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• • Tribe's buffalo herd, land headed to auction (Rapid City Journal) 12/30/11

• • Court upholds Alaska tribal government sovereignty (AlaskaPublic.org) 12/13/11

• • W.Va. court enforces McGraw's subpoena against payday lender (Legal News Line) 11/16/11

• • 7th Circuit rejects casino bond indenture, with leave to amend claims (Pillsbury Law) 10/31/11

• • Tribe demands halt to unfair labor practice proceeding (The Morning Sun) 10/27/11

• • Regulators in dispute over internet payday loans by tribes (Tulsa World ) 10/25/11

• • Supreme Court won't take Santa Clara Pueblo immunity case (Indianz.com) 10/13/11

• • How "payday" lenders pull of crippling rates (CBS News) 09/26/11

• • Tribe attempts to evict private military contractor (San Diego City Beat) 09/28/11

• • Court rules Wells Fargo cannot sue Lac du Flameau (Indian Country Today) 09/06/11

• • C.A. upholds injunction barring tobacco sales on tribal land to non-Indians (Metropolitan News-Enterprise) 08/09/11
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• • Developer to return to federal court in feud with Hualapai Tribe (Indianz.com) 08/04/11

• • Miccosukee Tribe forced to disclose financial records to IRS (Indian Country Today) 08/04/11

• • Tribal members lose immunity ruling (StarTribune.com) 07/20/11
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• • Seminole Tribe loses in court (The Sun-Sentinal) 07/17/11
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• • At central New York's Indian smoke shops, the Marlboro Man rides away (Syracuse.com) 07/17/11

• • Oneidas: Cigarette tax won't affect them (The Utica Observer-Dispatch) 05/09/11

• • Neb. high court OKs lawsuit against Omaha tribe (The Native Times) 03/29/11

• • Judge promises a ruling 'soon' in Bay Mills off-reservation suit (Indianz.com) 03/24/11

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