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Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian Tribe, Tribal Code

Last amended: 1999


Bureau of Indian Affairs


Ordinance Legalizing the Introduction, Sale, or Possession of Intoxicants

September 7, 1972

In accordance with authority delegated by the Secretary of Indian Affairs to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs by 230 DM 2 and accordance with the Act of August 15, 1953, Public Law 277 83d Congress, first session (67 Stat. 586), I certify that the following ordinance relating to the application of the Federal Indian Liquor Laws on the Torres-Martinez Indian Reservation, Calif., was adopted on February 27, 1972, by the Torres-Martinez Tribal Business Committee, which has jurisdiction over the area of Indian country included in the ordinance, reading as follows:

Whereas Public Law 277, 83d Congress, approved August 15, 1953, provides that section 1154, 1156, 3113, 3488, and 3618 of title 18, United States Code, commonly referred to as the Federal Indian Liquor Laws, shall not apply to any act or transaction within any area of Indian country provided such act or transaction is in conformity with both the laws of the State in which such act or transaction occurs and with an ordinance duly adopted by the tribe having jurisdiction over such area of Indian country, certified by the Secretary of the Interior and published in the Federal Register, and

Now, therefore, be it hereby resolved, That the introduction, sale, or possession of intoxicating beverages shall be lawful within the Indian country under the jurisdiction of the Torres-Martinez Band, provided, that such introduction, sale, or possession, is in conformity with the laws of California, and

Be it further resolved, That any tribal laws, resolutions, or ordinances, heretofore enacted which prohibit the sale, introduction, or possession of intoxicating beverages are hereby repealed.

John O. Crow
Deputy Commissioner of Indian Affairs
(Federal Register, VOL. 37, No. 180--Friday, September 15, 1972)

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