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Federal stance on off-reservation tribal casinos touches off California fights (Inside Bay Area) 12/30/13

Ute Tribe sues Wasatch County over prosecution of tribal member (Deseret News) 12/9/13

A broken system: Why law and order is faltering on the rez (Al Jazeera) 12/19/13

The illusion of federal jurisdiction in tribal contracts (JD Supra) 11/20/13

$475k penalty for cig trafficking on reservation for non-Indian man (Indian Country Today) 10/14/13

9th Circuit allows BIA to deny policing contracts in PL280 states (Indianz.com) 9/4/13

The Navajo Supreme Court highlights importance of jurisdiction to tribal courts (Lexology) 9/3/13

Asserting personal jurisdiction over non-tribal parties in state court: What to do when a foreign defendant argues it is not subject to the host-state's laws (JD Supra Law News) 8/30/13

Child custody case tests jurisdiction of Miccosukee, Miami-Dade courts (Miami Herald) 7/6/13

Could Edward Snowden seek asylum with an American Indian tribe? (Indian Country Today) 7/2/13

No injunction in Ute Tribe's jurisdiction fight with the state (Salt Lake Tribune) 6/24/13

Confessed Oklahoma killer set free because triple murder took place on Indian reservation (Opposing Views) 6/181/3

VAWA Pilot Project Notice in Federal Register, plus supporting materials (Turtletalk) 6/14/13

Ruling favors Canyon rancher (Arizona Republic) 6/14/13

Investor in Grand Canyon Skywalk dies at 51 (Gadsen Times) 6/14/13

Ruling clears way for collection of taxes on Internet cigarette sales (The Buffalo News) 6/13/13

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to vote on alcohol sales (Argus Leader) 6/12/13

No decision on charges against state senator (Helena Independent) 6/6/13

Conn. bill expands tribal police powers (CTPost.com) 6/1/13

LA courts to mandate tribal sign off in psych drugs prescribed to American Indian children (Native News Network) 5/30/13

Pueblo's rules take a back seat in bald eagle case (Indian Country Today) 5/23/13

Ninth Circuit holds takings case must proceed through tribal court (Association of Corporate Counsel) 5/3/13

Tribal jurisdiction bill (Fourstateshomepage.com) 5/8/13

Businesses can't seek federal help in reservation disputes (Phoenix Business Journal) 4/29/13

Where tribal justice works (PBS) 4/3/13

Violence Against Women Act: The great divide for Alaska tribes (Alaska Dispatch) 3/17/13

White Earth to get federal crime-fighting help (Minnesota Public Radio) 3/15/13

VAWA not a victory for Alaskan native women (Huffington Post) 3/12/13

Hopi revises criminal code, regains sovereignty (Fronteras) 3/8/13

New leadership for Tubatulabal Tribe; recognition, economic development among top priorities (Indian Country Today) 3/8/13

Violence Against Women Act passed by House, sent to Obama for signature (Washington Post) 2/28/13

On Indian land, criminals can get away with almost anything (The Atlantic) 2/22/13

Tribal police prepare to have more power (Norwich Bulletin) 2/22/13

Bill would empower Mohegan, Mashantucket police to arrest non-Indians (The Day) 2/21/13

Tribe wins round in alcohol-tax fight (Omaha.com) 2/19/13

Delaware Tribe sued over casino contract (Seattle Times) 2/19/13

Measure to protect women stuck on tribal land issue (New York Times) 2/11/13

Violence Against Women Act provision would close a gap in justice (North Kitsap Herald) 2/1/13

Bills affecting reservation law enforcement gaining ground (Daily Ranger) 1/29/13

Adoptive parents vs. tribal rights (New York Times) 1/24/13

Crow Creek Sioux tribe files to block Sprint, Softbank deal (Wireless) 1/11/13

US District Court: Intra-tribal disputes not federal jurisdiction (Native American Times) 1/8/13

High court to tackle Native American adoption dispute (CNN) 1/4/13

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