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• •UNM To Offer Native American Studies Degree (ABQ Journal) 12/15/04

• •Tribal groups aim for higher education (The Call) 12/13/04

• •To catch struggling students, tribes turn to charter schools (KATU2) 12/12/04

• •Educators make pitch (Great Falls Tribune) 12/07/04

• • Project focuses on Lakota values (Rapid City Journal) 11/30/04

• •Funds restored to United Tribes Technical College (Indianz.com) 11/24/04

• •Indian Law Clinic Awarded Attorneys’ Fees for Successful Eagle Feather Recovery Case (CU Law) 11/1/04

• •Should Indian law be on bar exam? (Seattle Times) 10/22/04

• •Educational center to help Indian pupils (Billings Gazette) 10/21/04

• •Finances choke Si Tanka University (Argus Leader) 10/21/04

• •Indian ed summit opens today (Montana News) 10/15/04

• •Tribal officials explain recent firings (Idaho State Journal) 9/15/04

• •Sho-Ban students stage walkout protesting tribal council decisions (Pocatello Idaho State Journal) 9/4/04

• •Native college students show dramatic gains on SAT (Indianz.com) 9/3/04

• •Little Priest breaks ground for new college building (Sioux City Journal) 9/3/04

• •Native Americans will benefit from new grant (PSU Collegian) 9/3/04

• •Circle of learning: Tribal groups keep culture alive through education (The Seattle Times) 8/25/04

• •Grant to Aid NW Indian College Plans (Bellingham Herald) 8/18

• • Panel Backs Indian Education Plan (Billings Gazette) 8/17

• •No Child Left Behind scores show gaps (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader) 8/10

• •Lummis get $769,000 grant for education (Bellingham Herald) 8/10

• •Conference focuses on Native education gap (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner) 8/6

• •Tribal colleges to share millions in grant money (Billings Gazette) 8/6

• •$3.1M grant to help Indian youths (The Argus Leader) 8/5

• •Native secondary curriculum in works (Anchorage Daily News) 8/3 * requires sign on

• •American Indians Expand College Hopes (NY Times) 8/1/04 * requires sign on

• •Group Faults Park Service for Leaving out Tribes (Indianz.com) 07/30

• •Success Story (Anchorage Daily News) 07/27 * requires sign

• •New Grants to Aid Native American High School Students (Post Intelligencer) 07/27

• •Anderson Eyes Changes in BIA School System (Indianz.com) 07/23

• •Schedules Consultation Meetings on Education (Indianz.com) 07/21

• •Lame Deer Schools Improve Test Scores (Billings Gazette) 07/13

• •Stricter School, Better Results, Students Say (Star Tribune) 07/06 * requires sign

• •Competition is Booming (heraldnet.com) 07/01

• •Complaints Prompt Probe into BIA Education (Indianz.com) 06/17

• •School's Changing Winds (Star Tribune) 06/08

• •Utah School Pulls Itself Up (Daily Star) 05/20

• •Principal Skips Graduation (Daily Times) 05/19

• •Grant Aims to Boost Reading (Argus Leader) 05/18

• •Northern Utes Explore Separate Schools (Salt Lake Tribune) 05/17

• •Central Schools Files Counter Lawsuit (Daily Times) 05/11

• •Minorities Struggle More with Exit Exam (Anchorage Daily News) 05/10 * requires sign on

• •Charter School Closure Update (Ukiah Daily Journal) 05/07

• •Black Oak Charter School Shut Down (Guidiville Indian Tribe) (Ukiah Daily Journal) 05/04

• •Roger Williams Teams with Mashantucket Tribe for Education Collaborative (newsday.com) 05/04

• •Revised Executive Order Promotes Indian Education (Indianz.com) 05/03

• •Civil Rights Panel to Meet (Daily Times) 04/29

• •Group plans Native-focused charter school (News Miner) 04/26

• •Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver (Central Michigan Life) 04/26

• •Study Indian Education, Forum Urges (Argus Leader) 04/20

• •Indian Education Discussed (Albuquerque Journal) 04/20

• •Expanding Horizons (Santa Fe New Mexican) 04/12

• •Audit Finds School Construction Problems at BIA (Indianz.com) 04/12

• •$3.6M (Navajo) Shortfall Means No Scholarships from Tribe for this Summer (Gallup Independent) 04/07

• •Montana Reviews Indian Ed (Billings Gazette) 04/05

• •Council to Study Indian Gap in Testing (Argus Leader) 04/02

• •NMSU, Tribes Work to Reverse Trends (Santa Fe New Mexican) 03/26

• •BIA Publishes School Construction Priority List (Indianz.com) 03/25

• •DOI Orders BIA out of Kayenta (Daily Times) 03/24

• •Bush Budget Slashes Indian Education by $79M (Indianz.com) 03/23

• •Tribe Fears Loss of Culture Through Mandated School Standardization (The Missoulian) 03/22

• •BIA Seeks Internet Access for Its Schools (Indianz.com) 03/22

• •CMU Adding Criteria to Tuition Waiver (Central Michigan Life) 03/22

• •Haskell Loses Internet Acess (Journal World) 03/18

• •Report: Tuition Waivers for Hawaiian Students Under Investigation (wvec.com) 03/17

• •Backers Are Eager to Get Charter Schools off Ground (Seattle Times) * 03/12

• •Casino Tribe Gives $4 Million to UCLA Law School (Mercury News) 03/10

• •Rao (University president) Reforms Advisory Committee (Central Michigan Life) 03/05

• •BIA Names Schools in Need of Reconstruction (Daily Times) 03/04

• •Tribal Library Opens in Pauma (North County Times) 03/02

• •Report Finds Low Graduation Rate for Natives (Indianz.com) 02/26

• •BIA to Publish Replacement School Construction List (Indianz.com) 02/26

• •Comments Sought on No Child Left Behind Act Rules (Indianz.com) 02/26

• •Tribe Donates $4 Million to UCLA (Press Enterprise) * 02/24

• •BIA to Fund Repairs at Crow Creek Sioux School (Indianz.com) 02/24

• •Changes Made in Test Rules of School Law (NYT) * 02/20

• •Tribal Chairman Drives 4,000 Miles in Effort to Save School (Aberdeen News) 02/13

• •Indian-teacher-training Program Attacked (Salt Lake Tribune) 02/12

• •Entrepreneur Daniels' Fund Aids American Indians (Salt Lake Tribune) 02/09

• •Lame Deer School Cuts Dropout Rate (Billings Gazette) 02/05

• •Bush Cuts Funds, again, for N.D. Tribal College (Indianz.com) 02/04

• •Dine Curriculum Guide is a Milestone for Indigenous Lanugages (Daily Times) 02/02

• •Stockbridge Cuts Sports in Oneida Nation Feud (Post Standard) * 01/29

• •Navajo Education Director Removed (Daily Times) 01/29

• •State to Focus on Indian Education (Rapid City Journal) 01/29

• •Native Studies Gets Faculty Slot, Forum (Yale Daily News) 01/29

• •Bill Would Require Tribal Studies in Public Schools (state of WA) (kgw.com) 01/27

• •Red Lake School Makes the Grade in Bonding Package (finance-commerce.com) 01/15

• •Anglo Joins Navajos in Lawsuit (Daily Times) 01/09

• •McDonald’s Minority Scholarship Program Omits American Indians (Indian Country Today) 01/02


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