitations Applicable
Section 9-10-102 Limitation of Real Actions
Section 9-10-103 Persons Under Disability – In Real Property Actions
Section 9-10-104 Limitation of Other Actions
Section 9-10-105 Persons Under Disability in Actions Other Than Real Property Action
Section 9-10-106 Absence or Flight of Defendant
Section 9-10-107 Limitation of New Action After Failure
Section 9-10-108 Extension of Limitation
Section 9-10-109 Statutory Bar Absolute
Section 9-10-110 Law Governing Foreign Claims
Section 9-10-111 Limitation of Building Construction Tort Claims
Chapter Eleven: Habeas Corpus
Section 9-11-101 Persons Who May Prosecute Writ
Section 9-11-102 Application for Writ
Section 9-11-103 Writ Granted
Section 9-11-104 Direction and Command of Writ
Section 9-11-105 Delivery to Tribal Police Chief
Section 9-11-106 Service on Party Other Than Tribal Police Chief
Section 9-11-107 Service When Person Not Found
Section 9-11-108 Return and Enforcement of Writ
Section 9-11-109 Manner of Return
Section 9-11-110 Proceedings in Case of Sickness or Infirmity
Section 9-11-111 Hearings and Discharge
Section 9-11-112 Reserved
Section 9-11-113 Writ Upon Temporary Commitment
Section 9-11-114 Writ May Issue to Admit to Bail
Section 9-11-115 Notice to Interested Persons
Section 9-11-116 Powers of Court
Section 9-11-117 Officers Not Liable for Obeying Orders
Section 9-11-118 Issuance of Warrant of Attachment
Section 9-11-119 Arrest of Party Causing Restraint
Section 9-11-120 Execution of Warrant of Attachment
Section 9-11-121 Temporary Orders
Section 9-11-122 Issuance and Service on Sunday
Section 9-11-123 Issue of Process
Section 9-11-124 Protection of Infants and Insane Persons
Section 9-11-125 Security for Costs Not Required
Chapter Twelve: Mandamus
Section 9-12-101 Functions of Mandamus
Section 9-12-102 Writ Not Issued Where Remedy at Law
Section 9-12-104 When Peremptory Writ of Issue
Section 9-12-105 Petition Upon Affidavit
Section 9-12-106 Allowance and Service of Writ
Section 9-12-107 Answer
Section 9-12-108 Failure to Answer
Section 9-12-109 Similarity to Civil Action
Section 9-12-110 Recovery by Plaintiff
Section 9-12-111 Damages Bar Further Actions
Section 9-12-112 Penalty for Refusal or Neglect to Perform
Chapter Thirteen: Quo Warranto
Section 9-13-101 Quo Warranto – Relief Obtainable by Civil Action
Section 9-13-102 Grounds for Action
Section 9-13-103Persons Who May Bring Action
Section 9-13-104 Reserved
Section 9-13-105 Judgment for Plaintiff
Section 9-13-106 Enforcement of Judgment
Section 9-13-107 Separate Action for Damages
Section 9-13-108 Corporations
Chapter Fourteen: Small Claims Procedure
Section 9-14-101 Small Claims
Section 9-14-102 Small Claims Affidavit
Section 9-14-103Preparation of Affidavit
Section 9-14-104 Service of Affidavit
Section 9-14-105 Date for Appearance
Section 9-14-106 Transfer of Actions
Section 9-14-107 Counterclaim or Setoff
Section 9-14-108 Actions for Amounts Exceeding in Excess of Two Thousand Dollars
Section 9-14-109 Attachment or Garnishment, Other Matters
Section 9-14-110 Trial by Court
Section 9-14-111 Payment of Judgment
Section 9-14-112. Appeal
Section 9-14-113 Fees
Section 9-14-114 Costs
Section 9-14-115 Judgments Rendered Under Small Claims Procedure
Section 9-14-116 Fee for Docketing Judgments
Section 9-14-117 Other Actions In Small Claims Court

Title 10 - Collection, Repossession and Civil Forfeiture
Chapter One: Forcible Entry and Detainer
Section 10-1-101 Forcible Entry and Detention
Section 10-1-102 Powers of Court
Section 10-1-103Extent of Jurisdiction
Section 10-1-104 Issuance and Return of Summons
Section 10-1-105 Service of Summons
Section 10-1-106 Constructive Service of Summons
Section 10-1-107 Answer or Affidavit by Defendant
Section 10-1-108 Trial by Court
Section 10-1-109 Reserved
Section 10-1-110 Attorney Fee
Section 10-1-111 Writ of Execution – Form – New Trial
Section 10-1-112 Stay of Execution
Section 10-1-113 Reserved
Section 10-1-114 Affidavit Form
Section 10-1-115 Summons - Forms
Chapter Two: Replevin
Section 10-2-101 Order of Delivery - Procedure
Section 10-2-102 Penalty for Damage of Property Subject to Order of Delivery
Section 10-2-103 Undertaking in Replevin
Section 10-2-104 Replevin Bond - Value
Section 10-2-105 Order of Delivery
Section 10-2-106 Order Returnable
Section 10-2-107 Execution of Order
Section 10-2-108 Re-delivery on Bond
Section 10-2-109 Exception to Sureties
Section 10-2-110 Proceedings on Failure to Prosecute Action
Section 10-2-111 Judgment – Damages – Attorney Fees
Section 10-2-112 Officer May Break Into Buildings
Section 10-2-113 Compelling Delivery by Attachment
Section 10-2-114 Improper Issue of Order of Delivery
Section 10-2-115 Joinder of Cause of Action for Debt – Stay of Judgment
Chapter Three: Attachment
Section 10-3-101 Grounds for Attachment
Section 10-3-102 Attachment Affidavit
Section 10-3-103 Attachment Bonds
Section 10-3-104 Order of Attachment
Section 10-3-105 When Returnable
Section 10-3-106 Order of Execution
Section 10-3-107 Execution of Attachment Order
Section 10-3-108 Service of Order
Section 10-3-109 Re-delivery on Bond
Section 10-3-110 through 10-3-140 Reserved
Chapter Four: Garnishment
Chapter Five: Provisions Relating to Attachment and Garnishment
Chapter Six: Receivers
Section 10-6-101 Appointment of Receiver
Section 10-6-102 Person Ineligible
Section 10-6-103 Oath and Bond
Section 10-6-104 Powers of Receiver
Section 10-6-105 Investment of Funds
Section 10-6-106 Disposition of Property Litigated
Section 10-6-107 Punishment for Disobedience of Court
Section 10-6-108 Vacation of Appointment by Supreme Court
Chapter Seven: Execution
Section 10-7-101 Executions - Defined
Section 10-7-102 Kinds of Executions
Section 10-7-103 Property Subject to Levy
Section 10-7-104 Property Bound After Seizure
Section 10-7-105 Execution Must Be Issued Within Three Years
Section 10-7-106 Priority Among Property
Section 10-7-107 Priority Among Executions
Section 10-7-108 Levy By Priority
Section 10-7-109 Who Makes Levy
Section 10-7-110 When Levy Void
Section 10-7-111 Penalty for Unlawful Levy
Section 10-7-112 Levy on Property Claimed by Third Person
Section 10-7-113 Re-Delivery to Defendant
Section 10-7-114 Notice of Sale of Chattels
Section 10-7-115 Further Levy When Property Taken Insufficient
Section 10-7-116 Filing and Indexing of Execution
Section 10-7-117 Waiver of Appraisement
Section 10-7-118 Return of Appraisement
Section 10-7-119 When Lien Restricted
Section 10-7-120 Notice of Sale of Realty
Section 10-7-121 Confirmation of Sale
Section 10-7-122 Police Chief’s Deed
Section 10-7-123 Advance of Printer’s Fees
Section 10-7-124 Demand for Printing Fees
Section 10-7-125 Place of Sale
Section 10-7-126 Other Executions of Realty Not Sold
Section 10-7-127 Levy on Realty Under Several Execution
Section 10-7-129 Payment to Defendant of Overplus After Sale
Section 10-7-130 Reversal of Judgment After Sale of Interest in Land
Section 10-7-131 Execution on Judgment in Favor of Tribe
Section 10-7-132 Reappraisal Where Realty Twice Advertised for Sale
Section 10-7-133 Return of Execution
Section 10-7-134 Principal and Surety
Section 10-7-135 Hearing on Assets
Section 10-7-136 through 10-7-140 Reserved
Chapter Eight: Civil Remedial Forfeiture Code
Section 10-8-101 Purpose and Authority
Section 10-8-102 Definitions
Section 10-8-103 Tribal Ordinances Affected
Section 10-8-104 Application to Non-Indians
Section 10-8-105 Property Used in Commission of Crime
Section 10-8-106 Parties to a Violation
Section 10-8-107 Jurisdiction
Section 10-8-108 Party Plaintiff
Section 10-8-109 Effective Date
Section 10-8-110 Implied Consent
Section 10-8-111 Severability
Section 10-8-112 Additional Remedies
Section Two: Civil Remedial Money Penalties
Section 10-8-201 Institution of Proceedings; Citation
Section 10-8-202 Notice to Alleged Violator; Jurisdiction
Section 10-8-203 Citation Contents
Section 10-8-204 Stipulation of Default; Deposit
Section 10-8-205 Burden of Proof
Section 10-8-206 Default
Section 10-8-207 Judgment
Section 10-8-208 Amount of Penalty
Section 10-8-209 Enforcement of Judgment
Section 10-8-210 Monies Tendered to the Tribal Court
Section Three: Civil Remedial Forfeiture of Property
Section 10-8-301 Institution of Proceedings; Complaint
Section 10-8-302 Contents of Complaint
Section 10-8-303 Service of Complaint
Section 10-8-304 Seizure of Property Without Order
Section 10-8-305 Seizure of Property With Order
Section 10-8-306 Bond for Property Seized
Section 10-8-307 Hearing; Time
Section 10-8-308 Hearing Procedure
Section 10-8-309 Order to Seize
Section 10-8-310 Contents of an Order to Seize
Section 10-8-311 Existence of Security Interest in Seized Property
Section 10-8-312 Trial
Section 10-8-313 Property Subject of Forfeiture
Section 10-8-314 Sale of Perishable Property
Section 10-8-315 Effect on Seizure of Evidence

Title 11 - Criminal Procedure
Section 11-0-001 Scope, Purpose and Construction
Chapter One: Preliminary Provisions
Section 11-1-101 Prosecution of Offenses
Section 11-1-102 Rights of Defendant
Section 11-1-103 Limitation of Prosecution
Section 11-1-104 Reserved
Chapter Two: Proceedings Before Trial
Section 11-2-101 The Complaint
Section 11-2-102 Arrest Warrant or Summons to Appear
Section 11-2-103 Criminal Citations
Section 11-2-104 Arraignment
Section 11-2-105 Commitments
Section 11-2-106 Reserved
Section 11-2-107 Reserved
Section 11-2-108 Withdrawing Guilty Plea
Section 11-2-109 Plea Bargaining
Section 11-2-110 Pleading and Motions Before Trial: Defenses and Objections
Section 11-2-111 Concurrent Trial of Defendants or Charges
Section 11-2-112 Discovery and Inspection
Section 11-2-113 Subpoena
Chapter Three: Trial
Section 11-3-101 Trial By Jury or By the Court
Section 11-3-102 Trial Jurors
Section 11-3-103 Order of Trial
Section 11-3-104 Reserved
Section 11-3-105 Judge Disability
Section 11-3-106 Expert Witnesses and Interpreters
Section 11-3-107 Motion for Judgment of Acquittal
Section 11-3-108 Instructions
Section 11-3-109 Verdict
Chapter Four: Judgment and Sentence
Section 11-4-101 Judgment
Section 11-4-102 Sentence
Section 11-4-103 General Sentencing Provisions
Section 11-4-104 Sentence of Banishment
Section 11-4-105 New Trial
Section 11-4-106 Arrest of Judgment
Section 11-4-107 Correction or Reduction of Sentence
Section 11-4-108 Clerical Mistakes
Chapter Five: Appeal
Section 11-5-101 Right of Appeal: How Taken
Section 11-5-102 Stay of Judgment and Relief Pending Review
Chapter Six: Other Provisions
Section 11-6-101 Search and Seizure
Section 11-6-102 Arrests
Section 11-6-103 Arrest in Hot Pursuit
Section 11-6-104 Limitation on Arrests in the Home
Section 11-6-105 Notification of Rights
Section 11-6-106 Execution Order for Relief From Judgment
Section 11-6-107 Grant of Immunity to Witnesses
Chapter Seven: Bail
Section 11-7-101 Release in Nonbanishment Cases Prior to Trial
Section 11-7-102 Appeal From Conditions of Release
Section 11-7-103 Release In Banishment Cases Or After Conviction
Section 11-7-104 Penalties for Failure to Appear
Section 11-7-105 Persons or Classes Prohibited as Bondsmen
Section 11-7-106 Authority to Act as Bail Bondsmen
Chapter Eight: Habeas Corpus
Section 11-8-101 Persons Who May Prosecute Writ
Section 11-8-102 Application for Writ
Section 11-8-103 Writ Granted
Section 11-8-104 Direction and Command of Writ
Section 11-8-105 Delivery to Tribal Police Chief
Section 11-8-106 Service on Party Other Than Tribal Police Chief
Section 11-8-107 Service When Person Not Found
Section 11-8-108 Return and Enforcement of Writ
Section 11-8-109 Manner of Return
Section 11-8-110 Proceedings in Case of Sickness or Infirmity
Section 11-8-111 Hearings and Discharge
Section 11-8-112 Reserved
Section 11-8-113 Writ Upon Temporary Commitment
Section 11-8-114 Writ May Issue to Admit to Bail
Section 11-8-115 Notice to Interested Persons
Section 11-8-116 Powers of Court
Section 11-8-117 Officers Not Liable for Obeying Orders
Section 11-8-118 Issuance of Warrant of Attachment
Section 11-8-119 Arrest of Party Causing Restraint
Section 11-8-120 Execution of Warrant of Attachment
Section 11-8-121 Temporary Orders
Section 11-8-122 Issuance and Service on Sunday
Section 11-8-123 Issue of Process
Section 11-8-124 Protection of Infants and Insane Persons
Section 11-8-125 Security for Costs Not Required

Title 12 - Criminal Offenses and Punishment
Section 12-0-001 Short Title
Section 12-0-002 Application
Section 12-0-003 Sentencing
Chapter One: Crimes Against Property
Section 12-1-101 Arson In The First Degree
Section 12-1-102 Arson In The Second Degree
Section 12-1-103 Arson In The Third Degree
Section 12-1-104 Criminal Mischief
Section 12-1-105 Computer Hacking, Fraud and Abuse
Section 12-1-106 through 12-1-109 Reserved
Section 12-1-110 Burglary
Section 12-1-111 Breaking And Entering
Section 12-1-112 Criminal Trespass
Section 12-1-113 through 12-1-119 Reserved
Section 12-1-120 Theft
Section 12-1-121 Shoplifting
Section 12-1-122 Extortion
Section 12-1-123 False Pretenses
Section 12-1-124 Embezzlement
Section 12-1-125 Receiving Stolen Property
Section 12-1-126 Theft Of Property Lost, Mislaid Or Delivered By Mistake
Section 12-1-127 Theft Of Services
Section 12-1-128 Unauthorized Use Of A Vehicle
Section 12-1-129 through 12-1-135 Reserved
Section 12-1-136 Forgery
Section 12-1-137 Criminal Simulation
Section 12-1-138 Fraudulent Handling Of Recordable Instruments
Section 12-1-139 Tampering With Records
Section 12-1-140 Bad Checks
Section 12-1-141 Fraudulent Use Of A Credit Card
Section 12-1-142 through 12-1-146 Reserved
Section 12-1-147 Deceptive Business Practices
Section 12-1-148 Defrauding Creditors
Section 12-1-149 Securing Execution Of Documents By Deception
Section 12-1-150 Criminal Usury
Section 12-1-151 Unlawful Dealing With Property By A Fiduciary
Section 12-1-152 Making A False Credit Report
Chapter Two: Crimes Against Persons
Section 12-2-101 Assault In The First Degree
Section 12-2-102 Assault In The Second Degree
Section 12-2-103 Mayhem
Section 12-2-104 Verbal Or Written Assault
Section 12-2-105 through 12-2-110 Reserved
Section 12-2-111 Homicide In The First Degree
Section 12-2-112 Homicide In The Second Degree
Section 12-2-113 Causing A Suicide
Section 12-2-114 Aiding Or Soliciting A Suicide
Section 12-2-115 through 12-2-120 Reserved
Section 12-2-121 Kidnapping
Section 12-2-122 False Imprisonment
Section 12-2-123 Custodial Interference
Section 12-2-124 Criminal Coercion
Section 12-2-125 Deviate Sexual Intercourse
Section 12-2-126 Sexual Assault
Section 12-2-127 Stalking
Section 12-2-128 through 12-2-133 Reserved
Section 12-2-134 Robbery
Section 12-2-135 Child Abuse
Section 12-2-136 Abandonment or Neglect
Section 12-2-137 Omission to Provide for a Child
Section 12-2-138 Child Endangerment by Permitting Child Abuse
Section 12-2-139 Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornography
Section 12-2-140 Duty to Report Child Abuse and Obscene or Pornographic Material Depicting Minors
Section 12-2-141 Indecent Exposure, Indecent Exhibitions
Section 12-2-142 Solicitation of Minors
Section 12-2-143 Indecent Solicitation of Minors
Section 12-2-144 Abuse, Neglect or Financial Exploitation by Caretaker
Section 12-2-145 Verbal Abuse by a Caretaker
Section 12-2-146 Exploitation of Elderly Persons or Disabled Adults
Section 12-2-147 Obscene Language in a Public Place
Section 12-2-148 Incest
Section 12-2-149 Misleading Domain Name on the Internet
Section 12-2-150 Misleading Words or Digital Images on the Internet
Sections 12-2-151 through 12-2-174 Reserved.
Section 12-2-175. Title
Section 12-2-176 Establishment of Registries
Section 12-2-177 Criminal and Civil Sanctions
Section 12-2-178 Definitions
Section 12-2-179 Consideration of Foreign Sex Offenses Under This Act
Section 12-2-180 Offenses Considered Felony Offenses under this Act
Section 12-2-181 “Tier I” Offenses
Section 12-2-182 “Tier II” Offenses
Section 12-2-183 “Tier III” Offenses
Section 12-2-184 Procedures
Section 12-2-185 Rights of the Accused
Section 12-2-186 Inadmissible Evidence
Section 12-2-187 Testimony, Resistance and Suppression of Victim Information
Section 12-2-188 Prior Bad Acts
Section 12-2-189 Court Orders
Section 12-2-190 Victim-Advocate Privilege
Section 12-2-191 Mandatory Restitution
Section 12-2-192 Criminal Forfeiture – Property Subject to Criminal Forfeiture
Section 12-2-193 Juveniles
Section 12-2-194 Sex Offender Mental Health
Section 12-2-195 Notice to the Offender
Section 12-2-196 Registry Requirements for Offenders
Section 12-2-197 Registry Requirements of The Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Section 12-2-198 Maintenance and Management of Registry
Section 12-2-199 Registry Information Required to be Reserved by The Potawatomi Nation
Section 12-2-200 Mandatory Exclusions
Section 12-2-201 Review Information
Section 12-2-202 Citizen Potawatomi Nation as Residence, Employer, and School Jurisdictions
Section 12-2-203 Registration Not Required
Section 12-2-204 Miscellaneous
Chapter Three: Inchoate Crimes
Section 12-3-101 Attempt
Section 12-3-102 Criminal Conspiracy
Section 12-3-103 Solicitation
Chapter Four: Crimes Against Public Justice
Section 12-4-101 Bribery
Section 12-4-102 Improper Influence In Official Matters
Section 12-4-103 Retaliation For Past Official Action
Section 12-4-104 Improper Gifts To Public Servants
Section 12-4-105 Unofficial Misconduct
Section 12-4-106 Oppression In Office
Section 12-4-107 Misusing Public Money
Section 12-4-108 Perjury In The First Degree
Section 12-4-109 Perjury In The Second Degree
Section 12-4-110 Tampering With Witnesses
Section 12-4-111 Tampering With Evidence
Section 12-4-112 Tampering With Public Records
Section 12-4-113 Impersonating A Public Servant
Section 12-4-114 Obstructing Governmental Function
Section 12-4-115 through 12-4-125 Reserved
Section 12-4-126 Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer
Section 12-4-127 Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer
Section 12-4-128 Resisting Lawful Arrest
Section 12-4-129 Assault and Battery Upon a Law Enforcement Officer
Section 12-4-130 Aggravated Assault and Battery Upon a Law Enforcement Officer
Section 12-4-131 Mistreating or Interfering with a Police Dog or Horse
Section 12-4-132 Killing a Police Dog or Horse
Section 12-4-133 Refusing To Aid An Officer
Section 12-4-134 False Arrest
Section 12-4-135 Obstructing Justice
Section 12-4-136 Providing Contraband
Section 12-4-137 Escape
Section 12-4-138 Bail Jumping
Section 12-4-139 Failure To Obey A Lawful Order Of The Court
Section 12-4-140 Unlawful Return Of Banished Persons
Section 12-4-141 Aiding Return Of Banished Persons
Section 12-4-142 through 12-4-144 Reserved
Section 12-4-145 False Alarms
Section 12-4-146 Doing Business Without A License
Section 12-4-147 Tampering With Public Property
Section 12-4-148 Injuring Public Property
Section 12-4-149 through 12-4 155 Reserved
Section 12-4-156 Compensation For Past Official Behavior
Section 12-4-157 Official Unlawful Action
Section 12-4-158 Special Influence
Chapter Five: Crimes Against Public Health, Safety, and Welfare
Section 12-5-101 Rioting
Section 12-5-102 Failure To Disperse
Section 12-5-103 Disorderly Conduct
Section 12-5-104 Harassment
Section 12-5-105 Public Nuisance
Section 12-5-106 Disrupting A Public Or Religious Assembly
Section 12-5-107 Weapons Offense
Section 12-5-108 Aggravated Weapons Offense
Section 12-5-109 Dangerous Devices
Section 12-5-110 Terroristic Threats
Section 12-5-111 through 12- 5 115 Reserved
Section 12-5-116 Desecration
Section 12-5-117 Littering
Section 12-5-118 through 12-5-125 Reserved
Section 12-5-126 Abusing A Corpse
Section 12-5-127 Prostitution
Section 12-5-128 Spreading Venereal Disease
Section 12-5-129 Obscenity
Section 12-5-130 through 12-5-134 Reserved
Section 12-5-135 Minor in Possession of Intoxicating Beverage
Section 12-5-136 Intoxication
Section 12-5-137 Possession Of An Alcoholic Beverage
Section 12-5-138 Open Container in a Vehicle
Section 12-5-139 Tobacco Offense
Section 12-5-140 Abuse Of Psychotoxic Chemical Solvents
Section 12-5-141 Dangerous Drug Offense – Unlawful Possession
Section 12-5-142 Dangerous Drug Offense – Unlawful Sale or Delivery
Section 12-5-143 Dangerous Drug Offense – Unlawful Manufacture
Section 12-5-153 Animals at Large
Section 12-5-154 Cruelty To Animals
Section 12-5-155 Livestock Offense
Section 12-5-156 through 12-5-163 Reserved
Section 12-5-164 False Reports
Section 12-5-165 Emergency Telephone Abuse
Section 12-5-166 Violation Of Privacy
Section 12-5-167 Criminal Defamation
Section 12-5-168 Gambling
Section 12-5-169 Waters Offense
Section 12-5-170 Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor
Section 12-5-171 Trafficking In Children
Section 12-5-172 Curfew Violation
Section 12-5-173 Fireworks Offense
Section 12-5-174 Negligent Burning

Title 13 - Domestic Relations and Support
Chapter One: Family Relations
Section 13-1-101 Tribal Custom Marriage and Divorce
Section 13-1-102 Tribal Custom Adoption
Section 13-1-103Determination of Paternity and Support
Section 13-1-104 Determination of Heirs
Section 13-1-105 Approval of Wills
Section 13-1-106 Marriage Defined
Section 13-1-107 Who May Marry
Section 13-1-108 Consanguinity
Section 13-1-109 License Required
Section 13-1-110 Judge or Clerk of District Court to Issue License
Section 13-1-111 License - Contents
Section 13-1-112 Solemnization of Marriages
Section 13-1-113 Endorsement and Return of License
Section 13-1-114 Records - Return of Original
Section 13-1-115 Change of Name
Chapter Two: Statutory Divorce
Section 13-2-101 Grounds for Divorce
Section 13-2-102 Residence of Plaintiff or Defendant
Section 13-2-103 Personal Jurisdiction
Section 13-2-104 Custody of Children, Disposition of Property
Section 13-2-105 Orders Concerning Property, Children, Support and Expenses
Section 13-2-106 Care and Custody of Children
Section 13-2-107 Preference of Child
Section 13-2-108 Paternity Determination
Section 13-2-109 Interest of Delinquent Payment
Section 13-2-110 Restoration of Wife’s Maiden Name
Section 13-2-111 Disposition of Property
Section 13-2-112 Effect of Divorce
Section 13-2-113 Reserved
Section 13-2-114 Reserved
Section 13-2-115 Remarriage Within Six Months
Section 13-2-116 Time When Judgment Final
Section 13-2-117 Avoidance of Marriage of Incompetents
Section 13-2-118 Alimony Without Divorce
Section 13-2-119 Reserved
Section 13-2-120 Setting Aside of Divorce Decrees
Section 13-2-121 Termination of Money Payments
Section 13-2-122 Mailing of Alimony and Support Payments
Section 13-2-123 Modification of Decree
Section 13-2-124 Effect on Common Law Divorce

Title 14 - Domestic Violence and Prevention of Domestic Abuse
Chapter One: Domestic Violence & Prevention of Domestic Abuse
Section 14-1-101 Title of Code
Section 14-1-102 Objective
Section 14-1-103 Authority of the Tribe to Regulate Domestic Violence Within its Jurisdictional Boundaries
Section 14-1-104 Definitions
Section 14-1-105 Rights of Victim of Domestic Violence
Section 14-1-106 Crime Involving Domestic Violence Defined
Section 14-1-107 Mandatory Arrest for Crimes Involving Domestic Violence Determination of Predominate Aggressor, Required Report
Section 14-1-108 Officials Who Batter, Including Law Enforcement Officers; Procedure
Section 14-1-109 Prosecution Responsibility
Section 14-1-110 Authority of Law Enforcement Officers to Seize Weapons
Section 14-1-111 Immunity
Section 14-1-112 Conditions for Pre-Trial Release
Section 14-1-113 Mandatory Arrest for Violations of Condition of Release
Section 14-1-114 Role of the Court; Sentencing, Probation Conditions
Section 14-1-115 Probation Violations, Process for Revocation, Consequences
Section 14-1-116 Civil Sanctions Sought in the Name of The Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Section 14-1-117 Spousal Privileges Inapplicable to Criminal Proceedings Involving Domestic Violence
Section 14-1-118 Advocate-Victim Privilege Applicable in Cases Involving Domestic or Family Violence
Section 14-1-119 Appearance or Testimony of Victim Not Required
Section 14-1-120 Self-Defense, Judicial Safeguards for Victims
Section 14-1-121 Protective Order Petition, Form, Filing/Fees, Preparation
Section 14-1-122 Hearing, Service of Process, Emergency Ex Parte Orders, Protective Orders, Period of Relief, Title to Real Property
Section 14-1-123 Police To Be Sent a Copy of The Protective Order
Section 14-1-124 Violation of Protective Order-Punishment
Section 14-1-125 Validity of Orders
Section 14-1-126 Warrantless Arrest-Procedure
Section 14-1-127 Foreign Protective Orders
Section 14-1-128 Address Confidentiality Program
Section 14-1-129 Mandatory Training
Section 14-1-130 Severability Clause

Title 15 - Healing to Wellness Court Administration and Procedure
Chapter One: Citizen Potawatomi Nation Healing to Wellness Court Administration and Procedure

Title 16 - Evidence
Chapter One: General Provisions
Section 16-1-101 Scope
Section 16-1-102 Purpose and Construction
Section 16-1-104 Preliminary Questions
Section 16-1-105 Limited Admissibility
Section 16-1-106 Remainder or Related Writings or Recorded Statements
Chapter Two: Judicial Notice
Section 16-2-101 Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts
Chapter Three: Presumptions
Section 16-3-101 Presumptions in General in Civil Actions and Proceedings
Chapter Four: Relevancy and its Limits
Section 16-4-101 Definition of "Relevant Evidence"
Section 16-4-102 Relevant Evidence Generally Admissible Irrelevant Evidence Inadmissible
Section 16-4-103 Exclusion of Relevant Evidence on Grounds of Prejudice, Confusion, or Waste of Time
Section 16-4-104 Character Evidence Not Admissible to Prove Conduct; Exceptions; Other Crimes
Section 16-4-105 Methods of Proving Character
Section 16-4-106 Habit; Routine Practice
Section 16-4-107 Subsequent Remedial Measures
Section 16-4-108 Compromise and Offers to Compromise
Section 16-4-109 Payment of Medical and Similar Expenses
Section 16-4-110 Inadmissibility of Pleas, Offers of Pleas, and Related Statements
Section 16-4-111 Liability Insurance
Chapter Five: Privileges
Section 16-5-101 Privileges Recognized Only as Provided
Section 16-5-102 Lawyer-Client Privilege
Section 16-5-103 Physician and Psychotherapist - Patient Privilege
Section 16-5-104 Husband and Wife Privilege
Section 16-5-105 Religious Privilege
Section 16-5-106 Political Vote
Section 16-5-107 Trade Secrets

Title 17 - Juvenile Code and Indian Child Welfare
Section 17-0-001 Citation
Section 17-0-002 Purpose
Section 17-0-003 Definitions
Section 17-0-004 Place of Sitting
Chapter One: General Provisions
Section 17-1-101 Juvenile Court Established
Section 17-1-102 Jurisdiction
Section 17-1-103 Indian Child Welfare Act Transfers from State Courts
Section 17-1-104 Indian Child Welfare Transfers From Tribal Courts
Section 17-1-105 Child Welfare Transfers to Tribal or State Courts
Section 17-1-106 through 17-1-109 Reserved
Section 17-1-110 Notice of Legal Rights
Section 17-1-111 Tribal District Attorney Duties
Section 17-1-112 through 17-1-119 Reserved
Section 17-1-120 Procedure
Section 17-1-121 Hearings
Section 17-1-122 Home Study
Section 17-1-123 Effect of Proceedings
Section 17-1-124 through 17-1-129 Reserved
Section 17-1-130 through 17-1-139 Reserved
Section 17-1-140 Inspection of Court Records
Section 17-1-141 Expungement of Records
Section 17-1-142 Law Enforcement Records
Section 17-1-143 Department Records
Section 17-1-144 through 17-1-149 Reserved
Section 17-1-150 Search Warrants for the Protection of Children
Section 17-1-151 Issuance and Return of Search Warrant
Section 17-1-152 Expiration of Search Warrant
Section 17-1-153 through 17-1-159 Reserved
Section 17-1-160 Exclusion of Certain Statement by Alleged Delinquent
Section 17-1-161 through 17-1-190 Reserved
Chapter Two: Emergency Custody
Section 17-2-101 Taking Children into Custody
Section 17-2-102 Notification of Parents
Section 17-2-103 Notification of Court Officers
Section 17-2-104 through 17-2-109 Reserved
Section 17-2-110 Release of Detained Child
Section 17-2-111 Special Release Rule for Major Offenses
Section 17-2-112 Court Ordered Release
Section 17-2-113 Extension of Detention Period
Section 17-2-114 through 17-2-119 Reserved
Section 17-2-120 Detention and Shelter
Section 17-2-121 through 17-2-129 Reserved
Section 17-2-130 Court Ordered Medical Treatment
Section 17-2-131 Court Ordered Commitment for Observation
Chapter Three: Diversion
Section 17-3-101 Diversion
Section 17-3-102 Diversion Contract Inadmissible
Section 17-3-103 Diversion by Consent Decree
Section 17-3-104 Limitation on Diversions
Section 17-3-105 through 17-3-109 Reserved
Chapter Four: Adjudication
Section 17-4-101 Court Intake
Section 17-4-102 District Attorney Intake
Section 17-4-103 Petition Form
Section 17-4-104 Petition Contents
Section 17-4-105 through 17-4-119 Reserved
Section 17-4-120 Summons
Section 17-4-121 When Summons Unnecessary
Section 17-4-122 Additional Parties to be Summoned
Section 17-4-123 Service of Summons
Section 17-4-124 Failure to Appear
Section 17-4-125 through 17-4-129 Reserved
Section 17-4-130 Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem
Section 17-4-131 through 17-4-139 Reserved
Section 17-4-140 Adjudicatory Hearing
Section 17-4-141 Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled Children
Section 17-4-142 Consent Decree
Section 17-4-143 Dismissal of Petition
Section 17-4-144 Sustaining Petition
Section 17-4-145 Temporary Orders
Chapter Five: Disposition
Section 17-5-101 Dispositional Hearing
Section 17-5-102 Home Studies and Reports
Section 17-5-103 Treatment Plan
Section 17-5-104 Medical Examination
Section 17-5-105 Hearing Purpose
Section 17-5-106 Hearing Informal
Section 17-5-107 Continuance
Section 17-5-108 Order of Protection
Section 17-5-109 Reserved
Section 17-5-110 Placement Preferences for Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal children
Section 17-5-111 Extended Family Defined
Section 17-5-112 through 17-5-119 Reserved
Section 17-5-120 Neglected or Dependent Child – Disposition
Section 17-5-121 Child in Need of Supervision - Disposition
Section 17-5-122 Delinquent Child - Disposition
Section 17-5-123 Reserved
Section 17-5-124 Legal Custody - Guardianship
Section 17-5-125 through 17-5-129 Reserved
Section 17-5-130 Probation for Delinquents and Children in Need of Supervision
Section 17-5-131 through 17-5-139 Reserved
Section 17-5-140 New Hearing Authorized
Section 17-5-141 Continuing Jurisdiction
Section 17-5-142 through 17-5-149 Reserved
Chapter Six: Termination of Parental Rights
Section 17-6-101 Petition for Termination of Parental Rights
Section 17-6-102 Right of Counsel
Section 17-6-103 Reserved
Section 17-6-104 Criteria for Termination
Section 17-6-105 Criteria for Instanter Termination
Section 17-6-106 Burden of Proof
Section 17-6-107 Review of Child’s Disposition Following Termination of the Parent-Child Legal Relationship
Section 17-6-108 Expert Testimony
Section 17-6-109 Effect of Decree
Section 17-6-110 Appeals
Section 17-6-111 Traditional Custodian’s and Grandparents Rights
Section 17-6-112 Orders for Support
Chapter Seven: Child Abuse
Section 17-7-101 Legislative Purpose
Section 17-7-102 Definitions
Section 17-7-103 Persons Required to Report Child Abuse or Neglect
Section 17-7-104 Required Report of Postmortem Investigation
Section 17-7-105 Evidence of Abuse
Section 17-7-106 Temporary Protective Custody
Section 17-7-107 Reporting Procedures
Section 17-7-108 Action Upon Receipt of Report
Section 17-7-109 Child Protection Teams
Section 17-7-110 Immunity from Liability
Section 17-7-111 Evidence Not Privileged
Section 17-7-112 Court Proceedings – Guardian Ad Litem
Section 17-7-113 Central Registry
Section 17-7-114 Confidentiality of Records
Chapter Eight: Developing Foster Care Homes
Section 17-8-101 Responsibility
Section 17-8-102 Licensing Foster Homes
Section 17-8-103 Basic Standard For Foster Families
Section 17-8-104 Basic Requirements of Foster Families
Section 17-8-105 Income of Foster Families
Section 17-8-106 Family Composition
Section 17-8-107 Personal Characteristics
Chapter Nine: Adoptions
Section 17-9-101 Jurisdiction Over Adoptions
Section 17-9-102 Purpose of Adoptions
Section 17-9-103 Types of Adoptions
Section 17-9-104 In Camera Determination of Enrollment Eligibility
Section Two: Statutory Adoptions
Section 17-9-201 Eligibility for Statutory Adoption
Section 17-9-202 Eligibility to Adopt by Statutory Process
Section 17-9-203 Consent to Statutory Adoption
Section 17-9-204 Voluntary Relinquishment
Section 17-9-205 Petition to Withdraw Relinquishment
Section 17-9-206 When Consent of Parents Unnecessary
Section 17-9-207 Notice and Hearing for Adoptions Without Consent
Section 17-9-208 Consent of Child
Section 17-9-209 Petition
Section 17-9-210 Investigation
Section 17-9-211 Adoption Hearing
Section 17-9-212 Report and Final Decree of Adoption
Section 17-9-213 Contents of Adoption Order
Section 17-9-214 Effect of Final Decree of Statutory Adoption
Section 17-9-215 Records and Hearings Confidential
Section 17-9-216 Certificates of Adoption
Section 17-9-217 Foreign Decree
Section 17-9-218 Adoption of Adults
Section 17-9-219 Appeals

Title 18 - Mental Health Adjudication and Treatment [Reserved]

Title 19 - Traffic Offenses
Chapter One: Traffic Offenses
Section 19-1-101 Definitions
Section 19-1-102 Driving While License Is Suspended Or Revoked
Section 19-1-103 Careless Driving
Section 19-1-104 Reckless Driving
Section 19-1-105 Driving While Intoxicated
Section 19-1-106 Duties Of Drivers Involved In Accidents Involving Deaths Or Personal Injuries
Section 19-1-107 Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle
Section 19-1-108 Duty Upon Striking Highway Fixtures
Section 19-1-109 When Driver Unable To Report
Section 19-1-110 Drivers License In Possession
Section 19-1-111 Permitting Unauthorized Person To Drive
Section 19-1-112 Traffic Control And Signal Devices
Section 19-1-113 Following Too Closely
Section 19-1-114 Stopping For School Bus
Section 19-1-115 Entering Public Road From Private Road
Section 19-1-116 Right-Of-Way At Intersection
Section 19-1-117 Failure To Stop At Stop Sign And Yielding Right-Of- Way
Section 19-1-118. Driving On Right Side
Section 19-1-119 Passing On-Coming Vehicles
Section 19-1-120 Passing And Turning On Curve Or Crest
Section 19-1-121 Unsafe Vehicles
Section 19-1-122 Speed Limits
Section 19-1-123 When Lights Are Required To Be On
Section 19-1-124 Pedestrians
Section 19-1-125 Throwing Trash On Roads And Roadways
Section 19-1-126 Illegal Parking
Section 19-1-127 Motor Vehicle Restraints
Section 19-1-128 Insurance

Title 21 - Animal Control [Reserved]


[Table of Contents created by NILL in March 2018, based on materials available on tribe's website.]