Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community- Tribal Code

Dated: December 11, 1995

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Table of Contents - Gaming Ordinance

I.  Preamble.  (1 pg).

II.  Definitions.  (4 pgs).

III.  Administration -- A. Staff; Personnel Policies; Job Descriptions.  B. Job Descriptions; Organization Chart.  C. Budgets.  (2 pgs).

IV. Enforcement and Surveillance Services -- A. General Powers.  B. Gaming Licenses and Permits.  C. Provison of Surveillance, and Enforcement Services; Prompt Payment Required.  D. Gaming Enforcement Director.  E. Pricing; Billing; Late Payment Penalties.  (3 pgs).

V. Licenses -- A. Policy; Revocable Privilege.  B. License and Permit Categories.  C. Standards for Issuance of License or Permit.  D. License Application Procedures.  E. Background Investigations.  F. Applications Reviews; Approvals; Denials; Appeals; Waivers.  G. Expirations.  H. Renewals.  I. Identification Cards and Name Badges. J. Employment of Unlicensed or Unpermitted Persons Prohibited.  K. Facility License Requirements.  L. Posting of Facility License.  (19 pgs).

VI. Penalties -- A. Suspensions.  B. Civil Penalties.  C. Criminal Prosecution.  D. Revocations.  E. Hearings.  (4 pgs).

VII. Gaming Operations --  A. Hours of Operation.  B. Wagers with Chips Only.  C. House Rules.  D. Tournaments.  E. Electronic Gaming Equipment.  F. Gambling by Employees.  G. Credit Prohibited.  H. Resolution of Disputes with Gaming Public.  I. Designation of Agent for Services of Process.  (3 pgs).

Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community, Gaming Ordinance, Adopted 12/11/1995 by Resolution 12-11-95-1. [Also titled "Colusa Indian Community of the Colusa Indian Reservation, Gaming Ordinance."] -- I. Purpose.  II. Definitions.  III. Gaming Authorized.  IV. Ownership of Gaming Facilities and / or Enterprises.  V. Use of Gaming Revenue.  VI. Audit.  VII. Protection of the Environment and Public Health and Safety.  VIII. Licenses for Key Employees and Primary Management Officials.  IX. Licensing of Gaming Places, Facilities and Locations.  X. Creation of Colusa Tribal Gaming Commission.  XI. Gaming Security.  XII. Amendments.  XIII. Severability.  XIV. Repeal.  Certification.  (17 pgs).