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• • Project Uncovers a 'Bridge Into the Past' (L.A. Times) 12/30/04

• • State to probe Indian bones' origin (The Salt Lake Tribune) 12/17/04

• •Tribe's tougher stance stirs new round of talks on graving yard's future (Peninsula Daily News) 12/13/04

• •Saving artifacts from toxic isolation (Denver Post) 12/12/04

• •Hawaiians call law too broad; Inouye invites Senate testimony on dealing with sacred objects (Honolulu Star Bulletin) 12/9/04

• • Search for remains at old village site may be over (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) 11/29/04

• • Federal officials to make decision on graving yard archeology dispute by Thanksgiving (Peninsula Daily News) 11/18/04

• • Forest Service plans to protect site of massacre (Record Searchlight) 11/09/04

• • Site may be ancient Indian grave (Salt Lake Tribune) 11/2/04

• • House GOP Backs Easing Laws for Border Fence (Washington Post) 10/26/04

• • More remains found at Indian site (St. Paul Pioneer Press) 10/13/04 * sign on required

• • Lower Elwha want temporary construction shutdown at graving yard (Peninsula Daily News) 10/8/04

• •Tribe wants bulldozed anciet site protected (KESQ News) 10/8/04

• •Swansea skull centuries old (Toronto Star) 10/6/04

• •Two-word change to NAGPRA pending in Senate (Indianz.com) 10/1/04

• • Indian burial site unearthed in digging near Green Lake (Duluth News Tribune) 9/19/04

• • At War Against Dam, Tribe Turns to Old Ways (New York Times) 9/14/04 *sign on required

• •Sprint moves tower location after possible discovery of Indian site (Providence Journal) 9/14/04 *sign on required

• •Developer, tribe in dispute over L.A. burial site (San Diego Union-Tribune) 9/13/04

• •Cumberland council votes to protect land (Woonsocket Call) 9/2/04

• •Snoqualmie Falls viewscape preserved from development (KGW News Channel 8) 8/31/04

• •S.D. drought adds urgency to preservation agreement (Star Tribune) 8/31/04 *requires sign on

• •Disputed Campus Project on Table (Los Angeles Times) 8/30/04 *requires sign on

• •Tribe can use Shasta Dam (Record Searchlight) 8/28/04 *requires sign on

• •Bones found in Bloomington; Indians hold vigil (Star Tribune) 8/28/04 *requires sign on

• •Utah parks will manage ancient site (The Daily Camera) 8/25/04

• •Tribes gain Range Creek input/ Ancient village: State officials say Indians will have more say over disposition (The Salt Lake Tribune) 8/25/04

• •Indian remains complicate effort to boost Clarksville (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) 8/26/04

• •Ancient tools found at Granite Falls site (The Seattle Times) 8/4

• •Skeleton Case's New Bone of Contention (L.A. Times) 8/2 * requires sign on

• •Ancient Indian artifacts seized from residence (Santa Fe New Mexican) 8/2

• • Lawyer: Project May Disturb Indian Sites (Post Standard) 07/28

• • Officials: Leave Burial Sites Alone (Rapid City Journal) 07/21

• •Legislators Hear Complaints about Religious Use of Bear Butte (Aberdeen News) 07/16

• •Lake Poinsett Remains Might be 500 Years Old (Argus Leader) 07/15

• •Fallon Tribe Concerned over Sacred Sites (Reno Gazette Journal) 07/12

• •County Gives Conditional OK for Bear Butte Road (Rapid City Journal) 07/09

• •Tribe Asks People to Visit, Respect Bridge (Record Searchlight) 07/06 * requires sign

• •Climbers Support Temporary Ban at Cave Rock (Gazette Journal) 07/05

• •Pechanga, Developer Reach Deal over Burial Ground (North County Times) 07/02

• •Shooters Target Pictographs (Daily Times) 06/29

• •When the Bush Energy Policy Confronts Ancient Art (NYT) 06/13 * requires sign

• •Conditions Favor Developing Contentious Energy Site, Calpine Says (Telegram News) 06/03

• •Calpine Halts Geothermal Projects (Mt. Shasta News) 05/26

• •Bribes Won't Purchase Tribal Beliefs (Arizona Republic) 05/04

• •Conservancy Brings Protection to New Acreage (Press Enterprise) 05/04 * requires sign on

• •Foes of Paseo Extension Dominate Forum (Albuquerque Journal) 04/28

• •Planned Site for Tribal Museum Causes Stir (The Desert Sun) 04/26

• •San Carlos Rejects UA Proposal (Eastern Arizona Courier) 04/20

• •Battle over Rock Rights (Washo Tribe) (foxnews.com) 04/20

• •Archeological Workers Begin Poring over Graving Yard Site (Peninsula Daily News) 04/20

• •Construction Settlement Brings Relief to Lummis (Seattle Times) 04/15

• •Tribe Seeks New Study from Feds for Snoqualmie Falls (Seattle Times) 04/15

• •Hopi Vice-Chair: the Snow Bowl Desecrates, Profanes, Abuses the Heart of Hopi Religion (Gallup Independent) 04/08

• •Judge Asked to End Cave Rock Climbing Ban (Tahoe Daily Tribune) 04/05

• •Tribe, Firm at Odds over Bones (Press Telegram) 04/03

• •Group's Challenge to Sacred Site Policy Rejected (Indianz.com) 03/31

• •Battle over Q Prime Amphitheater Enters Final Stages (Star Tribune) * 03/24

• •Lake planned on alleged burial mound (Journal Star) 03/22

• •More Remains Found (Los Angeles Daily News) 03/21

• •Salvos Continue over Snowmaking (Arizona Daily Sun) * 03/18

• •Judge Won't Block Drilling near Sacred Site in Calif. (Indianz.com) 03/12

• •Bigger Lodge to Benefit City, Snoqualmie Says (Seattle Times) * 03/11

• •Potential Oil Areas under, near Lake Sakakawea Have Burial Grounds (Minot Daily News) 03/09

• •Controversial Mine Owner, Operator Files for Bankruptcy (Santa Fe New Mexican) 03/09

• •An Assault on Sacred Lands, Tribes (Billings Gazette) 03/07

• •Navajo Nation President: No Flagstaff City Boycott in the Works (Arizona Daily Sun) 02/19

• •Nez Perce Tribe Denounces Marr Decision (The Chieftan) 02/18

• •Voices Decry Wastewater on Holy Mountain (Gallup Independent) 02/18

• •Subdivision OK'd near Chief Joseph's Grave (Gazette Times) 02/13

• •Soothing the Souls at Last (LA Times) * 02/10

• •Decision Delayed on Wallowa Subdivision (The Daily News) 02/03

• •USET Signs MOU with FCC Protecting Sacred Sites from Cellular Phone Towers (Indianz.com) 02/04

• •Tribes will Continue Opposition to Snowbowl Upgrade (Daily Sun) 02/03

• •Accusations Fly in Petroglyph Caper in Nevada (Daily Times) 01/30

• •City Preserves Historic Tribal Observatory (News Tribune) 01/26

• •Tribes to Address Burial Ground “Desecration” (The Independent) 01/22

• •Plans for Shooting Range near Sacred Site Scrapped (Indianz.com) 01/12

• •EIS Ordered for Carbon County Development (Crow Nation) (Billings Gazette) 01/09


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