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• • Osage Nation decides all adult members can vote (Oklahoman) 11/30/05

• • Legal clash shapes up on race (Casper Star-Tribune) 11/30/05

• • Osage Nation decides all adult members can vote (Oklahoman) 11/30/05

• • Woman hopes to buff up Indian political clout (Great Falls Tribune) 11/28/05

• • Sidney wins chairmanship of Hopi tribe (Gallup Independent) 11/17/05

• • Panel redraws Charles Mix districts (Rapid City Journal) 11/16/05

• • Delaware [Tribe of Oklahoma] vote to recall chief (Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise) 11/9/05

• • Mashantucket election returns council incumbents (Norwich Bulletin) 11/7/05

• • Voting rights violated in South Dakota (Indian Country Today) 10/31/05

• • Redistrict case may proceed (Rapid City Journal) 10/7/05

• • Redistrict case may proceed (Rapid City Journal) 10/7/05

• • Five tribal election winners advance (Great Falls Tribune) 10/5/05

• • Sac and Fox primary tally (Shawnee News-Star) 10/4/05

• • Rosebud tribal election likely will draw high turnout (Rapid City Journal) 10/3/05

• • Race for Hopi chairman, vice chairman under way (Gallup Independent) 9/28/05

• • Reid Will Oppose Roberts for Chief Justice (Washington Post) 9/21/05

• • FBI probes three firms tied to Catawbas (State) 9/14/05

• • Panel Holds Hearing On Voting Rights (AP) 9/12/05

• • Judge OKs drug tests (Morning Sun) 9/9/05

• • Voters unseat tribe chairman (Asheville Citizen-Times) 9/2/05

• • Federal official upends Prop. 200 voter ID rule (Arizona Republic) 9/2/05

• • Eastern Band faces new issues in this Tribal Council election (Asheville Citizen-Times) 9/1/05

• • Yakama tribal member, critic face off in election (Indianz.com) 8/30/05

• • Mohegans fill tribal council with new faces (Norwich Bulletin) 8/29/05

• • Napolitano, Goddard OK new voter-ID rules (Arizona Daily Star) 8/18/05

• • State appeals voting-rights case (Rapid City Journal) 8/9/05

• • Indians garner support for voting act (Great Falls Tribune) 8/1/05

• • Three-Judge Panel Rules Unanimously in Favor of Native American Voters in South Dakota (ACLU) 7/14/05

• • Legislators stand by redistricting plan (Aberdeen News) 7/12/05

• • Kiowa members barred from voting in election (Oklahoman) 5/30/05

• • Blaine voting system faces U.S. Supreme Court review (Great Falls Tribune) 3/27/05

• • ACLU loses voting-rights challenge (Rapid City Journal) 3/24/05

• • High court to decide districting question (Argus Leader) 3/16/05

• • Redistricting bill endorsed to help settle lawsuit (Aberdeen News) 3/1/05

• • Court to hear districting case (Argus Leader) 1/24/05

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