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The Law and Order Code of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes
of the Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming

Table of Contents Updated: January 2015

Law and Order Code of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes
Table of Contents

The tribes make their law and order code available online. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribal court's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Title I: General Provisions

Title II: Rules of Civil Procedure

Title III: Children’s Code

Title IV: Rules of Criminal Procedure

Title V: Probate Court

Title VI: Code of Criminal Procedure

Title VII: Code of Tribal Offenses

Title VIII: Traffic Code

Title IX: Domestic Relations Code

Title X: Tribal Employment Rights Code (TERO)

Title XI: Regulation of Natural Resources and Land

Title XII: Housing Code

Title XIII: Building Code

Title XIV: Code of Civil Procedure

Title XV: Appeals and Habeas Corpus

Title XVI: Fish and Game Code

[Table of Contents created by NILL in January 2015, based on materials available on tribe's website.]


DRAFT Title XVI: Peacemaker Court (Dated: June 20, 1989)

The tribe has not given permission for the full-text document to be made available online. Please contact the library for assistance.

Ch. 1. General Provisions (Purpose & construction -- Establishment -- Subject matter jurisdiction; personal jurisdiction; attorneys)

Ch. 2. Peacemakers (Appointment & qualifications -- Powers of peacemakers -- Limitations; peacemakers not judges; agreed arbitration -- Duties of peacemakers -- Reports to tribal court)

Ch. 3. Procedure (Request for peacemaking -- Requests and objections -- Duties of clerk of tribal court -- Appointment of peacemaker -- Notice to begin proceedings -- Compensation of peacemaker -- Subpoena -- Fees)\

Ch. 4. Actions by the Tribal Court (Protective orders -- Action by the court -- Judgments -- Method of presenting proposed judgment -- Form of judgment -- Enforcement of judgment)

Ch. 5. Conduct of Peacemakers (General standards -- Complaints regarding peacemakers -- Action on complaint)

Ch. 6. Transfer of Cases from Tribal Court to Peacemaker Court (General policy -- Civil matters -- Criminal matters -- Criminal probation -- Transfer on probation)

Ch. 7. Miscellaneous Provisions (Forms -- Plain language version of the rules)

Attachment: Excerpt from a 1984 report on Peacemaking in Saskatchewan.


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