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• • Tribe officially taking over law enforcement (Minot News) 11/20/07

• • Program born in Colo. becomes national model (The Denver Post) 11/14/07

• • Path to justice unclear (The Denver Post) 11/14/07

• • Tribes need local control (The Durango Herald) 11/13/07

• • Principles, politics collide (The Denver Post) 11/13/07

• • Justice: Inaction's fatal price (The Denver Post) 11/13/07

• • Promises, justice broken (The Denver Post) 11/13/07

• • 1885 law at root of jurisdictional jumble (The Denver Post) 11/13/07

• • Tribe makes its case to NLRB in Washington (The Day) 11/9/07

• • State high court rules tribe has no jurisdiction over father, child: Indian Child Welfare Act doesn't apply in the case, justices ruled (The Rapid City Journal) 9/14/07

• • Appeals court backs state in clinic dispute (The Salt Lake Tribune) 7/20/07

• • Is Osage County a reservation? (The Oklahoman) 7/8/07

• • Appeals court upholds tribal verdict in bank loan case (Indianz.com) 6/28/07

• • On U.S. Indian reservations, criminals slip through gaps (The Wall Street Journal) 6/12/07

• • Criminal justice in Native America (Indian Country Today) 6/7/07

• • Tim Giago: Clear and present danger to sovereignty (Indianz.com) 5/28/07

• • Navajo-San Juan suit back in court (The Salt Lake Tribune) 5/10/07

• • Tribal land is factor in appeal (The Oklahoman) 5/10/07

• • Tuscaroras dispute Lumbee claim for tribal status (WRAL.com) 4/30/07

• • Fuzzy boundaries of Omaha Tribe cause confusion (Sioux City Journal) 4/27/04

• • Casino visit leads to constitutional sparring (Recordnet.com) 4/3/07

• • Spitzer firm on collecting Seneca cigarette tax (Buffalo News) 3/13/07

• • Gas tax for tribal land gets approval (Seattle Times) 3/7/07

• • State denied jurisdiction in Indian Country (Free New Mexican) 3/5/07

• • High court upholds murder conviction (Rapid City Journal) 3/2/07

• • Tribal connectons in question on deer hunting case (Deseret News) 3/1/07

• • Winnebago Tribe wins taxation case in Kansas (Indianz.com) 02/02/07

• • 9th Circuit vacates tribal jurisdiction ruling (Indianz.com) 02/01/07

• • 9th Circuit vacates tribal jurisdiction ruling (Indianz.com) 02/02/07

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