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Village of Stony River - Tribal Constitution

Received: June 2003

The tribe has not given permission for the full-text document to be made available online. Please contact the library for assistance.

Table of Contents


Article I.  Name.

Article II.  Territory and jurisdiction.

Article III.  Membership -- [Sections 1-3].

Article IV.  The governing body -- [Sections 1-3].

Article V.  Powers of the village -- 1. General powers.  2. Internal procedures.  3. Other Council powers.

Article VI.  Rights of members -- 1. Civil rights.  [Section 2].  3. Retained powers.  [Sections 4-5].

Article VII.  Amendments -- [Sections 1-2].

Article VIII.  Severability.

Article IX.  Adoption.

Certification of adoption.

[Signature page re: constitution and by laws amendments.]

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