Thesaurus project

Historically, the National Indian Law Library (NILL) has used its own subject heading list in addition to the Library of Congress Subject Headings to catalog federal Indian law and tribal law materials. Beginning in December 2002, the library staff began revising that list and modifying it into a thesaurus. The 4th edition of the Thesaurus is now available.

Project materials:

  • Abstract of project Law Library Journal 96, no. 4, 2003-2004 Completed Research Grant Projects [2004-54], Monica Martens, David Selden
  • Article in Law Library Journal at Law Library Journal 98, no. 2, Creating a Supplemental Thesaurus to LCSH for a Specialized Collection: The Experience of the National Indian Law Library [2006-16], Monica Martens
  • Thesaurus for Describing Materials Related to Federal Indian Law and Tribal Law -- To obtain a copy in PDF or WordPerfect format, please contact Monica Martens, Assistant Law Librarian, at mmartens@narf.org or 303-447-8760.
  • Bibliography of materials consulted during this process.
  • Presentation outline -- This project was presented at the Annual Meeting and Conference of the American Association of Law Libraries -- "Access to American Indian Law Information: Options Today, Envisioning Tomorrow," on Tuesday, July 15, 2003.

News posted: 5/17/2006:
Article about NILL's Thesaurus published in Law Library Journal

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