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Constitution and By-laws of the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe
of the Duckwater Reservation, Nevada

Published: 2010

Contact the tribe via the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada's website.

Table of Contents

Article I - Name and Territory
Article II - Membership
Article III - Governing Body
Article IV - Nominationa and Elections
Article V - Vacancies and Removal from Office
Article VI - Duties and Powers of the Tribal Council
Article VIII - Tribal Lands
Article IX - Referendum
Article X - Amendments
By-Laws of the Duck Water Shoshone Tribe:
Article I - Duties of Officers
Article II - Ordinances and Resolutions
Article III - Adoption of Constitution and By-Laws
Certification of Adoption

Note: Various dates are associated with this document: ratified April 29, 1944; amended September 28, 1966

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