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Please note: At the time that these news stories were initially indexed by the National Indian Law Library, access to the stories was free. Sources such as the New York Times and L. A. Times may require a Login and Password, even if acccess is free. Please contact the National Indian Law Library if you need help accessing an article or feel we missed an important one.


Links to news stories may not be functional over time; they may become broken as news agencies reorganize articles on their websites. But links are not removed in the event that they assist you in finding the article at a later date. Contact NILL or your local librarian for help retrieving articles if links are broken.

• • Bill would let Wampanoag operate Seashore programs (Cape Cod Times) 11/9/07

• • Tribes to create offender registries (TulsaWorld.com) 5/14/07

• • Tribal chairwoman champions sovereignty (Yakima Herald Republic) 4/23/07

• • A tribe in upheaval (Sacramento Bee) 4/8/07

• • Women candidates turn focus to social issues (Seattle Times) 3/21/07

• • 'State of Indian Nations': Could be stronger (Indian Counrty Today) 02/02/07

• • Cherokee election targeted (Oklahoman) 02/03/07

• • Tribal Council veterans ousted (Leelanau Enterprise) 02/01/07

• • State of indian nations: Garcia hears Bush's speech, prepares for his own (New Mexican) 01/24/07

• • Navajo Supreme Court rules Tsosie can't serve on two legislative bodies (ABQ Journal) 1/18/2007

• • Shirley takes office for second term as Navajo president (Free New Mexican) 1/10/07

• • County asked to intervene in dispute between two Mi-Wuk tribes (Union Democrat) 1/9/07

• • Tsosie appeals to high court [Navajo Nation] (Independent) 1/4/07

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